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Archaeologia Cantiana

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Title Author Year Volume Page number
Frontispiece 2008 Kent Archaeological Society 2008 128 i
Contents and Illustrations Kent Archaeological Society 2008 128 v-xi
The Coming of the Doctor' As illustrated by the Career of Richard Hope of Cranbrook (d.1725) Peter Allen 2008 128 1-16
An Unknown Medieval Site Possibly a Manorial Chapel at Crabble Dover Keith Parfitt 2008 128 17-34
William Matthew Flinders Petrie - the Kentish Years Patricia E. Knowlden 2008 128 35-58
The Coinage of William I in Kent Peter Bagwell Purefoy 2008 128 59-74
Prehistoric Activity at Westwood, Broadstairs Kristopher Poole and Leo Webley 2008 128 75-106
The Kilwardby Survey of 1273-4: the Demesne Manors of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the later 13th Century Jennifer Ward 2008 128 107-128
Archaeological Investigations at Castle Road Sittingbourne Jon Sygrave 2008 128 129-142
Brotherhood and Confraternity at Canterbury Cathedral Priory in the 15th Century: the Evidence of John Stone's Chronicle Meriel Connor 2008 128 143-164
Two Beaker Burials Recently Discovered on the Isle of Thanet Paul Hart and Gerald Moody 2008 128 165-178
The Medieval Deer Parks of Wrotham Jayne Semple 2008 128 179-210
Interim Reports on Recent Work carried out by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust Canterbury Archaeological Trust 2008 128 211-224
The Accounts of the Wardens of the Town Lands of Tonbridge, 1574-1760 Christopher Chalklin 2008 128 225-248
The Bronze Age Gold Amber and Shale Cups from Southern England and the European Mainland A Review Article Paul Ashbee 2008 128 249-262
Kent and the Sea Sarah Palmer 2008 128 263-280
Excavation of a Medieval Settlement at Pond Field Littlebrook Dartford C R. Baker and A. N. Herbert 2008 128 281-300
An Early Boundary Probably Anglo-Saxon Associated with Roman Sites in Benenden Pollard Ernest Pollard and Neil Aldridge 2008 128 301-308
The Roman Villa at Minster-in-Thanet Keith Parfitt 2008 128 309-334
Churchgoing in the Cradle of English Christianity: Kentish Evidence from the 16th to the 20th Centuries Clive D. Field 2008 128 335-364
Researches and Discoveries in Kent Kent Archaeological Society 2008 128 365-392
Reviews Kent Archaeological Society 2008 128 393-410
Annual Bibliography of Kentish Archaeology and History 2007 Kent Archaeological Society 2008 128 411-426
Brief Notes on the Contributors Kent Archaeological Society 2008 128 427-430
Annual Report of the Council for 2007 Kent Archaeological Society 2008 128 431-438
General Index Kent Archaeological Society 2008 128 441