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7.Letter Privy Council re. Bonds

Transcribed by Peter Titley on Thu, 04 Jul 2019 - 21:16

Copy of a Let[ter] from the/ Lords of the Councell/ to the L[ord] Cobha[m] touch/ ing Iron Ordinance/

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[second page]

After oure righte hartie com[m]endac[i]ons to yor good Lor[dshi]p. Wheras/ we ar given to understand from the Lord of Buckhurst that/ our former Le[tte]rs wryten unto yow, for the restreint of makinge/ and transporting of Cast ordnance of Iron, not extending/ to all such as have furnaces, divirs personns who before/ our inhibic[i]on signified, did make Iron onlie, and noe ordnance/ fynding them selves at libertie, and not bound as the rest/ do leave the same, and convert their furnaces to the ma/ king of ordinance in respect of the gayne grouing unto them/ beyond the other by that trade. For the meeting wherw[i]th/ we have thought good to praye and require yo[u]r Lor[dshi]p(following/ o[u]r former direc[i]ons for the manner of the restraint) that you/ cawse bands to be taken of all such as have furnaces or=/ther after shall erect furnaces within yo[ur] iurisdic[i]on exten/ ding the same as well to the Farmers, as to the owners of/ Furnaces that no devise or shift behind, to defraud/ the purpose of o[u]r orders and direc[i]ons in that bahaufe/ given: praying yor Lor[dshi]p moreover to send further then to her/ ma[jes]ties excheq[uer] all such bands as you have or shall cause/ to be taken to that end and unto us a list, conteyning the/ names, bands and sums of names of everie p[er]son that we/ may understand what shallbe delivered Wherof hoping you/ will have cause we byd your Lor[dshi]p hartilie farwell From/ the court at [illegible] <windsor> the       of october 1590

                       Your good Lo[rdshi]p very loving fr[ien]ds/

                         Chr Hatton Car.              wylli[a]m Burghley/

                     Jhon Wolley/

S. Cobham/

[end secod page, end of document]

Record Office
Kent County Library and Archive Centre
(with permission of South Staffordshire County Council)
Document Reference
The Sutherland Collection - Sir John Leveson of Halling
Document type
Copy of a Letter from the Privy Council, Christopher Hatton and William Burghley, regarding Bonds charged to the Iron Masters in the Weald of Kent to prevent the casting of iron ordnance.

Document Date
The casting of Iron ordnance in the High Weald of Kent.
Names referred to within the document
Sir Christopher Hatton.
William Lord Burghley.
Lord Cobham.

Transcribers Notes
The document is a copy letter written by Lord Cobham's secretary in Secretary Hand. However because this was a copy to be kept as a record, the writing is very difficult to read with many contractions.