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Kent Estate Plans being digitised

Submitted by Ruiha Smalley on 15 November 2020

The Library is currently involved in a project to digitise the estate plans held within the Gordon Ward archives. 


Barham Court estate plan


This Archive is comprised of ephemera collected by Gordon Reginald Ward (1885-1962) and is held in the main library. The Centre for Kentish Studies has more of his collection catalogued as the 'Gordon Ward Papers'. Items donated to the Society form the basis of the Archive to which additional material has been added over the years. 


The majority of the plans being digitised date to the 19th century. They include sale plans for land going to auction and plans of specific farms. The names of surrounding land owners and farms will also be included in the final cataogue record. Over time the number of results with plans attached will increase. The KAS Librarian is putting the 2nd English Lockdown to good use to catalogue the currently available digitised plans. The project will then continue in 2021.


Click here to be taken to the KAS catalogue - To search for entries type 'Gordon Ward estate plan' into the simple search box.  To view a plan, click on the image. Clicking on it a second time should bring up a larger view in a new browser window.