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 Account  AMBERTON, David  Chislet 1672  PRC2/35/103  Peter Titley
 Account  AMBERTON, David  Chislet 1676  PRC1/15/81  Peter Titley
 Account  BADCOCKE, Thomas  Patrixbourne 1681  PRC2/39/9  Sue Moore
 Account  BAKER,  James  Chart Sutton 1681  PRC2/39/140  Sue Moore
 Account  BARROWE, John  Kennington 1638  PRC20/10/43  Pauline Weeds
 Account  BINGE, Henry 1624  PRC20/6/82
 Account  BINGE,  William  Minster in Thanet 1619  PRC20/4/25  Pauline Weeds
 Account  BIRIDGES,  John  St Nicholas-at-Wade 1669  PRC19/4/42  Peter Titley
 Account  BROWNE, Matthew  Canterbury 1725  PRC1/18/37  Pauline Weeds
 Account  CHURCH, George  St George the
   Martyr, Canterbury
1677  PRC/2/37/133  Pauline Weeds
 Account  CROFT, David  Murston 1585  PRC2/4/468  Pauline Weeds
 Account  CRUTAL, Peter  Rainham 1680  PRC2/39/21  Peter Titley
 Account  CULMER, Valentine  St Peter's, Thanet 1626  PRC2/27/112  Pauline Weeds
 Account  FIGG, Thomas  Ulcombe 1668  PRC1/13/38  Sue Moore
 Account  FOX, George 1618  PRC2/21/90
 Account  GRATHORNE, William  Whitstable 1645  PRC1/7/85  Peter Titley
 Account  HARNETT, Henry  St Lawrence, Thanet 1686  PRC2/41/55
 Account  HENMAN, Adam  Whitstable 1672  PRC2/35/143  Mary Cooley
 Account  HIRST, Edward  Linsted / Lynstead 1626  PRC2/25/62  Peter Titley
 Account  HOLNES, Thomas  Chislet 1678  PRC2/38/41  Pauline Weeds
 Account  HUNT, Stephen 1649  PRC1/8/73
 Account  KEMPE, Richard 1675  PRC2/36/255
 Account  LUCKETT, John  Kenardington 1680  PRC2/39/69  Sue Moore
 Account  MANGER, William  Acrise 1686  PRC2/41/61  David Carter
 Account  MANNOOCH, Daniel  Little Chart 1705  PRC1/16/66  Peter Titley
 Account  NETHERSOLE, Thomas  St Lawrence, Thanet 1626  PRC2/27/112  Peter Titley
 Account  OLDFEILD, William  Wingham 1666  PRC19/3/102  Sue Moore
 Account  PARKER, Robert  Rolvenden 1681  PRC2/39/222  Sue Moore
 Account  PHILPOTT, William  Isle of Thanet 1668  PRC1/13/91  Peter Titley
 Account  RAMSDEN, Richard 1685  PRC20/13/525
 Account  RIGDEN, Thomas  Elmsted 1682  PRC2/40/71  Sue Moore
 Account  RUMNEY, Lawrence  Maidstone 1663  PRC19/3/42  Peter Titley
 Account  SAMMON, Henry  Milton, Sittingbourne 1613  PRC2/18/75  Pauline Weeds
 Account  SHOBRIDGE, Jane  Appledore 1619  PRC2/19/39  Sue Moore
 Account  SMYTHE, Jeffery  St Alphege, C/bury 1571 PRC32/31/310b/  Pauline Weeds
 Account  TURNLY, Thomas  Lympne 1678  PRC2/38/77  Pauline Weeds
 Account  WHITFIELD, Andrew  Whitstable 1679  PRC2/38/204  Sue Moore
 Account  WRAIGHT, William  Warehorne 1687  PRC2/41/111  Sue Moore
 Inventory  AMBERTON, David  Chislet 1670  Peter Titley
 Inventory  AMBERTON, David  Chislet 1672  Peter Titley
 Inventory  BECKET, Henry  Maidstone 1661  PRC27/14/18  Mary Cooley
 Inventory  COOPER, Richard 1687  DRb/Pi1/10A
 Inventory  FRANCKLEYNE, Mich'l  Reculver 1564  PRC28/1/119/  Pauline Weeds
 Inventory  GLOVER, Robert  Dartford 1689  DRbPi4/62  Peter Titley
 Inventory  HARNETT, Henry 1685  PRC 11/49/15  Sue Moore
 Inventory  HAYES, Thomas  St Alphege, C/bury 1693  DRb/Pi7/32  Pauline Weeds
 Inventory  HENMAM, Adam  Whitstable 1671  PRC11/33/121  Sue Moore
 Inventory  HOBBS, Richard  Dover 1680  PRC27/29/36  David Carter
 Inventory  KENNARD, James  Milton, Sittingbourne 1637  PRC11/2/62  Mary Cooley
 Inventory  MALYN, Julyan  Guston 1547  David Carter
 Inventory  MAYNGER, Henry  Acrise 1587


 Pauline Weeds
 Inventory  MORE, Amy  East Greenwich 1689  DRb/P/374  Peter Titley
 Inventory  PAGE, Stephen  St Margaret's C/Bury 1678  Sue Moore
 Inventory  ROBERTS, William  St Alphage C/Bury 1583  Sue Moore
 Inventory  SEATH, John  Bobbing 1678  PRC11/40/263  Mary Cooley
 Inventory  SMYTHE, Jeffrye  St Alphege, C/bury 1678  PRC21/Ii/116/  Pauline Weeds
 Inventory  WILLSHERE, Thomas  Wittersham 1707  PRC27/37/198  Mary Cooley
 Inventory  WRAIGHT, William  Warehorne 1685  PRC11/49/215  Sue Moore
 Will  BELKNAP, Edward 1521 TNA Pro 11/20
 Will  COURT, Matthew  Elmsted 1669  PRC17/72/490  Sue Moore
 Will  FRANCKLYNE, Michael  Reculver 1564 PRC32/30/243/  Pauline Weeds
 Will  MAYNGER, Henry  Acrise 1587 PRC17/47/102/  Pauline Weeds
 Will  PRESCOTT, Edward  Guston 1531  PRC32/15/147  Mary Cooley
 Will  THOMAS, Robert 1582  PRC17/44/102
 Will  WOTTON, Thomas 1551 TNA Pro 11/34
 Will  WOTTON, Robert  Boughton Malherbe 1523 TNA Pro 11/21  Pauline Weeds
 Will  WOTTON, Thomas 1586 TNA Pro 11/70
Churchwardens  ---  Aylesford 1721  P12/5/2  Sue Moore
Churchwardens  ---  Milton, Sittingbourne 1693  P253/5/1  Pauline Weeds
Churchwardens  ---  Smarden 1554  P339/5/2  Pauline Weeds
 Highway  ---  East Farleigh 1742  P142/21/1  Peter Titley
 Overseers  ---  Aylesford 1689  P12/5/1  Sue Moore
 Overseers  ---  Biddenden 1667  P26/12/1  David Carter
 Overseers  ---  Burmarsh 1811  P53/11/3  Sue Moore
 Overseers  ---  Farningham 1795  P145/12/2
 Settlement  TAYLOR, William  Smarden 1677  P339/13/7  Pauline Weeds
 Bastardy  PURCHEN, Thomas  Biddenden 1667  Q/SB10/78  Peter Titley
 Borough  ---  Queenborough 1652  Qb/JMs4  Peter Titley
      Name   Place  Date   Reference

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