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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Bridge Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Friday 6 May 1892

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 20th October 2007

                                                Pages 14-17 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

1. HS with cherub’s head, palm branches and E of church. Here lieth the body of Mary CROFTS of this parish she died July ye 17 1775 aged 89 years.

2. HS near foregoing, 2 cherub’s heads, trumpet. Here lieth the body of Richard CROFTS late of this parish who departed this life July 1st 1763 in the 77 year of his age.

3. HS S of foregoing, cherub’s head, and sculls. Here lieth the body of William GILBERT of this parish who left issue by Sarah his wife one daughter viz. Sarah. He departed this life January 29 1760 aged 47 years.

4. HS Cherub’s head. In memory of Sarah wife of John PALMER of this parish who died 20 April 1772 aged 31 years. Left surviving one daughter, Sarah.

5. HS 2 cherub’s heads. In memory of Mary daughter of Francis and Mary CROSOER OF THIS PARISH DIED June 28 1774 aged 22 years. Also Hannah sister of the above aged 6 years (sic).

6. HS. In memory of Sarah daughter of Francis and Mary CROSOER who departed this life April 6th 1782 aged 14 years.

7. HS. In memory of Francis CROSOER late of this parish who died November 17 1779 aged 52 years.

8. HS. To the memory of Elizabeth only daughter of Henry and Sarah Crosoer . She departed this life December 15 1811 in the 8 year of her age.

9. HS. In memory of Francis CROSOER Junr. who departed this life November 21 1783 aged 27 years.

10. HS. In memory of Mary wife of Francis CROSOER who departed this life December 8 1782 aged 54 years.

11. HS. Cherub’s heads, trumpets. In memory of Catherine WOODWARD. She died 28th June 1778 aged 77 years. Also of Ann Woodward who died November 17th 1793 aged 65 years.

12. HS. Cherub’s heads. In memory of Matthew WOODWARD late of this parish who died 20 October 1729 aged 31 years. Likewise of Elizabeth daughter of the above Matthew Woodward by Catherine his wife she died August 24th 1771 aged 44 years. She was a dutiful daughter, a sincere [blank].

13. HS. Cherub’s head. S of church. In memory of Sarah the wife of Matthew CHAMPION of this parish who died the 3rd of September 1774 aged 62 years. Also of Matthew Champion late of this parish who died 27 August 1776 aged 72 years.

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice.
14. Here rest the mortal remains of Thomas WHITE late of this parish who departed this life September 23rd 1820 aged 61 years. Left surviving Rebecca his wife and one son Thomas. Also of Rebecca wife of the above who died February 1st 1829 aged 70 years.

15. Headstone close to, and to the S of last. In memory of Hannah wife of Edmond WHITE who died October 21st 1787 aged 67 years. Left surviving Thomas and Sarah. Why should I be unwilling for to die that lived so long in pain and misery. Grieve not for me my children dear I am not dead but sleeping here. My days are past my grave you see prepare yourselves to follow me. Also of Edmand (sic) husband to the above who died 4 April 1805 aged 77 years.

16. Small HS. SE of church. To the memory of Louisa BRICE daughter of Richard and Sarah Brice who died August 26th 1818 aged 9 months.

17. Headstone SE of church. Three sculls cut at top. Here lieth buried the body of Ann the wife of John ROBINSON of this parish she died December the 31st 1723 in ye 36 year of her age.

18. Headstone. S of church. 3 sculls and 2 hourglasses at top. Here lieth the body of Sarah FARMON who died October 19th 1736. At her left side lieth ye body of William her son who died November 20th 1724 [sunk].

19. Headstone, East of church. In memory of Hannah wife of Thomas FLETCHER who died the 30th March 1789 aged 51 years.

20. Headstone, E of church, 2 cherub’s heads at top. Here lieth interr’d the body of Thomas MANTLE late of Fordwich who died ye 26th June 1762 aged 42 years. To perpetuate ye memorye of a tender father and good husband this stone was erected by his widow.

21. Headstone close to ………. of last. In memory of Mary MANTLE who died November 22nd 1782 aged 60 years. Afflictions sore long time I bore physicians was in vain. Till God was pleased to give me ease and freed me of my pain.

22. Small HS. South of church. William TYSON died March 10th 1794 aged 23 years.

23. Headstone. S of church. Here lieth interr’d the body of John HALWARD he died June ye 25th 1749 in ye 15th year of his age.

24. HS close to and to the North of last – a cherub’s head at top. Here lieth ye body of Samuel HALWARD late of Bishopsbourne who died July 3rd 1752 aged 49 years and left issue one son.

25. HS. close to and to the N of last – 2 cherub’s heads at top. Here lieth the body of Mary wife of Samuel HALWARD late of Bishopsbourne, who died September ye 28th 1755 aged 42 years.

26. HS South of church. In memory of Thomas TYSON who died the 5th of June 1810 aged 33 years.

27. Large HS to the N of last and close to it. In R. caps. Sacred to the memory of Frances wife of Joseph Taylor TYSON of Canterbury, ironmonger who departed this life on the 18th of April 1840, aged 59 years also of the above Joseph Taylor Tyson who departed this life on the 14th of October 1853 aged 80 years.

28. Low coped stone to the South of last at the W end – in R. caps. Beneath lie the remains of Frances, daughter of Joseph Taylor and Frances Tyson of the City of Canterbury born August 14th 1808 died May 4th 1809. (South slope) Augusta TYSON died August 8th 1825 aged 2 years and 6 months. On S side Joseph Tyson died October 9th 1814 aged 8 months.

29. About 12 "Fagge" stones to the South of church.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757, added 20th October 2007

No Altar Piece.
30. On an Handsome Black and White Marble Altar Tomb, fixt to ye North Wall, is the Following Coat and Inscription.
[Sa. on a chief arg. a demi-lion rampt. issuant gu. (G. Note: BRAEMS) imp. (DIGGES) Gu. on a + arg. 5 spreadeagles sa.]. Joane the second Daughter of Walter HARFLEET, of Beakesbourne Esq. The First Wife of Sr. Arnold BRAEMS Knt. departed this Life ye 26th Day of July 1635 (P. says 27 July), and lieth buried in ye Parish Church of St. Maries In Dovor, in ye West Isle, where there is a Monument erected to her Everlasting Memory. Elizabeth the Second Daughter of Sr. Dudley DIGGES, of Chilham Castle, Knt. Master of ye Roles; Second Wife of Sr. Arnold Braems Knt. departed this Life the 17th Day of May 1643. And, lieth Buried in the Middle of this Chancell, where her Name is engraven, and for Whom this Monument is erected.

31. On a Flat Stone in ye Middle of ye Chancell. Under this Stone lies Buried the Body of Elizabeth DIGGS, 2d. Wife of Sr. Arnold BRAEMS, to whose Memory is erected the Monument, on the North Side of this upper Chancell. Over the above mention’d Monument hangs a Picture, on Copper, with the Arms of BARGRAVE, as before. Pag.57. And the following Inscription painted on ye Bottom of it; which, in some Places is scarce legible. Roberto Bargrave de Bridge Genso. hic nato Feb. 5 Anno 1584/5. Denato 26 Jan. Anno 1649/50. Viro, Relligione in Deum, Pietate in Authotate, Charitate in pauperes, Humanitate in Omnes; Spectassimo Avunculo, optimè de Se Merito Aetatis 65, Vivis Cantuariae Monumentum hoc Memoriae et Gratitudinis. Tho. HARDRES, Jo. Bargrave. Executores. F.F. P.P. D.D.D.

32. Under an Arch in ye North Wall lies a very Ancient Figure of a Man (as it seems)
(P.394 ‘female’) at full Length. Over which are ye Histories of Adam and Eve in Paradise; ditto, driven out of it; Cain and Abels Sacrifices, etc. etc. These are all expressed in very small Figure in Alto Releivo, wch. seem to be well done for ye Time when they were cut. Over each History, and out of ye Mouths of most of ye Figures are Scrolls, few of which are legible. Over ye Statue are these few Words remaining, wch. make about a 4th Part of ye whole Line, wch. reaches from one End of ye Monumt. to the other. "Levavi Oculos Meos ad Montes unde veniet .. Over the History of Adam & Eve driven out of Paradise, these words Justitia Dei.

33. On the East Side of ye 1st Window, on ye South Side, is an Inscription in very old Characters, which, tho I took great Pains, I could make out No better than as follows
Beati qui in Domino moriuntur./Quis habitabit in Tabernaculo Dei,/Qui operat …… certa/Institia, atq ad Mortem et ……/…… Puguabit Inimicos suos./Hec Col fec potentis/Dei Gracia Anno Do. 1519.(?).

34. In The Wall near ye 2d. Window, under a Small Nitch, where, I suppose formerly stood some Image, is this Inscription in raised Letters, very ancient, wch. I thus make out, the best I can. "Macobus KASEY Vicari de Patrixborne … fuit hic heri Ano. Dni. M.V. et XII … et Mensis Marcij Die XXI.
(Error for Malcomus RAMSEY, RASEY). (1512-3).

35. Over the Nitch, is a Scroll wch. I could not make out . On the other Side of this Windows, is Another Scroll, with a Skull, Bones, a Snake, etc. very finely cut in Releivo. I cd. make out no more of the Legend, than these Words. Dum Tempus ………..
(habemus) Operemur Bonum.

36. In The Body. On a Flat Stone. Beneath this Stone lies interred, in Hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection, ye Body of Ambrose MILWAY, Gent. Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, late of this Parish who departed this Life 3 Jany. 1744/. Aged 61 Years.

37. On Another. Here lieth inerred the Body of Mary HOLEMON the Widow of Lawrence Holemon, who departed this Life Dec. 20 1695. Aged 55 Years.
(Oct. 20, 1695, instead of Dec).

38. This Church, wch. is small, consists of ye Chancell, Body, and 2 Side Isles. The Steeple, which has a low Spire, is at ye West End of ye South Isle; in it hang 3 Bells. The First and Second have no Inscriptions. The Third is thus inscribed. Ave Maria Gracia Plena, Dns. Tecum.

39. In the Churchyard is a very Ancient Altar Tomb, without Inscription.

40. Bridge is a Chapel annext to Patrixsbourne, and was dedicated to St. Peter 1757.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BRAEMS 30, 31
CROSOER 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
DIGGES 30, 31

Fagge 12
HALWARD 23, 24, 25

MANTLE 20, 21
TYSON 22, 27, 28
WHITE 14, 15
Place Index
Beakesbourne 30
Bishopsbourne 24, 25
Canterbury 27, 28
Chilham Castle 30
Fordwich 20
London 36
Patrixbourne 34, 41

Citizen & Merchant Taylor 36
ironmonger 27