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Archaeologia Cantiana

Archaeologia Cantiana is published annually and is free to members.

Archaeologia Cantiana has been published since 1858.

The Society welcomes contributions and notes for the guidance of contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana.

Hon. Editor: Terry G. Lawson

Kent Archaeological Society, c/o Maidstone Museum, St Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1LH

There is a 3 year delay/embargo on publishing Archaeologia Cantiana articles online for non-members.
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Title Author Published Sort ascending Volume
The Political Allegiances of Christ Church Priory 1400 -0 1472 The Evidence of John Stone's Chronicle Connor 2007 127
Contents and Illustrations 2007 127
Obituary 2007 127
Feeding the Moat Excavations Near the Site of Edenbridge Manor House Brady 2007 127
Reviews 2007 127
The Scratch Dials of Kent Williams 2007 127
List of Members 2007 2007 127
Dating the Cremation in the Biconical Urn at the Early Bronze Age Barrow Hill Road Wouldham Cruse 2007 127
Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement At Bishop's Avenue North Foreland Broadstairs Moody 2007 127
The Long Demise of the Wantsum Sea Channel A Recapitulation Based on Data Perkins 2007 127
Annual Report of the Council for 2006 2007 127
Researches and Discoveries in Kent 2007 127
A Late Iron-Age Early Roman Site at Bredgar near Sittingbourne Boden 2006 126
Notes for the Guidance of Contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana 2006 126
The Roman Road from Sutton Valance to Ashford Evidence for an Alternative Route to that proposed by Margary Aldridge 2006 126
New Members 2006 126
Archaeological Investigations at Middle Stoke on the Hoo Peninsula James 2006 126
St Radegund Abbey -0 A Re-Assessment of the Abbey Church Davis 2006 126
Welfare Provision in the Seventeenth Century Kent A Look at Biddenden and Neighbouring Parishes Poole 2006 126
Annual Report of the Council for 2005 2006 126
A Directory of Medical Personnel Qualified and Practising in the Diocese of Canterbury c. 1560 -0 1730 Mortimer 2006 126
Interim Reports on Recent Work Carried Out by The Canterbury Archaeological Trust 2006 126
The Poor of Otham and Nearby Parishes The Coxheath Poor House Vaux 2006 126
General Index 2006 126
Anglo-Saxon Building Techniques Quions of Twelve Kentish Churches Reviewed Potter 2006 126
Reviews 2006 126
The Tanners of Wrotham Manor 1400 -0 1600 Semple 2006 126
Obituary 2006 126
Charing Clocks Clockmakers and Clock-Keepers (Part II) Williams 2006 126
The Medieval Site at Well Wood Aylesford Philp 2006 126
Frontispiece 2006 2006 126
A Prehistoric Burnt Mound' Site at Crabble Paper Mill Near Dover Parfitt 2006 126
Notes on the Contributors 2006 126
The Roman Villa at Minster-in-Thanet Parfitt 2006 126
Researches and Discoveries in Kent 2006 126
Canterbury's 1844 Archaeological Congress Ashbee 2006 126
The Archangel Gabriel's Stone and other Relics William Haute's search for Salvation in the Fifteenth Century Kent Sweetinburgh 2006 126
Contents and Illustrations 2006 126
Medieval Tonbridge reviewed in the light of recent excavations at Lyons, East Street. Eliott Wragg, Chris Jarrett and Jeremy Haslam 2005 125
The Chantry College of Cobham. James M. Gibson 2005 125
Annual Report of the Council for 2004 2005 125
Officers and Meners of Council 1st January 2005 2005 125
A Roman Cremation Cemetery at Walmer. Richard Hoskins, David Holman and Keith Parfitt 2005 125
King Alfred’s naval engagement with the Danes, 885: which River Stour? Christine Grainge 2005 125
Old St Albans Court, Nonington. Peter Hobbs 2005 125
The Mead Way, the Street and Doddinghyrnan in Rochester Revisited. Alan Ward 2005 125
Frontispiece 2005 2005 125
Archaeological Investigations at Canterbury Police Station. Mick Diack 2005 125
Medieval Tonbridge reviewed in the light of recent excavations at Lyons, East Street. Eliott Wragg, Chris Jarrett and Jeremy Haslam 2005 125
The ‘Men of Kent’ and the Penenden Heath Meeting, 1828. Kathryn Beresford 2005 125

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