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London Anglo-Saxon Symposium (LASS) 2019

The 2019 London Anglo-Saxon Symposium (LASS) takes place on Saturday March 16. Please find here the link to the programme and the booking page:



The theme this year will be 'Translation and Transformation', featuring archaeological, literary and historical papers, as well as talks by Kevin Crossley-Holland and Max Adams. 



2.00pm: Registration and coffee 

2.50pm: Welcome 

3.00pm: Session 1: Translating through Time (Chair: Carl Kears, KCL)

Paper 1: Catherine A. M. Clarke (IHR), 'Thinking with mud: dirt, imagination and Anglo-Saxon culture'

Paper 2: Rebecca Hardie (Bonn): 'Turning into your subject: translation and transformation in several Anonymous Old English Homilies'

Paper 3: Francesca Brooks (UCL): 'Poet of the Medieval Modern: Reading the Anglo-Saxon Library with David Jones'

4.30pm: Tea and Coffee 

5.00pm: Session 2: Excavating the Past (Chair: Josh Davies, KCL) 

Max Adams (Archaeologist, writer of Alfred's Britain and The King in the North): 'Digging with my pen: the intellectual excavation of the Early Medieval'

Kevin Crossley-Holland (translator, scholar, poet): 'WORD OND ANDGIET: On Translating Anglo-Saxon Poetry'  

6.15pm: Student Performances, introduced by Jennifer Neville (Royal Holloway) 

Followed by a wine reception and display of objects by the Old English Gesithas

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