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Fundraise for the Society

Through the generous help of enthusiastic members, volunteers and donors, we are able to fund exciting and important archaeological work.

Make it fun!

Those who fundraise for us are all about the fun. Fundraisers hold quiz nights, sponsored walks and runs, bake sales, charity lunches and raffles. Maybe you have a unique or unusual idea to help fundraise for the Kent Archaeological Society? Simply set up your event or fundraiser and get in touch. We can help with advertising your event on our website and social media.

We are truly grateful for any money raised and for your generous support of the Society. The Society is run by a small team backed by volunteers, so the money goes directly to the projects we detail on the website.


Get in touch

Please contact us in advance for event promotion or for any queries regarding fundraising. Contact→




Donations to the Society

Use the account details on our payments page to make payments to the Society. Open




Fundraising Regulator

The Kent Archaeological Society is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.→