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Archaeologia Cantiana

Archaeologia Cantiana is published annually and is free to members.

Archaeologia Cantiana has been published since 1858.

The Society welcomes contributions and notes for the guidance of contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana.

Hon. Editor: Terry G. Lawson

Kent Archaeological Society, c/o Maidstone Museum, St Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1LH

There is a 3 year delay/embargo on publishing Archaeologia Cantiana articles online for non-members.
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Title Author Published Sort ascending Volume
Officers and Members of Council 2009 129
Reviews 2009 129
Frontispiece 2008 2008 128
The Accounts of the Wardens of the Town Lands of Tonbridge 1574 -0 1760 Chalklin 2008 128
General Index 2008 128
The Bronze Age Gold Amber and Shale Cups from Southern England and the European Mainland A Review Article Ashbee 2008 128
New Members 2008 128
The Coinage of William I Bagwell Purefoy 2008 128
Officers and Members of Council 1st January 2008 2008 128
The Coming of the Doctor' As illustrated by the Career of Richard Hope of Cranbrook (d.1725) Allen 2008 128
Researches and Discoveries in Kent 2008 128
The Kilwardby Survey of 1273 -4 The Demesne Manors of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Later Thirteenth Century Ward 2008 128
An Early Boundary Probably Anglo-Saxon Associated with Roman Sites in Benenden Pollard 2008 128
The Medieval Deer Parks of Wrotham Semple 2008 128
An Unknown Medieval Site Possibly a Manorial Chapel at Crabble Dover Parfitt 2008 128
The Roman Villa at Minster-in-Thanet Parfitt 2008 128
Annual Bibliography of Kentish Archaeology and History 2007 2008 128
Two Beaker Burials recently Discovered on the Isle of Thanet Hart 2008 128
Archaeological Investigations at Castle Road Sittingbourne Sygrave 2008 128
William Matthew Flinders Petrie -0 The Kentish Years Knowlden 2008 128
Brotherhood and Confraternity at Canterbury Cathedral Priory in the Fifteenth Century The Evidence of John Stone's Chronicle Connor 2008 128
Churchgoing in the Cradle of English Christianity Kentish Evidence from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Centuries Field 2008 128
Excavation of a Medieval Settlement at Pond Field Littlebrook Dartford Baker 2008 128
Interim Reports on Recent Work Carried out by The Canterbury Archaeological Trust 2008 128
Annual Report of the Council for 2007 2008 128
Kent and the Sea Palmer 2008 128
Brief Notes on the Contributors 2008 128
Prehistoric Activity at Westwood Broadstairs Poole 2008 128
Contents and Illustrations 2008 128
Reviews 2008 128
General Index 2007 127
Kent and the Abolition of the Slave Trade A County Study 1760s -0 1807 Killingray 2007 127
List of Members 2007 2007 127
Kent Hundred Rolls Local Government and Corruption in the Thirteenth Century Ward 2007 127
Notes on Contributors 2007 127
Medieval Tile Makers of Borough Green Semple 2007 127
Officers and Members of the Council 1st January 2007 2007 127
Reviews 2007 127
Researches and Discoveries in Kent 2007 127
The Hundred of Wye and the Great Revolt of 1381 De Saxe 2007 127
Obituary 2007 127
The Kent Archaeological Society and the Development of Archaeology and Historical Studies in Kent 1957 -0 2007 A Review Panton 2007 127
150 Years of Local History Local Kentish Practice and National Trends Dunster 2007 127
The Long Demise of the Wantsum Sea Channel A Recapitulation Based on Data Perkins 2007 127
Annual Bibliography of Kentish Archaeology and History 2006 2007 127
The Political Allegiances of Christ Church Priory 1400 -0 1472 The Evidence of John Stone's Chronicle Connor 2007 127
Dating the Cremation in the Biconical Urn at the Early Bronze Age Barrow Hill Road Wouldham Cruse 2007 127
The Road Services in Kent in the Nineteenth Century Andrews 2007 127
Excavation of an Iron Age and Saxon Site at South Willesborough Ashford Deeves 2007 127
The Roman Villa at Minister-in-Thanet Parfitt 2007 127

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