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Will of John ALDERSTONE of Littlebourne - 21 Sept 1552

<p align="left"><font color="#800000" size="5"><font face="Arial">Will
of J</font><font face="Arial" color="#800000">ohn ALDERSTONE of
Littlebourne -</font><font face="Arial"> 21 Sept 1552</font></font></p>

<p align="justify" style="line-height: 150%"><b><font size="3" face="Times New Roman">John</font></b> <font size="3" face="Times New Roman"> <b>ALDERSTONE</b>
of Littleborne, 12 May 1551<br>
Buried in church yard on north side of the palm tree [= yew].<br>
To the poor mens box 3s.4d. and 20 shillings- to the poor after my
&nbsp;&nbsp; To the mending of highways in the parish 40 shillings of
which ten shillings in the Pke [?Park] Lane and other 30 shillings
between Donhill Cross and Fyshepowll.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Alice MOTTE a cow bullock of two years. Peter GIFFORD one
ewe and a lamb. Margaret SARYE my sister the best featherbed with all
thereto, also yearly at her dwelling house at Wodnesborough at Xmas 4
bushels of wheat and 4 of malt and at the Annunciation of St Mary the
same and if she will continue to dwell in service with my Ex’or then
my Ex’or find her in meat, drink, lodging and pay unto her 6s.8d.
&nbsp;&nbsp; Jeram WYMARK of Wodnesburgh my son in law ten ewes, ten
twelve monthlings, the weaning colt of my brown mare, and £6 part of
the £16 of mine he has.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Carior Jesar and Sycilie Jesar, each one ewe.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Alice and Agnes ALDERSTONE my daughters £10 each to be
paid to Jeram WYMARK and he to have the keeping of my daughters and pay
their £10 when 18, each heir to other but if both die under 18 the £20
to my sons Thomas and John ALDERSTONE.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Son John £20, of which £10 when he is 18, and residue
when 22, if he die the £20 among all my other children.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Dorothy my wife 20 shillings yearly for five years towards
bringing up of son John until he is nine. Also £25 of which £10 in
household goods, and £15 two years after my death. If wife with child,
the child to have £10 when 18.<br>
My tenement and lands in Wodnesborough to Margaret SARYE my sister for
her life, then to John my son and his heirs for ever. Jeram WYMARKE to
receive the profits after her death, until my son John is 20.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Residue after paying debts, etc. to Thomas ALDERSTONE my
son and Exor, with Thomas GOLKYN, and Jeram WYMARKE overseers, each to
have 6s.8d.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Witnesses: John DARANTE, Richard ELGAR, Thos GOLKIN,
Michael FRANKLEN, John WYMARK. (Probate 21 September 1552). A.Vol. 29,
fol. 328</font></p>

Register & folio
A.Vol. 29, fol. 328
Date of will
12 May 1551
Date of Probate
21 Sept 1552
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Pat Tritton