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Archaeologia Cantiana for 2015

Archaeologia Cantiana is published annually and is free to members.

Archaeologia Cantiana has been published since 1858.

The Society welcomes contributions and notes for the guidance of contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana.

Hon. Editor: Terry G. Lawson

Kent Archaeological Society, c/o Maidstone Museum, St Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1LH

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Title Author Published Sort ascending Volume
General Index 2015 136
Research Notes -0 Medieval 2015 136
Notes on Contributors 2015 136
Research Notes -0 Post-Medieval 2015 136
Obituary 2015 136
Research Notes -0 Prehistoric 2015 136
A Study of Medieval Iron-Bound Chests Domed Standard Chests in Kent Pickvance 2015 136
Research Notes -0 Roman 2015 136
A Tale of Two Mazers Negotiating DonorRecipient Relationships at Kentish Medieval Hospitals Sweetinburgh 2015 136
Spare Me Kind Sirs -0 Save Me Today' The Twentieth Century Campaign to Save Temple Manor in Strood Roethe 2015 136
Annual Bibliography of Kentish Archaeology and History 2014 2015 136
Table of Contents 2015 136
Appendix -0 Preliminary Dendrochronological Investigations of Three Pine Chests in Kent Bridge 2015 136
The Western Barrack Block of the Royal Cavalry Barracks Canterbury Bone 2015 136
Appendix Gazetteer of Kentish 17th & 18th Century Dutch & Flemish Gables 2015 136
Why did the Barons of Faversham Acquire a Magna Carta for the Town in 1300 Tann 2015 136
Book Reviews 2015 136
Elizabeth De Burgh Lady of Clare (1295 -0 1360) Ward 2015 136
Evidence for Roman Activity in Sholden Probably related to the Villa at Hull Place Jeffery 2015 136
Excavations at St Martin's House Sparey-Green 2015 136
Greenwich and the Early Emporia of Kent Durham 2015 136
Annual Report and Accounts 2014 2015 136
Late Victorian Sandwich -0 Poluted Water Sickness Council Inertia and the Case of the Deceased Unnamed Mayor A Public Health Study Vaile 2015 136
Front Cover 2015 136
Motivations for the Great Migration' to New England 1628-1640 The Case of the Kentish Passengers on the Hercules which sailed from Sandwich March 1635 Thomas 2015 136
Frontispiece 2015 2015 136
Pre-Christian Traces in the Laws of King Æthelbert Gibbs 2015 136