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The Law in Action

Jeremy Carey's talk begins with a brief historical perspective from the 13th century through to modern times, with the emphasis on the judge’s role within the criminal trial process.

There follows a relatively light-hearted description of the careers and foibles of notable judges, good and bad, from Judge Jeffreys to Lord Denning and including Lord Esher, Lord Goddard, George Jessel MR, Mr Justice Melford Stevenson, Lord Devlin and others.

There will be some historical references to the death penalty, citing by way of example the Ruth Ellis case and the Craig and Bentley murder trials and the trial judge’s input in each of these.

Coming to modern times, Jeremy will refer to the process of appointing judges and express some personal views about that. He will give a brief account of the everyday professional life of a Crown Court judge and the challenges he/she faces, as well as comparing the public’s perception of the judiciary with the reality, according to his experience.

Finally, and briefly, Jeremy draws on some personal/professional recollections of judicial life in 21st century and gives his assessment of where the judiciary stands today.


The Law In Action
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The Charter Hall, Smarden
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