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Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 10

Submitted by Fred Birkbeck on 30 August 2019

Today saw volunteers saying a fond(ish!) farewell to trench 3. The trench is best described as "complex" (first rule of archaeology - "messy" is not an adjective one uses to describe someone else's trench! One volunteer did and I think they just about got away with it!). We have large deposits of chalk, ditches lined with flint, pits cut into them, several re-cuts of the same ditch and flint ditch boundaries. How it comes together, as always, will be clearer when it is recorded, which is tomorrow's task.

Phil watering section
Just part of the story in trench 3
Phil with trench 3
Covering those sections for recording tomorrow


In trench 2, one of the slots into the ring ditch has been finished and one more is just about there. [2004] is ready to be recorded and 2008] is close to the bottom. The edges are proving quite elusive and those pre-historic pot and flint flakes just keep on slowing us down! More recording in this trench tomorrow when everything is complete.

Caroline in 2004
"Just those last few crumbs!" [2004] is almost finished

So, Friday is the penultimate day and the big recording day with plenty more training on filling out context sheets, drawing and photographing for anyone who wants to come along. 

Hope it doesn't dry out too much overnight!