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Chalk Mining and Associated Industries of Frindsbury

Pearce, A & Long, D

A tragic accident happened in 1967.  Briefly, a Mrs J. Thompson died when the ground subsided beneath her and she fell down a deep shaft.  Despite attempts at rescue, her body was never recovered and the hole was completely infilled. After further subsidences in following years, a report was produced in 1985 by W.S. Atkins in which they stated that there was a more significant danger to the public and property than had previously been implied. 


As mining historians, KURG became interested in Frindsbury in February 1986 since the incidents indicated previous mining activity and there was already evidence of a Frindsbury Chalk Mine.  Our original intention was to attempt to gain access to the underground workings and to research the history of the Frindsbury Mine.  We immediately found that three major factors made this area completely different from the usual mining location and, as a result, determined the scope of this study

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