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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Bekesbourne Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Friday 6 May 1892

                                                Pages 7-11 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 29th October 2007

1. HS and body stone. In memory of John MOYNE late of the parish of St. Alphage in the City of Canterbury who departed this life November 27th 1792 in the sixty fourth year of his age. He left surviving a widow and three daughters viz. Harriet, Caroline and Mary. Also Susanna Moyne widow of the above who died November 1 1814 aged 78 years.

(On the W side of same HS) Thomas WOODRUFF died October 1st 1817 aged 10 years. Susanna Woodruff (omission in copy here). Father of the above children late of the City of Canterbury, surgeon, who departed this life June 24th 1829 aged 67 years. he lived universally respected and died sincerely regretted.

2. Stone adjoining the …????….In a vault beneath lieth the remains of Mary MOYNE spinster who died August 12th 1794 in the 23rd year of her age. Youngest daughter of the last John Moyne. In the same vault are deposited the remains of 3 of her nephews viz Crayford Woodruff who died in his infancy, Thomas White who died September 26th 1800 aged 14 months, Crayford Woodruff who died November 20th 1810 aged 11 years.

3. HS on N side of church – 3 sculls carved above. Here lieth ye body of Martha, wife of Richard GARDNER of this parish, she died October 8th 1742 in ye 59 year of her age. Also the above laid Richard Gardner died February 18th 1758 aged 76 years. [Numerous Gardner stones].

4. HS cherub’s head above Near this place in hopes of a joyful resurrection resteth the body of Jane RIGDEN wife of John Rigden of the Archbishops Palace, Canterbury. She departed this life the 16th of September 1775 aged 64 years.

5. HS close to last. Here lieth the body of George BAKER late of ys parish he departed this life February 9th 1725/6 in the 5/7 year of his age. Also Jane, his wife who departed this life February the 20th 1752 in the 75th year of her age.

6. HS Here lieth ye body of Richard BAKER son of George and Jane Baker who departed ys life August the 8th 1747 in the 31st year of his age. [5 other Baker months. – 1 altar t.].

7. HS In memory of Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Elizabeth AUSTEN who died April 27 1777 aged 60 years.

8. HS In memory of Robert AUSTEN late of this parish who died January 5th 1777 aged 88 years.

9. Early "Webb" stones.

6th May 1892 Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
10. Small HS North of church – a skull and crossbones at top. Here lyeth ye body of William BEER, sonn of Thomas and Ann Beer who died May ye 9th 1697 aged 61 years. Heer also lies ye body of Elisah his daughter aged 12 years 10 mons. In ye same grave lieth Elizabeth ye wife of William Beer she died August ye 4th 1724 aged 72 years.

11. Very small HS North of church and to N of last – scull and crossbones at top. Here lieth ye body of Henry MAY who died December the 17th 1722 aged 72 years. [Other small stones to the May family].

12. HS West of church – cherub’s head above. Here lieth the body of Ann wife of Robert FORSTER of this parish. She died November 10 1792 aged 52 years.

13. HS West of church. In memory of Elizabeth daughter of Charles and Elizabeth STANDISH STREET who died August the 26th 1788 aged 2 years and 7 months.

14. Low coped stone tomb enclosed with twisted iron bars and standards West of church – MI on S slope of tomb. (R. caps) In loving remembrance of Richard John PESKHAM Esquire West Kent Militia and son of Richard Peskham of Bekesbourne died at Maidstone March 17th 1875 in the 56th year of his age. Vidua …..lissima hoc monumentum posuit.

15. HS South of church – the top terminating in a cross within a circle, pierced. MI in ornamental R. caps. Mary Agatha ?FRANKS aged 11 died November 8th 1868, Jane Elizabeth wife of the Revd. John Firth ?Panks MA vicar of Bekesbourne died September 24th 1873. She is not dead but sleepth. St. Luke VIII 32.

16. Small head and body stone North of chancel. In memory of Robert BADCOCK who died June 19th 1752 aged 2 years.

17. Small head and body stone close to and S of last. Cherub’s head at top. In memory of Abraham BADCOCK of the parish of Bridge who departed this life June ye 25th 1765 aged 48 years.

18. Small HS, cherub’s head at top and body stone – close to S of last. In memory of Mary wife of Abraham BADCOCK who died May 26th 1774 aged 59 years.

19. Headstone, cherub’s head and two sculls at top – close to S of last. Here lieth the body of Elizabeth wife of Robert AUSTEN, who departed this life January 29th 1756 in the 68th year of her life.

20. Several Austen stones.

Interior of church noted by R. G. Rice
21.. Blue marble ledger, middle aisle. Arms as rubbed: a griffin sejeant crest: a griffins head. Nicholao BATTELY AM Hujus ecclesiae vicario Rectori de Ivy Church vivo Docto prudent. Pio Marito Benemerenti Anna Battely conjur maestissima posuit Obiit May XIX AD MDCCIV Aetatis LV.

22. Blue marble ledger, middle aisle, West of last. Arms in a lozenge as rubbed viz. a griffin sejcant imp. H.S.C. Anna Filia Olivarij POCKLINGTON De Brington in Agro Huntingtoniensie Uxor Nicholai Battely Hujus ecclesiae olim Vicarii Luae affidue singularem in hac Ecclefiae Pictatem Nec minorem in Vicinia Charitatem Exercebat Filijs indulgentissimum Bonis omnibus amiciffimam Segrebat. Hic igitur Merito Charissima Vixit et vere Deploratu obijt Augersti die vicejsimo sexto Anno Domini MDCCXVI Sureq? Aetatis LX.

23. Blue marble ledger – middle aisle West of last. Arms ……… on a lozenge a griffin sejant. Annae BATTELY Matri Pientissimoe loannes Battely Archidiaconus Cantuar M.P. Obiit Febr. IV MDCXCIX.

24. Nicholaus Filius Nicholai et Annae BATTELY obijt semestrio Feb 10 AD 1690.

25. NB Church "Restored AS 1881 - 1890". Two large monuments put up in ?Tower and all others removed into S chapel.

26. Interior of church – noted by ARB. Brass in floor of chancel N Side. Here lyeth buryed the bodye of Margaret, daughter of ID COPPIN late wife of Marke Cullinge who departed this life November 17 1600 and lefte issve one sonne Marke and one daughter Katherine, deceased.

27 Slips of marble with inscriptions to Cullinge, Coppin and two in front of the Table inserted in blue marble. Brass epitaphium to Henry Porredge 1593, inserted in ancient altar stone under the fald stool.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 29th October 2007

Chancell. No. Altar Piece.
28. On the South Wall, is a very fine Mural Monument (now moved to S. wall of Tower), with the Statue, almost as large as the Life, of Sr. Henry PALMER, on his Knees before a Fallstool; behind him (i.e. on ye Back Ground) are painted Shipping, at a Distance. The Paternall Coat of this Family is the Following, which, together with many other Quarterings, almost worn out by Time, is placed on the Top of the Monument. I could not make them out to my Satisfaction, & therefore I have omitted them.
[Arg. a chevron betw. 3 purses sa.]. Memoriae Sacrum, Generosissimi et omni Saeculorum Memorià dignissimi Militis, Henrici Palmer, Mortuae Reginae Elizabethae, et viventis Regis Jacobi, sine Fidei, aut Famae Violatione Officijs lautè eminentibus din Servi. Qui, multa post Praelia Mortis etiam Christianâ suâ Pietate et Patientiâ, Victor evasit. Ne igitur jam raptum, credas; agit enim Vitam in Caelis Secundam. Obijt A.Do. 1611. Vicessimo die 9bris. Vivit post Funera Virtus. Thoughe Tymes Decaie, and Envies Injurye/Joyn to obscure Thee from Posteritie,/Yet canne no Malice of succeeding Daies,/Rase out the Records of deserved Praise.

29. On a Black Flat Stone, enlaid with White. Underneath lieth Buried Thomas COPPIN, ye Sonne of John Coppin late of Dealle, who died the 20th of May 1605. He left behind him then living Tow (sic) Children, viz: Marye and Thomas.

30. On Another. Here under lieth Buried, the Body of Mary COPPIN ye Daughter of John Coppin, who died the last Day of November, 1604. And here lyeth also the Body of Catherine CULLINGE the Daughter of Marcke Cullinge, who died the last Day of December 1600.

31. On Another. Here underneath lieth Buried the Body of Marcke CULLINGE the Sonne of Thomas Cullinge, who had Issue by Margaret his Wife Two Children, viz: Marcke and Katherine. Hee died ye 24th of November 1610. R.S.

32. On Another. Here lieth buried the Body of Mary, one of ye Daughters of William DENN of Kingstone in this County of Kent Esq. deceased. Twise married: First to John COPPIN of Deale Gent, by whom he had Issue nyne Children. After married to Thomas BOYSE of Barston Esq. by whom She had noe Issue. She died ye 26th Day of March, Anno Domini 1616 and in ye Seventie Two Yeare of her Age.

33. On a Brass Plate on Another. Here lieth buried the Bodye of Margaret, Daughter of Jo. COPPIN, late Wife of Marcke CULLINGE, who departed this Life No.17 1600. & left Issue Sonne Marcke, and one Daughter, Katherine deceased.

34. On a Wh. Marble, on ye same Stone. Here lyeth also the Body of Marcke CULLINGE, Son of the abovesaid Marcke & Margaret. He died being a Batchelour, on ye last of April 1621, being about the Age of 24 Years.

35. On a Mural Monument on ye South Wall, with ye Arms of FOGGE – see Vol.1, P.116.
(Ashfd.). Here lieth the Body of Richard Fogge, Esq. descended of the Ancient Family of the Foggs of this County. He faithfully served KING CHARLES THE FIRST, as Captaine of several of his Men of Ware, at Sea; afterwards he retired Himself to a private Life in this Parish and attained unto the 81st Year of his Age and deceased the 15th Day of August, In the Year of our Lord, One Thousand, Six Hundred, Eighty One.

36. On a Small wooden Tablet on ye S. Wall, with this Coat.
[Az. a chevron erm. imp. Arg. 2 bars sa. in chief 3 molets of 5 pts. gu.].

37. Edward LADBROOKE, Rector of Ivychurch and Vicar of this Church, died the 27th Day of August, in the Year of our Lord 1676 in the 39th Year of his Age.

38. On Another, a very Ancient One, is this Coat.
[Az. 3 winnowing-fans or, in chief a molet of 5 points or, for difference (HARFLEET als. SEPTVANS) imp. Az. 3 mascles & a chief or (CHALONER, 3.145.Ash)].

39. The former impalement of wch. I find on an Ancient Stone inlaid with Brass in Chartham Chancell; (see Vol 1, Page 25). And in the West Window of Mersham Church (see Vol.2, P.7) but I can not as Yet find out to what *family it belong’d. *I since find it is the Coat of The Anct. Family of HARFLEET, alias SEPTVANS.

40. On the Wood Work, in a Pew, on the South Side of the Chancel, is this Coat, being the Arms of Arch Bishop PARKER, who obtained an Augmentation of £10 An. to ye Vicarage, repaird and beautified the Chancell, and had a Palace in this Parish, of which only ye

41. Gate House is now remaining, on which ye same Coat is to be seen.
[Gu. a chevn. arg. bearing 3 stars of 5 points gu. betw. 3 keys, wards uppermost, arg.].

42. This Palace was built by Arch Bishop CRANMER. His Name T.C. together with his Motto, Nosce Teipsum et Deum, are still to be seen on ye Gate house.

In The Nave, or Body.
43. On a Brass Plate, inlaid on Flat Stone; Epitaphium Henrici PORREDGE, a se exaratum quum adhuc esset in Vivis. Haec Ego, dum vixi, Lectores, Carmina pauxi;/Nunc mea defuncti Funebria Busta coronant./Si quid inest Mendae Ferula perstringite molli;/Vivus eram (fateor) rudis incultusq Poeta./Impleat Agrestis Mea Musa Hortatibus Aures/Vestras; ut Vitam, et Finem, Aeternamq Salutem,/Aeternumq Vale, connixe respiciatis;/Ut nunquam a memori discedat Pectore Christus./Ano Incarnationis Christi, mundi Salvatoris Millessimo Quingentess: Nonagess: Tertio.

44. On a Piece of Wh. Marble inlaid on ye same Stone. Here also, lieth the Body of Edward PORDAGE, Brother of Th’ above said Henry. He died on the 5th of July 1616. *Here also lieth Katherine Pordage, Daughter of John COPPIN of Deale. She died ye 11th of April 1624. *This last Inscription is on a Stone by Itself.

45. On a Mural Monumt. on ye S. Wall. Juxta hunc locum depositae sunt Reliquiae Annae BATTELEY, Sororis dilectissimae Johannis Batteley D.D. Nuper Archidiaconi Cantuariensis, cujus Res domesticas prudenter administravit, et cujus illustre sequnta Exemplum ob Pietatem, Charitatem, Candorem, Notis Omnibus vixit Charissima et desideratissima obijt A.D. 1714. Aetat suae 50.

46. On a Flat Black Marble, with this Coat.
[On a lozenge: a griffin sergeant imp. Paly of 6 & bendy of 4]. H.S.C. Anna Filia Olivarij POCKLINGTON de Brington in Agro Huntingdomiensi Uxor Nicolai BATTELY Hujus Ecclesiae olim Vicarij. Quae assiduè Singularem in hâc Ecclesiâ Pietatem nec minorem in Viciniâ Charitatem exercebat. Filijs indulgentissimam bonis omnibus Amicissman se gerebat his igitur Meriro charissima vixit et vere deplorata obijt. Augusti Die Vicessimo Sexto Anno Domini 1715. Suaeq Aetatis 60.

47. On Another, with ye Arms of BATTELEY, as above. Anne Battely, Uxori Pientissimae Johannes Batteley Archidiaconus Cantuar. M.P. Feb.4 1694/5

48. On Another with the same Coat. Nicholao BATTELY, A.M. Hujus Ecclesiae Vicario Rectori de Ivy Church, Viro Docto, Prudenti, Pio, Marito bene Merenti Anna Batteley Conjux maestissima posuit. Obijt Maij 19 A.D. 1704. Aetatis 55.

49. In The Window, on ye N. Side, near the Font, is this Coat.
[Per pale az. & sa. 3 goats’ heads erased arg. a fesse checky or & gu.]. *I find this to be the Arms of SEDLEY, B.F.

50. This Church consists of The Chancel & 1 Isle. The Tower is coverd. with Tiles & stands at the West End. In it hang 2 Small Bells, without Inscription. It was dedicated to St. Peter. It is a Vicarage, in the Gift of the Arch Bishop. The present Vicar is the Revd. Mr William BEDFORD, who is also Rector of Smarden. 1758.

51. For an Account of ye Tumuli in this Parish see ye 3d. Vol. of my Inventorium Sepulchrale.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
AUSTEN 7, 8, 19, 20
BADCOCK 16,17, 18
BAKER 5, 6
BATTELEY 45, 46, 47, 48
BATTELY 21, 23, 24
COPPIN 26, 27, 29, 30, 32,
    33, 44
CULLINGE 26, 27, 3
DENN 320-34

MAY 11
MOYNE 1, 2
Panks 15

Webb 9
Places Index
Barston 32
Bekesbourne 14, 15
Bridge 17
Archbishops Palace, 4
St. Alphage 1
Chartham 39
Deal 29, 32
Ivychurch 37
Kingston, Kent 32
Mersham 39
Smarden 50


West Kent Militia 14