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The Allen Grove Fund 2021

The Kent Archaeological Society is pleased to advise that it is re-starting and re-launching the Allen Grove Fund.


Further details about the fund and the application form can be found here:

The Ian Coulson Annual Bursary

The Ian Coulson Annual Bursary for local history/archaeology in Kent schools has been established by the Kent Archaeological Society in memory of Ian Coulson. Ian was Adviser for History in Kent schools for over 25 years and, at the time of his premature death in 2015, President of the Kent Archaeological Society. Teachers in Kent schools are invited to apply for the bursary to develop classroom resources based on Kent’s local history and/or archaeology, two of Ian’s great passions. It is open to teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

Winter 2021 KAS Magazine

Submitted by Fred Birkbeck on 16 November 2021

There has been an extension to the deadline for articles or other content for the KAS Magazine. The Winter 2021 edition will become the Spring 2022 edition to enable the Editor Richard Taylor to fit in some important news about events scheduled for late 2021.


If you would like to submit content for the Magazine, contact Richard at