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Collection of Photographs of Kent Churches etc. Taken we believe between 1878 and 1901

Witham Matthew Bywater

Witham Matthew Bywater joined the Kent Archaeological Society in 1877 and remained a life member until his death in 1911. In 1901 when he was "changing his abode" (downsizing) he donated his collection of glass plate negatives of Kent Churches etc. to the K.A.S. that we believe he had taken whilst on K.A.S. Excursions with the Society.
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Aldington Church - 1888 - BYW-P014.jpg
Aldington Church
B01 Bapchild - BYW-G453.jpg
Bapchild Church
B02a Barfreston - BYW-G147.jpg
Barfreston Church
B02a Barfreston - BYW-G147.jpg
Barfreston Church
B03 Bearsted - BYW-G487.jpg
Bearsted Church
B05 Betteshanger - BYW-G151.jpg
Betteshanger Church
B06 Bexley - BYW-P098.jpg
Bexley Church
B07 Birchington - BYW-G431.jpg
Birchington Church
B08a Bobbing - BYW-G477.jpg
Bobbing Church
B08b Bobbing - BYW-G478.jpg
Bobbing Church
B09a Borden - BYW-G479.jpg
Borden Church
B09a Borden - BYW-G480.jpg
Borden Church
B10 Boughton Aulph - BYW-G003.jpg
Boughton Aluph Church
B11a Brasted - BYW-G459.jpg
Brasted Church
B11a Brasted - BYW-G460.jpg
Brasted Church
B12 Bromley, Kent - BYW-G472.jpg
Bromley Church
B13 Brook - BYW-G002.jpg
Brook Church
B14 Broomfield - BYW-G432.jpg
Broomfield Church
B15a Burham - BYW-G481.jpg
Burham Church
B15a Burham - BYW-G482.jpg
Burham Church
C01a Canterbury Cathedral - BYW-P044.jpg
Canterbury Cathedral
C01a Canterbury Cathedral - BYW-G391.jpg
Canterbury Cathedral
C01a Canterbury Cathedral - BYW-G351.jpg
Canterbury Cathedral
C01a Canterbury Cathedral - BYW-G350.jpg
Canterbury Cathedral
C01a Canterbury Cathedral - BYW-G391A.jpg
Canterbury Cathedral
C02 St Pancras Church ruins - BYW-G354.jpg
St Pancras Church ruins, Canterbury
C03 Chalk - BYW-G055.jpg
Chalk Church
C04 Charing - BYW-G008.jpg
Charing Church
C05 Charing Palace - BYW-G007.jpg
Charing Palace
C06a Chevening - BYW-G489.jpg
Chevening Church
C06a Chevening - BYW-G464.jpg
Chevening Church
C07 Chilham - BYW-G355.jpg
Chilham Church
C08a Chislehurst, St Nicholas - BYW-G122.jpg
Chislehurst Churches
C08a Chislehurst, St Marys - BYW-G123.jpg
Chislehurst Churches
C09 Chislet - BYW-G102.jpg
Chislet Church
C10a Cliffe - BYW-G429.jpg
Cliffe at Hoo Church
C10a Cliffe - BYW-P080.jpg
Cliffe at Hoo Church
C11 Cobham - BYW-G167.jpg
Cobham Church
C12 Cobham College - BYW-G165.jpg
Cobham College
C13 Cowden - BYW-G446.jpg
Cowden Church
C14 Crayford - BYW-P094.jpg
Crayford Church
C15 Cuxton - BYW-G465.jpg
Cuxton Church
D01 Darenth - BYW-G402.jpg
Darenth Church
D02a Dartford - BYW-P092.jpg
Dartford Church
D02a Dartford - BYW-P093.jpg
Dartford Church
D03a Davington - BYW-G471.jpg
Davington Church
D03a Davington - BYW-G485.jpg
Davington Church
D04 Detling - BYW-G013.jpg
Detling Church
E01 East Farleigh - BYW-G178.jpg
East Farleigh Church
B03 Barming, East - BYW-G177.jpg
East Barming Church
E02 Edenbridge - BYW-G467.jpg
Edenbridge Church
E03 Erith - BYW-P101.jpg
Erith Church
E04 Eynsford - BYW-G087.jpg
Eynsford Church
F01 Farnborough - BYW-G497.jpg
Farnborough Church
F02 Farningham - BYW-G086.jpg
Farningham Church
F03 Faversham - BYW-G483.jpg
Faversham Church
F04 Foots Cray - BYW-P095.jpg
Foots Cray Church
F05 Frindsbury - BYW-G403.jpg
Frindsbury Church
G01 Godmersham - BYW-P051.jpg
Godmersham Church
H01 Harrietsham - BYW-G406.jpg
Harrietsham Church
H02 Hartley - BYW-G486.jpg
Hartley Church
H03 Hartlip - BYW-P068.jpg
Hartlip Church
H04 Hayes - BYW-P110.jpg
Hayes Church
H05 Herne - BYW-G103.jpg
Herne Church
H06 Hever Castle - BYW-G450.jpg
Hever Castle
H07 High Halstow - BYW-G016.jpg
High Halstow Church
H08 Higham - BYW-G423.jpg
Higham Church
H09 Hinxhill - BYW-G001.jpg
Hinxhill Church
H10 Hoath - BYW-G-F0030.jpg
Hoath Church
H11 Hollingbourne - BYW-G475.jpg
Hollingbourne Church
H12 Hoo St Werburgh - BYW-G49.jpg
Hoo St Werburgh Church
H13a Horton Kirby - BYW-P107.jpg
Horton Kirby Church
H13a Horton Kirby - BYW-G407.jpg
Horton Kirby Church
H14a Hythe - BYW-G394.jpg
Hythe Church
H14a Hythe - BYW-G393.jpg
Hythe Church
I01 Ightham - BYW-G172.jpg
Ightham Church
I02a Ightham Mote - BYW-P119.jpg
Ightham Mote
I02b Ightham Mote - BYW-P120a.jpg
Ightham Mote
I02c Ightham Mote - BYW-P121.jpg
Ightham Mote
I02d Ightham Mote - BYW-P122.jpg
Ightham Mote
I02e Ightham Mote - BYW-P123.jpg
Ightham Mote
K01 Kemsing - BYW-G169.jpg
Kemsing Church
K03 Kennington - BYW-G004.jpg
Kennington Church
K02 Keston - BYW-G498.jpg
Keston Church
L01 Leeds, Kent - BYW-G436.jpg
Leeds Church
L02 Lenham - BYW-G428.jpg
Lenham Church
L03a Leybourne - BYW-G458.jpg
Leybourne Church
L03a Leybourne - BYW-G457.jpg
Leybourne Church
L04 Little Chart - BYW-G006.jpg
Little Chart Church
L05 Luddesdown - BYW-P089.jpg
Luddesdown Church
L06 Lullingstone - BYW-G088.jpg
Lullingstone Church
L07a Lyminge - BYW-P008.jpg
Lyminge Church
L07b Lyminge - BYW-P009.jpg
Lyminge Church
L07c Lyminge - BYW-P010.jpg
Lyminge Church
L08 Lympne - BYW-P007.jpg
Lympne Church
M01a Maidstone - BYW-G181.jpg
All Saints Church
M01a Maidstone - BYW-G182.jpg
All Saints Church
M01c Maidstone - BYW-G183.jpg
All Saints Church
M02 Maidstone College Gateway - BYW-P142.jpg
Maidstone College Gateway
M03 Dent de Lion, Margate - BYW-G427.jpg
Dent de Lion, Margate
M04 Salmestone Grange, Margate. - BYW-G421.jpg
Salmestone Grange, Margate
M05 St John the Baptist, Margate - BYW-G390.jpg
St John's the Baptist Church, Margate
M06  Meopham - BYW-G061.jpg
Meopham Church
M07 Milton, Sittingbourne - BYW-G455.jpg
Milton Church,
nr Sittingbourne
M08 Minster, Sheppy - BYW-G-FE0022.jpg
Abbey Gate, Minster, Sheppey
M09 Minster, Sheppey - BYW-G072.jpg
Minster Church,
in Sheppey
M10a Minster, Thanet - BYW-G414.jpg
Minster Church
M10a Minster, Thanet - BYW-G413.jpg
Minster Church
M11 Monkton - BYW-G412.jpg
Monkton Church
N01 New Romney - BYW-G375.jpg
New Romney
N02 Newington nr Hythe - BYW-P015.jpg
Newington Church,
near Hythe
N03 Newington, nr Sittingbourne.jpg
Newington Church,
nr Sittingbourne
N04a North Cray - BYW-P096.jpg
North Cray Church
N04a North Cray - BYW-P097.jpg
North Cray Church
N05 Northbourne - BYW-G149.jpg
Northbourne Church
O01 Oare - BYW-G488.jpg
Oare Church
O02 Offham - BYW-G416.jpg
Offham Church
O03 Otford - BYW-G083.jpg
Otford Church
O04 Otford, Palace ruins - BYW-G084.jpg
Otford Palace ruin
P01 Pluckley - BYW-G009.jpg
Pluckley Church
P02 Preston, nr Faversham - BYW-P056.jpg
Preston Church,
nr Faversham
Q01 Queenborough - BYW-G069.jpg
Queenborough Church
R01 Reculver Towers - BYW-G110.jpg
Reculver Towers
R02 Ridley - BYW-G474.jpg
Ridley Church
R03a Rochester - BYW-G-RC0002.jpg
R03a Rochester - BYW-G-RC0009.jpg
R03a Rochester - BYW-G-RC0003.jpg
R03a Rochester - BYW-G-RC0007.jpg
R04a Rochester Cathedral - BYW-G-RC0004.jpg
Rochester Cathedral
R04a Rochester Cathedral - BYW-G383.jpg
Rochester Cathedral
R04a Rochester Cathedral - BYW-G-RC0008.jpg
Rochester Cathedral
R04a Rochester Cathedral - BYW-G-RC0011.jpg
Rochester Cathedral
R04a Rochester Cathedral - BYW-G-RC0001.jpg
Rochester Cathedral
R04a Rochester Cathedral - BYW-G-RC0006.jpg
Rochester Cathedral
S01a Saltwood, Castle - BYW-P011.jpg
Saltwood Castle
S01a Saltwood, Castle - BYW-P013.jpg
Saltwood Castle
S01a Saltwood, Castle - BYW-P012.jpg
Saltwood Castle
S02a St Bartholmews, Sandwich - BYW-G125.jpg
St Bartholomew
Church, Sandwich
S03 St Clements, Sandwich -  BYW-G150.jpg
St Clements Church
S04 Seal - BYW-G171.jpg
Seal Church
S05 Sevenoaks - BYW-G463.jpg
Sevenoaks Church
S06 Shorne - BYW-G062.jpg
Shorne Church
S07 Sittingbourne - BYW-G456.jpg
Sittingbourne Church
S08 Snodland - drawing BYW-G-SNOD.jpg
Drawing of
Snodland Church
S09 Southfleet - BYW-P103.jpg
Southfleet Church
S10 St Lawrence Thanet, Ramsgate - BYW-G410.jpg
St Lawrence Church
Ramsgate, Thanet
S11a St Margaret-at-Cliffe - BYW-G494.jpg
St Margaret-at-Cliffe
S11a St Margaret-at-Cliffe - BYW-G493.jpg
St Margaret-at-Cliffe
S12 St Mary, Hoo - BYW-G490.jpg
St Mary Church, Hoo
S13 St Nicholas-at-Wade - BYW-G411.jpg
St Nicholas-at-Wade Church
S14 St Peter's Thanet, Broadstairs - BYW-G409.jpg
St Peter's Church
Broadstairs, Thanet
S15 St Werburgh, Hoo - BYW-P082.jpg
St Werburgh Church, Hoo
S16 Stansted, Kent - BYW-G466.jpg
Stansted Church
S17a Stone, nr Dartford - BYW-G013.jpg
Stone Church, Dartford
S17b Stone, nr Dartford - BYW-G174.jpg
Stone Church, Dartford
S18 Sundridge - BYW-G081.jpg
Sundridge Church
S19 Sutton-at-Hone - BYW-G404.jpg
Sutton-at-Hone Church
S20 Swanscombe - BYW-G175.jpg
Swanscombe Church
T01 Tonge - BYW-G454.jpg
Tonge Church
T02 Tunstall - BYW-G468.jpg
Tunstall Church
U01 Upchurch - BYW-P067.jpg
Upchurch Church
W01 West Malling - BYW-G405.jpg
West Malling Church
W02 Westerham - BYW-G032.jpg
Westerham Church
W03 Wouldham - BYW-P075.jpg
Wouldham Church
W04 Wrotham - BYW-P126I.jpg
Wrotham Church