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Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 4

Submitted by Fred Birkbeck on 22 August 2019

Members aplenty at the Badlesmere Bottom dig today, the word has escaped that we have some interesting archaeology to be investigated.

The increase in numbers meant that we could devote our attentions to trench 3 and leave trenches 1 and 2 for now. This trench was positioned along a group of three linear anomalies and the northern edge of a circular anomaly based on the results of the geophysical survey (see the annotated results below)

Trench 3 day 4 annotated results
Blue lines denote the anomalies according to the survey results and the yellow box is trench 3. Yellow diagonal shading is where the features appear in the trench. The three linears take an abrupt turn to the east in the next field along.

The working hypothesis was three linear ditches truncating an earlier circular feature such as a settlement boundary ditch or enclosure. Plenty of volunteers were keen to get cracking and finding edges to features from which to work.

Mary and Don edge
Mary and Don working from a chalk 'edge' through the darker fill to find the opposing edge. Note the row of large flints in the middle of the fill which occurred in two of the three features
John and Pauline edge
Exposing the flints through the centre of another ditch


No dating material was found but there were a few oddly spherical flints discovered In close proximity to each other which led the diggers to contemplate whether that was significant.

There is a suggestion that the three linears might be part of a trackway but why would it take such an abrupt right angled turn in the adjacent field?

Much more to do in trench 3 tomorrow with some hard work already completed. Let's hope some of the mysteries will be solved.