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The Lees Court Estate Project 2019 Season

The first stage of the Lees Court Estate fieldwork project 2019 is getting underway from next Monday 19th of August.

Following geophysical surveys of the fields surrounding last year’s Woods Court site, some exciting potential archaeological targets have been identified.

KAS Trustees Richard Taylor and Fred Birkbeck will be conducting a series of evaluations ‘ground-truthing’ the results of the magnetometry surveys conducted with the help of Society members in February of this year in Baddlesmere Bottom Field, Stringman’s Farm and Woods Court fields. These include potential field boundaries, funerary monuments and perhaps part of a medieval manor house/castle complex.

The evaluations are being conducted prior to Keith Parfitt’s Woods Court research excavation and are open to new or current members of any experience or none. The emphasis is on fun, education and discovery.

The programme is as follows:

August 19th - 20th staking-out trial trenches over possible features and stripping topsoil and subsoil from preliminary targets

August 21st - September 1st opening new target areas dependent on numbers of volunteers and extent of features, recording as we go

Full equipment, supervision and training will be provided by Richard, Fred and any other experienced diggers willing to share their knowledge. This will be a fully collaborative exercise and opportunities to discuss methods and outcomes are welcome. From watching the digger to setting out trenches to drawing and photographing, you are welcome to observe, participate and ask questions.

It will also be a great opportunity for members from different affiliated groups to discuss what works for them, what they would like to know more about and how they can potentially help other groups.

If you would like to take part in these evaluations please register your interest by completing the web enquiry form choose ‘other’ subject and use the title ‘Badlesmere’. Give dates that you are available, no need to commit to all day, and please also include a brief summary of what interests you about participating and what you hope to gain. We will send you the relevant details about where to park, where to meet and what to bring.

Fred and Richard are looking forward to working with you over the next couple of weeks and unwrapping more of the gifts that LCE has to offer.




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