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Archaeologia Cantiana

Archaeologia Cantiana is published annually and is free to members.

Archaeologia Cantiana has been published since 1858.

The Society welcomes contributions and notes for the guidance of contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana.

Hon. Editor: Terry G. Lawson

Kent Archaeological Society, c/o Maidstone Museum, St Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1LH

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Title Sort descending Author Published Volume
Interim Report on Excavations in 1980 by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 1980 96
Prehistoric Activity in the Cray Valley: a New Site at Old Bexley. Barry John Bishop 2003 123
"Rochester Bridge." A Poem written in A.D. 1601. Communicated by William Brenchley Rye 1887 17
150 Years of Local History Local Kentish Practice and National Trends Dunster 2007 127
1st Annual General Meeting 1858 1
A Beaker (?) Burial Monument and a Late Bronze Age Assemblage from East Northdown, Margate. G.H. Smith 1987 104
A Beaker burial from Manston, near Ramsgate. D.R.J. Perkins and A.M. Gibson 1990 108
A Belgic Burial-Group at Sholden, near Deal; and a Belgic Tazza from Mill Hill, Upper Deal. J. D. Ogilvie, F.S.A., and G. C. Dunning, F.S.A. 1967 82
A Belgic Cremation Cemetery and Iron Bloomery Furnace at Jubilee Corner, Ulcombe. Neil Aldridge 2005 125
A Belgic-Early Roman Site at Great Mongeham, near Deal. Keith Parfitt 2003 123
A Brass at Nonington, Kent. Ralph Griffin, F.S.A. 1936 48
A British Village at Ramsgate. the late James T. Hillier 1889 18
A Bronze Age burial from St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe. T Anderson, M.A. 1994 114
A Bronze Sword from Folkestone. J. D. Cowen, M.C., M.A., F.S.A. 1952 65
A Canterbury Pilgrimage in 1723 Torr 1944 57
A Chapter of County Gossip, (Being a Series of Confidential Letter from a Young Lady of Kent between 1713 and 1728). 1863 5
A Chest of Thirteenth-Century Type from Wormshill Church. L. R. A. Grove, F.S.A. 1957 71
A circular Roman Temple discovered in the late seventeenth Century at Canterbury. William Urry 1978 94
A Claim to "Royal Fish" stranded off Dungness. Charles Johnson, F.S.A., F.B.A. 1935 47
A Contemporary List of the Benefactions of Thomas Ikham, Sacrist to St Austin's Abbey, Canterbury, circa 1415. Transcribed and Translated by Charles Cotton, O.B.E., .F.R.C.P.E., M.R.C.S. Enq. 1925 37
A Crucifix from West Farleigh. Aymer Vallance 1928 40
A Curious Case at Cranbrook in 1437. Aymer Vallance 1931 43
A Custumal of New Romney. F. William Cock, M.D., F.S.A. 1939 51
A Denehole at Hammill near Eastry. John Archibald, L.R.I.B.A. Report on the Vertebrate Remains from the Hammill Denehole. 1935 47
A Deposit of Samian Ware from Springhead. A. P. Detsicas, M.A. F.S.A. 1968 83
A Directory of Medical Personnel Qualified and Practising in the Diocese of Canterbury c. 1560 -0 1730 Mortimer 2006 126
A Disciple of the Druids Evans 1949 62
A Discovery of Acheulian Implements in the deposits of the Dartford Heath Terrace. P. J. Tester 1953 66
A double-moated Site at Beckenham. Lilian Thornhill.. 1975 91
A Few Letters From My Scrapbook, Chiefly of Kentish Historians. Dr. F. W. Cock, F.S.A. 1936 48
A Find of Ancient Gold Coins at Westerham. George C. Brooke, M.A., F.S.A. 1928 40
A First Century Urn Field at Cheriton Near Folkestone Tester 1949 62
A Forgotten Kentish Rebellion, September-October 1470. Malcolm Mercer 2002 122
A Fourteenth- Century Altarpiece from Sutton Valence. .R. P. Bedford 1923 36
A Fourteenth-Century Court Roll of the Manor of Ambree, Rochester. A. A. Arnold, F.S.A. 1911 29
A fragmentary Life of St. Mildred and other Kentish Royal Saints. M. J. Swanton., B.A., Ph.D., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S 1975 91
A Franborough (Kent) Court Roll of 1408 Bond 1944 57
A fresh Look at the Reculver Parish Clerk’s Story. Harold Gough 1983 99
A Group of Mounds on Seasalter Level, near Whitstable, and the Medieval Imbanking in this Area. M. W. Thompson 1956 70
A Group of seventeenth-century Trade Tokens in Maidstone Museum. Ron Josland, B.A., Cert. Arch. 1996 116
A Hall-House at Upper Bush. E. B. Swain 1964 79
A Hand List of English Enclosure Acts and Awards Tate 1943 56
A helm in Goudhurst Church. F. H. Cripps-Day 1937 49
A help towards a Kentish Monasticon. W. E. Flaherty, Esq 1859 2
A history of Bifrons mansion house. B.M. Thomas 1992 110
A History of the Ecclesiastical Courts of the Diocese of Canterbury 1566 -0 1586 Based on the Cause Papers Bound within the Volumes MS F 4 12 Rushton 2014 134
A Hoard of ‘radiate’ Coins from Allington. John A. Davies, B.A. 1982 98
A House in Rochester High Street numbered 69 and 71. the Rev. S. W. Wheatley, M.A., F.S.A. 1926 38
A Kentish Clerical Dynasty: Curteis of Sevenoaks. Nigel Yates, MA., Ph.D., F.R.Hist.S. 1997 117
A Kentish clerical dynasty: Curteis of Sevenoaks. Nigel Yates, M.A., F. S.Hist.S. 1990 108

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