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East Peckham


East Peckham with index of names and places at end

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Below is a transcription of the un-numbered pages at the end of Volume VII 
of Mr L.L. Duncan's notebook on the Martin Family.

                                                                      Noted by Leland L. Duncan

                                              Typed up by Zena Bamping

Churchyard, North side of Nave near Vestry.
1. George Martin, yeoman, of this Parish died 8 December 1818 aged 69. Elizabeth his wife died 21 June 1830 aged 85. Left surviving 4 sons and 2 daughters viz William, Thomas, Samuel, Elizabeth, John and Mary.

A little to the East of the above
2. Sarah daughter of George & Elizabeth Martin of this Parish died 7 March 1801 aged 16. George son of above George & Elizabeth Martin died 20 April 1811 aged 39. Left surviving 4 sons and 1 daughter viz George, William, Sarah, Thomas and Richard.

On the North side of the Chancel a few yards East of the last two - in a row.
3.  Ann wife of Thomas Martin of this Parish died 30 December 1765 aged 56. The said Thomas Martin, yeoman, died 15 August 1770 aged 69.

4.  Elizabeth Martin daughter of Thomas and Ann Martin died 17 August 1785 aged 53. aged 76.

5.  John Martin of this Parish died 22 April 1763 aged 89. Sarah wife of John Martin of this Parish died 5 January 1751 aged 76.

Going Northwards come to the two following enclosed in an iron railing with a large yew tree.
6.  Thomas and William Martin sons of Thomas and Susanna Martin. Thomas died 29 March 1771 aged 8 months. William died 4 August 1772 aged 3 years & 6 months, Also Ann their daughter died 5 April 1773 aged 1 year and 8 months.

7.  Thomas Martin of this Parish, yeoman, died 18 August 1789 aged 56. Left issue 1 son and 2 daughter - Thomas, Sarah and Susanna. Also Susanna his wife died 2 March 1794 aged 56.

The following still going Northwards.
8.  Mr William Martin of Hawden in the Parish of Tunbridge died 11 October 1781 aged 43. Also Mary his wife died 23 May 1786 aged 47. Left 1 son and 2 daughters viz Elizabeth, Sarah and Thomas.

9.  John Martin died 26 March 1779 aged 53. Also Hester wife of the above died 2 December 1788 aged 47. Also Stephen their son died 17 November 1790 aged 23. Left issue 4 sons viz Thomas, John, Stephen and William.

To the East of the Chancel amidst the Stanford tombs.
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Martin, daughter of John Stanford of this Parish by Sarah his wife died 31 August 1726 aged 26 years.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Martin  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Stanford  10

Haeden, Tunbridge 8.

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