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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Blean Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell.
1. On a small Flat Stone. Daniel HORSEMONDEN obijt 26th of January 1688/9.

2. On Another. Under this Stone lieth The Body of Mrs Katherine, a Scott Gentlewoman, and first Wife to Mr James WILLIAMSON, late Parson, of Kirkialdie, and now of Blean, who was buried 1 Feb. 1691/2. Aged 46 Years. Also lyeth the Body of Henry, Son to the said Mr James Williamson and his second Wife Elisabeth, an English Gentlewoman, and was buried 17 June 1696 aged 3 Years.

3. On Another. Here lyeth the Body of Mrs Lucy HAMMOND, who departed this Life the 8th Day of December 1696 aged 90 Years. Here also lieth the Body of Mr John STUART, Son of John Stuart Gent, and Lucy his Wife. He departed this Life Novembr. the 1st Day 1697, aged 16 Years. Here also lieth the Body of Mrs Lucy STUARD, late Daughter of the said Mrs Lucy HAMMOND and Wife of the said John Stuart Gent. She departed this Life the 24th of April 1718 aged 70 Years.

4. On a Monument on The South Wall. (impd. sh. bearg. these notes). Dr. BOYS quarterly as at P.82 except the Escutcheon of Pretence. Sr. HEAD as at Page 57. M.S. Domini Johannis Boys, de Hode, è perantiquâ Boysiorum Gente, de Fredville et de Bonnington, oriundi. Qui Patriae fuit, et suis, Honos. Vir, Belli Pacisq Artibus promptus, Oxonio Musarum Gymnasio Belgium praetulit Martis Scholam. Sed Academiam, non Literas, desernit, Optimos sibi Armorum Comites. Adolescens in Praelio Seneffensi primum exihibuit [sic] Tyrocinij et Fortitudinis Specimen. hinc Vexillo Militari honoratus est a Principe Auriaco: et, brevi, ad superiorem Gradum evectus debitum Virtuti suae Praemium quae Obsidione Trajecti ad Mosam ulterius eminuit. Litterisq Imperatoris praedicti commendatitijs abundè testata est Regum Caroli et Jacobi Exercitu summâ cum Laude militavit. Ab hoc speciatim honestatus sunsq vocatus est Centurio. Sub Annae Reginiae Auspicijs, civilia subijt Negotia quae illum plurium Vectigalium Delegatum et Judicem constituit. Quo Munere functus est inccoruptâ Fide et pari Prudentiâ. Uxorem duxit Janam Dom. Rich. HEAD, Barti. Filiam, meritò memorandam Corporis et Animi Pulchritudine, examiam; egregium Faemimis [sic] Decus et Exemplum. Ille Paralysi correptus, ob. Sept. 4 Anno Domini 1710. Aetatis 57. Haec ob. Dec. 17 1717. Aet. 66.

5. On a Monument on The N. Wall. BOYS, as at .109. imp. Sa. a + engrl. ermne. KINGSLEY. Near to this Place lyes interred the Body of John Boys, of Hode Court Esq; eldest Son of John Boys of the same Place, Esq. He married Anne Daughter of Dr. William Kingsley by whome he had 3 Sonnes and 2 Daughters, Thomas, John, William, Mary, Damaris. He died about the 46 Year of his Age, on ye 18th Day of March 1660/1.

6. On a Flat Stone. [¼ly 1. SYMPSON as at P.11. 2). Gu. an eagle dispd. arg. 3). Sa. a chevn. betw. 3 f-de-l. arg. 4). Az. a chevn. betw. 3 bunches of grapes or. Over all, an escut. of ptence. per pate gu. & az. 3 pheons or]. Here lyeth The Body of Mrs Elizabeth Sympson, Wife of Mr John Sympson of this Parish, eldest Daughter and Coheir of John ROBERTS Esq. by Elizabeth, eldest Daughter of Sr. William TURNER of Richmond in Surrey; she departed This Life, May 31 1686, in ye 26th Year of her Age, in Childbed of her Sixth Child; 2 of which lie buried with her.

7. One Large Flat Stone, which seems ancient, without Inscription.

8. Some Remains of good Glass in the Windows.

In The Body.
9. One Large ancient Flat Stone, the Brasses and Inscription gone.

10. This Church consists only of the Chancell and Body. It has no Steeple, and but 1 Small Bell, without Inscription, wch. hangs at The West End.

11. This Church was dedicated to Sts. Cosmus and Damianus. It is a Vicarage in the Gift to the DUKE OF BRIDGEWATER. The pst. Vicr. is Mr R. LEIGHTONHOUSE. 1758.

Index of Names and Places

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Hode Court 5
Kirkialdie 1
Richmond, Surrey 6