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Boughton Aluph with index of names and places at end

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The Monumental Inscriptions of Boughton Aluph Church    Noted by Leland L. Duncan August 1890

                                                                    Typed up by Dawn Weeks, checked by Zena Bamping

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 4th January 2008

Inside the Church
1. A flat stone in the north chancel:- On the death of Captain Robert MOYLE Quale rosetum Horto Decus est avroq. Lapillos / Tale fuit Charis Dum fuit ille suis / Avulsa fragrante Rosa fit Decolor Hortus / Et Gema elapsa Lamina pallet inopos / Com sortem hic subiit ivvenis miserabilis urnœ / Exsulat insignis mista pudore fideo / Obiit Anno Domini 1639 February 22 / Ætat: suœ 43

Wisht ashes were it piety to pray / Thy Soule might once againe informe thy clay / Each holy lengthe a prayer booke would penn / And force the Heavens to send thee backe agen / I blame they Goodnesse, since tis understood / Thou dyedst so soone because thous Livedst so good / Say, Heavens, when ye did want a Sts supply Did wee not send a Royall subsidy / This moyle more treasure to their glory brings / Then the proud camells of the Arabian Kings.

2. Another flat stone:- Here lyeth the Body of Captain Robert Moyle of Buckwell Esquire who marryed Priscilla the daughter of Charles FOTHERSBY Deane of Canterbury by whom he had 3 sonnes and 10 daughters.

3. Flat stone in North chancel:- Here rests Priscilla ye wife of Robert MOYLE of Buckwell Esquire who living with him 24 yeares proved marriage to be honourable by her unreprovable honour in that state of life and outliving him 22 yeares she adorned her widowhood with devotion to the temple like Anna, with hospitality at home like Martha and doing good works abroad like Tabitha, having thus passed her time in ye feare of God she with joy departed to Him on ye 10th day of November in ye 67th yeare of her age, 1661.

4. On the west wall of the North chancel is a large monument with the recumbent figure of a lady, and figures of two daughters and one son and this inscription:-
Ann wife of Josias Clerk of Essex, Gentleman, daughter to John MOILE of Buckwell Esquire and of Mary his wife daughter to Robert HONYWOOD of Charing in the County of Kent Esquire She lived 31 yeares a fayre example of virginity, wedlock and singular pietye She dyed a happy mother of two daughters and one son whose birth conveyed her to a crown of glory in ye yeare of Grace 1631 August 24.

To the tender trust of that sadd earth which gave it birth We recommend this sacred dust. The pretious ointment of her name That had no taint that had no soyle We keep to oyle The wings of fame The higher storie Of her rare soule The heav’ns enroule In sheets of glorie If perfect good Did ere reside In comon flesh and blood In her it liv’d, with her it dyed Reader, tis thought our universall mother Will hardly ope her womb for such another.

Sub cruce tuta quies Et tu Alienigena Gratus ades, Silector ades Perlege Severœ, Verœ, Sincerœ Probitatis, Pulchritudinis, Pietatis Epitomen Sed nihil hic orbis qd Perenet Possidet Serius, Ocyus Omnium versatur urna Heri tuum erat, et hon est Hodie tuum est, et non erit Cras tuum erit, si vixceris Cuncta humana Fumus umbra vanitas Ad sumum Nihil Lector Valeao et Memento.

Above are three shields – the centre one is as follows:
On a bend engrailed a plate in chief – a crescent for difference Impaling (1) Gu. a fox (?) arg within a bordure of the second. (2) Gu between two bars a dog currant. On the bars three martlets 2 and 1. In chief 3 roundels: (3) Arg a saltier sa. between 4 estoiles (4) Quarterly embattled arg and Sa., counterchanged.

The left shield – a bend engrailed as above – Impaling 3 cinque foils. The right shield – Gu a fox (?) within a bordure Impaling a chevron between three ----- heads erased.

5. Tablet on the wall of the north chancel:- In this place gathered to his ancestors rests Sir Robert MOYL of Buckwell who whilest he lived among others to serve his time, deserved with the best who lived in his time. Therefore as soon as the land had the happiness to receive again [the King he had the honour to receive knighthood from the hand of, is written in faint pencil above the line] the King. He ever aspired to what was noblest with a high mind, yet far from pride: and descended to the meanest with a low mind, yet far from basenesse. As he was reservedly sparing of needlesse words: so was he cheerfully still a bounding in obliging deeds. Never did self-interest move his heart to designe anything unworthily, never did envy prompt his tongue to speake of anyone detractingly: never did narrow mindednesse withhold his hand from doing like himself generously.In all regards he was such that could his due character be here fully given, it would more grace his monument than his monument his memory. He married Mary the daughter of Nicholas TOKE of Godington Esquire by whom he had on sone left surviving and a daughter born and unborn since the death of her father, who died untimely in respect of his about his 25th yeare, on the 2nd June 1661.

Above is this coat: Gu – an ass arg statant –impaling arg on a chevron sa, between 3 talbots heads erased of the second, collared or, as many plates.

6. A flat stone in the north chancel with marginal inscription:- Here lyeth buryed the bodye of Jhon / MOYLE Esquire and Mary his wife. The sayd Jhon was the eldest son of Robert Moyle of Buckwell Esquire and Mary was / on of ye daughters of Robert H O……..d / of Charing Esquire …………… Jhon died ye 2 of January & this Mary his wife died ye 6 of January 1613.

7. Another flat stone:- Here lyeth the ………….. of Walter MOYLE……… … Robert Moyle of Buckwell Esquire and ……… ……… ude …….. the middle Temple & Ahut Barrister who died the 6? of Maye 1599 Here lyeth……. Robert M………… of ………. in the county of ……..Departed this life on the……… of June 166?………..

8. In the high chancel on the north side of the altar a mural monument:- To the lasting memory of Thomas AUSTIN of this parish Gentleman who departed this life without issue the 11th of March 1637 in the 83 yere of his age and lyeth here under interred. This monument was erected by Dorothy his widdo and executrix daughter of Gabrill GILES late of Sheldwich, Gentelman deceased and formerlie the happy wife first of Captaine William RICHARDS and next of Frances GILES Gentleman all natives of this county and by them hath a hopeffull offspringe of sonns and grandchildren

Above is this coat:- on a chev. between 3 lions jambes, 3 plates Impaling, per pale az and gu a griffin statant or, a cresc Below two coats – on the left a chevron between 3 fleur de lys on the right per pale az and gu a griffin statant or. Underneath is another shield embracing all the above coats.

In the nave
9. A flat stone:- Here lieth interred the body of Mason Son of Joseph COOSENS Gentleman by Ann his wife he died December the 12 1723 in the 3 year of his age.

10. A flat stone: Here lyeth interred the body of Thomas MASCALL late of this parish who departed this life ye first day of February 1688 and was here buryed the 5th day of the same month being at his decease full seventy six yeares of age.
Also Ann, granddaughter of the above said Thomas died July the 22nd 1751 aged 55 years.

Nave continued
11. A flat stone:- [ a pencil sketch of arms] In the vault is interred the body of John MASCALL Esquire of Ashford who died August 30th 1769 aged 43 years
leaving issue by Mary his wife, one son Robert and one daughter Hester Also Mary relict of the above John Mascall who afterwards married Josias PATTENSON Esquire of Ashford and died August 27th 1808 aged 72 years. Also Martha daughter of the above John and Mary Mascall who died June 3rd 1760 aged 3 years.

At the west end are two stones:-
12. In memory of Robert BRETON Vicar who died July 13th 1808 aged 84 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died September 12th 1804 aged 59 years.

13. Here lieth interred the body of Thomas DOBSON who died October 12 1784 aged 64 years. Long have I been deprived of sight And now I hope to see Christ coming from the clouds And that is joy to me.

The above are all the inscriptions in Boughton Aluph
Church (August 1890). In the chancel are some matrices
of brasses:-

In the north transept window – which is 14th century work – are many fragments of old glass, including coats of arms. [Three pencil sketches]

In a window in the south aisle of the nave is a coat of arms – arg. a cross azure – the field is very delicately diapered.
[Sketch of shield]
In the west window – also a fourteen century one –are these coats: [four shields sketched]

In the east window of the high chancel – which is of 15th century date are remains of old glass. A king and queen –Saint Michael (headless) – St Christofer and child –

Notes from the churchyard
14. John Clifford died October 7 1769 aged 51. Had issue by Martha his wife XIV children of whom VII sons and IV daughters survive. Martha his wife died January 4 1807 aged 88.

15. On a stone let into the outside of the east wall of the chancel:- Here lieth interred the body of Mary the wife of Richard ATWOOD who departed this life July the 16 1727 aged 36 years. She left issue one son and 4 daughters viz Richard, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann and Sarah. Here also lieth interred the body of Richard Atwood who departed this life June the 5th 1746 aged 77 years.

16. Headstone Sarah wife of Henry GREENSTREET died December 30 1787 aged 66. Left issue surviving one son and three daughters viz – Henry, Mary, Ann and Sarah. Also Henry Greenstreet late of Challock died 6th February 1803 aged 82.

End of Bougthon Aluph notes.  August 1890  Leland L Duncan

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 4th January 2008

In The Chancel.

17. On a Mural Monument, On ye East Wall, and North Side of ye Comm. Table with these Coats.
[I. Arg. on a chevn. gu. 3 bezants, betw. 3 lions’ paws gu. (AUSTEN).
II. AUSTEN imp. No.V, wt. cresct. for diffce. in dexter chief.
III. (On a lozge.) as II (no cresct.) imp. No.IV imp. dexter ½ of baron side repeated imp. No.I.
IV. Sa. a chevn. betw. 3 f-de-l. arg. (RICHARDS).
V. Per pale az. & gu. a griffin segreant or (no cresct). (GYLES].

To The lasting Memory of Thomas AUSTEN of this Parish, Gent, who departed this Life without Issue ye 11th of March 1637/8 in ye 83d. Year of his Age. And lieth hereunder interred. This Monument was erected by Dorothy his Widow & Executrix, Daughter of Gabril GILES, late of Sheldwich, Gent, Deceas’d. And formerly the happy Wife, First of Captain William RICHARDS; and Next, of Francis GILES, Gentleman; All Natives of this County. And, by them hath An hopefull Offspring, of Sons and Grand Children.

18. Underneath on a Bl. Flat Stone. Here lieth Buried ye Body of Thomas AUSTEN Gent, who ended this Life ye 11th Day of March 1637/8 in ye 83d. Year of his Age. Whose Monumt. is here fixed.

19. On a Flat Stone in ye Area of ye Chancel. Here lieth interred, The late Reverend Mr John WINN, Who was 20 Years Vicar of Boughton Aluph. He died Oct. 20 1728 in ye 50th Year of his Age. Under the Same Stone lies interrd Bridget, Relict of ye Said Reverend Mr John Winn, Daughter of Charles TOKE, Gent, of Beere near Dover. She was born 4 May 1649 and died 1 July 1732.

20. On Another Flat Stone. Underneath lieth ye Body of Moyle BRETON Esq. of Kennington in ye County of Kent; Eldest Son of Robert Breton Esq. of Elms near Dover, by Mary, Sole Daughter and Heiress of John MOYLE Esq. of Buckwell in ye Parish of Boughton Aluph. He Married Mary only Daughter and Heiress of William MOYSE of Bennenden in ye County of Kent, by whom he left Issue 3 Sons and 1 Daughter. He was, Readers, A Man, in many Respects, worthy thy Imitation; as, a Tender and Kind Husband; an indulgent, but prudent Father; a sincere and courteous Friend; an Usefull and Charitable Neighbour. It wd. have been an Injury to his Memory not to have transmitted these his good Qualities to Posterity. For wch. Reason, his Mournfull Widow is desirous of leaving this Monument of her Regard and his Merit. He died 19 May 1735. Aged 43 Years.

21. Here are 2 More Ancient Flat Stones, which have formerly had Brass Plates etc. upon them, wch. are now lost.

In The Side Chancell – toward ye North.
22. On a Mural Monument on ye south Wall with this Coat.
[Gu. a mule passant & a border arg. (MOYLE) imp. Arg. a chevn. sa. wt. 3 plates, betw. 3 talbots’ heads erased & collared sa. (*TOKE)].*As this Lady was an Heiress her Arms sd. have been placed in an Escutcheon of Pretence, and not impaled. Br. FAUSSETT. In this Place, gatherd to his Ancestors, rests Sr. Robert MOYLE of Buckwell; who, whilst he liv’d among Others to serve his Time, deserv’d with ye best who liv’d in his Time. Therefore, as soon as ye Land had ye Happyness to receive again the King, he had ye Honour to receive Knighthood from ye Hand of ye King. He ever aspired to what was noblest, with an high Mind, yet far from Pride; and, descended to ye Meanest, with a low Mind, yet far from Baseness. As he was reservedly sparing of needless Words, so was he cheerfully still abounding in obliging Deeds; Never did Self Interest move his Heart to design any thing unworthily; Never did Envy Prompt his Tongue, to speak of any One detractingly; Never did Narrow Mindedness withhold his Hand, from doing, like himself, generously. In all Regards, he was such, that, could his due Character be fully given, it would more grace his Monument, than his Monument can his Memory. He Married Mary, ye Daughter of Nicholas TOKE of Godington Esq. By whom he had 1* Son left surviving; and a Daughter, born & unborn since the Death of her Father, who died untimely in Respect of his, about his 25th Year on ye 2d. of June 1661. *This Son was named John, who had an only Daughter and Heiress, named Mary, who married Robert BRETON Esq. of Elms, near Dover. B. FAUSSETT, see P.53.

23. On a Mural Monument, on ye North Wall with this Coat.
[MOYLE imp. Gu. a + lozengy patonce or]. On ye Death of Capt. Robert MOYLE Quale Rosetum Horto Decus est, Auroq Lapillus,/Tale fuit charis, dum fuit, Ille, suis./Avulsâ fragrante Rosâ, fit decolor Hortus;/Et, Gemmâ elapsâ, Lamina Pallet inops./Cum Sortem hic subijt, Juvenis Miserabilis Urnae,/Exsulat Insignis Mista Pudore Fides – Obiit A.D. 1639/40. 2 Feb. Aetatis 43. Wish’d Ashes, were it Piety to pray/Thy Soul might once again inform thy Clay;/Each holy Tongue a Prayer Book wou’d Pen,/And force ye Heav’ns to send Thee back again./I blame thy Goodness, since ‘tis Understood,/Thou diedst so soon; because Thou livedst so good./Say, Heavn’s, when ye did want a Saint’s Supply,/Did we not send a Royal subsidy./This Moyle more Treasure to Your Glory brings,/Then ye proud Camels of th’ Arabian Kings.

24. At ye West End of this Side Chancell is a very Fine and Stately Monum. with a Lady Lying at full Length on ye Altar Tomb of it, and the Small Effigies of 3 Children by her, viz. 2 Girls in An Arch under ye Pillaster near her Head, and 1 Boy in an Arch under that near her Feet, with the following Inscription and Coats.
[I. Gu. on a bend engrailed arg. at its top a cresct. gu. for difference imp. (sic) Arg. 3 cinquefoils or (sic).
II. Tierced:
1). as dexter of I.
2). Per fesse: upr. coat is MOYLE, lr. coat is (no tinctures shown). A saltire betw. 4 water buckets sa.
3). Per fesse: upr. 2 bars, lr. Gu. a + lozgy. patonce or.
III. MOYLE imp. Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 hawks’ heads erased az.].

Sacred to ye Precious Memory of Amye, Wife to Josias CLERKE of Essex Gent. Daughter to John MOYLE of Buckwell Esq., and of Mary his Wife, Daughter of Robert HONEYWOOD of Charing in ye County of Kent, Esq. She liv’d 31 Years a fair Example of Virginity, Wedlock, and singular Piety. She died a happy Mother of 2 Daughters, and 1 Son, whose Birth convey’d her to a Crown of Glory, in ye Year of Grace 1631 Aug. 24. To ye tender Trust/Of that sad Earth/Which gave it Birth/We recommend this Pious Dust./The precious Oyntment of her Name,/That had no taint, that had no Foil,/We keep to Oyl ye Wings of Fame./The higher Story/Of her rare Soul/The Heavn’s enroul/In Sheets of Glory./If perfect Good/Did e’er reside/In Flesh & Blood/In her it livd, in her it died./Reader, tis thought our Universal Mother/Will hardly ope her Womb for such Another./Sub Cruce Tuta Quies!/ Et Tu, Alienigena,/Gratus ades, si Lector ades./Perlese, severae, verae, sincerae,/Probitatis, Pulchritudinis,/Pietatis Epitomen./Sed Nihil hic Orbis quod peranet/Possidet; Serius, Ocyus,/Omnium versatur Urna./Heri, tuum erat, et non est./Hodie, tuum est, et non erit./Cras, tuum erit, si vixeris./Cuncta humana, Fumus, Umbra/Vanitas; ad Summum, Nihil./Lector, Valeas, et Memento.

25. On a Black Flat Stone. Here rests Priscilla, ye Wife of Robert MOYLE of Buckwell Esq. who, living with him 24 Years, proved Marriage to be honourable, by her unreproveable Honour in that State of Life. And, outliving him 22 Years, She adornd her Widowhood with Devotion; The Temple, like Anna; With Hospitality at home, like Martha; and doing good Works abroad, like Tabitha. Having thus passed her Time in ye Fear of God, She with Joy departed to him on ye 10th Day of November, in ye 67th Year of her Age 1661.

26 On Another. Here lieth ye Body of Captain Robert MOYLE of Buckwell Esq. who married Priscilla ye Daughter of Charles FOTHERBY, Dean of Canterbury; by whom he had 10 Sons and 3 Daughters.

27. On Another. Here lies Buried the Body of Walter MOYLE Gent, Second Son of Robert Moyle
of Buckwell Esq. and Sometime a Student in ye Middle Temple, and utter Barister, who died ye 3d. of May 1599. Here also lieth ye Body of Sr. Robert MOYLE of Buckwell (Son of Robert Moyle Esq.) in ye County of Kent, Knt. who departed this Life on ye 2d. Day of June 1661. Aetatis Suae …

28. In this Chancel are 5 other Flat Stones, and an Altar Tomb, None of which are now legible.

In the Middle Isle.
29. On a Flat Black Stone. Here lies ye Body of Thomas MASCALL, late of this Parish, who departed this Life ye 1st Day of Feb. 1688/9
. And was here buried the 5th Day of ye same Month, being at his Decease full 76 Years of Age. Also Anne, Grand Daughter of ye abovesaid Thomas died July 22 1751. Aged 55 Years.

30. On a Flat White Stone. Here lieth interrd the Body of Mason, Son of John COOSENS, Gent, by Anna his Wife. He died 12 Dec. 1723 in ye 3d. Year of his Age.

31. Here are, in different parts of the Body of this Church, 6 Other Flat Stones, none of which are now legible.

32. The Windows of this Church appear to have been in general very Good. And in That of ye North Transept are ye following Coats still remaining.
[I. sa. 2 bars or imp. checky sa. & or. The whole shield bears a label of 3 pts. sa. II. Checky sa. & or.].

33. This Church consists of Two Chancells, The Body, 2 Isles, and a Cross One or Transept. The Tower, in which hang 5 Bells (The Inscriptions upon which it was to dark for Me to read) is in ye Middle of ye Church, and stands upon Four Stout Pillars. The whole Building is of Flints, (except ye Great Chancel, which seems to be of Squared Stones) and pretty spacious. It was call’d All Saints. It is a Vicarage in ye Gift of ye Family of BRETON of Kennington. The present Vicar is The Reverend Mr Robert BRETON, viz. 1757.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Atwood 15
AUSTEN 17, 18,
Austin 8
Breton 12, 20, 22, 33
Clerk 4

Clifford 14
Coosens 9, 30
Dobson 13
Fothersby 2, 26
Giles 8, 17

Greenstreet 16
Honywood 4
Mascall 10, 11, 29
Moile 4
Moyl 5
Moyle 1- 3, 6, 7, 20, 22-27

Moyse 20
Pattenson 11
Richards 8, 17
Toke 5, 19, 22

Places Index
Ashford 11
Beere near Dover 19
Benenden 20
Buckwell 2-7,
20, 24-27
Challock 16
Charing 4 6, 24
Elms near Dover 20

Essex 4, 24
Godington 5, 22
Godington 22
Kennington 20, 33
   Middle Temple 27
Sheldwich 8, 17
Barrister 7
Captain 1, 8, 17, 23, 26
Dean of Canterbury 2, 26
Mason 30
Vicar 12