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The Media Team is headed by Nicky Hammond as Branding and Communications Manager.

Requests for the inclusion of news and events from members or affiliated societies should be sent to the Media Team and the email will go to all team members but Nicky will ensure that it is dealt with appropriately.

Please note that content maybe modified by the team to ensure compliance with Society Corporate Branding and if images are to be included they should be of good enough quality and free of any copyright constraints and either included with the request or a clear indication given as the where they can be found.

Please note that the membership secretary is not part of the media team and is solely responsible for the maintenance of the membership list and monitoring subscriptions. Pending the installation of new membership management software the membership secretary may email members at the request of the media team but has no direct responsibility for Society communications.


Group News

Society announcement: KAS features in Channel 4's The Great British Dig

Submitted by Fred Birkbeck on 21 June 2020

The Society features in Channel 4's The Great British Dig, available to watch now on-demand at 4OD.


Posted 21st June 2020


The Great British Dig features the Society's own Richard Taylor with Hugh Dennis and a team of expert archaeologists excavating back gardens around Britain in an attempt to uncover the lost history buried beneath our lawns and flower beds.

Trustee Rapporteur to Council