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Sandwich, St John's Hospital


Sandwich, St John's Hospital

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of St John's HospitalNoted by Rev Bryan Faussett about 1760

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

I saw Nothing remarkable in this Hospitall but 3 Old* Bowls – 2 of them of Wood, and a Brass One, somewhat in ye Shape of a Patera – 1 of ye Wooden Ones has ye following Inscription, on a Plate of Gilt Silver, round ye. Fig. of a Man in a long Gownd, with a Staff in one Hand, and a Purse, or Scrip, in ye Other. "Orate pro Anima … PYKE". - in Saxon Characters.   *See Acct. of 4 others, in the Hospital at Harbledown 0 Vol. 4, p. 108, & of another in St Dunstans Canterbury, Vol. 4, p.39.

This Hospital was also founded by Thomas ELLIS & Margaret his Wife.