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Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 2

Submitted by Fred Birkbeck on 20 August 2019

Much progress made by the KAS Project Team at Lees Court today.

Setting up the marquee
Setting up the marquee 

The containers and office arrived on the Woods Court site newly stocked and refurbished (with some heavy duty security after last year's break-in). Members and council members alike were involved with the setting up of the marquee, organisation of the stock container and preparation of the administrative material, all ready for members to pop down and get cracking straight away.

The office
Finds from Stringman's are being processed in front of
the refurbished office
Inside the office
Smart new office, courtesy of the Estate


Three trenches have been stripped back revealing mixed archaeological results but with many possibilities matching anomalies from the geophysical survey results. All members are welcome to come down, join in or just learn more.

Trench locations and vistor parking
Location of the trenches and members parking

Particularly interesting were the results of trench 3 which show some exciting potentially prehistoric features

Trench 3 ring ditch
Trench 3 - circular anomaly, possible ring ditch
Trench 3 linear ditch 2
Trench 3 Linear anomaly/ditch 2
Trench 3 linear ditch 1
Trench 3 Linear anomaly/ditch 1


The digging will start in earnest on day 3. Watch this space for further news.