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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Barham Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Thursday 12th May 1892

                                             Pages 66-72 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett 1757, added October 2007

No. B(ax’s)

1. HS 2 sculls 2 crossed bones between them Here lieth the body of Richard WRAIGHT who departed this life September the 28th 1746 aged 84 years.

2. HS 2 hourglasses side by side, flanked by 2 sculls Here lieth the body of Moses WATERS of Ropesole who died 11th of May 1743 aged 45. Also here lieth ye body of Elizabeth his wife she died June 17th 1743 aged 48 years.

3. HS Here lieth ye body of Elizabeth WATERIDGE daughter of William Watteridge of the parish of Wolensbouorgh (sic) she departed this life Aprill ye 12 1739 years.

4. Low tomb, brick sides, on top Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Georgiana Maria second daughter of Edward TOKER Esq (italic) of the Oaks Ospringe who died July 25th 1821 aged eight years and six months.

5. HS Winged cherub, rays In memory of Joseph HODGES who died August ye 24th 1770 aged 64 years. Also Margaret wife of the above Joseph Hodges who died June ye 12th 1783 aged 81 years.

6. HS In memory of Margaret LEMAN the wife of Philip Leman late of this parish who departed this life the 15th of March 1800 aged 70 years.

7. HS In memory of Samuel LEMAN who departed this life 3rd of September 1800 aged 34 years. Also of the above laid Philip Leman who died August 30 1802 aged 79 years.

8. Altar tomb, brick sides E of church – on top Here lyeth interred the body of William NETHERSOLE who left issue by Susan his wife ye daughter of Henry Wood, seaven children two sons and five daughters. He died the 6 of Aprill 1649 aged ……years. Here also lyeth interred the bodyes of his two sons William and John who died ye …. of October 1656 Will ………….. aged 11/44 years and Ann ………………… yeares. [about 4 lines more].

9. Double HS 2 cherub’s heads, 2 hourglasses and a couple of cross bones between There lieth the body of William CRAMP late of ys parish who died January the 9th 1727 aged 89 years. Here lieth the body of Bridget LINGO late of ys parish who died November the 22nd 1729 aged 56 years.

10. HS adjoining the last – 2 sculls above Here lies buried ye body of Frances wife of William CRAMP she departed this life November ye 21st 1717 aged 75 years.

11. HS winged cherub In memory of John JOYNER son of John and Ann Joyner of this parish who died 20/6 June 1773 aged 35 years. Afflictions sore long time I bore, physicians were in vain, till God did please to give me ease and clear me from my pain.

12. HS scull, coffin, bone, book, scythe, pick etc. Here lieth the body of John JOYNER who departed this life May 27 1759 aged 55 years. He left issue by Ann his wife, 4 sons and 1 daughter. All you that come my grave to see as I am now so must you be. Repent in time, as time you have. There’s no repentance in the grave.

14. Double HS 2 cherub’s heads, winged, NW of church Here lieth ye body of Peter CROSOER. He departed this life August 20 1759 aged 72 years. Also in a vault near this place lieth ye body of Elizabeth wife of Peter Crosoer she departed this life March 21st 1757 aged 66 years. They left issue 2 sons and 8 daughters.

15. HS in the NE of church Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth wife of John PRIER, of the parish of St. Mary Magdalene in the City of Canterbury who departed this life march 7th 1823 aged 51 years. Also of the above named John PRIER who died 21st March 1854 aged 75 years.

16. HS next to foregoing Sacred to the memory of William DADSON late of this parish who died February 11th 1808 aged 77 years.

17. HS (next) In memory of Ann the wife of William DADSON who departed this life November 24th 1807 aged 70 years.

18. HS (next) In memory of Michael FOX who died April 17th 1790 aged 82 years. Also Ann his wife she died November 12th 1758 aged 53 years. Likewise two grandchildren William and Susanna son and daughter of William and Ann Dadson.

19. Several early BAKER stones, ditto Marsh (late), ditto Hobday "Ellen".

20. HS South side of church – winged cherub’s head Here lieth the body of John CROFTS who died September 26th 1762 in the 73rd year of his age.

21. HS winged cherub’s head with scull on each side Here lieth the body of Susanna wife of John CRAFT of this parish who departed this life April 11th 1760 aged 71 years.

22. HS 2 cherub’s heads, palms etc. Here lieth the body of Anne COLT wife of John Colt she died February ye 27th 1775 in the 65th year of her age. Also the above John Colt he died April ye 24th 1780 aged 71 years.

12 May 1892 Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
23. HS South of church – crossbones, hourglass, scythe and shroud, at top Here lieth ye body of Clement SANDERS who had issue by Catharine his wife 6 sons and 4 daughters by whom 3 sons and 3 daughters surviving viz. Susanna, Ryc (sic), Mary, Rich, Catharine and John. He died February 17th 1729 aged 43 years.

24. HS adjoining last and to N of it – winged scull at top Here lieth ye body of Susan wife of Richard SANDERS who died August ye 29th 1694 aged 34 years.

25. HS SW of church (R caps etc) Sacred to the memory of James MUNN who died January 13th 1867 aged 86 years. Also Lucy his beloved wife who died March 25th 1865 aged 87 years.

26. HS North of North transept – cherub’s head, at top Here lieth the body of Elizabeth wife of Stephen RIGDEN who died March 14th 1766 aged 72 years. Left surviving 4 children viz. Thomas, Sarah, Stephen and Elizabeth.

27. North of chancel (Blk. le) Sacred to the memory of John MUNN who died March 2nd 1843 aged 35 years. Left surviving Ann his wife and 3 sons (viz. John-James, George-Henry and William-Albert). Also their daughter Bridget who died July 7th 1840 aged 9 years.

28. HS (to S of last) Blk letter and caps Sacred to the memory of James MUNN who died June 7th 1854 aged 55 years. Left surviving Mary his wife 1 son and 3 daughters to lament their loss.

29. HS SW of church Sacred to the memory of Mary COULTER who died 26th February 1852 aged 72 years. Also John MARSHALL brother of the above who died 31st March 1853 aged 71 years.

30. HS South West of church – cherub’s head at top In memory of Charles PAGE who departed this life February ye 23rd 1771 aged 61 years. And Margaret his wife who departed this life April ye 5th 1775 aged 68 years. They left issue one son viz. William who caused this stone to be erected.

31. Small HS South of chancel – cherub’s head between 2 sculls, at top Here lieth the body of John BISSAKER late of this parish who departed this life July the 25th 1766 aged 75 years. [sic]

32. HS to NE of chancel and to E of stone to John Munn 1843 – a cherub’s head, at top Here lieth the body of Thomas FOX late of this parish who departed this life October 24 1767 in the 25 year of his age. He left issue one son and one daughter, Thomas and Frances. A man of truth, he was a soul sincere. In actions just and in discernment clear and did to all in need of assistance lent, he broke no promises made to serve his friend whose gen’rous actions were by most approv’d who died regreted (sic) and by all belov’d.

33. Large low white marble tomb, to the SE of last and close to it. A + on top of tomb, and near bottom of slab
Here lie the remains of Thomas FOX formerly of this parish, Gent. Born June 30th 1763 died September 22nd 1831 and Anne his wife born April 30th 1762 died May 6th 1832. Also to the memory of 3 sons and 1 daughter Daniel, who died at Barbadoes July 6th 1808 aged 20, Richard (sic) ……….Ostend in his infancy, Richard (sic) who was lost in his voyage home from Naples 1822/3 aged 29. Mary Ann who died in her infancy and lies buried near them. Also of the Revd. Charles James FOX, Clerk, AM son of the above named Thomas and Anne Fox who died 21st January 1856 aged 53 years. Also of Elizabeth Fox daughter of the above named Thomas and Anne Fox who died 23rd May 1865 aged 68 years.

34 Cross To the glory of God and in widowed memory of the Rev. Charles James FOX AM.

35. HS South of church To the memory of Richard VANSON who died June 30th 1828 aged 25 years. In simple guise let this best praise appear. Stranger, an honest man lies buried here.

36. High tomb of red brick – S of church Beneath this tomb are enclos’d the remains of William and John sons of William and Elizabeth ALLEN ?of Westbere in this county. William died March 23 1807 aged 3 years and John died March 30 1807 aged 11 months.

37. HS South of church – 3 cherub’s heads, at top In memory of Elizabeth, wife of Michael BILLINGHURST of this parish. Daughter of John and Elizabeth Bateman of the Town of Folkestone who departed this life January ye 6th 1774 aged 68 years.

38. HS close to, and to the N of last – a cherub’s head between 2 sculls, at top In memory of Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary HOYLE of the Town of Folkestone who departed this life April 28th 1761 aged 14 years.

39. Small HS to South of church – a cherub’s head and 2 bones, at top To the memory of William BELL, who died April 14th 1753 aged 43 years. Also Elizabeth his daughter who died July 12th 1751 aged 5 months.

40. HS South of church – a cherub’s head, above 2 ?wings at top Here lieth ye body of Mr. Henry BRIDGES who departed this life May ye 8th 1759 aged 43 years.

41. HS to North of chancel and to NW of "Munn" stones – a cherub’s head, 2 sculls, 2 shovels, and 2 trumpets, at top Here lie the bodys of Athony LANDEN and Rebecca his wife. He died April 6th 1748 aged 75 years. She died August 3rd 1742 aged 72 years. Also ye body of Thomas Rigden who married Jane daughter of Anthony and Rebeccah Landen. He died August 22nd 1745 aged 29 years.

42. Large HS to North East of chancel - a scull between 2 cherub’s heads In memory of Mary wife of Ralph DILNOT. She died November 13th 1765 aged 58 years. Also the above Ralph Dilnot. He died January 18th 1776 aged 80 years.

43. HS to S of church and near the entrance to churchyard * ornamental and R. lettering In loving memory of Henrietta the beloved wife of J.B. WHITE died 24th January 1890 aged 37 years. Thy will be done.

44. On looking into the churchyard discovered it had been "restored to death" no ledgers, new tile pavement. Monuments to the families of Fix, Nethersole and Temple.

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Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett 1757, added October 2007

In The Chancell.
45. On a Flat Stone, within ye Com. Rails, with this Coat.
[In a lozenge: Arg. a saltire vairy az. & or, betw. 4 cocks or (sic) (Griffin’s notes: ELCOCK)]. Here lieth interrd The Body of Susanna Elcock, Daughter of George Elcock, late of this Parish Esq. and Rosamund his Wife, who departed this Life, April ye 15th 1734. Aged 55 Years.

46. On Another – with this Coat.
[In a loz: As before, with, in pretence: Az. a fesse dancety betwn. 3 winged cherubs’ heads or (P’tence of G. ADY)]. Here lies the Body of George ELCOCK Esq. of Madeacon in this Parish who died Nov. 17 1703. Aged 63 Years. Also, Rosamond his Wife, Daughter of James Ady Esq. by whom he had Issue, George, Mary, Susanna, Elisabeth, and Rosamond, who died 29 Dec. 1711. Aged 62 Years.

47. On Another, with ye Arms of ELCOCK, as above. Here lieth The Body of Elisabeth, Daughter of George Elcock, & Rosamond his Wife who departed this Life 29 April 1703. Aged 22 Years. *Also George, the Son of George Elcock, and Rosamond his Wife, who died an Infant, and lies buried in Bishop’s Bourne Chancell. (41b. An Iricism).

48. Here is One of The Neatest Altar Pieces, I have seen.

Without The Rails.
49. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth The Body of Alexander CURLING; he died Aug. 25 1720 aged 2 Years & 9 Months. Also Mary Curling died Apr. 6 1721. Aged 10 Months.

50. On Another. Here lieth the Body of The Revd. Mr Charles BEAN, Rector of this Parish. He died Mar. 30 1731. In the 56th Year of his Age.

51. On Another. Here lies interr’d the Body of Mrs BEAN. (See ye Inscrip. on ye Mon’t over Leaf).

52. On Another Flat Stone with This Coat.
[On a lozge: Erm. 2 piles sa. (HOLLIS]. Elisabetha COOK (cujus Corpus hic humatum jacet) è Familià HOLLISIANA, Uxor Thomae Cook de Bobbin, in Agro Cantiano, Gent. primùm autem Richardi ELTON Gen: Gubernatoris de Hull, Autorisq. Libri, Ars Militaris, inscripti: Cui Filias peperit duas; Unicam vero superstitem, viz: Elisabetham, Adolescentuli (sic) juxtà sepulti (sic) Matrem. Sexa-genaria obijt 6 Iduum Febr. 1624(5). Faemina, si qua alia, Pia, Prudens, venusta, urbana; brevitèr ampliore longe Enconnio digna.

53. On Another. Here lies the Bodies of John NETHERSOLE Gent, and Jane his Wife. He died Nov. 26 1719. Aged 64 Years. She died 28 Feb. 1736/7. Aged 77 Years.

54. On The South Wall is a Neat Mont. with this Coat.
[Az. 2 leopards’ heads arg. (BARNE)]. Gulielmi BARNE Generosi, Filij Milesij Barne Ecclesiae Anglicanae Presbuteri (sic), et Janae illius Uxoris, quae illi peperit Sex Filios, Filiasq duas. Avum habuit Dominum Gulielnum Barne, de Woolwich, Militem Auratum. Erat, dum vixit, Pater Optimus, Conjux Amantissimus, Subditus, fidelis, Pauperum Amicus; at, jam, Bonis Omnibus Flebilis occidit, Mensis Jun. die 16 A.D. 1670. Aet. 70. Mater obijt Apr. Die 6 1680.

55. On The N. Wall, is a Neat Mont. wth. this Coat.
[(BEAN, 3.28 (Hythe)) imp. Per fesse embattled az. & arg. 3 griffins’ heads erased countercharged (SESSIONS)]. Near this Place, lie the Remains of Lucy, The Wife of Charles Bean, Vicar of Lidd, and Daughter of James SESSIONS, Rector of Downlisburn, in the County of Gloucester, together with those of 2 of her Infants, Thomas and Catherine. She was a devout and Charitable Christian; a dutyfull Daughter; an Affectionate Wife, and Mother; and a sincere Friend, without Art, or Reserve. She died about The 30th Year of her Age, Oct. 27 1715.

56. On Another handsome Monument on ye N. Wall – wth. this Coat.
[Per pale gu. & az. 3 griffins segreant arg. (NETHERSOLE) imp. Arg. a chevn. az. betw. 3 molets sa. (SEAGRE)]. Near this Place lie inter’d the Bodies of John Nethersole, of this Parish Gent; and Jane, The Daughter of Charles Seagre of Tunstall, in this County, his Wife. By whom he had Issue Elisabeth, Margaret, and Catherine, who died in their Infancy, and are also Buried near this Place; and, Mary and Jane, who surviving, caused this Monument to be erected, in Memory of their said Father and Mother; who died, ye Former 26 Nov. 1719. Aged 64 Years. And, ye Latter, 28 Feb. 1736/7. Aged 67 Years. Also The Body of Mrs Jane NETHERSOLE, One of ye Daughters and Coheiresses, of The abovemention’d John Nethersole, by Jane his Wife, who departed this Life 22 May 1741. Aged 32.

South Transept.
57. On The Base of a Magnificent Obelisk, which stands in The Area of This Chancell, or Transept, and, over a large Vault belonging to ye Family of DIXWELL, are the following Inscriptions, and Coat. On The North Side of it.
[Quarterly of 6: 1). Arg. a chevn. gu. betw. 3 fleurs-de-lis sa. (Dixwell). 2). Sa. a + engrailed or (PEYTON). 3). Az. a griffin segreant or. 4). Erminois (sa. tails on or) a + sa. each arm ending in 2 knobs or. 5). Az. a leopard’s head or. 6). Sa. (sic) a + humet or betw. 4 l. gu (HERDSON)].
Between his Deservedly Beloved Wives, viz. Dorothy, Daughter of Sr. John TEMPLE of The Kingdon of Ireland, Knight; and Katherine Daughter of William LONGUEVILLE, of The Temple, Esq; lies buried Sr. Basil Dixwell, Baronet. Who was Son and Heir of Sr. Basil Dixwell, by Dorothy, Daughter of Sr. Thomas PEYTON, of Knowlton, in this County, Bart. And who, for a great Number of Years, was Lieutenant of Dover Castle, and Auditor of ye Excise. The Former of which honourable Posts he voluntarily resign’d, some few years before his Death; but, kept ye Latter to The Time of his Death; which happened on ye 26th of March, in ye 84th Year of his Age; and, in ye Year of Our Lord 1750; Leaving his Estate, as he had no Heirs, of his own Body, to George OXENDEN Esq, Second Son of his Nephew Sr. George Oxenden, of Deane, in this County, Bart; who, thereupon, by Virtue of an Act of Parliament, took The Name, together with the Arms & Crest of DIXWELL.
On The East Side. In The Vault underneath, lies the Body of Heardson DIXWELL, 2d. Son of Mark Dixwell, by Elisabeth his Wife; which said Heardson Dixwell was buried 30 May 1661. Also, Sr. Basil Dixwell, Bart. Eldest Son and Heir, of Mark Dixwell, by Elisabeth his Wife, and was Buried 14 May 1668, leaving behind him, by his Wife Dorothy, daughter of Sr. Thomas PEYTON Bart, 4 Children: viz. Elisabeth, Dorothy, Basil, and Mark – 2 of which, viz. Dorothy & Basil, who succeeded his Father, in his Title and Estate, are also Buried in this Vault. The Latter of which, died March 26 1750. And, The Former, viz. Dorothy, Wife of Christopher REVE, Clerk, died June 29th 1751. Aged 87.
On The West Side. In The Vault underneath are deposited, The Bodies of The aftermentioned Persons. Viz. Alice, Daughter of Mark DIXWELL Gent by Eliz. his Wife, who died in her Infancy; and was buried 16 Oct. 1639. Also Sr. Basil Dixwell, Knight and Baronet, who was Nephew and Heir of John HEARDSON, of the Town of Folkstone (sic), Esq. and was Buried 12 Jan. 1642
(3). Also Mark Dixwell abovemention’d, who was nephew and Heir, of The aforesaid Sr. Basil Dixwell, and was Buried 8 Feb. 1642(3).

In The North Transept.
58. On a Fine Mural Mont. on ye W. Wall – with this Coat.
[Gu. a + lozengy patonce or (FOTHERBY) imp. (ELCOCK, 3.42)]. Reverendi Viri Caroli Fotherby S.T.P.; Patre Equite nati; Collegij S.S. Trinitatis, Cantab: Socij; Deinde Ecclesiarum de St. Ives, et Southwell, in Com. Cornw. Rectoris; hic, in propinquo, conduntur Cineres. Juxtaq eos, Fratis ipsius Antonij FOTHERBY, Armig. qui et ipsi in Patrimonij Haereditate, Conguationis Jure, successit. Quibus etiam apponuntur Cineres tum Conjugis ipsius Antonij, Alfrae, tum Filij ex eâ Prunogenitis, Johannis, Quorum Omnium Memoriae sacrum (summo quod eos persequeretur Amore) Marmor hoc ponendum curavit, obsequentissimus Dicti Aut: Filius Carol Fotherby; qui, quàm dulcè et decorum sit Patriae periclitanti adesse, proq eâ, vel Mori pulchrè, edoctus, ejus Se Bellis (Navalibus sail: adhuc juvenis admodum, immiscuit; quod, ut, Patriae in Commodum, ita ipsi in Honorem cessit. Ardens, enim, in Dimicando, Animi Virtus, ad Navis Regiae Praefecturam, meritò evexit. At, Fatalis illa, quae Omnes Manet, Hora, Patriâ eum Terrisq abstulit, nimis immature Nondum enim completis Annis 47, occidit; relictis, Conjuge (Mariâ scilicet Georij ELCOCK Arm: Filiâ) binisq ex Eâ Filiabus; quae Mortem ejus ferunt quàm Miserabilitèr. Nec Mirum, sane! Nam, quis Desiderio sit Pudor ant Modus, tam chari Capitis? Obijt 3 Aug. 1720, et bie juxta duas Natarum suarum quiescit.

59. Here are also 3 Flt Stones without Inscription. 1 of which has ye Figure of a Man
(really a civn. C. 1370) in a Priests Habit, enlaid on it in Brass. Another has the Figures of an Armed Knight and his Lady, in Brass also; and a Coat of Arms; of which I have taken as good a Copy as I was able; it being almost worn out of The Plate, on which it was engraved.
[drawn without tinctures. [¼ly: 1&4). a + paty. 2&3). 6 fusils, 3 and 3].

60. In the East Window of this Chapell, are the Following Coats still to be seen, viz.
Gules. 3 Crowns, Or.
Gules. 3 Lioncels passant, in Pale, Or.

61. John WEEVER, Pag.267, has preserv’d the 3 Following Epitaphs, which were formerly in This Church.
1. Albina la Femme Rogeri DIGGE gist icy./Dieu de Salme eit Mercy. Amen.
2. In Cineres stratus jacet hìcJohn Digge vocitatus/Conguge … fratâ Johannâ consociatâ./Utilicie Nata de Stirpe fuit memorata./Spiritibus quorum faveat Dens ipse Deorum/ … Pax Solamen, reminiscunt verius. Amen!
3. Johannes, humilis, pius, et prudens Tumulatus/Marmore tantillo, qui solet esse potens/Qui quinquagenos et tres perdit simul Annos/Nonis Decembris, ut cadit iste Bonus/Post, Anno quinto, sequitur sua Spousa Johanna/In Festo Magni Martyris alta petens/Conjugium faciens, junxisti Corpora quondam/Christe, suas Animas fac tibi Celicolas.

In The Body.
62. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Bodies of Robert, and Anna Maria, Son and Daughter of Robert and Elisabeth LE’GRAND. He died 15 June 1653. Aged 9 Months, and She died 10 May 1656. Aged 2 Years 7 Months.

63. On Another. Here lieth the Body of Mary the Wife of Barw. SPAINE, and Daughter of the Revd. Mr John RICHARDS, Rector of Horton, and Vicar of Brabourne, who departed this Life 16 Nov. 1736 in ye 50th Year of her Age.

64. There are 3 more Flat Stones, none of which are Legible.

65. This Church is a very handsome Building, being about 126 Feet long. It consists of a Large Chancell, 2 Transepts, a Spacious Body, and 1 Side Isle. The Spire which is a very Lofty One, stands at the West End. In It hang 4 Bells, thus inscribed.
1. John WILNAR made Me. 1623.
2. Ditto.
3. S.K. fecit Me 1730. Basil LUN, Ch.Warden.
4. Ditto.

66. In The Church Yard are 3 Altar Tombs, of the Family of LADE, bearing the following Dates. 1603, 1624, 1660 but not legible.

67. Another Altar Tomb quite defaced.

68. This Church is a Rectory, annexd to Bishops Bourne; and is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The Present Incmbent is John LYNCH, D.D. Dean of Canterbury, etc. etc. viz. 1757.

69. For an Account of The Neighbouring Downe, (which, from this Place, is called Barham Downe;) see Lambard, Harris etc. I can’t, however, help mentioning, that the Roman Way, wch. leads from Dover to Canterbury, lays across part of it, and is in many places, very fair to this Day. There are also some Entrenchments, which I am persuaded are Roman.

70. I have a Denarius of Tiberius, wch. was found as they were digging chalk near these Intrenchments.

71. [Stuck to f.41b is Gent. Mag. cutting dated Monday October 28 (1758 added in ink) – re human skeletons found nr. roadside at Breech Down - & a kind of "scymeter", a dirk, & spear. Other skelns. were found later].

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
ALLEN ? 36
Bateman 37
BEAN 50, 51

DADSON 16, 17, 18
ELCOCK 45, 46, 47, 58
Fix 44
FOX 18, 32, 33, 34
JOYNER 11, 12
LEMAN 6, 7
LINGO 9, 10
LUN 65
MUNN 25, 27, 28, 32, 41
NETHERSOLE 8, 44, 53, 56
RIGDEN 26, 41
SANDERS 23, 24
Seagre 56
TEMPLE 44, 57
Watteridge 3
Places Index
Barbadoes 33
Barham 46
Bishopsbourne 68
Brabourne 63
   St. Mary Magdalene 15
Deane, Kent 57
Dover Castle 57
   Gloucestershire 55
Folkestone 37, 38, 57
Horton 63
Ireland 57
Knowlton 57
Naples 33
Ospringe, The Oaks 4
Ostend 33
Ropesole 2
Tunstall 56
Westbere 36
Wolensbouorgh 3
Lieutenant of 
   Dover Castle 57