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5.Letter re. production & export of ordnance

Transcribed by Peter Titley on Thu, 04 Jul 2019 - 21:12

To my lovinge freinds/ mr Robert Binge Esquire/ and mr william Clarke/

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for the viewe/ of furnaces &/ ordennances/

After my harty comendacons unto you. Wheras I receaved Le[tte]rs from my Lords, of her ma[jes]ties most honorable/ prevye Counsell/ dated the third of this month of August that there were bands/ taken of such as make Iron Ordinance w[i]thin this Countye/ that they should sell none to any that should transport the/ same nor them selves cause any to be transported beyond/ the Seas, and like wise certefie monthlye. For that my/ Lords ar informed of the smale regarde the Owners of ther/ Furnises, and the makers of thos peeces have of their bands/ and have yt importeth the Estate, that her ma[jes]ties Enemies/ should be furnished owt of the Land w[i]th ordinances to anoye/ us and the Realme should remayne unfurnished: I am ther/ =fore to praye you to repayer forthw[i]th, to the placies wher ther/ Furnises be, their to take a trewe Inventorye of such/ quantityes as already ar made and to give straght order/ in her ma[jes]ties name (accordinge to their former bands) that/ noe Iron peeces hearafter be made, w[i]thout speciall lycence/ from my Lords of her highnes most honorable prevy Counsell/ uppon such cawses as shall seme fitt to them, to allowe/ such quantitis to be made, as may serve for the speciall/ service as may be used w[i]thin this Relme only. Thus/ recomendinge unto you the care of this her ma[jes]ties service/ To bid you right hartily far well. From Cobham this=/ sixt of August 1589/

                                             Your Lovinge freinde


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Record Office
Kent County Library and Archive Centre
(with permission of South Staffordshire County Council)
Document Reference
The Sutherland Collection - Sir John Leveson of Halling
Document type
Copy of a Letter

Document Date
The production and export of cast iron ordnance in the Weald of Kent.

Names referred to within the document
Lord Cobham
Robert Bynge
William Clarke
Key words
Transcribers Notes
The letter is a file copy of letter to Cobham's agents instructing them to make a true inventory of all; cast iron ordnance. The script is poor and difficult to read.