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Boughton Malherbe


Boughton Malherbe with Index of names and places at end

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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of Boughton Malherbe Church
Noted by Leland L. Duncan Monday December 23rd 1889

1. Robert CUCKOW (Boughton Malherbe etc) Clerk nearly 50 years of this Parish died October 8 1818 aged 91. Susannah Cuckow died April 20 1822 aged 86. Elizabeth Cuckow, died February 14th 1839 aged 76.

2. In Vestry Sir James WOTTON of Worthy Memory Knight. Brother to Edward late Lord Wotton leaving his Dust here. entered immor- talitie the 20th of October 1628. Drawing

3. Brass plate in the Vestry:- Drawing (coat – see rubbing) Here resteth the body of that truly noble and virtuous Lady Mary eldest daughter and coheire of Sir Arthur THROCKMORTON of Pavlers-Perry in the County of Northampton Knight, widow of the Rt Hon Thomas Lord WOTTON, Baron of Marlighhereby interd by whom she had issue 4 daughters coheires Katherine married to Henry Lord STANHOP son and heire of Philip Earl of Chesterfield, Hester to Baptist Noel Viscount CAMPDEN, Margaret (who dyed without issue) to Sir John TUFTON Knight and Baronet and Ann to Sir Edward HALES, Baronet and her executour who by her owne order caused this small memorial here to be placed. Shee departed this life 25th of Aprill Anno Domini 1658 Aetatis suae 67.

4. Another brass beside the above See rubbing.

There was another monument high up on the vestry wall with a bust and inscription but too high up to be read.
5. Unica nata patris spes unica coniugis Hester Chara parti virgo mater amata viro Tres Habuit natos quora Deos abstulit Natariu superset unica viva trivom. Nata equitis sponsata equiti Christoo dicater coniugio vita morte beata fuit. The above on a marble tomb in the vestry.

6. On floor of south chapel See rubbing Drawing Here rests in hopes of a blessed resurrection The Reverend Michael STANHOPE A.M. -0 years Rector of this Church and Great Langton. in Yorkshire which being in different provinces He held by a Royal dispensation from King Charles the Second. As also Catherine MUSGRAVE his wife descended from ye ancient honourable families of ye Stanhopes and Musgraves in ye north of England. He being son of John eldest son of Sr John Stanhop of Mellwood in Lincolnshire. She daughter of Christopher Musgrave Esquire a Captain in ye Army of King Charles 1st. They were both righteous and studied with a truly Christian Simplicity of manner to walk blameless before God. He died in September 1724 aged 78 years. She died in August 1721 aged 74 years. They had issue besides Philip (who died an infant) Darcy a clerk in the Exchequer. William who died a Colonel in the Guards in the fatal field of Almanza. Charles a captain of a man of war. John a captain in the Army. Philip of great hopes but died in his youth by an unfortunate accident. Ursula Elizabett who laid down this memorial of her parents Dorothy Elizabett was married to the Reverend Richard BUTE
, Vicar of Chilham and Rector of Warehorn in Kent a man whose great learning true Christian courage, excellent doctrine and suitable example were buried in the obscurity of a private life. She had by him a numerous issue all desirous of treading in ye footsteps of ys best of Parents.

7. In the nave (north) in a recess formed by a closed doorway. Drawings D.O.M In Memory of Leonell SHARPE

In the Churchyard
8. Richard RECORD of Lenham Yeoman who died 2nd April 1819 aged 81 Years leaving Issue John, Martha and Richard. Also Elizabeth his first wife who died 29 April 1764 aged 48 years. Likewise Martha his second wife who died 5 November 1777 aged 34 Years. Also Richard son of the above Richard Record who died October 12 1871 in his 88th year. Likewise Thomas, son of Richard and Martha Record who died 21st January 1814 aged 41 years and 4 of their children who died in infancy.

9. Charlotte WOOD Died August XIIth MDCCCLIV aged XXXIIIShe was for 14 years the faithful and trusted servant in the family of the Reverend Edward MOORE.

10. In memory of Sarah Ann wife of Joseph CHAMPION and second daughter of John and Harriett OFFEN who departed this life September 10th 1856 aged 32 years. Leaving 2 children viz Harriett and Amy. Weep not for me my children dear I’m only gone one stage before And when the Lord doth call his race I hope in Heaven to see your face.

11. Joseph CHAMPION of this parish died November 7 1887 aged 70.

12. Harriett wife of John OFFEN of this Parish who died September 7th 1849 aged 56 years. Also the above John Offen who died May 29 1871 aged 79. Left issue 9 sons and 4 daughters viz Charles, Thomas, Frederick, Henry, John, Alfred, Mary Ann, Sarah Anne, Elizabeth Ann, Jemima, Richard, George and James.

13. Sophia Mary daughter of John Thomas and Sophia Ann POPE of this Parish born April 1st 1849 died April 1st 1850. Also Elizabeth, wife of John CATT Born November 4 1788 died November 5 1862. Also the above John Catt who died December 17 1866 aged 82.

14. Albert fifth beloved son of Henry and Mary-Ann TAPPENDEN of this parish who departed this life September 12 1859 aged 19. Also of the above Mary-Ann wife of Henry Tappenden who died January 16th 1873 aged 66. Also of above Henry Tappenden died September 1 1882 aged 85. Also of John son of Henry and Mary-Ann Tappenden died February 24 1884 aged 42.

Enclosed with rails. (It is not clear wether Duncan intentended if this belongs to one above or one below)

15. Urban? MOORE Born 14 January 1846 Accidentally killed January 20 1873.

16. In loving Memory of Mary wife of the Reverend Edward MOORE born January 14 1812 died January 11 1888.

17. Edmund Lucy MOORE Born April 5 1834 Died May 26 1880.

18. Vault, tomb of Christian WEIR wife of Duncan Weir Esquire Master RN of Popes Hall in the County 2nd daughter of the Reverend John McLEA Minister of Loch Goil Head Argyleshire Had issue 3 sons left one surviving John Alexander She died January 10th 1837 aged 49.
On other side: Duncan Weir Esquire Master RN of Popes Hall in this Parish died April 7 1839 aged 84. Drawing

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Bute 6
Campden 3
Catt 13
Champion 10 11
Cuckow 1
Hales 3
McLea 18

Moore 9 15 16 17
Musgrave 6
Offen 10 12
Pope 13
Record 8
Sharpe 7
Stanhop 3 6
Stanhope 6
Tappenden 14
Throckmorton 3
Tufton 3
Wood 9
Wotton 2 3

Places Index
Almanza 6
Boughton Malherbe 1
Chilham 6
Great Langton, Yorkshire 6
Lenham 8
Loch Goil Head, Argyleshire 18
Marligh 3
Mellwood, Lincolnshire 6
Pavlers-Perry, Northampton 3
Popes Hall, Kent 18
Warehorne Kent 6

Baron 3
Baronet 3
Captain (Army) 6
Captain of a man of war 6
Clerk 1
Clerk in the Exchequer 6
Colonel in the Guards 6
Earl of Chesterfield 3
King Charles 1st 6
King Charles the Second 6

Knight 3
Lord 2 3
Master RN 18
Minister 18
Rector 6
Reverend 6 18
Royal dispensation 6
Servant 9
Yeoman 8
Vicar 6