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Tithe Apportionments for Kent

List of Tithe Apportionments by Parish:

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Further Information

Over 400 Kent Tithe Maps have now been digitised by the Centre for Kentish Studies (C.K.S.) with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The tithe map for each parish is now on a CD-Rom.

They are now available to view in the county record office and are also in the major town libraries for their own areas. The tithe map CD-Rom's can also be purchased, now for only £15 per CD.

The new Kent History and Library Centre is now open and CD's can be ordered by sending an email to Be sure to put "Order for Tithe Map CD" in the Subject line. 

See article in Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 89 Pages 101-118 The Tithe Commutation Surveys in Kent  By Roger J.P. Kain.
Recommended reading for the background to tithes and their abolition:  Tithe War - 1918-1939 The Countryside at War by Carol Twinch. Pub. Media Associates, Norwich  ISBN 0 9521499 2 3