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Lees Court Excavation - Bexley YAC with Fred Birkbeck

Submitted by KAS on Tue, 10 Sep 2019 - 06:37

Lees Court Excavation - Bexley YAC with Fred Birkbeck


On Saturday 7th September Bexley YAC took part in the KAS excavation at Lees Court. Our aim (apart from excavation) was to fulfil some of our BAJR passport skills, with Fred’s help, especially the geophis and surveying.

Fred gave us a tour of the site and an excellent explanation of what the archaeology was being interpreted as. We learnt a lot about how we date early periods from the tools people used.



We walked over to the other part of the site and Fred explained what the geophishad shown. He discussed the five hoards and their significance and why the trench was so big!

Our younger YACs stayed here and looked for pieces of pot sherds.



Our older YACs were using a dumpy level for surveying with Rachael (one of our leaders).

They each took turns in setting up the dumpy, levelling it, then taking readings with the staff.


Fred explained how magnetometry worked and showed us the results for the area we were in. He then showed us how to set up the grids. Then he showed us how to set up the magnetometer and the speed we had to walk at. We then each had a go.


Time after lunch for more excavating!


We had a fantastic day, thanks to Fred Birkbeck for giving up his time and teaching us new skills.

Thanks to KAS for allowing us to take part. 

All the tools, buckets, gloves etc were purchased with a grant from KAS.










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