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6.Letter re. Gentlemen associated with iron working

Transcribed by Peter Titley on Thu, 04 Jul 2019 - 21:14

1590 18 Sept[ember]

My Lords/ letter [illegible] Certificate/ of [illegible]/ [illegible x 3]/

[end first page]

[second page]

After my hartie com[m]endac[i]ons unto yow/ her Maj[est]ie beinge/ enformed, howe that a nombre of gentlemen are gone out/ of the Shyre of Kent to London, and others be moved into/ the Cinque Portes and Liberties therof: I have therfore/ thought good to praie yow to certifie me their names and/ dwellinge places w[i]thin yo[u]r severall charges, w[i]thall expedic[i]on:/ That my Lords of her Ma[jes]t[ie]s most honourable privie Cown/ sell beinge made acquainted therw[i]thall such order maie be/ taken for their Repaire into the Countie againe, as shalbe thought/ meete. And so I com[m]it yow to god. From Cobham Hall this/ xviijth of September 1590/

                                                            Your Lovinge Freind/

                                                                          Wi Cobham/

To my Lovinge Brother and/ Freinde Sir Henry Cobham/ Knight and Sir John Leveson/ Knight, my deputie Lieuten<a>nts/ and to eythr of them/

[end secod page, end of document]

Record Office
Kent County Library and Archive Centre
(with permission of South Staffordshire County Council)
Document Reference
The Sutherland Collection - Sir John Leveson of Halling
Document type
Letter from Lord Cobham regarding gentlemen associated with iron working who have left the County of Kent and for their subsequent return.

Document Date
Irom Master and owners of iron workings who have left the County of Kent.

Names referred to within the document
William Lord Cobham
Sir Henry Cobham
Sir John Leveson

Key words
Transcribers Notes
The document is written in secretary hand for Lord Cobham and is therefore easy to read.