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Notes for the Guidance of Contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana

Deadline for Submission
Contributions should reach the Honorary Editor by the end of September in the year preceding publication.

Length of Item
Papers in Archaeologia Cantiana typically contain 5,000-10,000 words. Significantly longer items are sometimes acceptable; alternatively the Hon. Editor may prefer to agree with the author a reduction in the length of the article. With the setting up of the Society’s website another option for long papers is to publish a Summary or Introduction in Archaeologia Cantiana referenced to the full report on the Internet.

The Submitted Text
The text must be submitted in electronic form in Word – as an email attachment or on a CD.
Where the text needs to be italicised, indicate either by underlining or type as such.
Indicate quoted material clearly.

Illustrations and Photographs
The image area of a page of Archaeologia Cantiana is 7.8 x 5.1in. (197 x 130mm). Take into account the depth of the caption and whether the image is to be portrait or landscape. Please provide a sequential list of illustrations/photographs together with the captions required.
Line illustrations: if images need to be scanned a clear original in black ink on white paper/drawing film is ideal, but good quality photocopies are acceptable. Provide an imperial/metric scale and north point, as appropriate.
Photographs: for scanning, good quality originals should be provided with adequate contrast, unmounted. Colour prints/transparencies can be reproduced in b/w or in colour if this has been agreed.
Digital illustrations: both line illustrations and photographs can also be submitted on disk as TIFF or JPEG files. If the original is in colour the author may need to change to greyscales unless colour reproduction has been agreed. TIFF line illustrations should be presented at 1200 dpi, if possible; JPEG lineart at 600 dpi; photographs at 300 dpi. If it is not possible to save lineart images from drawing programmes, good quality images can be produced as PDF or EPS files at 600 dpi.

Bear in mind the size limits of the page (see above) in designing your table(s). Tables which can be presented in portrait are preferred. Avoid over-complexity.

Some points on House Style
Please do not use the first person.
Tenth century, not 10th century; dates in the form 12 November 1432; July 1675: Augustine landed ad 597 (although sixth century AD), Caesar in 55 BC.
Per cent should be spelled out.
Compass points to appear in full: e.g. south-west, north-eastward.
Old money set out as, for example, £5 14s. 9d.

All contributors of main articles are supplied with a maximum of ten offprints of their paper, gratis. (Five only for short items or ‘Notes’.) PDF copies of papers are available through the Society.

Authors should identify the owner(s) of any copyright material (textual or illustrative) contained within articles offered for publication; and are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permission(s).

Hon. Editor: Terry G. Lawson
Kent Archaeological Society,
c/o Maidstone Museum,
St Faith’s Street,
Kent ME14 1LH                                                              Updated 4th July 2014