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Rebecca Fletcher

Rebecca Fletcher


Born and raised in The Blue Mountains, Australia, I moved to the UK in 2010. After 18 months living in London, I relocated to Kent in 2012 and have lived and worked here ever since.


I have a strong background in Financial services and Project Management and will bring that disciplined approach to the Society. I joined the Society’s management team in May 2023.


Like all of us in the society, I have always been very interested in History and by association, Archaeology. I studied both ancient and modern history but ultimately followed a career in Finance so I am thrilled to now be part of the Kent Archaeological Society.


Outside of the society, I have a keen interest In competitive sports and all things outdoors, usually accompanied by my little Parson Terrier, Gus.


I bring to the Kent Archaeological Society my knowledge and experience in HR, Project management and Finance and I am excited to build on all the wonderful work and achievements of the society. I hope to create a very inclusive society, to reinvigorate the passion of history and archaeology in a new generation and make the society a touchstone for research and learning.