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Rod LeGear

Rod LeGear

Vice President

Member of Council

I am a retired engineer although I started my working life in the Ordnance Survey where I obtained a good grounding in surveying and cartographic draughtsmanship.


My interest in archaeology started when, as a schoolboy, I started to explore the many deneholes near Bexley with my friends and a length of dubious rope. Two local archaeologists and KAS members, the late John and Nesta Caiger, took me under their wing and I was invited to help them on several mediaeval excavations in North West Kent as well as assisting John to record many underground sites. They encouraged me to join the KAS and I have been an active member of the society since 1963. I have served on council since 1983 and in 2013 I was elected a Vice President. I am a member of the Industrial Archaeology Committee and until recently had been a member of the Fieldwork Committee since 1985. I am also a member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists.

My main interests are the mining history and archaeology of Kent and I have spent over 50 years investigating, surveying and recording the many varied types of underground features in the county from agricultural chalk mines to nuclear bunkers.


I am the Chairman of the affiliated society the Kent Underground Research Group which I founded in 1982 to promote the recording of underground heritage in the county.


Almost opposite my underground pursuits was an interest in flying and as an experienced private pilot spent many hours flying over the county assisting local society members and individuals to take their own aerial photographs.


I have published numerous articles and notes in Arch. Cant. and other local and national journals and hope to continue to do so.


I bring to the society a great deal of experience and the strong conviction that role of amateur archaeologists and historians must be encouraged and supported.