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Society announcement: Purchase of the Ozengell Anglo-Saxon Collection

Submitted by Laura Freeman on 18 October 2022
The Society is excited to announce the acquisition of the Ozengell Anglo-Saxon Collection; a unique legacy from the 7th century.


This has been bought to keep the collection in Kent and add it to our existing nationally important Anglo-Saxon graves goods collection.

The first discoveries from this inhumation burial site were made in 1846 during the construction of a railway. Some of these early finds, now in the World Museum, National Museum Liverpool, originated from the collection of antiquarian, Bryan Faussett, which was then acquired by Joseph Mayer, who gifted his collection to Liverpool in 1867. In 1966 workmen discovered 7 graves and a further 87 graves were revealed during excavations in 1977, with a total of 192 graves revealed during excavations between 1977-1981.

Ozengell vase.
A vase in the Ozengell collection.

This purchase will complement our nationally significant collection of Anglo-Saxon grave goods, and we aim to display the Ozengell artefacts as part of this wider important collection.

We will be publishing more details and images as we are able to catalogue the inventory of items.