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Bromley, Kent with Index of names and places at end

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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of St Peter & St Paul Church, Noted by Richard Holworthy 
in The British Archivists Vol 1 Sept 1914 to June 1915.

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In the "Gentleman’s Magazine" for 1829, Part II, page 201, there appears a long letter, signed "Viator Antiquarius", relating to the restoration of Bromley Church. It reads: "Passing through the town of Bromley in Kent the other day, I found the old church there nearly pulled down, nothing remaining but the well-built Gothic tower and portions of the side walls. The gates of the churchyard were fortified with a palisade, so that it was impossible for an antiquary to enter and satisfy himself what might be the probable result to ancient vestiges in the Church of such desecration and destructive appearances …"/.
   This same "desecration" – usually called "restoration" – has been the fate of most churches, but many have suffered to a far greater extent than that of Bromley. Certainly, several interesting monuments in the church have disappeared, but the majority were replaced. One very important brass was discovered embedded in the masonry and preserved, though not placed on the wall until 1884, i.e. 55 years after its discovery. This small brass, which is dated 1361, is to the memory of Isabella, wife of Richard LACER, a wealthy merchant and mayor of London. He was lord of the manor of Bromley, which he purchased, with his first wife Juliana, in 1333 from Sir CONAN, son of Henry, and seven years later Sir Thomas LATYMER released all his right in the manor to Lacer. In 1361 a terrible plague broke out in France and spread to London, carrying off nearly 60,000 people, and it would appear that both Richard and Isabella were among the victims, for Richard’s will is dated Sunday, 25 July 1361, and that of his wife on the following Thursday, wherein she is described as "widow", which, as we see from the brass, was also the day of her death. By their wills both desired to be buried in Bromley Church.
   Some of the inscriptions, long since disappeared, are printed on pages 1 and 2, but others are to be found in Thorpe’s "Registrum Roffense", while in Weaver’s "Ancient Funeral Monuments" mention is made, inter alia, of the "portraiture on the Church Wall of Richard de WENDOVER, Bishop of Rochester and Parson of this Town, a holy and virtuous man, who was consecrated in 1238, and died in 1250". He was not, however, buried in Bromley, but at Westminster by the King’s command.
   Elizabeth, the wife of Samuel JOHNSON, was buried in the church, and the inscription bears the date 1753, whereas it should be 1752 – an oversight one would not expect to escape the notice of the greatest critic of modern times!
   Time would not permit a comparison to be made of the dates on the monuments with the registers; it would therefore be advisable to check them should there be any doubt on this point, especially as many stones in the churchyard are in a very dilapidated condition, and in such cases misreading is only too easy.
   As the churchyard is closed there will be no further interments, except in cases of family graves.
To assist those wishing to trace particular graves, the inscriptions have been divided into five sections, each section being separated by a footpath. Section I commences in the south-west corner of the yard (from a single grave) and, gradually widening, reaches to a path running directly south from the lych gate. Section II covers the remainder of the graves on the west of the church, and is divided from Section I by a narrow path running from the south entrance to the church to a small gate in the south-west corner of the yard. Sections III and IV are plots adjoining the church on the south and east, and north respectively. Section V covers the plot to the east of the path running south from the lych gate. All inscriptions have been taken in the same order, i.e. south to north.
   I cannot conclude without acknowledging my warmest thanks to the Venerable Donald TAIT, Archdeacon of Rochester, formerly Vicar of Bromley, and the Rev. Canon WILSON, the present Vicar, for their kindness in granting me permission to copy the inscriptions, and to Mr George HARRIS, the Sexton, for his great assistance, without which many could never have been copied. R.H.

The following are not now to be seen, some having disappeared altogether, while others were covered by pews when the chancel was added in 1884, but have been collected from various printed sources.

1. Ici gist Mestre Walter de HENCHE Qi fut persone de Bromleghe. 1360.

2. Here lieth interred the body of John TRAVELL of London, Esqr., who had Timothee his onely wife interred near this place, anno 1637, he remaineing a widower until the year 1652. departed this life the 17th November, in the same yeare and in the 64th yeare of his age, leaving issue John, Alexander and Elizabeth.

3. Here lyeth the body of Cattalina NEESHAM, the relict of Thomas Neesham, late rector of Stock Dabourne in the county of Surrey, who departed this life the 11th day of May, anno domini 1676.

4. Non procul ab hinc quiescent cineres Jacobi YOUNG, Lond. mercat. & Elizab. olim conjugis ejus dilectissimar haec vitam hanc molestam commutavit in meliorem 5 die Maij, anno domini 1678. ille vero mortalitatem exuit 4 die Decembris, anno salutis 1687. Undecim liberi his fuere prognati, ex quibus quatuor fily, viz. Jacobus, Johannes, Paulus & Alexander, una etiam filia dicta Lucea, nunc superstites existunt.
Arms: 2 coats per pale, 1st erm. on a bend cotized sa. 3 griffins heads erased Or, langued gules; 2nd parted per pale, az. and gu. on a bend Or, betw. 2 eagles displayed ar. 3 mullets sa. in a chief of the 4th 3 garbs vert.

5. On a gravestone: Anthonye CHALTHROP, of the parish, esqr. departed this lyfe the 19th day of Julie, anno 1594 being the 79th yere of his adge. He married the daughter of Mr Nicholas HARRIS, of London, gentleman. He lived with her sixteen years full, by whom he had seven sonnes and nine daughters, whereof weare living at his decease, Clement, Henry, Judeth, and Johane. His body is interred under the stone, which is layde at the charge of his executors. "Christ is to me life, and deathe is to me advantage". Phil. i. 21.
Arms: 6 coats quarterly, 1 checky, a fesse, 2. 2 mullets in chief. 3. 3 dragons passant; 4th fesse betw. 6 cross crosslets. 5 defaced. 6 as 1.

6. Hic jacet Samuel THORNHILL quartus, Johannis Thornhill, nuper de Bromley, in comitatu Cant. militis, filius, qui, anno actatis suae primo, menseque nono, ex hac vita (flosculos tanquam) dicessit vicessimo quarto Junij 1647.

7. His requiescit Francisca, Johannis THORNEHILL, equities aurati, per Aliciam uxorem ejus infantula, quae languentes horas cum aeterna commutavit Gloria … die Decembris … o salutis. M.D. c.xi.

8. Here lyeth interred the body of Thomas WOODSTOCK, late of London, carpenter, borne in this parish. He dyed the 15th day of June, anno domini 1694. aged 51 years. "Stay, reader, stand and spend a tear;/Think on my state that now lyes here;/And as thou stand’st and read’st on me,/Think on the glass that runs for thee".

9. Here lies the body of Mrs Susan MESGRETT who died March the 9th 1765 aged ../ years.

10. Hic conduntur reliquiae Elizabethae, Antiqua JARVISIORUM gent Peatlingae, apud Leicestrienses ortae; Formosae, cultae, ingeniosae, piae, Uxoris, primis nuptiis, Henrici PORTER, Secundis, Samuelis JOHNSON: Qui multum amatam diuque defletam Hoc lapide contexit Obiit Londini, Mense Mart, A.M. MDCCLIII*. (*Entry in the Registers: "Elizabeth Johnson, March 26th 1752, of the Parish of St. Bride, London". It will be noticed that by a singular mistake the date recorded on the stone is 1753).

11. On a brass plate fixed to a gravestone: Here lyeth the body of Jane BODENHAM ye daughter of John BREWTON of Southwark, gent. & wife to Henry Bodenham of Folston, in ye county of Wiltshire, esqr by whom she had issue 1 daughter & 2 sones, Ann, Phillip & John. She died ye 12th of Novr 1625, at ye age of xxi. "Me, Nuptus, Natus, frater, materve, paterve,/Orbam non plorent orbis; ad astra feror./Se, Nuptus, Natus, frater, materque, paterque,/Orbibus astrorum defleat orbus adhuc./Dum, Nuptum, Natos, fratrem, matremque, patremque,/Quero, beat sociam, nata, breta, matrem".

12. On a brass plate fixed to a gravestone: Hereunder lyeth buried the bodye of Mr John KING, of London, Draper, and free of the Company of Clothworkers, who departed this worlde the fifth of September, Anno Dom., 1603 aetatis suae LI. He had to wife Susan WOODWARDE by whom he lefte issue then livinge Henry, James, John and Elizabeth.

13. In memory of Mrs Elizabeth YOUNG hereunder interred the late loving and beloved wife of Mr James Young of London merchant, unto whom shee did beare eleven childen, 4 sonnes and 1 daughter now surviving. She was daughter of John Travel of London, esqr & Timothy his wife. She died the 5th of May, 1678, aged 44 yeares. Here also lieth inter’d ye body of the above mentioned Mr James Young, merchant, who departed this life ye 14th day of December, an. dom. 1687, aged 58 yeares.
Same Arms as No.4. (See also No.2).

14. (Part of this stone is hidden under the pews). Here lyeth …/ Timothie TR…../ of John Trave../ mant, daugh…/bert MERED…/tington in …/of Wouceste…../She departed this life ye 26th of June 1637 at the age of 38 years, and left issue two sonns, John and Allexander, and three daughters Timothe, Mary and Elizabeth. Here also lieth interred ye body of Sarah YOUNGE wife of John Younge of London mchant and daughter of John BRIDGER of Fort St George in East India, merchant, where she was born in December 1673, and departed this life ye 13th day of July 1694, in ye 21st year of her age. (See Nos. 2, 4 and 13).

15. On gravestone on which are six brass plates: "I do most assuredly believe That my Redeemer liveth". Here lyeth buried the body of Richard THORNHILL, late of Bromley, in the countie of Kent esqr who deceased the xvth day of Februarye, 1600, who first married Margaret MILLS, and had issue by her two sonnes and three daughters; and afterwards married Elizabeth WATSON and had issue by her two sons and one daughter.
Arms: On the 1st plate 2 bars gemells; on a chief, a tower triple towered, over all a bend impaling parted per fesse, a pale counter changed, three bears; on the 2nd a crest, Or a mount, a thorn-tree; the 3rd is lost, on the 4th arms of Thornhill (as 1st of No.1). On the 5th the above inscription and on the 6th are the effigies of a man and two women; and underneath are two more plates, on one the effigies of two sons and three daughters, and on the other, the effigies of two sons and one daughter.

16. Sub hoc marmore deponitur Robertus PYNSENT de Sundbridge generosus. Obijt xxx Decembris x.D.C. LXXIX aetatis suae LXII. A morte immortalitas.
Arms: A chev. ingrailed betw. 3 stars.

17. Here lieth ye body of Mariabella, wife to John WHALLEY, merchant, who dyed in childbed ye 5th of May, 1701 at Freeland House, in ye parish of Bromley in Kent.

18. Hic jacet Edwardus BREWSTERUS, pharmacopae us Londinensis. Obijt primo Martij, Anno domini 1674.

19. Memoriae sacrum Joanni YONGE Episcopo Roffensi Sacrae Theologiae Doctori Londini nato Canterbrigiae bonis literis innutrito non minus varia doctrina et pruden tia quam vitae sanctimonia claro Qui cum Domino diu vigilasset se nex in Domino pie placideque obdormivit die x Aprilis MDCV cum annos XXVII sedisset Episcopus et LXXI vixisset*. (*Extracts from the Registers: "The 14 of Maye the referend father John, Byshop of Rochester had his funeral solemnised, his sonne, Mr John Younge being cheefe mourner. 1605).
Arms: On two brass plates, fixed in a gravestone are these arms: On a saltier, an escallop shell; imp. parted per saltier a lion passant gardant betw. two fleurs de lis.

20. Here lyeth the Body of William PASSENGER Esqr, one of the Comrs of his Majtis Victualing who departed this life March ye 10th 1727 aged 78.
Arms: A chev. betw. 3 lions passant’; imp. a fesse onde, betw. 3 towers.

21. On a brass: To the memory of Robt VEITCH Esqr of this parish who died 27th Feby 1826 in his 81st year.

22. On a brass plate: In a vault beneath are deposited the remains of John BAKER M.A. many years lecturer of the parish, he died April 17th A.D. 1824, aged 58 years. Also of Elizabeth relict of the above who died 11th September 1848 aged 78 years.

23. Sacred to the memory of Mr John HAYNE late of Suffolk Place London aged 62 years. Also Mrs Elizabeth Hayne wife of the above who departed this life Jany 6th 1835 aged 63 years.

24. Under this stone lie the remains of Henry YOUNG late of Frindsbury near Rochester who departed this life 16th of May 1832 aged 23 years.

25. To the memory of Richard, son of Richard and Sarah ISARD of this Parish who died 30th April 1839 in the 17th year of his age Also Fanly (?) Isard who died 13th August 1860 (?) in her 20th year. Also William Richard, eldest son of William Isard, brother of the above born 5th August 1861 Died 18th September 1864. Also Richard Isard who departed this life …/1878 in his 80th (?) year.

26. Memory of Mr Henry ISARD born Feby 1792 died Novr 1843.

IN THE CHANCEL. South side.
27. In the south aisle lyeth the body of Zachary PEARCE, D.D. who was made Rector of St Bartholomew’s, behind the Royal Exchange, London, March 10 1720, Vicar of St Martin’s in the Fields Westminster Jany 10, 1724, Dean of Winchester, Aug. 4, 1739, Prolocutor of the Lower House of Convocation Dec. 7, 1744, Bishop of Bangor, Feb. 21, 1748, Dean of Westminster, May 4, 1756, and Bishop of Rochester, June 4, 1756. He resigned the Deanery of Westminster June 24, 1768 and died, in a comfortable hope of (what was the chief aim of all his labours upon earth) the being promoted to a happier place in Heaven. He was born Sep. 8, 1690 and died June 29, 1774, aged 84 years. In the same Vault is interred Mrs Mary Pearce, Wife of Zachary Lord Bishop of Rochester Who died October 23d 1773 Aged 70 years.
Arms: Erm, a leopard, and in chief 3 bees Volant, proper; impaling, Erm. three mountain cats passant in pale, proper. (coat of Adams).

28. To the Glory of God and in loving remembrance of Arthur Gresley HELLICAR M.A. who spent 43 years here as a faithful Minister of the Church first as a curate and afterwards for 39 years as Vicar of the Parish until his death at the age of 69 on the 6th of September 1904. The tablet is erected by his Parishioners and Congregation.

29. In loving memory of Edward Arthur WILLIAMS Captain in the Kings Dragoon Guards formerly of the xviii Hussars. Served through the Natal Campaign 1899-1900 attached to Bethunes Mounted Infantry. Eldest son of the late Edward Augustus G. Williams of this Parish, Born on June 18th 1869 killed in action at Oreby-fontein in the Orange River Colony on November 9th 1901.

30. Here lyeth buried the bodye of John MAUNSELL, sometyme of Chichely, in the County of Buckingham, Esquire. he had issue two sonnes, John and Thomas, and departed this life the 19th day of October Anno Dom. 1625, beinge about the age of 50 years. "Short was his life, yet dyes he never:/Death has his due, yet lives he ever".
Arms: Arg. a chev. betw. 3 maunches sa. (now disappeared).

North side.
31. M.S. Abigalis dilectissimae uxoris Harringtoni BAGSHAW, Clerici Filiae Johannis Busby EQUITIS de Adington in Agro Buckingamensi Mulieris tam animi quam corporis Dotibus egregiis ornatissimae obiit Ap. 25, Anno Dom. 1730, Aetat, 39. Juxta Matrem etiam deponuntur cineres Trium, filiarum optimae quidem spei Mariae Franciscae et Prudentiae Quae omnes fato heu nimis festinoe terris raptae animas Deo reddiderunt. Hoe monumentum amoris et gratidudinis ergo posuit maestissimus Pater et Matirus, Sub eodem Marmore et ipse aliquando dormiturus. H.B. Collegii Warneriani, 40 circiter annos Capellanus, Hujus Paroeciae Vicarius, Rector de Woolwich Obiit 29 Maii, 1739, Aet. 69. Viro doctor humano probo, Patri pientissimo, Hanc Filius Supposuit tabellam.

32. M.S. Thoms BAGSHAW A.M. Harringtoni et Abigilis filii Collegii Warneriani annos prope liv Capellani Hujus Paroeciae haud ita pridem Vicarii Rectoris de Southflete Qui obiit xxmo die Novembris anno Christi Mdcclxxxvii Aetatis suae lxxvii Viro Ingenii, eruditionis, modestiae laude exornato vita, moribus, beneficentia conspicuo Pastori vigili, Apostolicae fidei strenuo assertori hoc monumentum Testamenti ejus Curatores posuere. Arms:
Or, a bugle-horn vert stringed, betw. 3 roses gu., barned and seeded ppr.

33. Hic jacet Isabella quondam uxor Ricardi LACER nuper major Londini que obiit quarto Kalendarium augusti anno Domini MCCCLXI. Cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen.* (*See "Notes on the Parish Church of Bromley", by the Rev. A.G. HELICAR, for the LACER family, also "Notes Illustrative of an ancient inscription on a Brass Plate in Bromley Church, Kent" by D. BENHAM, 1861).

34. Sacred to the memory of Henry SMITH D/D. Forty two years minister of this parish and eighteen years rector of Headley Hants who died 22nd July 1818 aged 68. This tablet is erected by his surviving friends as a memorial of their regard.

35. I.H. Deceased February 26, 1652.

36. A brass: This Chancel with chancel aisle vestries and organ chambers erected by public subscription was Consecrated by Edward WHITE, Archbishop of Canterbury on the 16th day of December A.D. 1884. A.G. HELLICAR, vicar, T.W. DEWEY, W.W. BAXTER, churchwardens, T.G. JACKSON, Archt.

37. In memory of Robert BOYD, Esquire J.P. of Plaistow Lodge in this parish, born 16th February 1796, died 23rd January 1863. Respected and beloved of all who knew him. "The path of the just is a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day", Prov: ch:iv.v.18. "Who shall ascend unto the hill of the Lord? Even he that hath clean hands and a pure heart, that hath not lifted up his mind unto vanity nor sworn to deceive his neighbour". Ps. C. xxiv. Also in memory of his three sons, Robert, born 2nd April 1819, died June 26th 1832; from the effects of an accident. William Dundas lieut. in H.M. 14th light dragoons, born 12th July 1825, died 14th January 1854 after serving throughout the Punjaub campaign and being present at the battles of Ramnuggur, Chillianwallah, and Goojerat. Frederick, lieut. in 7th regt. Bengal N. Infantry, born 11th October 1830, killed in action with the rebels 7th Novr 1857, near Dinapore in Bengal, having also been engaged in several actions during the war, where he was officially reported as being "ever foremost in danger". This tablet is erected by their surviving brothers and sisters as a tribute of their affection and sorrow. Also in memory of Mary Catherine "widow of the above", Robert Boyd Esqr who died June 3rd 1881, aged 84 years. "Greatley beloved and lamented".
Arms: Az. a fesse cheque, arg: and gu: Impaling, Erm: on a bend gu: 3 escallope shells arg: Crest: A dexter hand erect, pointing with the thumb and two fingers, ppr.

38. To the memory of Mary KING & Edward Dawson KING the former of whom was the eldest daughter of Walker King, Bishop of Rochester & Sarah his wife & died 22nd Febry 1817, aged 21 years. The latter, their second son, died 15th May 1815, aged 16 years*. (*In the South Aisle there is a stone, partly covered by a pew, and much worn, with the same inscription).

39. Sacred To the memory of Thomas CHASE Esquire late of Bromley Common in this Parish, who died the 20th April 1754, Aged 55 years. And of Sarah his Wife, who died the 18th March 1760, Aged 55 years. Thomas their son from Filial Respect hath caused This Monument to be Erected.

40. The South Windows of this Chancel Aisle are erected to the Glory of God and in memory of Charles Robinson HARKER Died 12th January 1885.

41. To the memory of John RICHARDSON Esqre of Ravensfell and Bromley House in this Parish. Born 1st August 1816. Died 17th January 1889. Buried at Holy Trinity Church, Bromley Common, 3rd son of Thomas Richardson Esqre of the City of London and Denmark Hill. A lineal descendant of Christopher Richardson, A.M. of Trinity College Cambridge and Lassell Hall, Rector of Kirkheaton in the County of York. 1646-61. Erected by his son William Ridley Richardson 1892.
Arms: Sa. 2 falcons closed belled and jessed or, on a chief indented erm. a pale erms. betw. 2 lions heads erased, and charged with a third all counterchanged. Motto: Ben ti voglio.

42. In memory of Colonel George TWEEDY late of the Indian Army who departed this life the 23rd of February 1860 in the 80th year of his age. And also of Violet Tweedy widow of the above, who
died 4th of July 1865, aged 77 years. Arms: Arg. a saltire engr. gu; a chief az.

43. To the Glory of God, and in memory of John Newman TWEEDY, Esq: of Widmore House Bromley, Kent. Erected in the year of our Lord 1888 by his son Hugh D’Oyly Tweedy, Swedish and Norwdian Consul in Hayti and Knight of the Orders of the Polar Star and St Olaf.
Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4 – Arg. a saltire engr. gu. a chief az. 2 and 3 Gu. on a bend arg. three lions heads erased of the field. Crest on a cap of Maintenance gu. turned up erm. a curlew (?ppr). Motto: "Thole and think on".

44. In affectionate memory of Robert P. TWEEDY Lieut. 2nd Royal Highlanders (Black Watch), aged 24 who died at Naini Tal India on the 18th August 1911, eldest son of the Honourable Mr George A. Tweedy, I.C.S, Member of the board of Revenue United Provinces India. The deceased was a great grand Nephew of the late Colonel Tweedy of Bromley House and Simpsons Place
. Arms: Arg. a saltire engr. gu. betw. two escallop shells in fess of the second on a chief az. an escallop of the field.

45. In loving memory of Dorothea Esther Henriette wife of John Newman TWEEDY Esquire of Widmore House and Montagu Square W. only daughter and heir of Captain William Thomas Turpin FELLOWES 2nd Life Guards and of Foscot Manor, Buckinghamshire by his wife Charlotte Mary, daughter of John NEWMAN Esquire J.P., D.L. of Bedgrove Manor in the County of Buckinghamshire, born 11th March 1813, died 2nd April 1900.
Arms: In a lozenge. Arg. a saltire engr. gu betw. two escallop shells in fess of the second, on a chief az. an escallop shell of the field; for Tweedy, on an escutcheon of pretence, Gu. on a bend fleury counter fleury arg. betw. two decrescents of the second three lion’s heads erased sa. for Fellows. Also in loving memory of Hugh D’Oyly Tweedy Esquire, son of the above, of Widmore Lodge Widmore and of the Hoo Kemptston Bedfordshire. Lord of the Manor of Kempston Greys and Kempston Hardwick in the County of Bedfordshire, born 17th May 1847, died 5th October 1898. Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4 Arg. a saltire gu. betw. two escallop shells of the second, in fess on a chief az. an escallop shell of the field, Tweedy. 2 and 3 gu. on a bend fleury counter fleury betw. two decrescents arg. three lion’s heads erased sa. for Fellowes.

46. This organ was presented in the year 1874 to the Parish Church of Bromley Kent by Edward SCOTT Esq. of Sundridge Park, a Thank-offering.

47. The Organ was reconstructed and new stops were introduced at the cost of the Parishioners in the year 1894 the ornamental oak case being presented in memory of the late Mr George SPARKES by his widow.

SOUTH WALL, under gallery.
48. In loving remembrance of Anna Louisa Eldest daughter of Charles POTT of Freelands in this Parish, who entered into rest 17th September 1882 "The memory of the just is blessed".

49. In a vault in the church yard lie the remains of James SCOTT Esqre many years resident in this Parish. He was born on the 8th day of January 1770 and died on the 3rd day of December 1848 deeply lamented by many whom he had benefited by his consummate skill as a surgeon, and to whom by his kind and amiable qualities he was endeared as a friend. Mary his wife not less beloved or less lamented is interred in the same vault. She was born on the 29th day of March 1771 and died on the 11th day of May 1842.

50. Sacred to the memory of John GIFFORD, Esquire who died March 6th 1818, Aged 60 years. A man whose active service in various departments of Public life were uniformily animated by a high and commanding sense of Public duty steadfast in the Faith, and resolute in the practice of Christianity attached by conviction to the Established Church he supported its cause by his exertions, and adorned it by his virtues As a Magistrate in the arduous and responsible station of a Public office, by his activity, vigilance, and skill he ministrated in no small degree to the security and peace of the Metropolis and to the detection and prevention of crime In his writings whether as a Politician, Historian or Critic he dedicated the powers of a vigorous mind and an effective style to the maintenance and protection of the morals, the laws, and the constitution of his country venerating the talents, and attached to the principles of that illustrious Statesman who, in the days of turbulence and faction, was the guide and the guardian of the State. he dedicated his latter years to record the life of so true a Patriot and has transmitted his name to posterity, as the Historian and biographer of William PITT That no testimony of their admiration might be wanting to the character and virtue of such a man The members of the Pitt Club Have caused this monument to be erected as a memorial of affectionate regard to their Honorary Secretary and Friend.

51. To the memory of Godfrey MEYNELL Esqre of Bradley Hall Derbyshire and Chawfield Lodge in this Parish who departed this life March 27th 1834. And of Sarah Hannah his wife who departed this life March 24th 1852. Also of Godfrey Godfrey Meynell Esqre only son of the above who departed this life March 20th 1844.

52. Near this Place lieth ye Body of Perecrina The Dearly beloved Wife of Lieut. Bussy MANSELL. She died the 30th of October 1721 in ye 34th Year of her Age Belovd & Lamented by all That knew her And from the deepest Gratitude and Respect To her Memory Her Disconsolate Husband Causd this Monument To be Erected.
Arms: A chev. betw. 3 maunches with Esc. of Pret. On a bend 3 fleurs de lys*. (*See "Notes and Queries" II, ser: bi. p. 231, where it is stated Perecrina was buried at Newport Pagnell, Bucks, and that this inscription is incorrect).

53. Near this place is interred the Body of Mrs Mary WINTERBOTTOM Relict of the late Revd Mr Thomas Winterbottom who was Rector of Ashurst & Vicar of Birling Both in this County of whom it may Very justly be said, that she was Truely pious towards God perfectly sincere to her Acquaintance steady in her Affection to her Husband and unearied in a Constant Tenderness and Care for her Children, she departed this Life with Christian Resignation Having a steadfast Hope of a Blessed Resurrection on the 1st of January 1719/20 aged 63 years.

WEST END, under gallery.
54. In the vault below are buried George NORMAN of Bromley Common. Died Jany 24th 1830 Aged 73. Charlotte wife of the above Died Feby 18th 1853 aged 86. Richard James, son of George Worde Norman Died March 26th 1853 Aged 12. Emily wife of Robert Cumming Norman, daughter-in-law of George Norman Died Oct 25th 1842 Aged 32. Maria Henrietta THOMPSON Grand-daughter of George Norman died April 14th 1834 aged 11 months. Georgiana wife of Henry Norman, Daughter-in-law of George Norman Died 2nd Novr 1842 Aged 37. James and Elizabeth FLEMING children of George Norman, who died in infancy are buried on the South Side of the Church yard nearly opposite the doorway.

55. To the Glory of God and in the Memory of Corporal A. DICKENSON Army Service Corps who died at Jakhuma Ashanti 29th December 1895 Aged 30. The memorial is placed by the Corporals of A.C.S. at Woolwich and Aldershot and men of Nos. 5 and 9 Companies as a token of esteem.

56. In a vault beneath this Stone are deposited the Remains of Elizabeth, Wife of Samuel FARMER Esqr of Nonsuch Park in the County of Surrey. She died the 4th of September 1805 Aged 49.

57. John THOMAS, D.C.L. Bishop of Rochester gave in the year 1792 Towards the erecting of this part of the church £500. Thomas SOAN, Booth HIBBERT, churchwardens.

58. To the memory of Jane SCOTT Relict of Charles Scott Esqr of Gorrenberry in North Britain of the Noble Family of Buccleugh. Interr’d at the West entrance of this Chuch 22nd of July 1767 Aged 65 years.
Arms: [Or] on a bend [az] a mullet of 6 points betw. 2 crescents [of the field]. Crest: An anchor erect [sa] .., with a cable entwined about it. ppr …/.

NORTH WALL, under gallery
59. In Memoriam Coles W.J. CHILD, Lord of the Manors of Bromley Kent, East Farleigh and East Peckham, Deputy Lieutenant, and Magistrate for the County. Died 16th of January 1873 Aged 59 years. "I shall go to him".
Arms: Gu, on a chev. eng. erm. betw, 3 eagles closed ppr. a snake nowed enclosed, by two ears of big all vert. Crest: An eagle, wings expanded holding in the beak a snake entwined about its neck ppr. [usually betw. 2 ears of big, alsp ppr.] Motto: Imitari Quam Invideri.

60. Beneath this Church re interred the mortal remains of Jane, third daughter of the late William STIRLING Esqr of Keir, in the county of Perth, N.B. she died the 17th of September 1835, at Bromley, Aged 60 years; and rests expecting the second coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

61. "Until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ". 1 Tim. vi.14. In vault in the S.E. corner of the churchyard are deposited the remains of Mary, wife of Henry HERBERT Esqr of Bromley Common Kent. she died 27th May 1861, Aged 79 years. Also of Emma her 2nd daughter, who died 2nd August 1838, Charles 3rd son who died 21st March 1826, George 4th son, who died 23rd Febry 1819, Mary eldest daughter, who died at Tunbridge Wells 1st July 1879, in her 69th year.
Arms: Az. a griffin pass. or, on a chief ind. arg. 3 cross crosslets of the field. Crest: a talbot pass. supporting with the dexter paw a caduceus or. Motto: Tenax et fidus.

62. Sacred to the memory of George NORMAN Esqre of Bromley Common, in this Parish, eldest surviving son of James Norman Esqre, likewise of Bromley Common; born 24th June 1756, died 24th January 1830. Also to the memory of Charlotte, his wife, daughter of the Revd Edwards BEADON, of North Stoneham, Hampshire; born 1st January 1766, died 28th February 1853, A tribute of filial affection, to parents most honoured & beloved. "The memory of the just is blessed".
Arms: Arg. on a bend gu. 3 buck’s heads caboshed or. for Norman. Impaling sa. 3 lions pass. in pale, or, for …./.

63. In a vault near the Western Door, are deposited the Remains of John BAKER, A.M. of Lincoln College, Oxford: manhy years Lecturer of this Parish. "Multis ille bonis flebilis occidit". Aprilis 17, A.D. 1824. Aetatis 58. Also of Elizabeth Relict of the above; who died 14th September, 1848, Aged 78.

64. Sacred to the memeory of Helena LYNDON, Spinster, who departed this life on the 13th day of December, 1829, Aged 84 years. She was much beloved and deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

65. Near this place lies the body of Elizabeth MONK, who departed this life on the 27th day of August, 1753 aged 101. She was the widow of John Monk, late of this Parish, blacksmith, her second husband to whom she had been a wife near fifty years; by whom she had no children, and of the issue of the first marriage none lived to the second. But virtue would not suffer her to be childless: an infant to whom and to whose father and mother she had been nurse {such is the uncertainty of temporal prosperity), became dependent upon strangers for the necessaries of life; to him she afforded the protection of a mother. The parental charity was returned with filial affection; and she was supported in the feebleness of age by him whom she had cherished in the helplessness of infancy. Let it be remembered that there is no station in which industry will not obtain power to be liberal: nor any character on which liberality will not confer honour. She had been long prepared by a simple and unaffected piety for that awful moment which however delayed is universally sure. How few are allowed an equal time to probation! How many by their lives appear to presume upon more! To preserve the memory of this person but yet more to perpetuate the lesson of her life this stone was erected by voluntary contributions.

66. The Remains of William LYNDON, Esq. by whom the merits of his deceased wife are commemorated in the above inscription (see No.74) now lie interred in the same spot. He was born in Ireland in the year 1710. And died at Chelsea in the County of Middlesex, on the 10th of June 1803 in the 93rd year of his Age after a life passed in the uniform Practice of Piety, Charity and every Christian Virtue. This memorial is here placed by his affectionate Daughters Anna and Helen Lyndon.

67. In a vault beneath Lieth the body of William ROBERTS, Esqre late of Beechfield in this parish. He was born IX October MDCCLXVII and died XXIX July MDCCCXXXII. Also the body of Mary his wife, Daughter of the Revd John PRATT; she was born VII December MDCCLXXXI and died XVII December MDCCCLVII.

NORTH WALL, over gallery.
68. To the memory of John HAWKSWORTH, L.L.D. who died the 17th of November 1773, aged 58 years. That he lived useful and ornamental to society, in an eminent degree, was among the boasted felicities of the present age; that he laboured for the benefit of posterity, let his own pathetic admonition at once record and realize. From the Adventurer, No.140. The hour approaches, in which, whatever praise or censure I have acquired by these compositions, if they are remembered at all, will be remembered with equal indifference, and the tenure of them only will afford me comfort. Time, who is impatient to date my last paper, will shortly moulder the hand that is now writing it in the dust, and still the breast that now throbs at the reflection: but let not this be read as something that relates to another; for a few years only can divide the eye that is now reading from the hand that has written. This awful truth, however obvious and however reiterated, is yet frequently forgotten; for, surely, if we did not lose our remembrance, or at least our sensibility, that view should always predominate in our lives, which alone can afford us comfort when we die. Bromley in Kent, Mar. 8, 1754. Also to the memory of Mr Benjamin BROWN, of this Parish, who died 22nd October 1777, aged 66 years; If no shining Qualities adorned his Life, cheerful Integrity and diligent Good-will rendered it always desirable to others, and comfortable to himself. This Monument is inscribed by their sorrowing Relict, and sister M.H.

69. In a vault below lies interred Thomas NEWNHAM Esqre late of Soutborough in this parish who died October 16th 1817 aged 82 years. Also Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary Banister Newnham who died July 11th 1804 aged 23 years also Mary Banister wife of the above Thomas Newnham who died 17th May 1838 aged 91 years.
Arms; Quarterly. I. Or, a cross, sa. surmounted by a bend, arg. a crescent for difference. II. Or, a fesse eng. sa. betw. 3 wolve’s heads couped for HOWE. III. Az. a lion pass. gard. or. for THOMPSON. IV. Or, a fesse betw. 3 martlets sa. for CHADWORTH, Imp. on a chev. or, betw. 3 Saxon’s heads couped at the neck affrontée ppr. wreathed about the temples arg. and az. as many pheons of the field? for WILLIAMS?

70. Juxta hoc marmor sepultus est Thomas RAIKES unus e banei Anglici rectoribus cui annis 1797 et 1798 anxia Republica et Laborante solicite prudenterque proefuit. civis optimus mercator fide, industria, mentisque dotibus insignis, qui etiam cum in omni re coelum respiceret, haudquaquam orbus ant confectus annis, sed aetate ac liberis florens; opes honestissime conquisitas, ubicunque aut religionis incrementum aut hominum postularet miseria prompte ac largiter impendebat obiit 29 Decembris anno Salutis 1814 aetatis 73.

71. Beneath this place, in the vault belonging to his family, are deposited the remains of George RAIKES, Esquire, of Felbridge Park, in the County of Surrey, during many years a Director of the East India Company, withdrawn form public business by premature decay, he exercised through a long and anxious struggle, the faith, the patience, and the hope of a Christian; repaying the love and affection with which he was surrounded, by the example of his own submission to the will of God. He was interred according to his express desire, where his parents rest; in the hope of that resurrection to eternal life, which he had learned from them to look for, as the gift of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord. He was born January 22nd 1785; He died January 16th 1840. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord". Rev. xiv, 13.

72. In a vault near this church are deposited the remains of Sophia Maria, wife of Thomas RAIKES, of Berkeley Square; who departed this life after a short illness, on Thursday the Vth of April, MDCCCX. in the XXVIIth year of her age: leaving an afflicted husband and four infant children, to lament her irreparable loss. "Oh! blest with feelings, person, manners, mind,/Too dearly loved to be so soon resigned,/Forgive the selfish grief which weeps below./And mourns thy passage from a world of woe./ What tho’ a husband’s anguish bids thee stay,/Tho’ friends with sighs and tears obstruct thy way,/Rise, dear Sophia, seek the realms of rest,/And be the angel which thy form exprest/.

73. Near this spot lie the remains of John SCOTT, of London and Gorrenbury in Roxburghshire, M.D. a descendant of the noble family of BUCCLEUGH, who died in July 1785. Also of Jean FOX relict of the above John Scott, and afterwards relict of Charles Fox of Chacomb, co. Northampton, Esquire who died 3rd August 1820. Also their sons, Francis Scott who died an infant in 1768. And Charles Scott of London, M.D. who died in 1794. And of Jane mother of the above John Scott who died in 1767.
Arms: Or, on a bend az. a mullet of 6 points, betw. 2 crescents of the first. Crest: An anchor erect sa., with a cable entwined about it ppr. Motto: "Sperandom".

74. Sacred to the memory of Mary LYNDON, youngest daughter of Richard ASHE Esqr Late of Ashefield, in the County of Meath in Ireland, An upright member of the Parliament of that Kingdom. To her many external Advantages Was added a Sweetness of Countenance, That engaged the Liking of every one who saw her; and was an Index of a Mind Fraught with those exalted Virtues, which She practised in their sublimest Excellence: But which to the World can never be completely known Untill that awfull Day when in the sight of Man and Angels, They will be proclaimed and rewarded. Her soul was transfer’d, by God’s Mercy, To eternal Happiness, On the 27th day of June 1780. Her Body lyes buried in this church-yard. In gratefull and affectionate Sence Of the Blessings He enjoy’d in so virtuous & so amiable a Wife, So faithfull a Friend, & so pleasing a Companion, This Monument is her placed By her disconsolate Husband Willm Lyndon Esqr.

SOUTH WALL, over gallery.
75. Sacred to the memory of Thomas CHASE, Esquire, formerly of this Parish, born in the City of Lisbon, the 1st of Nov 1729; and buried under the Ruins of the same house, where he first saw the Light; in the ever memorable and terrible Earthquake which befell that City, the 1st of November 1755; when after a most wonderful Escape, he by Degrees recover’d from a very deplorable condition, and lived till the 20th of November 1788. Aged 59 years.
Arms: Gu. 4 crosses patonce arg. on a canton or, a lion pass. sa. Crest: A demi lion ramp. sa, holding betw. its paws a cross patonce or.

76. To the beloved memory of Matthew THOMPSON Esqre of Maningham Lodge, Yorkshire A Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant for the West Riding of that County, born at Castleford February 12th 1781 and buried in this churchyard September 28th 1847 aged 66 years. And of Elizabeth Sarah his widow: she died June 20th 1859, and was buried in the same grave as her husband.

77. Sacred to the memory of John SCOTT Esqre late of New Broad St, in the city of London, fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and a member of the Council; Surgeon to the London Hospital and senior surgeon to the Royal London Opthalmic Hospital, only son of James Scott, Esqre of Clay Hill, Beckenham, he was born at Bromley February 20th 1799, and departed this life at Brighton, April 11th, 1846. "By grace are ye saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast". Eph. II. 8.9. Also Susannah Scott, relict of the above John Scott Esqre and third daughter of the late J.F.S. FLEMING ST JOHN, Canon of Worcester, who departed this life January 15th 1863, Aged 69 years.

78. Sacred to the memory of Sir Claude Edward SCOTT, bart. born 15th April 1804, died 27th July 1874. Also of Mary wife of the above born 1st Jany. 1820 died 30th Decr 1844. Their remains are interred in Highgate Cemetery.
Arms: Quarterly I & IV. Per pale ind. arg. and pean, a saltire counter-changed, for Scott. II. Arg. on a chev. sa. 3 quatrefoils or, on a canton vert. a fleur de lis or. for EYRE. III. Per pale gu. and az. a chev. erm. couple closed or. betw. 3 cinquefoils of the fourth, for OMMANEY. On the first quarter the badge of a baronet. Imp. I and IV. Sa. a chev. betw. 3 cross crosslets fitchée arg. for BUCKWORTH. II and III. Arg. a lion ramp. gu. on a chief sa. 3 escallop shells of the field, for RUSSELL. Crest: Out of Park pales, erminois, an arm, erect, vested, per pale indented arg. and gu. cuffed az. holding in the hand a scroll ppr.

79. To the memory of Sir Claude SCOTT (of South Lychet in the county of Dorset) baronet, formerly of Sundridge Park in this Parish; who died March the 27th 1830 in the 88th year of his age, Also of Dame Martha his relict, who died February the 22nd 1831 Aged 82 years. Their remains are deposited in a vault under this Church.
Arms: Scott as I and IV in No.76, and on an escutcheon of pretence, Arg. on a chev. sa. 3 quatrefoils or, a canton vert charged with a fleur de lis of the rhird for EYRE. Crest: As in No.76.

80. Sacred to the memory of Samuel SCOTT of Sundridge Park, in this Parish, Esquire born 20th February 1807 died at Nice, 29th April, 1869. His remains rest in the adjoining churchyard.
Arms: Quarterly I and IV. Scott, II. Eyre, III. OMMENEY, as in No.76 but with a crescent for difference. Crest as No.76.

81. In memory of Sir Samuel SCOTT Bart. of Sundridge Park, in this Parish; who died on the 30th September 1849, in the 77th year of his age. And of Ann (daughter of Edward OMMONEY Esqre) his relict, deceased on the 29th December 1849, aged 82. Their remains are interred in the adjoining churchyard.
Arms: Quarterly. I and IV. SCOTT, II and IIII EYRE, and on an escutcheon of pretence Per pale gu. and az. a chev. erm. couple closed or, betw. 3 cinquefoils of the third, for OMMENEY. Crest: as above.

82. In affectionate remembrance of Charles POTT of Freelands, in this Parish for nearly forty years a constant worshipper in this church, He changed this mortal for immortality February 1st 1864. Full of days and full of honour leaving behind him the blessed memory of a life spent in the humble service of his saviour, and in deeds of Love to all around him. "Now is he numbered among the children of God and his lot is among the Saints". And of Anna, his wife, born May 9th 1788, died Decr 24th 1876.

83. Sacred to the memory of Henry Farquhar SCOTT, second son of Sir Edward Henry Scott, Baronet, born October 19th 1875, killed at Houtkop, South Africa, June 14th 1901, aged 25.
Crest: Out of a Park pales, an arm,erect, vested, cuffed, holding in the hand a scroll.

84. Sacred to the memory of Sir Claude Edward SCOTT, Bart. born 14 July 1840, died 28 June 1880. His remains are interred in the cemetery of Saint Germain-en-laye near Paris.
Arms: I and IV SCOTT. II EYRE, III. OMMENEY. Imp. Arg. a bend az. betw. 3 leopard’s heads gu. for BURNEY. Crest: as above.

85. Sacred to the memory of Sir Edward Henry SCOTT, Baronet, of Sundridge Park, in this parish; born 19th February 1842, died 1st August, 1883.
Arms: I and IV. SCOTT. II. EYRE, III OMMENEY. Imp. Per cross, sa. and or, in the first quarter a quatrefoil arg. for PACKE. Crest: as above.

86. In memory of Henry HERBERT, Esqre of Bromley Common, in this parish; born on the 25th January 1783 died on the 10th March 1864. "Him that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out". John vi-37.
Arms and crest: as No.61.

87. Sacred to the memory of Walter BOYD, of Plaistow Lodge in this parish, Esqr born November 18th 1753, died September 16th 1837 Also to the memory of Harriot Anna Greene GODDARD his wife who predeceased him January 10th 1833, Aged 72 years.
Arms: Az. a fesse cheque, arg. and gu. for Boyd. Impaling, or, a cross eng. gu. for …./. Crest: a dexter hand erect, pointing with the thumb and two fingers, ppr.

88. (A large painted wooden tablet fixed to the back of some pews at the top of the stairs to the south gallery). The Pews beneath are Appropriated to the Sole Use of the Family of the STYLES’s, Ancient Owners of Simpsons-Place in this Parish; now in Possession of ye Lady ELWILL of Langley. Anno 1727*. (*This was once at the east end of the south aisle. – Lyson’s Environs of London, vol. IV, p.313).
Arms: Quarterly. I. Sd. a fesse Or. fretty of the first, betw. 3 fleur de lys of the second, all within a border of the last, for STYLES. II. Arg. a wolf pass. sa. for WOLSTON. III. Arg. 3 turnpikes, sa. another coat of Wolston. IV. Arg. on a chev. sa. betw. 3 goats’ heads erased. Az. as many billets Or. for YARFORD. Crest: a wolf’s head, sa. collared or. the next below the collar of fretty the second Motro: "En esperence je vie".

89. Charity school of Bromley. The several bequests forming the endowment thereof having been placed in the hands of the Trustees of charitable funds. A scheme for their management & application was prepared by the endowed school Commissioners which was approved by Her Majestys Order in Council dated 24th March 1873, by this order the funds are placed under the control of five Govenours one of whom is to be the Vicar of Bromley, for the time being if he consents to serve & the remaining four are to be elected for a period of five years by the Vestry, the funds are to be applied at the discretion of the Govenours for the furtherance of the education of Boys & Girls within the Parish of Bromley according to the rules laid down in the scheme which is deposited in the Parish chest.

90. John LASCOE’s Decayed Tradesmen’s charity fund. The Bequest of Mr John Lascoe, late of this Parish saddler, consists of £2,880 consols, standing in the names of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds under the Charitable Trusts Act 1853, the dividends whereof are to be paid and applied by four Trustees to the relief of Decayed Trades-men, Inhabitants of Bromley to be selected by such Trustees according to certain Rules approved by such Charity Commissioners, copies whereof and the accounts of the charity, are to be from time to time deposited in the Parish Chest.
1854 LATTER, Robinson, decd 1895
1854 ACTON, Samuel Poole, decd 1885
1854 PAYNE, Richard John, decd 1873
1854 INNOUS, John, decd 1859
1859 NASH, John, decd 1880
1873 EATON, Christopher, decd 1876
1876 WALER, James Birch, decd 1892
1880 BAXTER, Wm Walmisley, decd 1900
1885 MORLEY, Thomas, decd 1889
1889 ISARD, Edward, decd 1907
1892 WEEKS, George
1895 PAYNE, Douglas
1898 DUNN, Edward
1907 SHILLOCK, George

Elizabeth LASCOE’s Tradesmen’s widow’s Charity Fund The Bequest of Miss Elizabeth Lascoe, late of this Parish. spinster, consists of £194.11.11 Consols standing in the names of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds under the Charitable Trusts Act, 1853, the dividends whereof are to be divided by the Trustees for the time being of John Lascoe’s Decayed Tradesmen’s Charity Fund in the Parish amongst Four Widows of Master Tradesmen of Bromley to be selected by such Trustees, according to certain Rules, approved by the Charity Commissioners, Copies whereof are to be from time deposited in the Parish Chest. Mr Samuel Poole ACTON of Bromley (late Trustee & Treasurer of the above Fund) by his will dated 15th April 1885, bequeathed £800 to be added to this Fund, which accordingly consists of £982.15.5 consols standing in the names of the said Official Trustees as The Lascoe & Acton Tradesmen’s Widow’s Fund. Note: The Trustees and Managers of the above Charity are according to the Rules to be the same as for John Lascoe’s Fund. For names see adjoining list.

91. Bromley, Kent. The Kent County Association. On Saturday September 10th 1904 in 3 hours and 6 minutes. At the church of SS. Peter and Paul. A peal of Grandsire Triples, 5040 changes. J.J. PARKER’s Twelve-part, Tenor 19¾ cwt. Edward DUNN, Treble. Herbert P. HARMAN 2nd. Thomas GROOMBRIDGE 3rd. Albert HUMPHREY 4th. Thomas HARFORD 5th. George HUXLEY 6th. George DURLING 7th. George SIMPSON Tenor. Conducted by George Durling. Ring with the Bells muffled as a mark of respect For the Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, M.A. who was Vicar of this Parish for nearly 40 years. and was interred on this day. T.C. DEWEY, H.G. DUNN, Churchwardens.

92. Miss Sarah WALLER of Bromley who died Febry 13th 1869 bequeathed the sum of one hundred pounds to the Bromley Benevolent Society & a further sum of one hundred pounds the interest of which is to be distributed annually or otherwise by the Minister and Churchwardens for the time being of the Parish Church at Bromley among the most deserving poor at their discretion.

93. The Rev James Edward NEWELL, M.A. Vicar of this Parish who died in the Year 1880, besides bequeathing the sum of £1,000 to the Trustees of Bromley College, left also the sum of £19.19.0. to the Vicar of Bromley to be distributed among the poor of the Parish. Henry Coles John STAHLSCHMIDT, Bequeathed free of legacy duty to the Vicar and Churchwardens, for the time being of the Old Parish Church of Bromley, Kent £100 Sterling to be invested in 2½ per cent "Goschens" the interest thereon to be paid Yearly at Christmas to a poor Widow exceeding 60 Years of age, a Parishioner of any part of Bromley, Kent. being a communicant of the Church of England. April 1893.

94. This Church was improved in the year 1873 by the erection of a new Reredos, and Pulpit, the restoration of the Font, and the Reseating of the entire Church whereby additional and commodious Seats were provided for the school children. The ancient Arch between the Tower and the interior of the Church was also opened and a new Window inserted in the Tower. The work was accomplished by voluntary contributions. A.G. HELLICAR, M.A. Vicar, W.W. BAXTER, J.M. HOLWORTHY, Churchwardens.

95. A Benefaction Of £1000.19.7. India 3½ per cent Stock for the Augmentation of the Endowment of the Benefice of Bromley was given as a thank Offering by an anonymous Donor, for many years a worshipper in this Church, and was vested in the name of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England on the 3rd August 1909.

96. Mr Robt BOOTH late of this Parish Gent, gave in the year 1796, £100 to the Charity School of this Parish to be added to the stock which stands in the names of Geo. NORMAN Esqr and others, Trustees of the said Charity. Mrs Rebecca Booth Widow and Relict of the said Robt Booth gave in the year 1808 to the Trustees of the said Charity School £100 three per cent Reducd Bank Annuities, upon trust to apply the Yearly Interest thereof in Bread to be distributed on the 2nd Sundays of the months of Janry Febry March Octr Novr & Decr for ever, after Morning Service, in 20 loaves of the value of 6d each, to such poor industrious families resident in this Parish, as do not receive parochial Alms, as the said Trustees shall think proper.

97. The Organ and Stove were placed in this Church by voluntary contributions of the inhabitants in the year 1825. Mrs Martha PIPPET, late of this Parish by her will Dated 19th June 1834 gave out of the Rent of a freehold House lately occupied by her, situate near the White Hart Inn in this town Five Pounds to be paid to the Minister Of this Parish for ever every Christmas to be given in Bread or Coals.

98. Other Benefactions to the Parish of Bromley. Henry KEIGHTLEY of the Parish of Bromley in the County of Kent; by his Last Will and Testament bearing Date the 26th Day of May, 1520. Gave to the said Parish to be Issued out of his Estate at Pope Street in the Parish of Eltham in the County aforesaid Twelve pence to be paid Yearly for ever; towards the Amendment of the Highways within the said Parish of Bromley Mr Richard HOLLINGWORTH Citizen of London, in 1638, Gave a large Silver Chalice and Patine for the Communion Service. The Right Rev. Thomas SPRATT Lord Bishop of Rochester in the year 1705 Gave a Cushion and Cloth of black Velvet and Gold Tabby for the Communion Table, also the Tipe. Pulpit and a Cushion for the same. Mrs Helen Spratt, Relict of the said Lord Bishop of Rochester, Anno 1715, Gave a Silver Gilt Chafe’d Chalice and cover for the Communion Service. Mr Thomas MOORE Gent, By his last Will and Testament, Left a Legacy of Fifty Pounds to the Charity School of Bromley in the County of Kent; in the year 1734. To be paid to the Trustees of the said Charity School, and to be Imployed to the Sole use and Benefit thereof. Mrs Eleanor EMMETT, Widow of Wm Emmett Esq. devised in the year 1739 to the Charity School One Hundred Pounds, and also Forty Shillings Charged on Eight adjoining Houses near the College to be given to the Poor of this Parish by the Church Wardens Annually on St. Andrews Day.

99. The Value and Uses of the Publick Charities and Benefactions in the Parish of Bromley, together with the names of the Several Benefactors. The Right Reverend John WARNER Bishop of Rochester founded ye College for ye Support & Maintenance of Twenty Widows of loyal & Orthodox Clergymen and a Chaplain. The Yearly Salary of every Widow he appointed to be Twenty Pounds; that of the Chaplain Fifty. Sr Orlando BRIDGEMAN and Sr Philip WARWICK two of the Bishops Executors Left one Hundred Pounds each towards the Repairs of the Building, and the Reverend Dr PLUME Arch Deacon of this Diocess another Hundred Pounds for ye Benefit of ye Widows. The Right Reverend John BUCKERIDGE Lord Bishop of Ely did by his Last Will & Testament, give and bequeath the sum of Twenty Pounds to be Employed for some Yearly Benefit for ye Poor of this Parish, with Which and the addition of some little Money besides, a Purchase was made of a House in Nichol Lane, Rented at Fourty Shillings a Year, which Sum, necessary repairs being first deducted, is to be distributed every good Friday (or near that Time) amongst the Poorest and most necessitous Inhabitants. The Reverend George WILSON late Rector of Chislehurse did at his Death leave the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds disposed off in a Purchase. The Annual Income of which he directed to be appropriated to ye Sole use and Benefit of the Charity School for ever. Lancelot TOLSON, late of this Parish Esq; likewise gave the sum of One Hundred Pounds to be dispos’d off in a Purchase with the two Hundred Pounds above-mentioned, for the sole use of the said Charity School.

100. This Church was enlarged in the year 1830, by which means 437 additional sittings were obtained and in consequence of a grant from the incorporated society for promoting the enlargement, building and repairing of churches and chapels, 287 of that number are hereby declared to be free and unappropriated for ever in addition to 70 formerly provided. James Edward NEWELL, A.M. Minister. John WALTER, Thomas Carey PALMER, Churchwardens.

101. The Kent County Association On Tuesday Novr 26th 1895 in 2 Hrs & 58 Mints the following members of the above Association rang in this Tower. A Peal of Oxford Bob Triples 5,040 Changes being the 1st in the method on the Bells. J.J. PARKER’s six part No.10. George SIMPSON, treble. Isaac EMERY, 2. Edward DUNN, 3. John HACK, 4. George DURLING, 5. Percy F. HARMAN, 6. Thomas GROOMBRIDGE, 7. Walter JAMES, Tenor. Conducted by G. Durling. Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, M.A. Vicar. T. DEWEY, D. GRINSTED, Churchwardens.

102. Rang in this Steeple Saturday May 22nd 1880 In Commeration of the Consecration of St John’s Church Bromley By the Societies of Bromley and Greenwich Ringers, HOLT’s original one part peal of Grandsire Triples, Containing 5040 changes. The performance was truly accomplished in 2 hours 53 minutes by the undermentioned persons. J. GOLDS, 1. T. DURLING, 2. T. TAYLOR, 3. J.G. SHADE, 4. E. DUNN, 5. C.E. GOLDS, 6. H.J. SHADE, 7. W. FOREMAN, 8. Conducted by J.G. SHADE.

103. Muffled Peals. The Kent County Association of change ringers. On Thursday Decbr 6th 1906 in three hours & 6 minutes. A Peal of STEDMAN triples 5040 changes HEYWOOD’s Variation of THURSTAN’s 4 Part. Arthur J. POOLE, Treble. John W. WELLS, 2. Thomas. GROOMBRIDGE, 3. Herbert P. HARMAN, 4. Thos. HARFORD, 5. George HUXLEY, 6. George DURLING, 7. Walter JAMES, Tenor. Conducted by George Durling. Revd. D. TAIT, M.A. Vicar. T.K. CROSSFIELD, H.D. DUNN, Churchwardens. This "Peal" was rung as a token of respect to the memory of George SIMPSON, who for many years was a ringer of this Church.

104. Rang in this Steeple On Saturday Octr 4th 1879 by the Bromley & Lewisham Youths, HOLT’s ten-part peal of "Grandsire Triples" 5040 changes in 2 hours 51 mins. J. GOLDS, 1. R. SMITH, 2. C. GOLDS, 3. W. PEAD, 4. W. WEATHERSTONE, 5. G. FREEMAN, 6. H. FREEMAN, 7. W. JAMES, 8. Conducted by W. Weatherstone. Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, Vicar. W.W. BAXTER, T.C. DEWEY, Churchwardens.

105. St Peter and St Paul, Bromley Kent. On Monday the 26 December 1892 in 2 hours and 56 minutes a peal of Grandsire triples 5040 changes (HOLT’s original) was rung in this tower. E. DUNN, 1. E. HUMPHERY, 2. W. FRIGHT, 3. T. DURLING, 4. G. DURLING, 5. F. SANDERS, 6. I. IMERY, 7. G. SIMPSON, 8. Conducted by G. Durling. Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, Vicar. T.W. DEWEY Esq., D. GRINSTEAD Esq. Churchwardens.

106. Ancient Society of College Youths. On Saturday Jan 24th 1891 was rung in this tower, a complete peal of triples on "STEDMAN’s principle", 5040 changes in 2 hours 51 minutes. THURSTON’s one-part Composition. W.H.L. BUCKINGHAM, treble. Herbt P. HARMAN, 2. Challis F. WINNY, 3. Francis L. DAVIES, 4. Fredk G. NEWMAN, 5. Wm E. GARRARD, 6. Fredk J. French, 7. Harry G. FRUIN, Tenor. Conducted by Frederick G. Newman. Rev. A.G. HELLICAR M.A. Vicar. T.C. DEWEY, D. GRINSTED, Churchwardens.

107. The Kent County Association of change ringers. A true & complete peal of STEDMAN triples, 5040 changes was rung in this steeple on Tuesday February 24th 1903, in 3 hours & 2 minutes by the following members. W. WEATHERSTONE, treble. W. SMITH, 2. J.E. DAVIS, 3. J. TOWN, 4. H.P. HARMAN, 5. G. DURLING, 6. T. GROOMBRIDGE, 7. W. JAMES, Tenor. Conducted by H.P. Harman. Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, M.A. Vicar. T.C. DEWEY Esq. H.G. DUNN, Churchwardens. Rung on the occasion of the fiftieth birthday of J. Town.

108. Society of Trinity Youths established 1782. On Saturday November 29th 1890 eight members of the above Society met in this Tower and rang a true and complete Peal of Grandsire triples 5040 changes being HOLT’s Ten-part and accomplished the same in 2 hours 52 minutes. Percy F. HARMAN, treble. William WEATHERSTONE, 2. Thomas DURLING, 3. Edward E. Richards, 4. Thomas TAYLOR, 5. Herbt P. HARMAN, 6. William BEDWELL 7, Walter JAMES, Tenor. Conducted by Herbt. P. Harman. Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, M.A. Vicar. T.C. DEWEY Esq., D. GRINSTED Esq., Churchwardens.

109. Rang in this steeple March 28, 1836 by the Society of Bromley Youths a true Peal of Grandsire Tripples 5040 changes in 3 hours and 1 minute the following are their names. Willm BATEMAN, Treble. Robt ALLEN, 2nd. Richd BATEMAN, 3rd. Richd GOLDS, 4th. Jno GILES, 5th. Jno ALLEN, 6th. Jno SAUNDERS, 7th. Jno GREEN, Tenor. Conducted by Rt ALLEN.

110. Ancient Society of College Youths. On Tuesday, April 15th 1890, in 2 hours 55 minutes, by the following members of this Society. A Peal of Grandsire Triples, 5040 changes. A variation of HOLT’s Ten-part from "The Clavis". Fredk. S. SANDERS, Treble. Thos DURLING, 2. Herbt P. HARMAN, 3. George DURLING, 4. Edwd DUNN, 5. Wm FRIGHT, 6. Harry G. FRUIN, 7. Walter James, Tenor. Conducted by Harry G Fruin. On Saturday May 2nd 1891, in 2 hours 53 minutes, by the undermentioned; also members of the above Society. A Peal of Grandsire Triples, 5040 changes, HOLT’s Ten-part. Fredk S. SANDERS, Treble. Percy F. HARMAN, 2. Edwd DUNN, 3. Thos DURLING, 4. George DURLING, 5. Herbt . HARMAN, 6. James W. WASHBROOK, 7. Harry G. FRUIN, Tenor. Conducted by James W. Washbrook. Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, Vicar. Thos C. DEWEY, Daniel GRINSTED, Churchwardens.

111. Jan ye 7, 1773. The Peal of Bells in this steeple was taken down, Recast & augmented from 5 to 8 on May ye 29th they were finisht. In which a Sett of Youths of Bromley in Kent join’d in Articles to learn to Ring, & on ye 22nd of Septr 1774, they Rung a half quarter Peal of Bob Major which is 5000 & 50 Changes, they completed it in 3 hours & 4 minutes & their names age & Trade is as follows:
Jo COWDREY, Cordweaner 24 Rung ye 1st
Jo CHAPMAN, Carpenter 18 Rung ye 2nd
Jo DAY, Breeches Maker 25 Rung ye 3rd
Jo HEATH, Bricklayer 26 Rung ye 4th
Hry SALE, Carpenter 18 Rung ye 5th
Thos KELLY, Gardener 21 Rung ye 6th
Wm. CARPENTER, Carpenter 23 Rung ye 7th
Wm. COOK, Cordweaner 25 Rung ye 8th
he Call’d the Bob’s, And on the 14th day of Febry 1775, the above said Youths Rung a quarter Peal of Bob Major, which is 10,000 & 80 changes, they completed it in 6 Hours & 13 minutes.

112. Rang in this Steeple. On Monday Novr 19th 1827 By the Society of Bromley Youths A Complete Peal of Grandsire Triples Containing 5040 changes in 3 hours & 1 minute. Performers: Rd GOLDS, Treble. Rt ALLEN, 2nd. Rd CHAPMAN, 3rd. Ge STONE, 4th. Jn GILES 5th. Jn ALLEN, 6th. Jn SAUNDERS, 7th. Jn GREEN, Tenor. Conducted by Rt Allen. The above Society on Thursday Febry 14th 1828 Rang A True & Complete Peal of Bob Major Containing 5040 Changes in 3 hours & 4 minutes. Performers: Rd Golds, Treble. Jn Allen, 2nd. Jn Saunders, 3rd. Rd Chapman, 4th. Rt Allen, 5th, Wm BULL, 6th. Ts PARROTT, 7th. Ge Stone, Tenor. Conducted by Ge Stone. The Above Society on Wednesday March 12th 1828 Rang a True & Complete Peal of Grandsire Triples Containing 5040 changes in 2 hours & 57 minutes. Performers: Rt BATEMAN, Treble. Rd Chapman, 2nd. Rd Golds, 3rd. Rt Allen, 4th. Ge Stone, 5th. Jn Saunders, 6th. Wm Bull, 7th. Jn Green, Tenor. Conducted by Rt Allen.

113. The Kent County Association On Tuesday May 6th 1902 eight members of the above Society rang Gabriel LINDOFFs peal of Kent treble Bob Major containing 5088 changes in 3 hours 14 minutes being the first peal on the bells after being rehung and quarter turned the following were the performers: Rd HIMS, treble. Wm WEATHERSTONE, 2nd. Geo. J.TAYLOR, 3rd. Geo. R. NEWTON, 4th. Jos. TOWN, 5th. Thos. HARFORD, 6th. Jos. E. CRAFT, 7th. Geo. DURLING, tenor. Conducted by G. Durling. Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, M.A. Vicar. T.C. DEWEY, Esqr, H.G. DUNN, Esqr., Churchwardens.

114. Rang Janry the 18th 1816 the Society of Bromley Youths A complete Peal of Grandsire Triples, which is 5040 changes with 190 Bobs & 50 Singles, & was completed in 3 hours & 9 Minutes, by the undermentioned Names: Wm SANGER, 1st. Rd CHAPMAN, 2nd. Geo. STONE, 3rd. Bt. CHAPMAN, 4th. Jno ALLEN, 5th. Wm. CHAPMAN, 6th. Wm FULLER, 7th. Jno GREEN, Tenor. This Peal was Call’d by Wm Chapman. (This tablet was painted by C.T. GILES aged 11).

115. Rang at St Peter’s Bromley. On the 15th January 1817 by the Society of Bromley Youths. A complete Peal of Grandsire Triples which is 5040 changes with the Bells muffled in Commemoration of Wm CHAPMAN, deceased being a ringer in the Parish of Bromley 43 years, and Rang upwards of 60 peals, this Dumb Peal was completed in 3 hours & 6 mints. Thos. GILES, 1st. Rd CHAPMAN, 2nd. Wm SANGER, 3rd. Ge STONE, 4th. Wm KING, 5th. Jno ALLEN, 6th. Wm FULLER, 7th. Jno GREEN, 8th. Being the first Dumb Peal of this kind ever Rang in this Kingdom & Conducted by J. Allen. (Painted by C.T. Giles aged 12).

(On account of space, the genealogical matter only is given; for the benefit of those who require a full copy of any of the inscriptions in the Churchyard, a verbatim MS copy will be placed in the Library of the Soc. of Genealogists).

116. In memory of Thomas YELDHAM. Born Jan. 27, 1819, Died Mar. 27, 1896.

117. Caroline SHEBBEARE, wife of Robert Shebbeare, Esqre, R.N. Nat. Oct. 30, 1786, Obt. Apl. 16, 1844. Also Elizabeth GAYTON, mother of the above and widow of the late Revd George Clark Gayton, curate of Shenfield and Swallowfield in the County of Berks (and forty six years a thankful inmate of Bromley College). Nat. Nov. 12, 1735. Obt. Oct. --, 1818. Also *Mary Ann GAYTON, youngest daughter of the above Revd George Clark Gayton. Died March 13th 1881, aged 85 years.

118. Sacred to the memory of Caroline, for 38 years wife of W. RANSON, Formerly of Thurston, in Suffolk, and late of Bromley, in Kent, Died July 5th, 1863, in her 60th year. "Mark the perfect one, and behold the just, For the end of that one is peace".
*This lady taught the Rt. Hon. W.E. GLADSTONE to read, at a school kept by her and her sisters.

119. Sarah Jane, widow of the Revd John GUILDING, D.D., Rector & Garrison Chaplain of St Vincent, W.I. Died on the 21 June, 1854, aged 79.

120. Beneath this stone are interred the mortal remains of Elizabeth SCOTT wife of Major John Scott of this parish. She was born on the 19th April 1746 and died on the 26th October 1796 in the fifty-first year of her age. Though afflicted for several years with the disorder which put a period to her life She had for many months past been unusually well and cheerful. On Friday, the 21st October while sitting with her husband and two of her children at dinner she was suddenly taken ill. The pain which she suffered was so violent as it was unexpected. She bore it with exemplary fortitude and Christian Resignation And was in full possession of her faculties almost to the last hour of her existence. After taking a most solemn and affectionate leave of her husband and her children After giving her directions and expressing her wishes on every point that had relation to her worldly concerns Remembering at that aweful moment the Poor and Needy To whom she had ever been a generous benefactress. After expressing her humble though confident hope of a blessed Immortality She resigned her soul to the Will of her Creator and expired without a pang, a sigh, on the fifth day of her illness. In a World where none are faultless, perfection is sought in vain, but her Virtues were many, useful and active. She was a faithful and affectionate Wife, a careful and tender Mother, a humane and charitable woman. Her failings whatever they were affected herself alone. Semel Calcanda Via Leti (i.e. the way of death must once be trod).

121. Colonel S. STRATTON, C.B., late of Lenton Priory, Notts, who died at Croydon, 6th of February, 1842, aged 59 years. His distinguished services in the Peninsula and memorable battle of Waterloo obtained for him several Honorary decorations. Inscribed by his afflicted widow.

122. Peter KELK, son of Peter Kelk, of this Parish. Died 20th August, 1741 aged --. (new page in book. No further information)

123. Arthur IBBETSON, son of Denzil Ibbetson, Esqr, Deputy Commissary General. Born 9th May, 1828. Died 12th March, 1843. "Oh, grave, what is there in thy name to fear,/Since none can reach the promised realms of Love/That pass not through thy valley dark and drear,/The only road from Earth to Heaven above./He whose remains lie hid beneath this sod,/Feared not to yield him to the grasp of Death./He gladly left this clay, when called by God,/In Heavenly atmosphere to draw his breath.". D.I.H.I. Also Charlotte Jane, only daughter of the late Rev. Denzil Ibbetson, Rector of Halstead, Kent, who died September 1st, 1851, Aged 61 years.* (*From Reg. Jane Ibbetson, Bromley Coll. Bur. Nov. 27, 1855, aet. 96).

124. William SMITH, Esqre, late of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Died 15th April 1824, aged 51.

125. Mrs Ann LUDLAM, who Died April the 12th 1761, in the 77th year of her age. Also Mrs Elizabeth VADE, sister of the above, who died May 1st, 1770, aged 86 years. Also Mr William Vade. Died Febry 28th 1777, aged 87 years.

126. Mary, daughter of James and Mary SCOTT, who died 13th Octr, 1801, aged 1 year and 7 months. Also of Helen DICKSON, who died 8 Decr, 1828, aged 18 years.

127. Robert Humphreys BUTT, second son of the Revd J.W. Butt, M.A., of this place and Rector of Southery, Norfolk, who died 11 Febry, 1834, in the 19th year of his age. Also Charlotte Butt, mother of the above, who died at Bromley College, 3rd of February, 1856, in the 70th year of her age.

128. Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah RAY, of this parish. Died 12th May, 1840, aged 31 years.

129. Mr Thomas RAY, of this parish. Died 9th July, 1829, aged 50 years. Also Mrs Sarah Ray, wife of the above, who died 30th August, 1840, aged 63 years.

130. Richard, son of Thomas and Sarah RAY, of this parish, who died Novr 5th, 1815, aged 5 years. Also Ann, Daughter of the above, who died May 22nd, 1825, aged 13 years. Also Mary, Daughter of the above, who died April 28th, 1842, aged 21 years.

131. Thomas TELFORD, second son of George Telford, of Widmore, Esqre, who died 28th May, 1819, aged 30 years. Also the above named George Telford, Esqre, who died 27th Decr, 1831, aged 85 years. Also Henry John Telford, Esqre, third son of the above George TELFORD Esqre, who died 10th June, 1859, aged 69 years. Also Sarah Telford, eldest daughter of the above George Telford, Esqre, who died 27th Decr, 1861, aged 80 years. Also Susanna Telford, third daughter of the above George Telford, Esqre, who died 27 Novr, 1862, aged 75 years. Also Sarah Telford, wife of Charles Telford, of Widmore, Esqre. Born 13th October, 1785. Died 6th February 1862. Marian ELLIS, Daughter of Thomas Flower Ellis, Esqre, and Susan, his wife. Born 6th January 1828. Died 27th April 1894. Also of Louisa Ellis. Born 9th April, 1835. Died 18th July, 1898. Of Widmore. Also of Charles Telford, youngest son of the above George Telford, Esqre, who died 26th July, 1876, aged 85 years. Also Mary Anne Telford, second daughter of the above George Telford, Esqre, who died 23rd Novr, 1869, aged 86 years.

132. Mr Edward IRONSIDE, late of the City of London, Banker. He was born at Baunton, in the County of Dorset, the 13th day of May, 1672, and dyed in this parish the 28th day of May, 1737, aged 65 years and 51 days. Also Mary Ironside, wife of the above Edward Ironside. Born January 26th, 1685. Dyed December the 7th, 1738, aged 55 (sic) years. Also Jane, the third daughter of the above Edward and Mary Ironside. Born February 2nd, 1702. Dyed March 11th, 1738, aged 36 years. Also Martha Ironside, daughter of the above Edward and Mary Ironside. Born September the 11th, ----/ Dyed December the 7th, 1752(?), aged --/years.* (*The following references to this family appear in the parish Register, under Burials: John Ironside, 19 August 1741. Robert Ironside, 8 February 1740. Edmund Ironside 21 June, 1740).

133. Charlotte RAY. Died March 17th, 1845, aged 35 years. Also William Robert Ray, Husband of the above. Died February 17th, 1847, aged 40 years. Also Elizabeth Ray, Sister of the above. Died February 11th, 1882, aged 64 years. Also Sarah Ray, Sister of the above. Died December 24th, 1901, aged 83 years.

134. Esther DUNCKLEY. Died May 25, 1839, aged 18 years. (Also others of the name, inscription illegible).

135. Thomas CHASE, Esqre, of this Parish. Died the 20th of April 1754, aged 56 years.

136. John KEMPE, Esqr, of the New Kent Road, son of the late Nicholas Kempe, Esqre, of Chelsea, and descended form a Kingly family anciently seated at Olanley, in the parish of Wye, in this County, and afterwards in Cornwall. Born on the 11th Febry, A.D. 1748, and was for fifty years an Officer of Trust in his Majesty’s Mint. A truly honest Man. Died 1st of June, A.D. 1825. Also to the memory of Blanch STOTHARD, his Infant Granddaughter. Born 29th June, 1822. Died 2nd Feby, 1825. Also Agusta Kempe, daughter of Alfred John Kempe, his son. Born 16th August, 1818. Died 7th July, 1827.

137. Mrs Mary DENNETT. Died 7th March, 1833, in the 86th year of her age. Also Mr James Dennett, son of the above. Died 16th May, 1833, aged 66 years. Also Mrs Rose Dennett, wife of the above. Died 5th July, 1836.

138. Mr Robert Thomas TAYNTON, surgeon, late of this parish, Died at his residence in London, August 21st, 1839, aged 63 years. Also Fanny Caroline ROWLAND, Granddaughter of Robert Thomas and Sarah Taynton. Died 7th Novr, 1834, in the third year of her age. Also Sarah Taynton, wife of Robert Thomas Taynton, of this place. Died Decr 13th, 1819, aged 50 years. Also Robert, son of Robert Thomas & Sarah Taynton. Died July 18th, 1811, in the 9th year of his age.

139. Jane INNOCENT, daughter of John and Elizabeth Innocent. Died September 6th, 1755, aged years.

140. Mrs Maria STANTON. Died January 18th, 1864, in her 31st year. Also Robert Stanton. Died August 3rd, 1875, in his 43rd year. Also Louisa Stanton. Died 2nd day of July, 1878, aged 43 years.

141. Elizabeth TERRY and Thomas Terry, of this parish. Also John Terry, Sarah Terry and Martha Terry, son and daughters of the above. 1821.

142. Mary, wife of Michael Kendall JACKSON, who died June 7th, 1817, aged 59 years. Also Mary Ann, daughter of the above, who died May 12th, 1831, aged 6 years and 10 months. Also Mary JOHNSTON, mother of the above Mary Jackson, who died Octr 10th, 1836, aged 78 years. Also Michael Kendall Jackson, husband of the above Mary Jackson and father of the above Mary Ann Jackson, who died September 13th, 1851, aged 80 years.

143. John INNOCENT, Gent. Died February 5th, 1755, aged 68. Also Elizabeth Innocent, wife of the above, who died August, 1788, aged 77 years. Also Ellonora NORMAN, Daughter of the above, who died 25th of Sept., 1819, aged 80 years, widow of James Norman, Esqre, formerly of this parish, who died in Sept., 1787.

144. William EMMITT, of this parish, Esqr, eldest son of Maurice Emmett, of St Margarets, Westminser, Esqr, by Elizabeth, his wife. Died the 11th of May, 1736, in the sixty seventh year of his age. Also Mrs Ellenor Emmitt, wife of the above, Daughter of John THORNHILL, of the parish of Rossby, in Lincolnshire, Esqr. Died 11 of April, 1737, in the 67 year of her age. Arms: …/a fesse erm. betw. three bulls’ heads caboshed, for Emmett. Imp. …./four bars and a chief. Crest: From a coronet a device bull salient.

145. Mrs Ann KEMP, daughter of Mr James ARROW, of Westminster, and widow of John Kemp, Esq., to whom she was married on the 6th January, 1781. Died 17th March, 1835, aged 89 years and 10 days.

146. Capt. Peter ROLLAND, of the Hon. East India Company’s Service. Died 20th April, 1818, aged 44 years. Mrs Ann Elizabeth Rolland, Relict of the above. Died 26th day of March, 1829, aged 43 years. Also Anne Elizabeth Rolland, Daughter of the above. Born 26th March, 1814, Died 9th April, 1899.

147. John Frederick TUSTIN, Esq., formerly of Fleedyer Street, Whitehall, and late of Bromley, Kent. Died 31st March, 1830, in the 46th year of his age.

148. Stewert ERSKINE, of Bromley Lodge, in the County of Kent, Esquire, a lineal descendant of the noble family of Erskine, Earls of Kellie. Died 31st day of July, 1826, aged 74 years. Also Mary Erskine, wife of above. Died on the 14th day of June, 1837, in her 76th year. Arms: 1 and 4. …/within a double tressure fleury counter fluery, a royal crown, coat of augmentation; 2 and 3 (arg) a pale (sa) for Erskine. Imp …./an eagle displ…./. Crest: on a garb fesse a cock rousant.

149. George Waterloo VEITCH, youngest son of Henry Veitch, Esr, of the Island of Madeira and Margaret Antoinette, his wife. Died 8th August, 1840, aged 23 years.

150. …./Also Ann KING, relict of the late Rev. Richard King, who died 24 Feby, 1790, aged 75 years. Also Fanny, daughter of the above, who died 25 Augt, 1803, aged 54. (A long inscription, but the rest if illegible).

151. John WORSELL, who died 29 Sept., 1771, aged 36 years. Also 4 children, who died in Infancy. Also Elizth DAY, wife of the above John Worsell, who died 20 April, 1783, aged 44 years. Also William day, who died 28th June, 1809, aged 67 years. Also 4 childen, who died in their Infancy.

152. Mr Solomon DEMEZA. Died Nov. ye 24th, 1771, aged 59 years. Also Mr Isaac Demeza, son of above. Died July ye 8th, 1774, aged 37 years. Also Two Twins of the above Mr Isaac Demesa. Also Ann Demeza, wife of the above Mr Solomon Demeza. Died Nov. 27th, 1777, aged 70 years.

153. John Craden COOPER, only son of John and Caroline Cooper, of this parish. Died August 14th, 1855, in his 21st year. Also John Cooper, Father of the above. Died February 14th, 1882, in his 78th year. Also Caroline, widow of the above. Died March 28th, 1891, in her 83rd year. Mary Ann Jane, 2nd dau. of J. and C. Cooper, born 6 September 1832, died 3 February 1902, buried at Fisherton Anger Without, Wilts. Also Elizabeth Cooper, 3rd dau. of above, born 2 September 1837, died 6 December 1921.

154. Mr Edward DANIEL, of this parish. Died 5 Janry, 1821, in his 31st year. Also Mrs Elizabeth EATON, Daughter of the above. Died 18th May, 1841, aged 21 years. Also Mrs Mary Ann Daniel, widow of the abovenamed Edward Daniel. Died 12th April, 1866, aged 85 years.

155. Catherine, wife of James William DAY, eldest son of the late Mr James Day, of this parish, and Mary Ann, his wife, who died April 13th, 1829, aged 35 years, at Orpington, in this county; where her remains re by her desire deposited.

156. Charity, the wife of Willm HALL, of this Parish, who died 10th Decr, 1810, aged 28 years. Also William, their son, who died 18th Novr, 1809, aged 6 months.

157. Mrs Dorothy BOWEN, relict of the Rev. Fernival Bowen, M.A., late Rector of Lethley (?), Yorks, who died the 21st day of December 1818, aged eighty two years. (Also mentions she was in Bromley College).

158. William LEDGER, late of this parish, who died 24th January, 1823, aged 78 years. "Hee who now lies lone beneath this sod/Was ever mindful of his God;/For years he was prepared to die/And leave this world of misery./Though robbed on earth by pretended friends,/Injustice done him, for their selfish ends,/He’s now beyond their power and sphere/As thieves and robbers cannot enter there./But let these wicked beings know/The time will come for them to go/To give account of crimes both great and small,/Before the Lord, the righteous Judge of all,/And there receive their final doom/From whence they never more can come"/.

159. Henry REED, of this Place, Surgeon. Also of Margaret, his wife. He died on the 27th of September, 1800, aged 66 years. She died 24th June, 1766, aged 30 years. Also three of their children, who died in infancy.

160. Elizabeth WELLES. Died Novr 20th, 1784, aged 76. Also Richd Welles, Esqre. Died 10th Jany, 1787, aged 82. Also Ann Welles, aged ../Daughter of the above Richd and Elizth Welles.

161. Mr James KNOWLES, of this parish. Died September 2nd, 1842, aged 63 years. Also Mrs Phoebe Knowles, wife of the above. Died May 10th, 1832, in her 73 year. Also Miss Mary Ann Knowles, Daughter of the above. Died May 27th, 1847, aged 38 years. Also William Knowles, Grandson of the above. Died 16th April, 1853, aged 12 months.

162. Mary, wife of Samuel ADAMS, of this parish. Died January 21st, 1777, aged 47 years. Also Elizabeth Adams, second wife of the above. Died 10th March, 1809, aged 76 years. Also the above Samuel Adams. Died 18th March, 1809, aged 77 years. Also Elizabeth Adams, …/daughter of Samuel Adams. Died 25th Augt, 1848,. aged 82 years.

163. Mr Joseph NASH, late of this parish. Died 9th June, 1847, aged 70 years. Also of Benjamin Nash, Brother of the above, late of this parish. Died 18th March, 1860, aged 82 years. Also of Susanna CAVE, niece of the above. Died 6th December, 1880, aged 66 years.

164. Mr William TEW, late of South Barrow, in this Parish. Died June 8th, 1779, aged 72 years. Also Mrs Jane Tew, wife of the above. Died February, 1781, aged 48 years.

165. Mr John GREENSLADE, of the parish of St James, Westminster. Died 20th August, 1816, aged 47 years. Also Elizabeth SHORTER, wife of William & Elizabeth Shorter, of this Parish. Died 4th June, 1795. Also William Shorter, father of the above. Died 23rd April, 1796, aged 56 years. Also Elizabeth, wife of William Shorter. Died 27th January, 1816, aged 74 years.

166. Charles Cox MACE, late of Blockley, Worcestersh. Died 21st January, 1834, in the 20th year of his age.

167. Love GUNN, son of Cornet William Gunn, of the Inneskilling Dragoons. Died the 2nd of October, 1761, aged 5 years and 3 months.

168. William Wallace ALLEN, who died October 24th, 1876, aged 2 years and 2 months.

169. Mrs Margaret MILLICENT, late of this Parish. Died 10th August, 1798, aged 68 years.

170. Langdon McMurdo ROGERS, late H.E.I.C.S. Born February 24th, 1804. Died February 17th, 1878. Also Harriette S. Rogers, wife of the above. Born December 13th, 1824. Died December 12th, 1884. Also Walter Leslie Rogers. Born November 17th, 1861. Died January 8th, 1863.

171. Mr Thomas SHEARMAN. Died the 26th Sept., 1801, in the 71st year of his age.

172. Mr James CUTBUSH, of this Parish, Who died December 23rd, 1824, aged 39 years. Also Mrs Sophia Cutbush, Wife of the above. Died September 1st, 1825, in the 31st year of her age.

173. Robert MESSENGER, who died at Bromley, Novr 6th, 1886, aged 70 years. Also Eliza Anne Messenger, widow of Robvt. Messenger, died 15 August 1922, aged 90.

174. Thomas WILSON, who died 12th April, 1825, aged 42 years.

175. Mr James WILSON, late of this Parish. Died 25th June, 1803, aged 65 years. And of Sarah, his wife. Died April 6th, 1820, in the 77th year of her age. Also of John, their son, who died July 2nd, 1814, in the 37th year of his age.

176. Mr Edward COOPER, late of The Stock Exchange Coffee House, London. Died 5 April, 1812, aged 49 years.

177. John ROBERTS, of this parish. Died September the 17th, 1757. (Rest illegible).

178. Richard BATES, late of this Parish. Died the 24th of March, 1796, aged 70 years. Also Jane Bates, wife of the above. Died 27th March, 1779, aged 44 years.

179. Mr Jasper JAMESON, late of this parish. Died Novr the 9th, 1808, aged 68 years. Also Mrs Mary Jameson, wife of the above. Died Sept. the 20th 1824, aged 80 years.

180. Mary, wife of William MORUM. Died 5th March, 1856, aged 57 years. Also Mary Ann JENNINGS, Daughter of the above. Died 15th March, 1856, aged 29 years. Also William, Husband of the above Mary Morum. Died 10th Oct. 1880, aged 77 years. Also Elizabeth, second wife of the above. Died 26th Jan. 1881, aged 47 years.

181. Here lies the body of Hannah NETTLETON, who died the 5th of October, 1764, aged 76. Also of her sister, Mrs Mary Nettleton. Died 21st of July, 1768, aged 82.

182. Thomas STURT, son of William and Sarah Sturt, late of Penshurst. Died November 25th, 1810, aged 31 years.

183. Mr William JOHNSON Died 20th of November, 1837, aged 30 years.

184. Christopher HARTLEY. Died 28th March, 1808, aged 76.

185. Mr Abraham HAYES. Died August 5, 1816, aged 35 years.

186. Mrs Margarett SPARROW, late wife of Jonathan Sparrow, of the Parish of St Mary, Rotherhithe. Died 26th Day of December, 1797, aged 52 years.

187. Robert Barber BURTON. Died 2nd July, 1885, aged 74 years. Elizabeth, wife of the above. Died 22nd August, 1868, aged 62 years. Ellen, Daughter of the above. Died 18th May, 1856, aged 12 years. Charles Edwin, youngest son of the above. Died 19th November, 1909, aged 60 years.

188. Mr Thomas NASH. Died 3rd January, 1837, aged 72 years. Also Clara Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth NASH, who died 16th May, 1868, aged 6 years. Norah Gwendoline, Daughter of George and Emma Nash. Died April 30th, 1896, aged 7 months. Edward Thomas Nash. Died April 22nd, 1902, aged 74 years.

189. Mr John GRUBB. Died 21st of April, 1846, aged 48 years. Also Anne, widow of the above. Died 20th of January, 1897, in the 93rd year of her age.

190. Mrs Edith GOATLY, late of this parish. Died December 11th, 1853, in the 68th year of her age. Also Elizabeth MINIFIE, sister of the above. Died January 18th, 1873, aged 88. Also Louisa Therisa DE VEAR. Died December the 11th, 1888, aged 72. Also Ann CONDELL, daughter of the above named Edith Goatly. Died May 11th, 1892, in her 82nd year.

191. Mr Jonathan TANDY, late of this parish. Died 29th March, 1805, aged 75 years. John WALKER, Esqre, Died 10th August, 1856, aged 77 years. Mrs Elizabeth Walker, wife of the above. Died 27th December, 1816, in her 33rd year. Edward Henry Walker, child of the above. Died 25th December, 1816, aged 17 days. Also of Mrs Mary Walker, second wife of the above and eldest daughter of the late Richard ARNOLD, Esqre, of Cester-Over, in the County of Leicester. Died 11th January, 1861, aged 84 years.

192. Mary WALTON, wife of William Walton, of Penge, Surrey. Died September 6th, 1836, aged 29 years. Also James Walton, son of the above. Died July 5th, 1835, aged 2 months. Also Mr James TAPE, Father of the above Mary Walton. Died the 16th of Febry, 1839, aged 75 years. Also Mrs Ann Tape, Relict of the above. Died 18th September, 1846, aged 74 years.

193. Mr Robert AYLING. Died 26th Febry, 1839, aged 59 years. Also of Mary Ann Ayling, wife of the above. Died 5th October, 1864, aged 79 years.

194. Mrs Mary POWELL, wife of Mr William Powell, Senr. Died 30th December, 1830, aged 75 years. Also the above Mr William Powell. Died 2nd July, 1838, aged 81 years.

195. Catherine, wife of Thomas TOWNSEND formerly of this parish. Died the 10th of Octr, 1800, aged 44 years. Also the above Mr Thomas Townsend, late of the Bricklayers Arms, Old Kent road. Died the 13th of April, 1805, aged 50 years. Also eleven of their children.

196. Joseph SPARKES, Director of the Honl E.I.C. Died 3rd February, 1790, aged 57. Mary, his wife. Died 30th January, 1794, aged 52.

197. Harriet, wife of Joseph SPARKES, 3rd son of Joseph & Mary Sparkes. Died 14th August, 1808, aged 38.

198. George SPARKES, Esqr, of Bromley, Kent, late of the Madras Civil service, India. Died January 30th, 1878, in the 67th year of his age. Also of Emily, widow of the above and afterwards the wife of Denis John DOWLING, Esq. Died March 23rd, 1900, aged 81 years.

199. Mary, wife of John COSTIN, of this parish. Died March 16th, 1822, aged 73 years. Also the above said John Costin. Died June 19, 1833, aged 84 years.

200. Joseph Holland SIMMS. Born 11th August, 1775. Died 11th May, 1816.

201. William APTED, who died July 31st, 1797, aged 27 years.

202. Richard RAWES. Died 23rd August, 1814, aged 72 years. Mary Rawes, widow of the above. Died 28 September, 1831, aged 3./ years. Richard Joseph, the …../son of Richard & Harriet Rawes. Died 12th May, 1815. Harriet Mary, daughter of the above Richard & Harriet Rawes. Died 3rd Novr, 1825, aged 5 months and 5 days.

203. Robert Booth RAWES, M.A., *eldest son of Richard & Mary Rawes. Died Oct. 21, 1841, aged 56 years. William Thompson Rawes, youngest son of Richard & Mary Rawes. Died Novr. 30, 1842. (*It is believed locally that he was the original of Pickwick).

204. Harriet, wife of Captn Richard RAWES, of the Honble E.I.C. service. Died Novr 30th, 1828, aged 38 years. Also of Richard Joseph & Harriet, their children, who died in their infancy.

205. Captn Richard RAWES, of the Honble E.I.C. Service. Died Septr 24th, 1831, aged 44 years.

206. Thomas BATE, son of James & Frances Ann Bate, formerly of this Parish. Died June 11th, 1829, aged 18 years.

207. Richard TAPE, of this Parish. Died 17th Janry, 1788, aged 52 years. Also Mary Tape, widow of the above. Died 10th Octr, 1812, aged 73 years. Also Thos. Tape, son of the above. Died the 19th Octr, 1783 aged 4 years and 6 months.

208. Mr John TAPE, of this Parish. Died December 10th, 1819, aged 45 years. Also Mr Richard Tape. Died October 18th, 1828, aged 34 years. Also Caroline Mary, Wife of Wm BATEMAN. Died March 26th, 1853, aged 56 years. Also William James, son of the above Caroline and Wm Bateman. Died February 5th, 1875, aged 43 years.

209. Thomas AYLING, of this parish. Died 19th June, 1884, age 79 years. Also Mary Ayling, his wife. Died 23rd January, 1882, age 72 years. Also Robert Ayling, son of the above. Died at Canterbury, New Zealand, 25 April, 1899, age 64 years. Also Mary Ann Ayling, daughter of the above. Died 9th March, 1904, age 69 years.

210. Mr John COSTIN, of Masons Hill, Died the 11th May, 1842, aged 54 years. Also Sarah Costin, wife of the above. Died July 19th, 1866, aged 85 years. Mrs Elizabeth Ayling, of this parish. Died 17th March, 1830, aged 88 years. Also Mrs Ann WAYTE, Daughter of the above. Died 25th July, 1837, aged 63 years. Also Mr Henry BARRETT, son of Richard and Jane Barrett, of this Parish. Died 13th November, 1848, aged 40 years.

211. Edward WREN. Died Janry 9th, 1842, aged 50 years. Also Sarah Wren, Relict of the above. Died March 16th, 1846, aged 61 years.

212. Mrs Sarah POWELL, wife of Mr William Powell, junr. Died 9th August, 1837, aged 43 years. Also the above Mr William Powell. Died 29th September, 1842, aged 52 years. Also of Mrs Sarah Powell, wife of Mr Thomas Powell, Brother of the above. Died 14th February, 1849, aged 51 years. Also of the abovenamed Mr Thomas Powell. Died Septr 9th, 1853, aged 59 years.

213. Robert ELLSON, late of this Parish. Died August 28th, 1828, aged 71 years. Also Elizabeth Ellson, wife of the above. Died March 28th, 1845, aged 85 years. Also George DOE, Grandson of the above. Died September 12th, 1884, aged 64 years. Also Harriet Maria Doe, wife of the above. Died August 22nd, 1889, aged 69 years.

214. Bel MOYSEY, Esqre, who died Febry 5th, 1839, aged 61. Also Ann, his wife, who died at St Leonards on Sea, May 13th, 1846, aged 54.

215. Elizabeth, wife of Edward COSTIN, of this parish. Died Octr 20th, 1824, aged 71 years. Also the above Edward Costin. Died April 10th, 1828., aged 76 years.

216. Ann FISH. Died April 25th, 1797, aged 75 years. Also Samuel Fish. Died Nov. 5th, 1806, aged 79 years. Also Ann GOODFELLOW, Daughter of the above Ann FISH. Died 12th Decr, 1839, in her 89th year.

217. Thomas Edward, son of John, Husband of Jane HARRIS. Died June 9th, 1897, aged 50 years.

218. Mrs Eleanor Mary HARRIS, wife of Mr James Harris, of this parish. Died September 16th, 1842, aged 28 years. Also Jane Harris, wife of Mr John Harris. Died Dec. 10th, 1846, aged 34 years. Also Mary Harris, wife of Mr Charles Harris. Died Nov. 23rd, 1848, aged 47 years. Charles Harris, died 23 January 1824, aged 46. Also Elizabeth Harris, widow of above, died 20 Oct. 1836, aged 55. Also 4 of their children who died in infancy. Also Geo. Harris, eldest son of above, died 6 September 1859, in his 54th year. Also Jane, wife of Geo. Harris, died 1 November 1884, aged 78.

219. Mrs Sarah WEBB. Died Octr 5th, 1865, aged 80 years. Also John Webb, husband of the above. Died Octr 21st, 1871, aged 82 years. Also Mary Webb. Died April 26th, 1825, aged 7 years. And Elizabeth Webb. Died Octr 7th, 1832, aged 10 years, children of the above.

220. Charles PAYNE, son of Richard John and Elizabeth Payne, of the parish. Died 12th Nov. 1850, in the third year of his age.

221. Elizabeth Ann Dorothy, child of Alfred DAVISON and Elizabeth HALL. August 1st, 1886, aged 18 months.

222. Thomas TURNER, son of John and Elizabeth Turner, of this Parish. Died 15th September, 1823, aged 5 years. Also Caroline, Daughter of the above. Died 23rd May, 1824, aged 10 months.

223. William SANDERS. Died April the 2nd, 1796, aged 82. Also Mrs Martha Sanders, wife of the above. Died the 28th of October, 1819, aged 78 years.

224. Mary Isabella ORMISTON. Died 15th Day of Febry, 1810, aged 40 years.

225. Ann DOLLERY, late wife of Willm Dollery. Died April 28th, 1787, aged 47 years. Also Virgil Dollery, son of Willm and Ann Dollery. Died December 29th, 1799, aged 28 years. Willm Dollery. Died June 12th, 1819, aged 78 years.

226. Charles Sackville RAWSTONE. Died the 4th of August, 1831, aged 32 years.

227. Mrs Mary HARRISON, late of Widmore, in this parish. Daughter of Thomas & Sarah Harrison, of Lilburn, Derbyshire. Died 1st January, 1838, aged 72 years.

228. Matthew THOMPSON, Esq., of Mannington Lodge, Yorkshire. Died at Hastings the 23rd day of September, 1847, in the sixth-seventh year of his age. Elizabeth Sarah, widow of Matthew Thompson and daughter of the Revd. William and Mary ATKINSON, of Thorparch, Yorkshire. Died in Dorset Place, London, the 20th June, 1859.

229. Thomas Carey PALMER, of Clay Hill, Beckenham, and late of this parish. He died 24th March, 1839, aged 67. And of Elizabeth Rebecca Palmer, his wife. Died the 9th February, 1856, aged 74.

230. Edward James, son of the late Charles Furlong WISE, Esq., of the New Forest, Hants. Died Novr 287th, 1841, aged 9 years.

231. James ALEXANDER, son of the late William and Mary Alexander, of this Parish, who died 6th June, 1839, aged 40 years.

232. Joseph ALEXANDER, formerly of this Parish and late of Old Jewry, in the City of London. Died 5 day December 1828, in the 60 year of his age. Also Caroline, only daughter of Joseph & Caroline Alexander. Died 13 day of November, 1824, aged 24 years. Also Caroline, wife of Joseph Alexander, and youngest daughter of Obadiah & Sarah ELLIOT, of Ringmere, in the County of Sussex. Died 24th April 1832, aged 53 years.

233. Mr William VOUSDEN. Died 9th April, 1839, aged 39 years. Also Sarah, Relict of the above. Died 21st November, 1860, aged 61 years. Also James, eldest son of the above. Died at Agra, East Indies, September 6th, 1846, aged 23 years. The stone is erected by the surviving children of the above William and Sarah, A.D. 1861. Also Kate, wife of Lieut. Vousden. Died at Canterbury, 2 July, 1861, aged 33 years. Buried 6 July.

234. Mary, wife of John WOOD, of this parish. Died 29th Decr, 1778, aged 28 years. Also George, their son. Died an infant. Also John Wood, Eldest son of the above. Died 9th Nov, 1782, aged 10 years.

235. (The top of this stone is broken). Also of the abovenamed Richard LUNN, April 26th, 1847, aged 57 years. (On footstone) M.A.L. 1833. E.L. 1839. R.L. 1847*. (*From Registers: Mary Ann Lunn, of Plaistow. Buried 10 March, 1833, aet. 42. Elizabeth Lunn, of Plaistow. Buried 13 Octr, 1839, aet. 24).

236. Jane, wife of William WELLER, Daughter of John and Jane WALDRON, of this parish. Died December the 22nd 173-/ in the --/year of her age.

237. Maria, the beloved wife of William GREENBROOK. Died 6th March, 1866, aged 38 years. Also John, son of the above. Died 12th May, 1865, aged 9 months.

238. Jabez CARPENTER, of this parish. Died 22nd April, 1847, in his 69th year. Also Charity, wife of the above. Died 14th May 1840, in her 61st year. Also their daughter Matilda. Died 1st July, 1823, in her 9th year.

239. Nicholas ALEXANDER, late of this Parish, died 17th April, 1799, aged 66 years. Also Elizabeth Alexander, Relict of the above, died 11th Novr, 1805, aged 66 years.

240. Ann, daughter of Nicholas and Mary Alexander, who died 22nd August, 1792, aged 25 years. Also Mrs Elizabeth STONE, sister of the above, who died 3rd January, 1833, in the 69th year of her age.

241. Mary, wife of Nicholas ALEXANDER, of this Parish, died February the 12th, 1769, aged 40 years. Also James, son of ye above who died in infancy. Also Harriet Ursula Alexander, who died February the 20th, 1779, in the 4th year of her age.

242. Mrs Mary MITCHELL, daughter of Nicholas and Mary ALEXANDER, died 7th August, 1814, aged 56 years. Also Mary Alexander Mitchell, daughter of the above, of St Paul’s, Deptford, died June 1st, 1824, aged 37 years.

243. Mary, wife of William ALEXANDER, died 30th June, 1827, aged 64 years. Also the above, William Alexander, died 26th Octr, 1827, aged 69 years. Also Harriet, eldest daughter of William and Elizabeth Alexander, of this Parish, and granddaughter of the above, William and Mary Alexander, died 13th Octr, 1859, in the 15th year of her age. Also William, son of the above-named, William and Mary Alexander, died 28th March, 1859, in the 54th year of his age. Also Elizabeth, Relict of the above William Alexander, died 12th August, 1861, in the 43rd year of her age.

244. David BACHERARD, died 20th May, 1797, aged 66 years, who was long a faithful servant to Andw HARRISON, of this Parish, Esqre. Also Mary MERRY, died the 15th Octr, 1810, aged 68 years.

245. Lucy Isabella MERCIER, died 20th March, 1866, in her 87th year. Also Mary Ann, sister of the above, died 2nd March, 1873, aged 90.

246. (First part indecipherable). Richard COOPER, his brother, died 7th August, 1801, aged 24 years. Also Elizabeth Cooper, the daughter of Thos Cooper, died 6th August, 1810, aged 13 years and 4 months.

247. James GOLD, of this Parish, died Jany 29th, 1842, aged 60 years. Also Charles James, eldest son of the above James Gold and Elisabeth his wife, died at Calcutta, in the East Indies, on the 7th Decr, 1842, aged 29 years. Also Elizabeth Gold, Relict of the above, died 26th February, 1859, aged 67 years.

248. William PAYTON, the only son of William and Mary Payton, of the Albion Hotel, at Broadstairs, Kent, died August 10th, 1818, aged 18 years. He was a most dutiful son, and an affectionate brother. He sustained his sufferings with patience and died in peace prepared to meet his God.

249. Mr BOOTH-HIBBERT, died 13th July, 1818, aged 63 years. Also two of his Grandchildren, who died in their infancy. Mrs Mary Hibbert, Relict of Mr Booth Hibbert, died 23 June, 1821, aged 73 years.

250. Mr William CLANCY, died 19th February, 1823, aged 48 years.

251. Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Sarah MATTHEWS, of this Parish, died 18th April, 1829, aged 3 years and 1 month.

252. Ann WARD (eldest daughter of Matthew Ward of Spilsby, co. Lincoln), late of the Strand, London, died July 28th, 1823, in the 63rd year of her age. This stone is erected by her sorrowing friends, J. & A.C. DUNKIN, That when the nettle shall skirt its base, the moss shall obliterate the inscription, and the Hillock sink level with the surrounding sod, Their children may recognise the spot where rests the remains of their affectionate and sincere benefactress. In the adjoining grave reposes the body of John DUNKIN, of Bicester, in the County of Oxford, who died suddenly November 12th, 1823, in the 84th year of his age.

253. Francis Pitney MARTIN, Esqr, late of Old Jewry, London, and Bromley, County Kent, died the 24th day of September, 1818, aged 59 years, 11 months and 21 days.

254. John JENNER, died January 8th, 1861, in the 30th year of his age.

255. Richard CRAKER, son of Richard and Ann Craker, died Octr 26th, 1839, in the 22nd year of his age. Also Ann Craker, wife of Richard Craker, died Octr 14th, 1844, in the 50th year of her age. Also Richard Craker, died June 17th, 1868, in the 79th year of his age.

256. Mr Daniel LOAT, of this Parish, died the 11th August, 1832, in his 51st year. Also of Daniel, eldest son of the above, died the 15th August, 1835, in his 22nd year.

257. John PARKER, died 4th November, 1860, aged 28. Also Amelia BALCOMB, died 6th March, 1874, aged 62 years. Erected by K. and P. DOTTER.

258. John HUTCHINSON, died 7th May, 1876, aged 66 years. Also of Mary, his wife, died 10th March, 1880, aged 69 years

259. Mrs Elizabeth BIGSBY, wife of Mr Geoe. Bigsby, died May 10th, 1829, aged 22 years. "Can I exemption plead when death/Projects his awful dart/Can medicine prolong my breath/Or virtue shield my heart./Ah, no! then smooth the mortal hour/My hope on thee demands/Protect one by Thy Mighty Power/While dust to rest descends".

260. Robert TABOR, Citizen and Fishmonger, late of Leadenhall Market, London, died the 16th day of Octr, 1795, aged 31 years. Also, his only son, Robert Tabor, died July the 16th, 1800, aged 8 years.

261. Mrs Ann SMITH, died 8th February, 1811, aged 77 years.

262. Margaret SMYTH, Relict of Richard Smyth, Esq, late of Falmouth, died 22nd of February, 1783, aged 60 years.

263. Mr William JONES, died the 20th day of May, 1828, in the 52 year of his age. Also Mrs Mary Jones, wife of the above, died September 22nd, 1847, in the 68th year of her age. Also George Henry COCKS, …../ of the above, died Janry 20th, 1843, in the 43rd year of his age. Also Jemima Rock Cocks. (Fourth daughter of the above George Henry COCKS). Died November 11th 1849, aged 14 years. Also Mary Ann Rock Cocks, eldest daughter of the above George Henry Cocks. Died October 28th, 1850, aged 25 years. Also Mary Ann Rock RICHARDS, eldest daughter of the above William and Mary JONES. Died July 1st, 1853, in the 49th year of her age.

264. Mr Robert ALLEN. Died 14th May, 1846, aged 40 years. Also Mary Helen Allen, grand-daughter of the above. Died 10th July, 1877, Aged 7 years.

265. Martha, wife of John WALTER of this Parish, Whitesmith. Died 4th July, 1810, aged 30 years. James Painter Walter, son of James and Mary Ann Walter. Died 10th May, 1840, aged 4 weeks. Ellen Jane, daughter of James and Mary Ann Walter, Died 11th July, 1845, aged 3 years. Emma, daughter of James and Mary Ann Walter. Died Novr 2nd, 1845, aged 6 months. The above named John Walter. Died Jany 13th, 1848, in his 73rd year. Mary Ann, wife of James Birch Walter. Died Septr 20th, 1858, aged 53 years. Marianne Walter, eldest daughter of the above. Died 11th January, 1871, aged 35 years. James Birch Walter. Died Octr 30th, 1891, aged 86 years. Grace Martha Walter, daughter of the above. Died January 10th, 1900.

266. Sarah, wife of Mr Robert TAYLOR of this Parish. Died 27 July, 1837, in the 43rd year of her age. Also Sarah, daughter of the above. Died 11th August, 1839, in the 11th year of her age.

267. William MENISH, Esqre. Died 6th April, 1813, aged 79 years. Sarah, Relict of William Menish, Esqre. Died 6th April, 1813, aged 79 years.

268. Margaret ILOTT. Died 2nd June, 1811, aged 23 years. Thomas Ilott. Died 13th November, 1849, aged 69 years. Cyril Ilott. Died 30th Jan, 1855, aged 9 months. Mary Ilott. Died 4th August, 1876, aged 91 years. Christiana, wife of Thomas Ilott. Died 28th March 1865. Mary Catherine, only daughter of the above. Died January 4th, 1893, aged 75.

269. Mr Thomas NOTT, of this Parish. Died 7th Febry, 1819, aged 72 years. Also The Rev. John BROWNING, late Minister of Bethel Chapel, in this place, who was suddenly taken ill while preaching on the 25th of Novr, 1827. Died the 1st of Decr following in the 71st year of his age. Also Mrs Elizth Browning, widow of the above. Died 30th April, 1833, aged 77 years.

270. John HALL, died 29th June, 1891, aged 93 years. Through a long course of years he devoted time and toil ungrudgingly to the relief of the wants of others, and showed himself a true philanthropist; help for his declining years was gladly rendered by his fellow Parishioners grateful for the example of simple faith and loving deeds. Also Sarah, wife of the above. Died 9th August, 1887, aged 90 years. Also Harriet, daughter of the above. Died 23rd December, 1836, aged 7 months. Also Sarah, daughter of the above. Died 2nd May, 1847, aged 15 years.

271. Miss Temperance GREGG (daughter of John and Dorothy Gregg), late of the Parish of St Martins Vintry. Died 25th April, 1770, in the seventh year of her age. Also Edward SNOXELL. Died Sept 19th, 1775, aged 4 years and 2 months. Footstone to next grave of which the headstone has disappeared has: J.G. 1764, D.G. 1779*. (*Register: John Gregg from London. Bur. 2 Jan. 1755. Dorothy Gregg from London. Bur. 13 Sept. 1779).

272. Mr Samuel ABBOTT. Died March 4th, 1776, aged 27 years.

273. John PAINE. Died June 28th, 1801, aged 50 years. Also John MAKEFEILD. Died Novr 10th, 1807, aged 52. Also Sarah Makefeild, Relict of the above. Died 20 Feby, 1810, in the 88th year of her age. Also of James EAVES. Died Feby 23rd, 1824, aged 20 years. "I was called away just in my bloom./It was the will of God to be done/I hope with God in Heaven I shall rest/And with my Saviour ever blest".

274. Mrs Ann MILLAR, of this Parish. Died June 7, 1822, aged 78 years.

275. Amy MARYAN. Died June 6th, 1871, in the 62nd year of her age. She was a kind and devoted daughter to an aged mother. "Earth’s fleeting joys she counted naught,/For higher truer joys she sought;/And now with angels round the throne,/Unfading reassures are her own"./ Eleanor Maryan, mother of the above. Died December 15th, 1854, in the 84th year of her age.

276. William MORTIMER. Died January 19th, 1886, in his 77th year.

277. James BOURNE. Died 9 July, 1883, aged 50 years. Also Rebecca Bourne, born 1831, died 1921.

278. Mrs Ann OWEN, wife of Mr Richard Owen, of this Parish. Died 18th December, 1836, in her 52nd year. "O may I stand before the Lamb,/When earth and seas are fled/And hear the Judge pronounce my name,/With blessings on my head"./ Also the above Mr Richard Owen. Died 14th December, 1842, in his 55th year.

279. Charlotte WELCH. Died 15th May, 1822, aged 62 years.

280. Elizabeth PHILIPS, wife of Benjamin Philips of Bromley, Kent. Died July 24th, 1836, aged 51 years.

281. Elizabeth REVETT, widow. Died March the 30th, 1816, aged 77 years. Also her only daughter, Hannah, wife of Thomas SAMMONS. Died 16th April, 1832, aged 62 years. Also of the above-named Mr Thomas Sammons. Died November 9th, 1846, aged 86 years.

282. Elizabeth SPRATT. Died February 14th, 1841, aged 75 years. Also of Sophia ARDERN. Died July 3rd, 1869, aged 73 years. Also Maria Spratt, daughter of the above Elizabeth Spratt, who died Feby 3rd 1873, aged 72 years.

283. Omne quod e et Mortis. Here lyeth intered the body of John S……/of Bromly, Gent …./who died the 16th day of March Anno. Dom. 1635 ……/Mary his wife, by whom he had the 3 sons, John Edward and ……….…/and one daughter ……../."Within this tombe interr’d doth lye/A Relique of mortality./The Holy Soul that did inherit/This house of clay, is now a spirit/To heaven gone, and there it is/Possessed of Eternall bliss".

284. Mr William MUFFETT. Died July 8th, 1817, aged 52 years. Also Mrs Susannah Muffett, wife of the above. Died May 16th, 1836, aged 62 years. Also James Muffett, son of the above. Died in his infancy. Also Rebekah Muffet, daughter of the above. Died 5th April, 1841, aged 43 years. Also Mary Muffett, daughter of the above. Died 14th December, 1868, aged 69 years. Also Sarah Muffett, daughter of the above. Died January 16th, 1885, aged 71 years.

285. Anne, wife of Charles MUFFETT. Died 15th Septr, 1862, aged 42 years. Also Ellen Muffett, daughter of the above. Died 25th November, 1862, aged 7 years, 3 months. "Have they not reason to rejoice!/Whose sins have been forgiven./Call’d by a Gracious Father’s voice,/To be the Heir of Heaven./Their toils are past, their work is done,/And they are fully blest./They fought the fight, the victory won,/And enter’d into Rest./Then let our sorrows cease to flow,/God has recalled his own/But let our hearts in every woe,/Still say Thy Will be done"./ Also Anne Susan NIGHTINGALE daughter of the above. Died 7th Feby, 1880, aged 32 years. She knew in Whom she had believed, and after long bearing the cross, is now wearing the crown. Also Charles Muffett. Died 10th Septr, 1883, aged 68 years. "Though Thou has called me to resign/What most I prized, it ne’er was mine,/I only yield Thee what was Thine,/Thy Will be done"./ Also Vernon Meade MUFFETT, grand-child of the above, who died 4th November, 1883, aged 6 months and three weeks.

286. (Headstone broken in half) ……Joshua GREEN, late of this Parish. Died 31st of June, 1761, aged 57 years. Also Elizabeth Green, Relict of the above. Died the 23rd of April, 1799, aged 85 years. Also John MAIN, Ann and Elizabeth, daughers of the above. Likewise Ann ASBRIDGE, sister of the above Joshua Green. Died the 1st of April, 1794, aged 53 years*. (*Her age is given as 54 in the Register).

287. William Sewell SHUTTLEWORTH, of Plaistow Hall, in this Parish. And of 34 Fenchurch Street, London. Died November 12th, 1863, in the 61st year of his age.

288. Caroline, daughter of David and Caroline HINCHLIFFE. Died May 26th, 1864, aged 18 years. Also David, father of the above. Died Jany 17th, 1881, aged 75 years. Also Caroline, his wife. Died Feby 17th, 1887, aged 78 years.

289. Margaret THOMPSON. Died 11th August, 1863, aged 28 years.

290. The Revd Henry SMITH, D.D., Rector of Headley in Hampshire, and forty-two years minister of this parish, was born Novr 25th, 1750. Died July 22nd, 1818. Also of Sarah, Relict of the above, who died March 21st, 1828, aged 44 years. Eleanor Henrietta, wife of Mr George COOPER, surgeon at Greenwich, and daughter of the Revd Henry Smith, D.D. Died Novr 5th, 1844, aged 31 years. Mrs Henrietta Priscilla Cooper, wife of Mr Robert Cooper, who died Decr 31st, 1849, aged 69 years. Also the above-named Mr Robert Cooper. Died Decr 3rd, 1850, aged 73 years.

291. Mr George VALIANT. Died 17 Octr, 1821, in the 75th year of his age in this Parish, Gentleman Usher for 22 years at Lambeth Palace to Dr John MOORE, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, afterwards House Steward for 13 years to His Gracious Widow, Mrs Catherine Moore, of Beckenham and Freelands.

292. Elizabeth HICKS, widow of the late Revd George Hicks, Rector of Hather Thorp, Lincolnshire. Died 19th March, 1808.

293. (Vault). Henry HERBERT, Esqr of Bromley Common, in this Parish. Died on the 10th March, 1864, in his 82 year. Mary, wife of Henry Herbert, Esqr, of Bromley Common, Kent. Born Decr, 1781. Died May, 1861. Also of Emma, his second daughter. Born Janry, 1820, Died Augst, 1838. Also Mary, eldest daughter. Born 29th August, 1812. Died at Tunbridge Wells, 1st July, 1879. Also of Rose HERBERT. Born 14th August, 1822. Died 22nd Febry, 1895. George Herbert. Died Feby, 1819, aged 14 months. Also Charles Herbert. Died March, 1826, aged 10 years.

294. Frederick PASCALL. Died 18th April, 1839, in the 23rd year of his age. "Here I lay my body down,/And yield it to the Grave;/Here I rise and take the Crown,/And sing Thy Power to save./Ah, happy spirit upwards caught,/When shall I hither clime/May I submissively be taught,/To wait my Father’s time".

295. Mr William BATEMAN. Died 27th June, 1828, aged 46 years. Also Mrs Mary Bateman, wife of the above. Died 31st March, 1850, in the 74th year of her age. Also in the adjoining grave (South side), Mr George Bateman, son of the above. Died 26th March, 1871, aged 59 years. Also Mr William Bateman, son of the above Mr William Bateman. Died 10th August, 1879, aged 75 years.

296. Caroline Agusta, Relict of the Revd Henry Booth HIBBERT. Died Novr 29th, 1861, aged 72 years. Also Frederick, son of the Revd Henry and Caroline A. Hibbert. Died Sept 20th, 1822, aged 2 months. Also Maria, sister of the above. Died May 7th, 1859, aged 29.

297. Thomas SUTTON. Died the 3rd of May, 1818, aged 5 years and 3 months. "Sleep on dear child and take thy rest/God takes them first whom he loves best"./ Also of Mary Sutton. Died the 22nd of March, 1825, aged 2 years and 10 months. "Short was her time the longer is her rest/God called her forth because He saw it best"./ Martha May Sutton. Died 3rd January, 1869.

298. Mr Robt HEWETSON, of Catherine Court, Trinity Square, Tower. Died 5th June, 1842, aged 86 years. Also Sarah Hewetson, wife of the above. Died at Blackheath Park, 4th April, 1866, aged 90 years. Also John Hewetson, eldest son of the above of 1 Catherine Court, EC. Died at the Canons, Mitcham, Easter Day, April 25th, 1886, aged 78 years. Also Emma Hewetson, wife of the above. Died 5th August, 1908, at 16 Sydenham Park, in her 90th year.

299. Mr Joseph LAMMIMAN, son-in-law of Mr Robert WHITE, late of Southborough. Died Sept 8th, 1827, aged 43 years. Also 2 infant children. "Under this stone lies sleeping here/A husband, and Father, and a friend sincere"./ Joseph LAMMIMAN, son of the above. Died Sept 9th, 1870, aged 58 years. "In this world he suffered much affiction/But now he lies in peace"./Also Mrs Ann PEACOCK, Relict of the above Mr Joseph Lammiman. Died March 23rd, 1872, aged 83 years. "Beloved in life, revered in death,/Breathing her last by all friends blest/With fervent prayers to meet her rest".

300. Mr Samuel PAGE. Died February 26th, 1820, aged 45 years.

301. Mr Henry HOWE, son-in-law of Mr Robert WHITE, of Southborough. Died 6th Febry 1817, aged 28 years. "Farewell my dear my time is past/I loved you while my life did last/But now for me no sorrow take/But love my child for my dear sake". Also Mrs Mary Howe, wife of the above. Died 22nd Janr, 1823, aged 42 years. "Farewell my father and my mother dear,/List to this world you are sleeping here/May the great God in Whom I trust,/Provide for me and raise you with the just".

302. Robert WHITE. Died 17th Novr, 1813, aged 35 years. Also Mrs Elizabeth White, mother of the above. Died 30th of January, 1844, aged 93 years. "A Faithful Friend a Heart Sincere,/The best of Mothers lieth here".

303. Sarah Smyth POOLE. Died September 9th, 1862, aged 58 years.

304. Mr William WHITE of this Parish. Died 2nd day of April, 1789, aged 73 years. Also Mrs Mary White, widow of the above. Died the 2nd of Decr, 1799, aged 99 years.

305. William James ELLIS, son of John George and Ann Ellis of this Parish. Died 12th Septr, 1861, aged 5 months. Also John Thomas Ellis. Died 10th May, 1863, in his 6th year. Also John George Ellis, father of the above. Died 17th June, 1865, in his 35th year. Also Elizabeth Guttridge Ellis, mother of the above John George Ellis. Died 10th March, 1869, in her 73rd year.

306. Mary Ann, wife of David MACQUALTER, of Bromley Hill. Died May the 24th, 1863, aged 48 years.

307. John Thomas ELYAS, Esqr. Died 19th Janry, 1844, in his 64th year. Also of William John, son of the above. Died 17th Novr, 1847, aged 27 years. Also Louisa, widow of the above John Thomas Elyas. Died 16th Janry, 1855, in her 75th year.

308. James BURGESS, son of Elizabeth and William Burgess of this Parish, Died 5th of August, 1844, aged 8 months. Also of Elizabeth, their daughter. Died 11th of December, 1845, aged 7 years 5 months. Also of Annie, their daughter. Died 24th of March, 1846, aged 8 months. Also of Edward, their son, Died 29th of January, 1848, aged 12 months. Also of Emma, their daughter. Died 11th of February, 1851, aged 8 years 7 months. Also of Elizabeth, wife of the above William Burgess. Died 21st of January, 1854, aged 37 years. Also of the above William Burgess. Died 15th of March, 1872, aged 61 years.

309. Sarah, wife of Daniel GREEN. Died the 1 of March, 1784, aged 25 years. Also the above Daniel Green. Died the 15th August, 1807, aged 50 years. "Afflictions sore long time I bore,/Physicians were in vain,/Till God did Please Death should me seize,/To ease me of my pain". Also Mrs Susannah MORSLEY, second wife of the above. Died 19th October, 1846, aged 80 years.

310. Aliss Rose CHANSON. Died October 7th, 1789, aged 9 years.

311. Barnard CORKER, son of Elias and Mary Corker, of this Parish. Died January the 2nd, 1792, aged 2 years. Also Elias, son of the above Elias and Mary Corker. Died January 2nd, 1792, aged 6 weeks.

312. Richard STYLES, of this Parish. Died May 1st, 1776, aged 64 years.

313. Mr Richard MOORE. Died Septr 2nd, 1822, aged 65 years. Also Mrs Mary Moore, wife of the above. Died May 30th, 1824, aged 65 years. Also Elizth Waller Moore, daughter of the above. Died 27th April, 1811, aged 19 years.

314. Robert William DRUMMOND. Died the 20th day of November, 1792, aged 3 years and 6 months. Also Mary Ann Drummond. Died May 4th, 1808, aged 8 years.

315. Richard FLOYD, of this Parish. Died July 29, 1762, aged 27 years.

316. Thomas LASCOE, of this Parish. Died February 6th, 1771, aged 55 years. Also John Lascoe, brother to the above Thomas Lascoe. Died 22nd January, 1781, aged 74 years. Also Ann Lascoe, niece to the said Thomas Lascoe. Died December 7th, 1775, aged 25 years. Also William Lascoe, brother of the above Ann Lascoe. Died 8th August, 1793, aged 41 years. Also Polly Newbery Lascoe, sister of the above. Died 17th December, 1804, aged 42 years. (Reverse side). Sarah Lascoe, daughter of John Lascoe, named on the other side of this stone. Died 30th December, 1849, aged 82 years. Also John Lascoe, of this Parish, brother of the above. Died 1st March, 1850, aged 84 years. Also Thomas Lascoe of this Parish, brother of the before-mentioned John LASCOE. Died 11th December 1852, aged 77 years. Also Elizabeth Lascoe, of this Parish, sister of the above. Died 7th April, 1853, aged 80 years.

317. Mr James BATH. Died 13th March, 1824, aged 48 years. Also William Bath, son of the above. Died 25th July, 1810, aged 2 years. Also Sarah Bath. Died 25th December, 1824, aged 20 years. Also James Bath, Died 29th July, 1831, in his 26th year. Also Mrs Harriet COLLINS, daughter of the above. Died 6th Decr, 1837, in her 25th year. Likewise Thomas MILLS, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bath, and grand-son of the above. Died July 17th, 1842, aged 2 years. Also James Bath. Died April 9th, 1844, aged 2 years. Sophia Bath, daughter of the above Thomas and Elizabeth Bath. Died 21st January, 1849, aged 1 year and 10 months. Also of Mrs Mary Bath, wife of the above Mr James Bath. Died the 8th of August, 1852, aged 70 years. Likewise Mr Thomas Bath, their son. Died the 15th October, 1860, in his 49th year. Also Mrs Mary Ann GIBBONS, eldest daughter of the above James and Mary Bath. Died 10th November, 1860, in her 59th year. Also of Mrs Elizabeth Bath, widow of Mr Thomas Bath. Died 19th January, 1867, in her 52nd year. Also of Mary Bath, daughter of the above. Died 26th May, 1870, in her 29th year. Also of Thomas Bath, son of the above Elizabeth and Thomas Bath. Died January 4th, 1877, aged 32 years.

318, John ALLINGHAM, of this Parish, Collar Maker. Died October 6th, 1758, aged 74 years.

319. Mrs Lucy STARKEY, wife of Richard Starkey, of this Parish. Died 1st August 1813, aged 39 years. Also William, their son. Died 7th June, 1812, aged 6 years. Also the above Richard Starkey, who died 8th August, 1815, aged 51 years.

320. Jane LASCOE. Died July ye 12, 1705, aged 3 years. Also Jane Lascoe. Died June ye 16, 1711, aged one year. Also Mary Lascoe. Died Decmr ye 13, 1714, aged 15 years. Also Jane Lascoe. Dyed the 27th of October, 1741, aged 29 years. Also Thomas Lascoe. Dyed the 8th day of November, 1744, in the 74th year of his age. Also Elizabeth Lascoe. wife of the above Thomas Lascoe. Died the 5th day of January, 1755, aged 80 years.

321. Anet Kathleen DAVIS. April 11th, 1875. May 23rd, 1877.

322. Alfred ARDLEY, son of Thomas Ardley, of Leston in the County of Essex. Died 16th December, 1837, in the 30th year of his age.

323. Mrs Mary HARDY. Died November, 1840, aged 55 years. Also of Mr William Hardy, husband of the above. Died January 26th, 1848, aged 69 years. Also of John Hardy, fifth son of the above. Died November 23rd, 1871, aged 49 years.

324. Mr Thomas SHEPPARD. Died 7th August, 1813, aged 35 years. Also his son Thomas. Died 7th February, 1812, aged 9 months. Also his sister, Eunice Sheppard. Died 28th May, 1793, aged 21 years. Also his son John. Died 10th Jany, 1822, aged 9 years. Likewise Mrs Frances Sheppard, Relict of the above. Died 29th March, 1846, aged 63 years.

325. William Francis BLACKNEY, died March 15, 1866, aged 8. Also Martha Jane, died March 19, 1866, aged 1 year 3 months. Also Henry Blackney, father of above, died March 11, 1872, aged 42.

326. Anne, only daughter of Colonel John and Ann BLAXLAND, died 20 October, 1858, aged 7 years and 5 months. Also Dame Harriott Mary DOWLING, widow of Sir James Dowling, Kt, died at Bromley 31 March 1881, aged 82. Also Annie Madeleine Margaret, child of Major Arthur HUGHES and Kate Blaxland, died 21 February, 1888, aged 12 months.

327. Mrs Maria PEERLESS, wife of James Peerless, of this parish, died 4 June, 1854, aged 51. Also Elizabeth STEWART died 4 January, 1887, aged 81.

328. Benjamin CHANCE, died 10 April, 1866, in his 30th year. Also Anna, wife of Henry MONCKTON, widow of above James Chance, died 18 January, 1889, aged 50.

329. Rebecca, wife of Henry Hardy TATAM of Moulton, co. Lincoln, eldest daughter of Edward and Ann LATTER, formerly of Pixfield, in this parish, died 13 February, 1855, aged 51.

330. Ann, relict of the Rev. Edward Wall ALLFREE, vicar of Shorne, Kent, died 25 April, 1855, aged 81. Also Ann, daughter of the said Rev. Edward Wall Allfree, died 24 February, 1891, aged 87.

331. Saraha, wife of Robert MITCHELL, born 7 April, 1812, died 23 November, 1854, aged 42, also Robert Mitchell, died 16 May, 1873, aged 53.

332. Robert, son of Jeremy and Ann SKILLETER, of this parish, born 14 July, 1852, died 7 September, 1855. Also Ann Skilleter, above-mentioned, died 26 December, 1856, aged 44. Also Ann daughter of Jeremy and Ann Skilleter, died 3 February, 1867, aged 25. Also Jeremy Skilleter, died 4 October, 1881, aged 71.

333. John WOODHOUSE, of this parish, died 25 December, 1858, aged 68. Also George KELSEY, son of Ezekiel and Eliza Kelsey, and grandson of the above, died 15 December, 1855, aged 4 years and 5 months. Also Sarah Woodhouse, wife of above, died 1 January, 1878, interred at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

334. Henry William GOULD, died 7 September, 1856, aged 4 years 10 months. Also Elizabeth GOULD, died 7 June, 1864 aged 14 months. Also Mary Ellen Gould, died 26 November, 1862, aged 3. Also Frances Ann Gould, died 3 January 1863, aged 8 years 8 months. Also Elizabeth Gould, mother of the above, died 30 October 1865, aged 39. Also Rachel FRANKLIN, mother of Elizabeth Gould, died April 18, 1879, in her 90th year.

335. Alice Maud LUNDY, born 5 April 1844, died 18 August 1858. Erected by her sister Louisa de Quincey CARRE.

336. James Bell LUNDY, Commissary General, died 24 April, 1884, in his 63rd year.

337. Sarah MUFFETT, wife of Benjamin Muffett of this parish, died 2 December 1858, aged 56. Also Benjamin Muffett, died 29 July 1859, aged 55.

338. Thomas William KENT, son of Thomas and Emily Kent, died 9 September 1859, in his 13th year. Also John Fordham Kent, brother of the above, died at Lewisham 11 September 1850, aged 16 months. Also Towler KENDALL, cousin of the above, died 14 March 1860, aged 3. Also the above Emily Kent, died 27 November 1876, aged 62.

339. Florence Helen, daughter of Clement and Ellen Sarah …………/.

340. William HUDD, husband of Ann Hudd of this parish, died 2 July 1857, aged 32. Also William Hudd, father of the above, died 15 July 1870, aged 67. Also Susan, wife of the above, died 16 April 1890, aged 84. Also Ann Hudd, wife of the first-named William Hudd, died October 1897, aged 72. Also Elizabeth, daughter of the above, died 7 November 1915, aged 60.

341. Alice Jane, daughter of Robert and Mary COOPER, died 30 November 1856, aged 10 years 5 months. Also Florence Bertha Cooper, died 10 June 1867, aged 2 years 6 months. Also Jane Alice Cooper, died 24 August 1885, aged 26.

342. Rebecca Parker BLAXLAND, died 29 May 1854. Also Edward Sanford Blaxland, died 30 March 1858. Also Sally Blaxland, daughter of above, died 26 October 1865. Also Sally Maria GILLESPIE, widow of the late Capt. R.R. Gillespie, 15 Hussars, born 22 August 1806, died 18 January 1883.

343. Achelaus James, youngest son of Henry and Jane MILLS, died September 1856, aged 13 years 5 months. Also Sarah, youngest daughter of the above, died 15 April 1876, aged 30. Also Elizabeth, second wife of Henry Mills, died 5 March 1872, aged 58. Also Henry Mills, died 17 July 1896, aged 83.

344. Eliza Sophia, widow of the late Lieut.-Col. Sir Edward Alexander CAMPBELL, C.B., Bengal Cavalry, and eldest daughter of Thomas PARRATT, Esq., of Ramsgate, Kent, died 3 December 1872 in her 46th year.

345. Margaret WILLIAMS, widow of the Rev. John Williams of Leominster, co. Hereford, died 4 August 1853, aged 75. Also Edward Augustus G. Williams, grandson of above, died 3 June 1874 in his 29th year. Also Edward Augustus Williams, surgeon, eldest son of the above John and Margaret, died 31 May 1875, aged 71.

346. Eliza, wife of Thomas MUSSON of this parish, died 18 November 1853 in her 54th year after a protracted illness. Also the above-named Thomas Musson, died 30 October 18../ in the 82 year of his age.

347. Caroline HARE, died 15 August 1876, aged 34.

348. James WINGFIELD, died 11 January 1865, aged 48. Also Eliza, wife of the above, died 14 March 1895, aged 79. Also William, son of the above, died 25 September 1864, aged 9.

349. John STIDOLPH, son of William and Hannah Stidolph, died 5 March 1854, aged 28. Also Hannah Stidolph, mother of the above, died 13 May 1854, aged 61. Also William Stidolph, died 26 February 1857, aged 71. Also Hannah Stidolph, daughter of the above, died 9 April 1879, aged 62.

350. John STOCKMAN of this parish, died 5 May 1854, aged 84.

351. Susan SAYCE, died 5 April 1856, aged 71. Also Elizabeth, sister of the above and widow of the Rev. William Motterham McQUIRE, died 5 June 1861, aged 74. Also Agnes McQuire, died 16 June 1878.

352. Catherine, relict of the Rev. John MANNING, A.M., formerly rector of Great Milton, co. Oxford ………………………../the two daughters of Mr Manning by a former marriage. Jane Sarah ATKYNS and Catherine Spencer Atkyns, the former died 31 February 1858 and the latter (?) 25 June in the same year.

353. William, son of William and Ann MOON of Bickley Farm in this parish, died 16 February 1860, aged 18. Also Florence Ellen, daughter of William and Ann HORLEY, died at St. Mary Cray 11 July 1869, aged 14 months; niece of the above.

354. Susanna, widow of the Rev. Nicholas BULL, for 10 years vicar of Saffron Walden, died 15 March 1863, aged 75 years.

355. Frances Mary, daughter of John and Catherine BARRETT of this parish, died 23 August 1855, aged 10 years 9 months. Also Mary Anne, sister of the above, died 9 April 1866, aged 3 years 1 month. Also John Barrett, father of the above, died 15 February 1898 in his 80th year. Also Catherine, wife of the above, died 4 June 1904 in her 80th year.

356. John DUNSTALL, born 4 February 1807, died 12 November 1872 in his 66th year. "On sad afflictions couch I lay/Lingering still for many a day/Now my dear Lord has thought it best/To take me to a place of rest". Also James Dunstall, his son, born 11 April 1844, died 4 March 1853. Also Thirza, wife of the above, died 14 January 1901, aged 81. Also Fanny, daughter of the above, died 29 April 1901, aged 61.

357. Mary, wife of William ROUNDS, died 28 May 1861, aged 35. Also May, second wife of the above, died 6 November 1878, aged 56.

358. Diana, daughter of Sir Alexander GORDON, Bart., and widow of Major General IRVINE, born 12 February 1766, died 27 January 1853.

359. Charles ANDREWS of this parish, died 15 May 1852, aged 9 years, adopted child of Richard and Louisa EWINS. Also the above Richard Ewins, died 23 January 1861, aged 58. Also Henry CARTER, died 5 December 1891, aged 80. Also Louisa, wife of the above.

360. Ann PENROSE, born at Penzance, Cornwall, 24 April 1775, died in this aprish 26 December 1850 in her 76th year.

361. Maria, wife of Samuel AMBLER, died 24 December 1888, aged 53.

362. Henrietta Emily, youngest daughter of the late most Reverend and right Honble Thomas Lewis O’BEIRNE, Lord Bishop of Meath, died 14 February 1848. Also Jane Ormsby O’Beirne, daughter of the above, who died at Worthing 8 August 1868, aged 85.

363. Helen, daughter of the late James Edward ROUSBY, Esq., of Cottisford House, Oxfordshire, died 6 March 1853, aged 28.

364. Charles Frederick BYLES, son of Charles and Ann Byles of this parish, died 1 February 1852, aged 27.

365. John GRIFFITHS, died 1 March 1875, aged 63. Also of Rachel his wife ("Ditty"), died 5 April 1913 in her 97th year.

366. Thomas MILSTEAD, died 17 March 1851 in his 5th year. Also Charles Edwin, died 1 February 1854 in his 14th year. Also William Milstead, father of the above, died 3 March 1869 in his 70th year. Also Hannah, wife of the above William Milstead, died 7 July 1875 in her 67th year.

367. James WAITE, late of Widmore in his parish, died 9 December 1861, aged 82. Also of Helen Clara HEFFER, died 23 May 1862, aged 5 months.

368. John EDWARDS, died 23 February 1875, aged 85. Also Mary, wife of the above, died 19 March 1875, aged 71, "for 35 years honoured & respected tenant on Sundridge Park Estate".

369. Mary BURBRIDGE, daughter of William and Sarah Burbridge of this parish, died 28 November 1856, aged 18 years.

370. Col. George TWEEDY, late of the Indian Army, who died 23 February 1860, in his 80th year. Also Violet Tweedy, widow of the above, who died 4 July 1865 in her 78th year.

371. John STOW, Esq., of Greenwich, died 1 January 1864, aged 87. Also of Henrietta Elizabeth his wife, who died 25 February 1878, aged 85.

372. Mary SAWKINS, eldest daughter of John Drayton Sawkins and Ann his wife of Sibton in the parish of Lyminge in this county, died 26 February 1860, aged 77.

373. George HAMMOND of Walworth, died 19 September 1853, aged 34. Also of George BURGESS, nephew of above, died 13 February 1851, aged 12 years 2 months.

374. Sarah, wife of James GOULDING, died 6 December 1874, aged 48.

375. Enos MONTAGUE, late of Tonbridge in his county, died 13 August 1853, aged 48.

376. Ellen SHOEBRIDGE, died 26 March 1862, aged 44. Also Edward Shoebridge, husband of above, died 22 May 1878, aged 72.

377. Richard BARRETT, died 31 August 1864 in his 81st year. Also Jane Barrett, wife of above, died 23 March 1867 in her 85th year. Also Richard Henry PAYNE, grandson of above, died 23 October 1870 in his 27th year. Also Elizabeth Payne, daughter of above, died 3 April 1874 in her 59th year. Also Jn. Payne, died 25 December 1879, aged 71 years.

378. John Tirtill BATTERSBEE, died 15 November 1849, aged 41. Also Robert Battersbee, brother of above, died 4 November 1858, aged 47. Also Charles Battersbee, brother of above, died 22 June 1865, aged 58. Also George Battersbee, brother of above, died 19 February, 1873, aged 70.

379. Mercy MARTIN, died 29 March 1850, aged 52. Also Hannah, wife of Thomas BOOTS, died 14 September 1878, aged 85.

380. Betty Wallace KEMP, late wife of James Kemp of this parish, died 28 July 1850, aged 56. Also James Kemp, husband of above, died 13 November 1854, aged 67.

381. Mrs Ann SERLE, relict of the Reverend Ambrose Serle, rector of Kelvedon Hatch, co. Essex, died 9 February 1853, aged 89.

382. Edward STRONG, died 20 September 1875, aged 66. Also Elizabeth, widow of above, died 12 December 1879, aged 75. Also Mary Ann LEE, died 20 August 1860, aged 67. Also Ruth, widow of the late Mr John COCHRANE, died 28 August 1872, aged 77. Also Thomas Edward Strong, Editor of the Bromley Record, eldest son of above, died 7 March 1886, aged 51.

383. Charlotte, wife of Mr George STORER of this parish, died 10 October 1860, aged 68. Also the above-named George Storer, died 15 November 1872, aged 67. Also Emily Charlotte HEAYSMAN, daughter of above, died 9 May 1889, aged 65.

384. James POPE of Tunbridge Wells, co. Kent, died 9 June 1864, aged 72.

385. Sarah, wife of John NASH of this parish, died 20 August 1865, aged 52. Also John Nash, for many years of this parish, died at East Farleigh, co. Kent, 13 September 1884 in his 81st year. Also Hannah, daughter of above, died 7 February 1902, aged 50.

386. Louisa, wife of George THOMS, died 13 May 1868, aged 43.

387. Louisa Matilda, wife of Edward DUNN of Market Square, Bromley, born 13 May 1816, died 18 April 1888. Issue of the above: Frederic, born 20 March 1846, died 20 April 1846. Charles Edward, born 1 December 1844, died 28 August 1848. Jessie, born 12 July 1859, died 27 June 1860. Annie, second daughter of above, born 10 September 1850, died 29 January 1892. Edward Dunn, born 7 October 1818, died 21 March 1909.

388. Richard WEST, died 5 April 1850, aged 67. Also Elizabeth, wife of above, died 7 March 1881, aged 77.

389. Thomas, son of William and Sarah SUTTON of this parish, born 15 May 1845, died 3 September 1848. Also Harriet Lucy their daughter, born 9 January 1852, died 3 September 1856. Also Harry, third son of above, born 29 April 1853, died at Bareilly, N.W.P., India, 8 November 1872. Also Sarah, mother of above, born 7 February 1818, died 24 August 1893. Also William, husband of above, born 24 August 1813, died 24 June 1894. Also Rose, youngest daughter of above, born 22 January 1855, died 16 April 1905.

390. Robert, son of Robert and Elizabeth CROWHURST of this parish, died 2 March 1848, aged 7. Also Ann, eldest daughter of above, died 26 March 1855, aged 15 years 3 months. Also Charles, died 28 January 1857, aged 2 years 8 months. Also Harriet, died 30 January 1857, aged 4 years 3 months. Also Ebenezer, died 21 December 1857, aged 11 weeks. Also Elizabeth, second daughter of above, died 12 May 1873, aged 29. Also the above-named Elizabeth, wife of Robert CROWHURST, died 6 October 1871, aged 56. Also Robert, husband of above, died 23 March 1897, aged 81.

391. James William LETCHFORD, died 2 December 1848, aged 15. Also Susan, wife of William Letchford and mother of above, died 2 October 1874, aged 81. Also the above-named William Letchford, died 30 September 1877, aged 72.

392. John Edward JONES of this parish, died 10 February 1817, aged 59. Also Elizabeth Jones, relict of above, died 15 December 1855, aged 89.

393. (Two headstones). Herbert, son of George and Elizabeth ATKINS, died 16 August 1848, aged 2½. Also Sarah HART, grandmother of above, died 1 October 1861, aged 86. Also Rosina Mary Atkins, second daughter of above, died 27 March 1869, aged 21. Also Walter Atkins, youngest son of above, died 18 July 1870, aged 13 years. Also Louisa Sarah Atkins, third daughter of above, died 24 March 1871, aged 21. Also Ada Fanny Atkins, youngest daughter of above, died 24 December 1871, aged 17. (2nd stone): Also Ella Jane, fourth daughter of George and Elizabeth Atkins, died 23 December 1872, aged 20. Also George Atkins, father of the adjoining and above, died 28 December 1876, aged 60. Also Elizabeth Atkins, wife of above, died 14 September 1889, aged 74.

394. Mary Judith, widow of the Rev. Lancelot Pepys STEPHENS, formerly rector of North Crays, co. Kent, and vicar of Clavering, Essex, died 10 February 1865, aged 87.

395. Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Edward HEAWOOD, late rector of Halstead, co. Kent, died 23 September 1849, aged 30. Also Anna, youngest daughter of the above-named Rev. E. Heawood, died 24 July 1851, aged 11. Also Jane Alice Heawood, sixth daughter of above, died 4 December 1862, aged 27. Also Harriet Ellen Heawood, fourth daughter of above, died 16 November 1873, aged 45.

396. Alice JEFFREYS, spinster, daughter of the Rev. Edward Jeffreys, formerly rector of Throcking, Herts, died 5 February 1848, aged 89.

397. Mary, wife of Samuel George WHITE, Esq., and daughter of the Rev. William YOUNG, late vicar of Layston, Herts, died at Bromley 7 February 1847, aged 31. Also to the children of the above Samuel George and Mary White: Samuel George, died 8 July 1842, aged 1 year 3 months. Edmund Stillingfleet, died 15 May 1849, aged 4 years 11 months. Also Harriet Elizabeth Young, widow of the Rev. William Young, died 7 November 1859, in her 78th year.

398. Emerita Margaret SAUNDERS, died 5 December 1861, aged 48. Also Elizabeth Saunders, mother of above, died 1 May 1883, aged 91.

399. Colonel Frederick William CLEMENTS, died 7 December, 1859, aged 69. Also Alicia Frances his wife, died 18 April 1877, in her 76th year.

400. Frederick George JANSON, died 21 December 1865, in his 18th year. Also Elizabeth Janson, wife of Henry North Janson, mother of above, died 24 June 1870, aged 57. Also the above-named Henry North Janson, died 12 Aug. 1885, in his 80th year.

401. Edward WILKINSON of Sutton Valence, co. Kent, died 12 February 1782, aged 71. Also Ann, wife of John HOPE of this parish and daughter of the above, who died the 12th of September 1796, aged (?) 54. Also two children of the above John and Ann Hope who died young. Also the above John Hope, who died the 19th October 1800, aged 76.

402. Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Richard and Margaret WHITE, born 25 May 1804; died 30 March 1861.

403. Robert CLAYTON of this parish, died 28 February 1837, aged 46 years.

404. Thomas PRESSLEY, died 12 December 1851, aged 60. Also Elizabeth Pressley, widow of the above, died 15 August 1882, aged 75.

405. William BLANCHARD, died 7 October 1845, aged (?) 55. Also William Samuel, son of the late William Blanchard ……/.

406. Elizabeth GARDNER, relict of the Rev. Thomas Gardner, Vicar of …../co. Bucks [died at Bromley] College ……/.

407. Mary Ann, relict of the Rev. Henry Morgan SAY, Vicar of Sutton Valence in this county, died in Bromley College ../September 1843, aged (?) 68.

408. Joseph Henry Reynell de CASTRO, died 23 December 1864, aged 43.

409. Edward DUNN, many years Sexton of this parish, died 13 April 1865, in his 62nd year. Also Lucy Dunn, wife of above, died 29 January 1866. Also Lucy, second daughter of above, died 26 August 1866, in her 38th year. Also John, eldest son of above, died 28 November 1878, in his 45th year. Also Elizabeth, eldest daughter of above, died 24 May 1898, in her 71st year.

410. John DUNN, many years Clerk of this parish, died 4 February 1817, aged 52. Also Mary Dunn, wife of above, died 14 February 1801, aged 45. Also three of their children.

411. Elizabeth, wife of James BARBER of this parish, died 9 December 1842, aged 45. Also the above-named James Barber, died 13 February 1872, aged 75. Also Elizabeth Frances, daughter of above, who died in infancy. Also of James Barber, son of above, died 28 February 1872, aged 37.

412. Richard PALEY of Poplar, co. Middlesex, died 4 August 1844, in his 34th year.

413. Mrs Winifred POTTER, died 1 January 1843, aged 76. Also William Henry Potter, Esq., brother of above, died 19 March 1848, in his 88th year. Also Mary Huddleston Potter, niece of above, died 2 December 1854, in her 72nd year.

414. George Benjamin BAKER, died 2 April 1894, aged 61. Also Ann Elizabeth, wife of above, died 20 March 1897, aged 57.

415. Thomas LOVELAND of this parish, died 8 May 1859, aged 61. Also of his two infant children. Also Sophia, wife of above, died 19 November 1870, aged 70. Also Edward Taylor MADELLY, died 22 September 1864, aged 5 months.

416. William ROBINSON of Chevening in this county, died 22 March 1861, in his 70th year.

417. William ILOTT, died 27 October 1856, aged 60. Also Mary, widow of the above, died 10 December 1859, aged 63.

418. Samuel SHILLCOCK, late of Oundle, co. Northampton, died 23 March 1842, aged 74. Also Ann, relict of the above, died 12 November 1850, in her 77th year. Also William Shillcock, son of the above, died 15 January 1865, aged 46. Also Joseph Bradley, son of the above William and Ann Shillcock, died 24 April 1884, aged 71. Also Bethania, wife of the last named, died 14 January 1909, aged 89. Also Amy, daughter of the above J.B. and B. Shillcock, died 2 February 1921, aged 66.

420. Mary EVANS, died 3 November 1834, aged 85.

421. Jane, widow of the Venble. John JONES, B.D., Archdeacon of Bangor and Rector of Llantrisant, Anglesey, born 22 June 1802, died 8 September 1866.

422. Thomas APPLETON, son of Thomas and Ann Appleton of this parish, died 7 April 1841, in the 15th year of his age. Also Thomas Appleton, father of the above, who died 1 February 1852, in his 84th year. Also Ann, widow of the above, died 8th December 1865, aged 84.

423. Sarah, wife of Edward DUNN, born 2 July 1783, died 23 August 1829. Also Edward Dunn, husband of the above, died 26 November 1830, aged 56. Also Sarah Dunn, daughter of the above, born 11 February 1812, died 26 December 1837. Also Mary Ann Dunn, second daughter of the above, born 29 September 1816, died 15 February 1883. Also of Esther Dunn, youngest daughter of the above, born 30 March 1853, died 11 March 1886. Also of Caroline Dunn, born 25 June 1820, died 21 January 1889.

424. Elizabeth Mary, wife of John DUNN of this parish, who died 9 May 1794, aged 63. Also the above John Dunn, died 9 July 1801, aged 66. Also his son William, died 11 July 1801, aged ../ years. Also Elizabeth Dunn, relict of the above, died 16 October 1840, aged 83.

425. Edward DUNN, for over 40 years a bellringer of this parish, died 20 July 1906, in his 71st year. Also Jane, wife of the above, died 31 December 1914, aged 78.

426. Matilda Ann HODGES, wife of …../Miles Hodges, the only daughter of the Rev. John LEACH, Rector of ?Wouldham and Vicar of Halling in this county ……/and Susannah his wife, who died 10 ?October 1800, aged 51…../.

427. Robert Burr ROGERS, died 11 May 1825, aged 48. Also Fanny, daughter of above Robert Burr and Elizabeth Rogers, died 1 July 1837, aged 15, and three of their children who died in their infancy. Also Elizabeth Rogers, relict of the above, died 30 January 1847, aged 63. Also Sarah, wife of George PORTER, daughter of the above, died 18 October 1847, aged 37.

428. Mrs Lydia KILLETT, relict of Samuel Killett, Esq., late of Exeter, died 11 April 1786, aged 73. Also Mrs Frances HUDDLESTON, relict of the Rev. William Huddleston, Rector of Newenden, co. Kent, died 1 May 1786, aged 77. Arms: ?A fess engrailed, and in chief an animal; impaling, a chevron between three garbs.

429. Mr Huddleston KILLETT, son of William and Mary Killett of Hackney in Middlesex, died 7 June 1777, aged 3 years and 5 months.

430. William NEED of this parish, died 9 April 1845, aged 61. Also Maria, wife of the above and daughter of William and Ann EATON of Knockholt, died 17 February 1858, aged 72.

431. George JESSOP, died 22 January 1818, aged 83. Also John Jessop, son of the above, died 17 June 1829, aged 51. Also Mrs Ann FOLKARD, daughter of the said George Jessop, died 20 October 1830, aged 58. Also Charles, brother of the above John Jessop, died 21 January 1852, aged 72. Also of Edmund Jessop, nephew of the above Charles Jessop, died 14 November 1853, aged 30. Also Henry Jessop, father of the above Edmund, died 20 November 1860, aged 74.

432. Rebecca, daughter of James and Ann DEWAR, died 29 November 1774, aged 4 years 2 months. Also Mary Dewar, died 3 June 1780, aged 9. Also James Dewar, Esq., died 9 February 1795, aged 70. Also Sarah, daughter of the above, died 21 August 1800, aged 25. Likewise Mrs Ann Dewar, died 7 February 1803, aged 57. Also Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Robert, son of the above James and Ann Dewar, died 11 March 1809, aged 5 years 6 months. Also Master Robert Dewar, son of the above Robert and Sibella Dewar, died 8 April 1811, aged 8 months and 6 days. Also Sibella Battey Dewar, wife of Robert Dewar, Esq., of Clapham, Surrey, died 25 July 1848, aged 64. Also Robert Cuming Dewar, Esq., died 25 April 1853, aged 75. Also Lieut.-Col. James Raymond Johnstone Dewar, late Bengal Artillery, born January 1840; died 16 May 1890.

433. Henrici BLAKE, armigeri, Lehinchiae in Hibernia, natus MDCCXXX, schola Westmonasteriensi literis institutus Londini, obiit MDCCLXXX. Arms: [Argent] a fret [sable]. Crest: A cat a mountain [proper].

434. 1780, Mrs Mary LYNDON, to whom a memorial is erected in the church, 1805. Also William Lyndon, Esq., husband of the above. Also Mrs Anna Lyndon, daughter of the above, who died 15 January (?) 1815, aged 71.

435. Ann, relict of the Rev. J.F. Browne BOHUN, M.A., of Westhall, and Rector of Debden, Suffolk, died in Bromley College 14 February 1838, aged 72. Also Eleanor Mary Bohun of Percival House, Blackheath, youngest daughter of the above, died 16 January 1854, in 52nd year.

436. Mrs Ann HOLGATE, relict of the Rev. George Holgate, rector of Theydon Bois, Essex, and Stouting, Kent, died 5 May 1833, aged 71. Also Isabella, fourth daughter of the above and wife of Major R.G. ROBERTS, late of the H.E.I.C. Bengal Artillery, died at Norwood 7 February 1865, aged 67.

437. Keziah HOARE, died 15 May 1845, aged 95.

438. Elizabeth CORNFORD, died 29 December 1835, aged 86. Also Harriet COOPER, widow, of Bromley College, daughter of the above, who died 11 June 1840, aged 74.

439. Joseph TANNER of the parish, died 11 March 1802, aged 62.

440. Easter Susannah STOREY, died 25 February 1815, aged 5 years.

441. Mary (?) KEARNAN, who died 10 May 1807, aged 42 (?12). Also Mrs Mary (?) Kearnan, who died 15 May 181./aged 72.

442. Jane REYNOLDS, late of Bromley College, died 28 March 1820, aged 86. Also Mary Reynolds, daughter of the above, died 29 September 1837, aged 72.

443. Mary Ann COLLETT, daughter of the Rev. Peter Collett, late of Rye, co. Sussex, and rector of Denton in same county, died 2 August 1816, aged 64. Also Anne Collett, sister of the above, died 19 November 1854, aged 74.

444. Also four children Mary, died 5 October 1817, aged 6 years; Sarah, died 6 October 1817, aged 2 years 9 months; Elizabeth, died 16 October 1817, aged 1 year 9 months; Mary Susanna, died 13 April 1822, aged 3 months.

444a. James CHURCHER, who died 28 February 1838, aged 78. Also Sarah, wife of the above …./. [Note: ?parents of above (444) – 2 wooden memorials].

445. E…………./H…………../died 8 August 1825, aged 80.

446. Mary, wife of William ROGERS of this parish, died 2 October 1790, aged 46. Also Fanny, wife of the above, died 13 November 1817, in her 68th year. Also William Rogers, died 17 June 1823, aged 78.

447. Mary, daughter of William and Mary WHITE of this parish, died 27 April 1806, aged 4 months 18 days. Also the above William White, died 20 June 1813, aged 42. Also Esther White, daughter of the above, died 10 June 1822, aged 15. Also Mary White, wife of above, died 11 April 1823, aged 42. Also Robert White, son of above, died 14 June 1827, aged 13.

448. Ann WHITE, daughter of the late William and Mary White of this parish, died 5 December 1839, in her 27th year. Also Edward, brother of above, died 13 June 1857, in his 47th year. Also Hester, widow of above, died 28 January 1892, in her 84th year.

449. Lydia, wife of James WHITE of this parish, died 26 February 1875, aged 79. Also Sarah, wife of James White, junior, died 27 February 1875, aged 39. Also Sarah Ann, daughter of the above James and Sarah, died 25 January 1862, aged 11 weeks. Also James White, husband of the above Lydia, who was churchwarden of this parish for many years, died 16 November 1876, aged .8/. (On the back of same stone: Edward George, son of James White, who died 14 August 1873 (?5), in his 18th year. Interred in Reigate Cemetery).

450. Frances ALLEN, wife of William Allen, died 13 July 1837, aged 24. Also Fanny, daughter of the above, died 11 June 1837, aged 10 days. Also Robert FRENCH of this parish, brother of the above, died 18 December 1862, aged 60 years. Also James French, son of the above, died 31 July 1891, aged 65.

451. Mrs Mary LAMB, died 1 January 1824, aged 59. Caroline HUGHES, died 12 November 1835, aged 28. David Richard Hughes, died 20 August 1861, aged 60. Also a daughter died in infancy.

452. Mrs Rebecca INGLES, died 24 July 1872, in her 62nd year. Also William Ingles, died 3 August 1875, in his 70th year. Also Mildred Ingles, daughter of the above, died 18 December 1844, aged 19 months. Also William Henry Ingles, son of the above, died 7 February 1857, in his 11th year. Also Robert FOORD, son of the above William Henry Ingles (sic) died 8 March 1875, aged 8 months.

453. Thomas HOW, died 27 May 1870, aged 60. Also Thomas, son of the above, died 10 August 1838, aged 15 months. Also Mary How, wife of the above, died 18 January 1873, aged 70. Also James Thomas, son of James and Eliza COOPER and grandson of the above Thomas and Mary How, died 26 June 1876, aged 1 year.

454. James HOW of this parish, died 19 July 1843, in his 71st year. Also Martha How, relict of above, died 16 May 1856, in her 83rd year. Also John Miskin How, grandson of the above, died 29 August 1865, aged 1 year and 5 months. Also Martha How, daughter of the above, died 24 October 1867, aged 58. Also Mildred French Moyce How, eldest daughter of above, died 27 May 1875, aged 70. Also Silas Samuel How, third son of the above, died 6 July 1875, aged 73.

455. The Rev. James John TALMAN, A.M. 20 years chaplain of Bromley College and Vicar of North Curry and Stogumber, co. Somerset, died 14 April 1820, aged 51. Also Alexander Becher, son of the above, died 4 January 1808, aged 3. Also Frances Ann, eldest daughter of the above, died 8 May 1823, aged 28. Also Jane, his third daughter, died 2 April 1830, aged 27. Also Mary, relict of the above, died 5 September 1862, in her 90th year. Also James John Talman, Esq., eldest son of the above, died 8 March 1863, aged 64. Also Anne, his youngest daughter, died 14 October 1865, aged 48. Also Samuel, son of the above, Major in the Indian Army, died 15 January 1887, aged 80.

456. Mr John James BARTON of Dartford, died 1 March 1842, in his 81st year.

457. Sophia, daughter of the late Rev. Robert WILLAN, Vicar of Cardington, co. Beds, died 6 July 1832, aged 41. Also Ann Willan, relict of the above, died 24 April 1833, aged 78.

458. Susan, widow of the Rev. Thomas HOPKINSON, chaplain of Landguard Fort, Essex, died 21 September 1877, aged 84.

459. Elizabeth EVANS, widow of the late Rev. James Evans, rector of Welsh Bicknor, co. Monmouth, died 1 February 1832, aged 80.

460. Thomas CLARKE of this parish, plumber, died 16 October 1790, aged 30.

461. Mary HARDY, relict of the Rev. Joseph Hardy of Sutton Valence, co. Kent, vicar of Headcorn, co. Kent and of Mom…./and ?Blechington, died at Bromley College 5 May 1800, aged ../.

462. James, son of the Rev. James THURSTON, late vicar of Ryarsh in this county, and Mary his wife, died 18 August 1815, aged 29. Also Thomas, brother of the above, died 12 February 1826, aged 43. Also Mary, relict of the above Rev. James Thurston, died 24 July 1827, aged 73.

463. Mary WHITE of Bromley College, relict of the Rev. John White, M.A., vicar of Ware and Thundridge, co. Herts, died 22 November 1807, aged 68.

464. Ann PUGH, daughter of Ellis Pugh, late of Spring Gardens, died 30 August 1812, aged 55. Also Elizabeth STEWART, died 4 August 1816.

465. Harriet Catherine STRONG, died 20 August 1818, aged 23. Also Mary Ann Strong, died 10 June 1819, aged 21. Also Sarah Elizabeth Strong, died 7 July 1820, aged 27. Also Margaret Strong, mother of the above and relict of the Rev. William Strong, late rector of Norton, co. Kent, died 2 March 1822, aged 68.

466 Benjamin GREEN, born 21 June 1821, died 18 August 1861. (Separate stone but same grave) Maria POCKLINGTON, died 8 November 1866, aged 70, at Logshill, near Chislehurst. She was for nearly 50 years a faithful friend and servant of Joseph Green of Denmark Hill, Surrey, and of his son James Green of Logshill from his birth to his death, the attendant of Benjamin Green who lies buried in the same grave.

467. William John WHITE, son of William and Elizabeth White of this parish, died 22 September 1827, aged 9 months. Also William White, father of the above, died 14 October 1827, aged 25; Mary White, daughter of the above, died 22 April 1829, aged 3 years 11 months; Thomas White JOYCE, son of John Joyce and the above-named Elizabeth his wife, died 8 April 1840, aged 5 years 3 months. "Ere sin could blight, or sorrow fade,/Death came with friendly care;/The opening bud to heaven conveyed,/And bid him blossom there". Also the above-named Mr John Joyce, died 16 February 1860, aged 52. Also Elizabeth Joyce, relict of the above, died 8 March 1877, aged 79. Also of William John White, her eldest son, who died 3 April 1869, aged 41.

468. Christopher EATON, died 17 December 1815, aged 38. Also Mrs Margaret Eaton, wife of the above, died 10 April 1830, aged 54. Also two children died in infancy. Also Philip Eaton, son of the above, died 29 December 1833, aged 26. Also Charlotte Eaton, daughter of the above, died 16 April 1837, aged 27. Also Stanley Eaton, infant son of Spencer and Kate WICKS and grandchild of the above Christopher Eaton, died 18 March (?) 1872, aged (?) 15 days.

469. Elizabeth, wife of Christopher EATON, died 18 May 1841, aged 21.

470. Ann STEEL, relict of the Rev. Joseph Steel, late vicar of Yardley, co. Worcester, died 29 September (?) 1805, aged 90.

471. Ann, Ambrose, Alice, Sarah, and also Arthur HATFIELD, for 30 years a valued friend and dispenser to Messrs. Williams, Morgan, Hughes & Willey, surgeons, by whom this stone has been erected, died 16 December 1881.

472. Ann DOWLEY, wife of Mr James Dowley of the parish of St. Saviour’s, Southwark, cornfactor, died 8 August 1781, aged 41. Also near this stone is interred four of her children that died in their infancy. Also of Mr James Dowley, who died 2 January 1816, aged 72.

473. Arthur Gresley HELLICAR, for 39 years vicar of this parish, died 6 September 1904, aged 69.

474. Sydenham Malthus, son of the Rev. A.G. HELLICAR, vicar of this parish, who died 11 August 1891, aged 26.

475. Mrs Mary MOULE, died 16 August 1837, aged 81. Also Sarah, relict of the Rev. John BRADLEY, curate of Wilmington, co. Kent, and sister of the above, died in Bromley College 4 January 1844, aged 82.

476. Elizabeth, widow of the late Rev. Richard SHARPE, B.A., vicar of Brookland and for many years curate of New Romney, co. Kent, died in Bromley College 12 November 1822, in her 62nd year. Also Anna Maria Share, their daughter, died at Maize Hill, Greenwich, 13 May 1840, in her 52nd year.

477. Wm. BLAMIRE, died 20 April 1820, aged 6 years 10 months; his father Richard Baynes Blamire, Esq., of the county of Cumberland, died 3 October 1823, aged 45. Also Frances SHEPHERD, who during the 37 years which she survived her husband, the Rev. John Shepherd, lived in Bromley College, died 31 May 1842. Also Frances Shepherd, daughter of the above, died 6 December 1854. Also Jane Shepherd, sister of the above, died 24 May 1867.

478. ?John CHRISTIAN, Esq., of Pall Mall, died ../June 1795, aged 30 years. Also Sarah Christian his wife, who died ../Jan. 1800.

479. John COLEMAN of this parish, died 2 April 1830, aged 57.

480. Sarah CARTER of Bromley College, relict of the Rev. Arnold Carter, Minor Canon of Rochester and Vicar of St Margaret near that city, died 17 March 1801, aged 70.

481. The son and three daughters of the late Rev. John YOUDE, Vicar of Higham in this county. Dorothy died 2 August 1801, the Rev. Henry Youde died 26 January 1811 in his 27th year, Sarah died 29 July 1814, Sophia died 26 May 1825.

482. Hannah Sophia CHAMBERLAYNE, late of Bromley College, died 9 October 1839, aged 42, and her grandsons, William Thomas Chamberlayne died 3 April 1864, aged 10 months, and John Henry died in Jamaica 4 April 1868, aged 7 months.

483. John, son of the Rev. Robert BLICKE, late Rector of Netteswell, Essex, and Vicar of Edlesborough, Bucks, died 19 August 1821, aged 33. Also Charlotte Blicke, mother of the above, died 12 November 1830, aged 76.

484. Mr. Robert STEPHENS, son of the Rev. John Stephens, late rector of Colwell, Herefordshire, …../Margaret Stephens, widow, of Bromley College, died 5 May 1801, aged 80.

485. George HALL of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London, died 18 August 1792, aged 76. Also Jane Hall, wife of the above, died 9 December 1770, aged 77. Also Harriet E.W. TURNEY, wife of Mr Alexander Turney of Camberwell and granddaughter of the above George Hall, died 19 April 1839, in her 35th year.

486. William WALMISLEY, Esq., forty-two years a clerk in the Parliament office, nearly twenty years of which he was Clerk of the Papers of the House of Lords, died 17 January 1819, in his 74th year. Also Mary, relict of the above, died 4 April 1822, in her 72nd year. Also Elizabeth Walmisley, eldest daughter of the above, died 29 June 1857, aged 76.

487. James WALMISLEY, son of William and Mary BAXTER of this parish, died 28 August 1823, aged 13 months 3 weeks. Also their daughter Matilda Walmisley, died 14 February 1849, aged 7 years 10 months. Also their son Herbert Walmisley, died 7 December 1847, in his 20th year. Also Wm. Baxter, father of the above, died 24 September 1857, aged 64. Also Mary Baxter, wife of the above Wm. Baxter, died 20 April 1859, aged 71. Also Robt. Walmisley, M.D. second son of the above, died 29 April 1902, aged 77. Also Eliza Walmisley, second daughter of the above, died 26 November 1909, aged 83.

488. John KENTISH of this parish, died 8 April 1827, aged 56. Also Emily ALLEN, granddaughter of the above, died 29 January 1837, aged 6.

489. Elizabeth RICE, died 1 April 1802, aged 77. Also John Rice, died 12 January 1808, aged 94.

490. William DRAPER of this parish, died 1 May 1813, aged 70. Also Mary, his widow, who died 1 December 1815, aged 70. Also two daughters of the above: Elizabeth, died 24 March 1820, aged 32; Mary, died 17 October 1823, aged 45.

491. Thomas GREENAWAY, died 26 February 1844, aged 75. Also Sarah, relict of the above, died 17 June 1871, aged 81.

492. Richard GABBITAS, died 30 December 1846, aged 72. Also Elizabeth, relict of the above, died 28 March 1872, aged 86. Also Sarah, daughter of the above and wife of D.W. MOYNAHAN, died 13 May 1891, in her 64th year. Also of the above D.W. Moynahan, died 10 July 1895, aged 73.

493. Jean BRYDEN, spinster of this parish, died 28 November 1858, aged 75. Also Jane DUNCKLEY, spinster, who died 10 January 1865, aged 52; for upwards of 36 years she lived in the service of Mr BILKE at Mill Cottage in this parish.

494. Emery, wife of John BROWN, died 5 September 1780, aged 43. Also Anthony, son of the above John and Emery Brown, died 19 November 1783, aged 20 years 10 months. Also the above John Brown [remainder of stone buried].

495. In the family vault of Alexander CHAMPION, Esq., of London, born 11 November 1751, died 6 April 1809. Ann, his wife, died 8 April 1837, in her 85th year. Ann CHAMPION, their daughter, died 9 February 1788, aged 13. Maria Champion, their daughter, born 8 February 1778, died 10 May 1822. Elizabeth Champion, their daughter, born 21 February 1781, died 26 June 1870. Robert LIVIE of Austen Friars, London, died 17 May 1807, aged 55. Mrs Jane Livie, widow of the above and sister of Mrs Ann Champion, died 22 December 1839, aged 88.

496. Thomas REED, died 29 January 1814, aged 70. Also Mrs Mary Reed, relict of above, died 3 April 1826, aged 78.

497. Alfred Poyntz SANDERSON of Pembroke College, Oxford, son of the late Rev. Alfred Sanderson, Vicar of Aston Blanc, Gloucestershire, died 7 September 1811. Also Charlotte, who died 6 May 1832. Also Eliza, died 7 June 1833, sisters of the above. Also the Rev. Stephen Sanderson, M.A., of Pembroke College, Oxford, brother of the above, died 22 June 1843. Also Charlotte Sanderson, widow of the above Rev. Alfred Sanderson, died 8 April 1847.

498. Miss Maria Goode INWOOD, daughter of the late Rev. Jethro Inwood, 20 years curate of St. Paul’s, Deptford, died 13 December 1818, aged 37. Also Mrs Hester Inwood, relict of the above, and late of Bromley College, died 15 December 1820, aged 62.

499. Samuel DAVIS, died 26 June 1841, aged 45.

500. Mayjor SYKES, son of John and Margaret Sykes, died 19 January 1757, aged 10. Also Margaret Sykes, wife of John Sykes, died 19 April 1770, aged 51. Also the above John Sykes, who died 21 March 1792, aged 80.

501. Susanna, wife of Thomas ADAMS, late of the parish of S. Mary, Lambeth, born 15 December 1752, died 17 September 1859. Also of the said Thomas Adams, born 13 April 1753, died 6 January 1825. Also Thomas Henry Adams, son of Robert and Elizabeth Adams of York Road, Lambeth, and grandson of the above, who died 5 March 1833, aged 26, late medical student of S. Bartholomew’s Hospital. Also Sarah, widow of William Adams, son of the first-named Thomas Adams, died 29 April 1865, aged 65.

502. Mary Clara (Baxter), born 3 June 1859, died 26 January 1862. Also Caroline Elizabeth, mother of the above and wife of William Walmisley BAXTER, born 27 August 1829, died 23 October 1896. Also Alice Emily, daughter of the above, born 25 October 1863, died 29 May 1898. Also William Walmisley Baxter, husband of Caroline Elizabeth, born 21 November 1829, died 8 April 1900. Also Helen Augusta and Jessie, daughters of the above, who died in their infancy.

503. Sarah, wife of John OSBORN of this parish …. Elizabeth Osborn of this parish, who died 6 October 1776, aged ?44. Also John Osborn, grandson of the above John Osborn, died 11 April 1783, aged 9. Also of Stephen Osborn, died ?19 September 1786, in the ?57th year of his age.

504. Mrs Helena OSBORN of this parish, died 17 June 1813, aged 59. Also Mary OSBORN, daughter of the above, died 13 January 1804, aged 15. Also Stephen Osborn of this parish, died 6 December 1842, aged 55. Also John and Sarah, two children of the above, who died in their infancy. Also James, second son of the above, died at Melbourne 11 March 1856, aged 37. Also Stephen, eldest son of the above, died 10 July 1858, aged 45. Also Rebecca, relict of the above Stephen Osborn, senior, died 15 February 1867, aged 78.

505. Thomas WESTWOOD, late of the parish of Hampstead in Middlesex, died 21 June 1782, in his 29th year. Also Sarah DARK of this parish, died 29 June 1780, in her 21st year.

506. The family grave of William and Hester WINGHAM. Rosina, died in Bedminster, Bristol, 26 June 1852, aged 14 months. Also Mary Emma, died in Bedminster 16 July 1852, in her 3rd year. Jemima, died in Bromley 24 April 1864, aged 10 months. Charles, of the 18th K.R.V., died 13 March 1866, in his 19th year. William Wingham, father of the above, died 18 June 1869, aged 43. Walter, died 23 October 1869, aged 10 years. Charlotte Anne Wingham, daughter-in-law of the above, born 2 July 1841, died 13 June 1911.

507. Elizabeth BROWNE, widow of the late Rev. Tobias Browne, vicar of Alford, co. Lincoln, died 6 November 1818, in the 92nd year of her age. She was resident in Bromley College 39 years. Also Charlotte, daughter of the above, died 13 December 1847, aged 84.

508. Martha BOWLES, late of Chelsea, widow of Leonard Bowles, Esq., merchant, and daughter of the late Tobias RUSTAT, Esq., of Withersfield, Suffolk, died 16 December 1790, aged 71.

509. Elizabeth ROWLEY, late of Bromley College, relict of the Rev. Dr. George Rowley, died 30 July 1817, aged 62. Also Elizabeth CLARKE of Bromley College, relict of the Rev. Benjamin Clarke and daughter of the above, died 15 August 1849, aged 72.

510. James COOMBER, died 22 August 1820, aged 62. Caroline Coomber, daughter of the above, died 27 August 1820, aged 28. Also Hannah Groves Coomber, relict of the above, died 22 June 1820 (?), aged 67. Also Louisa, wife of Thomas OSBORN and daughter of the above, who died .. April 1851 (?).

511. Mr Thomas KEBBELL, died 18 September 1826, in the 56th year of his age.

512. William GIBBS, died 28 March 1860, aged 70. Also John Gibbs, son of the above, died 8 November 1858, aged 35. Also Ann, wife of the above William Gibbs, died 23 February 1874, aged 81. Also Ann Gibbs, daughter of William and Ann Gibbs, died 30 November 1875, aged 49. Also Elizabeth Gibbs, daughter of William and Ann Gibbs, died 30 August 1883, aged 63.

513. Sarah ALLEN, died 19 December 1819, aged 36. Also Sarah Allen, daughter of the above, died 21 May 1824, aged 5. Also William Allen, son of the above, died 13 May 1825, aged 13. Also Mary Hodsall Allen, daughter of the above, who died 31 May 1830, aged 13. Also James Allen, son of the above, died 29 August 1839, aged 25.

514. Thomas BAXTER of this parish, died 22 March 1858, aged 68. Also Emily Margaret, wife of G.B. Baxter, nephew of the above, died 24 November 1902, aged 75. Also George Bodle Baxter, husband of the above, died 28 January 1911, aged 88.

515. Richard ADDIS of this parish, died 2 February 1853, aged 60. Also Harriet Addis, wife of the above, died 25 November 1845, aged 54. Also two of their children: Harriet, died 16 May 1826 in her 3rd year, and Harriet, died 12 August 1831 in her 6th year. Also William their son, died 2 October 1852, aged 34. Also Mary Jane PEACOCK, their grand-daughter, died 5 May 1857 in her 3rd year.

516. John BUCHANAN and Elizabeth his wife. He died 1 December 1779, aged 70. She died 5 January 1781, aged 61.

517. William FEAST of this parish, died 11 December 1836, aged 63. Also Mrs MOLLY, 2nd wife of the above, died 11 June 1852, aged 78. Also Edwin MUFFETT, grandson of the above William Feast, died 23 October 1844, aged 3 years 6 months. Also Sarah, dau. of the above William Feast, died 20 September 1857, aged 51.

518. Richard HUTSON, who died 22 May 1823, aged 44. Also Henry Hutson of Rushey Green, Lewisham, son of the above, died 19 October 1873, aged 67.

519. Sarah HUTSON, wife of Richard Hutson, died 10 September 1835, aged 57. Also two of their grandchildren, Frederick Hutson, died 8 June 1837, aged 5, and Sarah Hutson, died 30 June 1837, aged 12 months. Also Mary Ann, wife of Henry Hutson of Rushey Green, Lewisham, died 8 September 1873, in her 75th year.

520. Mary GILDER of Bromley College, widow of the Rev. Jonathan Gilder, Rector of Aspeden and Vicar of Layston, co. Herts, died October 1823, aged 80.

521. Sarah ELGER, late of Stamford, co. Linc., died 28 May 1806, aged 16.

522. Jemima LESLIE, died 27 January 1787, aged 70. Also Ann ?FRAIGNEAU, died 23 July 1790, aged ?87. Also Elizabeth ?Fraigneau, died ?25 August 1794, aged ?89. Also Magdalen ?Fraigneau, died 1 September 1794, aged 87.

523. Susanna HOLDSWORTH, wife of Richard Holdsworth of Rotherhithe, died 3 July 1750, ?aged 23.

524. William CHILD, Esq., died 16 February 1814, aged 82. Also Ann, wife of the above, died 1 September 1801, aged 64.

525. Judith de BRISSAC, died 25 March 1788, in the 81st year of her age.

526. Elizabeth Joanna CHILD, died 20 March 1800, aged 69.

527. Elizabeth, widow of Mr ROBERTS of Christ Hospital, died 25 July 1815, aged 75.

528. Frank, 3rd son of William and Clara LATTER of Lee, Kent, died 23 June 1832, in his 5th year.

529. Charles LATTER, died 28 February 1844, aged 74. Susanna his wife, died 1 August 1870, aged 85. Their sons Charles Maximilian, died 27 March 1832, aged 20. Walter, died 6 June 1825, aged 10. Their daughters Caroline, died 4 August 1879, aged 60. Mary Sarah, died 28 April 1907, in her 90th year.

530. Mrs Sarah ELYARD, died 22 July 1825, aged 71. Also Eleanor, daughter of the above and wife of Edward Beaumont SMITH, Esq., died 21 July 1839.

531. Mary SCOONS, wife of John Scoons of this parish, died 8 February 1812, aged 66.

532. Damaris PAGE, died 26 April 1817, aged 76. Also George Page, husband of the above, died 28 January 1829, aged 82.

533. Jane, wife of James LINN of this parish, died 24 March 1845, aged 44. Also the above James Linn, died 26 January 1849, aged 54. Also Amelia, daughter of the above, died 16 November 1913, aged 79.

534. Alice JOHNSON, wife of Anthony Johnson of this parish, died 16 July 1735, aged 47. Also Charles, their son, who died 25 September 1738, in his 27th year. Also the above Anthony Johnson, who died 19 July 1753, aged 77.

535. Emma Sarah, daughter of William and Sarah PAULL, died 22 June 1834, aged 2 years 7 months. Also Harriet Ann, daughter of the above, died 1 August 1834, aged 4 years 4 months. Also William Godfrey, son of the above, died 5 October 1836, aged 2 years 4 months. Also Frederick, son of the above, died 28 December 1841, aged 11 months. Also Bertha, daughter of the above, died 23 October 1845, aged 17 years 4 months. Also Martha Paull, grandmother of the above, died 6 March 1860, in her 83rd year. Also William Warr Paull, her son, father of the above children, died 3 September 1868, in his 68th year.

536. William Godfrey, son of William STIDOLPH, died 26 August 1828, aged 25. Also Sarah, mother of the above, died 9 April 1836, aged 58. Also the above William Stidolph, died 20 January 1855, in his 83rd year. In a grave near are the remains of Sarah his second wife, who died 12 January 1851, in her 66th year.

537. Maria, wife of Joseph SO……../ , who died 25 September ?177-/, aged 31. Also two of their children, who died in their infancy.

538. Joseph SOLOMON, late of Wateringbury in this county, died 26 February 1788, aged 49.

539. Elizabeth, wife of David DALE of this parish, died 19 April 1823, aged 70. Also the above David Dale, died 30 November 1833, aged 88. Also Sarah Dale, daughter of the above, died 20 December 1829, aged 53. Also Elizabeth, daughter of David Dale, died 7 February 1864, in her 85th year.

540. Elizabeth, daughter of John and Ann HESTER of this parish, died 4 June 1782, aged ../. Also Mrs Ann Hester, died 22 September 1799, aged ?50.

541. John PHILLIPS of this parish, died 7 June 1784, aged 57. Also Elizabeth Phillips, died 23 April 1794, aged 67.

542. John LAWSON, died ../June ?1751, aged ?38. Also seven children of William and Elizabeth [STICK] of this parish: Ann, …./1757, aged ../months. Elizabeth, …./1759, aged ../years. John, died 17-0/, aged 17. William, died ?1760, aged ../. Mary, died 1760, aged../years. Lawson, died 1760, aged 7 weeks. Joseph Lawson, died March 1763, aged 11 years. Also the above Elizabeth STICK, died 17 December …./aged ?67. And William Stick, her husband, died 23 January 1774, aged 70. Martha, his second wife, died 7 November 17../, aged ?47. And their son William, died 20 April 1769, aged 10 months. Jennett Lawson TANDY, daughter of the above William and Elizabeth Stick, died 30 September 1811.

543. The son of John and Jane ATHERFOLD. John Atherfold, who died 28 May 1863, aged 20 years and 5 months. William Atherfold, died 12 June 1863, aged 23 years. The above John Atherfold, died 22 January 1868, aged 74. Also Jane, wife of the above John Atherfold, who died 13 January 1893, aged 84.

544. Robert BUNN, died 24 May 1816, aged 80.

545. Thomas SOAN of this parish, who died 16 December 1809, aged 70. Also Mrs Ann Soan, relict of the above, who died 6 April 1815, aged 77. Also Caroline BIRKETT, daughter of Thomas BROWNE and Harriott Birkett, and granddaughter of the above Thomas Soan, who died 21 October 1820, aged 20. Also the above Harriott Birkett, who died 18 August 1826, aged 45.

546. Sarah, relict of the Rev. William PERFECT, Vicar of East Malling in this county, died 21 June 1769, aged 61. Stone erected by her son William Perfect, surgeon of West Malling.

547. Margaret KNIGHT, died 22 April 1859, in her 93rd year. Also Thomas SLOW, who died 20 January 1829, aged 30. Also Sarah, daughter of the above Thomas and Sarah Slow, died 1851.

548. Ann KNIGHT of this parish, died 24 September 1873, aged 73. Also Sarah SLOW, sister of the above, died 23 November 1873, aged 76. Also Jan CLARKE, died 14 March 1896, aged 90.

549. James John Fountain ALLEN, late of Warwick Lane, City, died at Mason’s Hill in this parish 14 April 1862, aged 48.

550. Sarah TATTON, daughter of Wm. and Sarah Tatton of this parish, died 29 May 1811, aged 10 months. Also the above William Tatton, died 17 January 1824, aged 71. Also the above Sarah, died 22 October 1824, aged 53.

551. Timothy WELLER, late of this parish, died 29 November 1822, aged 46. Also Sarah Emma Weller, daughter of the above, died 31 October 1814, aged 2 years 5 weeks. This tablet inscribed by her children to the memory of Elizabeth FUZZEY, relict of the above Timothy Weller and late wife of James Fuzzey of Lewisham, died 24 October 1829, aged 51.

552. John WELLER, formerly of this parish and late of Deptford, died 27 July 1825, aged 76. Also Elizabeth, wife of the above, died 28 October 1776, aged 27.

553. Susanna Weller, late of Croydon, died 9 July 1820, aged 18.

554. Henry WELLER, late of Croydon, died 25 December 1823, aged 59. Also Elizabeth, wife of the above, died 6 October 1833, aged 69.

555. Charles, son of John and Elizabeth WELLER of Croydon, died 21 February 1820, aged 1 year and 11 months. Also Henry, who died in infancy. Also John WELLER, father of above, died 21 November …./in his 80th year.

556. Elizabeth, wife of John WELLER of Croydon, died 8 October 1834, in her 64th year. Also George John Weller, son of the above, died 14 September 1874, aged 46.

557. William West CORKE, who died ../January 1789, aged 26.

558. Mrs Louisa HOATH, daughter of Charles and Sarah BROWNING, who died 13 March 1858, in her 28th year.

559. Sarah, daughter of Collins and Sarah ADAMS, died 19………,/ …………./GIBBONS ……/Joseph gibbons.

560. Unreadable.

561. William Porteous MOWAT, died 9 March 1847, aged 9 months. William Marten Mowat, died 16 December 1861, aged 4 years 8 months. Francis Paris Mowat, died 22 January 1865, aged 2 years 2 months. James Horsburch Mowat, died 13 December 1869, aged 21.

562. Thomas REYNOLDS, Esq., who died ../September 1759, aged 52.

563. Elizabeth, relict of the Rev. Thomas Arthur JONES, Rector of Vere, Jamaica, died 6 February 1862, aged 77. Also Annie Edwina BURTON, granddaughter of the above, died 6 September 1842, aged 15 months. (On other side of this stone): Sarah, relict of the Rev. George THOMAS, Rector of Overstone, co. Northants, died 11 February 1842, aged 75. Also Mary SHELTON of Bromley College, died 11 December 1837, aged 68.

564. Susannah BROOKE, daughter of the Rev. (?) Wm. Brooke, born at (?) Kirby, Norfolk, ../March 1777, died at this place November 1820. Also her husband the Rev. Wm. (?) GIRDLESTONE, Rector of …………/died at this place in the 61st year of his age (?) 4 March (?) 1831.

565. Charles HEMSLEY, late of this parish, died 6 February 1824, aged 52. Also Rebecca Hemsley, wife of the above, died 1 October 1839, aged 75. Also Fanny Hemsley, sister of the above, died 29 November 1860, aged 83.

566. Francis BARNARD, died 31 March 1803.

567. Sarah ATTERBURY, relict of the Rev. Osborn Atterbury, rector of Ox Hill, co. Warwick, died 5 January 1789, in the 88th year of her age. Also Sarah Atterbury, daughter of the above, died 16 June 1820, aged 80.

568. Henry COX, late of this parish, died 23 May 1807, aged 17. Also Mrs Ann SOANS, mother of the above and widow of William Soans, died 29 March 1812, aged 49.

569. Mary THOMAS, died ../August 1808, aged (?) 59. Also Mrs Rose Thomas, who died September 181-/, aged 76.

570. Mrs Barbery SOAN, late wife of William Soan of this parish, who died 17 October 1786, aged 78. Also the above Mr William Soan, who died 11 January 1797, aged 89.

571. John PIETERS, M.A., for many years master of the Academy at Mason Hill in this parish, died 25 September 1812, in his 70th year. Also Jane, relict of the above, died 11 December 1826. aged 72. Also his children, namely: William Whiffin, died 5 November 1809, aged 15. Mary Ann and Eliza, who died in their infancy. Also the Rev. John PIETERS, eldest son of the above, Vicar of Down in this county, died 27 August 1827, aged 42. Also Elizabeth Amelia GRAVENER, wife of Henry Gravener of Deptford, Kent, sister of the above, died 11 July 1850, aged 64.

572. William BISHOP of Hastings, died 30 January 1836, aged 60.

573. Thomas STRADWICK, died 15 December 1806, aged 39. Also Elizabeth Stradwick, wife of the above, died 31 December 1840, aged 77. Also Sarah LANGRIDGE, spinster, sister of the above Elizabeth, died 20 June 1849, in her 91st year.

574. Richard CLAYTON, died 9 December 1791, aged 54. Also Sarah, widow of the above, died 5 September 1799, aged 62. Also Sarah INKPEN, died 6 March 1795, aged 83. Also Mary, wife of Joseph GREEN, died 26 February 1802, aged 61. Also the above Joseph Green, died 18 September 1824, aged 65. Also Mrs Mary Green, …../of Joseph Green…………./.

575. Illegible.

576. Susanna, late wife of William SOANS of this parish, bricklayer, and daughter of William and Eleanor HOOKER of Bexley, died 9 April 1797, aged 23 years. Also the above William Soans, died 16 September 1811, aged 42. Also children ……./.

577. Elizabeth, wife of Joseph SHRIMPTON of Mark Lane, London, died 8 December 1779, aged 37. Also Ann Shrimpton, second wife of the above, died 22 April 1789, aged ?33. Also of Joseph Shrimpton himself, died 10 August 1801, aged 65. Also Mary Shrimpton, his third wife, died 27 January 1832, aged 93.

578. Robert PEEBLES of this parish, died 19 March 1821, aged 64. Also Jane, relict of the above, died 28 June 1831, aged 67.

579. An altar tomb very broken.

580. Elizabeth, wife of Timothy WELLER of Croydon, died 16 May 1829, in her 27th year. Also Elizabeth, daughter of the above, died 17 June 1837, in her 9th year. Also the above Timothy Weller, died 28 January 1868, aged 71.

581. Edward ?BRONSLOE, Esq., died 25 February 177-/, aged ../. (Edward BRONSDON?).

582. Ann, wife of William COLEBORN of this parish, died 20 March 1812, aged 55. Also their son George Sparrow Coleborn, who died in infancy. Also Sarah, wife of the above, died 28 February 1845, in her 82nd year. Also the above William Coleborn, died 10 July 1847, aged 85. Also Sarah Coleborn, died 12 August 1864, in her 80th year. Also Margaret HOLMER, daughter of the above William Coleborn, died 15 February 1876, aged 84.

583. Thomas E.D. WILLOUGHBY, only son of Thomas E. and Sarah Willoughby of this parish, died 6 June 1827, in his 19th year. Also Thomas Edward Willoughby, Esq., father of the above, died 26 April 1830, aged 56. Also Sarah Anna COCK, granddaughter of the above, died 9 February 1835, aged 15 days.

584. Stone obliterated.

585. ?Mary PALMER, relict of …../Palmer, died ……/177-/, aged ?74. Also Edward Palmer ……/and son of the above Edward and Mary Palmer, who died 27 August 1799.

586. Mrs Hannah WHEELER, widow, late of Bromley College, died 7 February 1813, aged 93. Also Elizabeth Wheeler, daughter of the above, died 8 January 1800.

587. Robert COLEGATE of this parish, died 16 May 1821, aged 67. Also Sarah, wife of the above, died 10 June 1810, aged 41. Also three of their children, who died in infancy. Also Robert, eldest son of the above, surgeon in the H.E.I.C.S., died 20 May 1820, at camp Bhov. E.I., aged 25. Also Ann, the eldest daughter of the above, died 1 February 1855, aged 64. (On the back of stone): Also Frances, wife of David LUMSDEN and daughter of Robert Colgate [sic], died 16 July 1865, aged 63. Also David Robert, eldest son of the above, died 19 September 1865, aged 30.

588. William RALWINSON of this parish, died 9 December 1859, in his 59th year. Also Elizabeth, wife of the above, died 1 November 1859, in her 60th year. Also Michael Rawlinson, died 17 February 1867, in his 69th year. Also Maria, wife of the above Michael, died 25 May 1879, aged 75.

589. Edward SWIFT of the parish of S. Paul, Deptford, died 22 February 1819, aged 66. Also Jane, widow of the above, died 21 September 1828, aged 83.

590. Elizabeth, wife of James WELCH of this parish, died 5 January 1821, aged 45. Also the above James Welch, died 18 September 1829, in his 52nd year. Also Esther, his second wife, died 4 July 1831, aged 41.

591. Johnnis Frank PAGELS, died 3 July 1872, aged 40.

592. William LAVENDER of this parish, died 7 December 1798, aged 43. Also Mrs Elizabeth Lavender, wife of the above, died 23 September 1807, aged 55. Also William Lavender, son of the above, died 27 February 1803, aged 18. Also James, Elizabeth and Martha, son and daughters of the above, who died in their infancy.

593. John BONE, bricklayer of this parish, died 14 December 1704, aged 44.

594. Robert SMITH of this parish, died 7 October 1812, aged 60. Also near this spot Elizabeth MARTIN, died 16 April 1808 aged 58. Also Frances Smith, relict of the above, died 7 February 1831, aged 79. Also Elizabeth BULL their daughter, died 26 September 1820, aged 44.

595. John WESTON, born at Thurcaston, co. Leicester, and late of the city of London, salt merchant, died 1 July 1817, aged 44. Also Frances Diana, wife of the above, died 24 August 1858, in her 73rd year. Also the eldest son of the above, died in Jamaica 18 July 1832, aged 25. Also Eliza Weston, youngest daughter of the above, born 27 August 1815, died 12 February 1895.

596. John WADE of St Paul, Deptford, Kent, died 3 October 1813, aged 38. Also Phoebe his wife, died 21 October 1841, aged 62 years. This stone has been restored by their daughter M.A.W., November 1869.

597. Judith MASTER, daughter of Jacob and Mary Master of Yarmouth, Norfolk, died 22 July 1782, aged 30.

598. Thomas WELLS, died 26 October 1841, aged 52. Also Ann, the wife of above, died 30 April 1858, aged 78. Also Mary Ann, daughter of the above, died 24 June 1842, aged 27. Also Elizabeth JORDAN, daughter of the above, died 19 August 1883, aged 66. Also Edith Ellen, daughter of Thomas and Jane Susanna Wells, died 11 December 1862, aged 6 years 5 months. Also Kate Eleanor, sister of the above, died 28 April 1864, aged 21 days. Also Thomas Wells, son of the above, died 13 January 1894, aged 69. Also Jane Susanna, wife of the above, died 28 January 1900, aged 71. Also Annie Margaret, daughter of the above T. and J.S. Wells, died 10 February 1911, aged 52.

599. Edwin, son of Anthony and Mary TYE of this parish, died 7 April 1845, aged 1 year 6 months 9 days. Also Edward, son of the above, died 4 May 1849, aged 2 years 5 months. Also the above Anthony William Tye, died 19 December 1850, aged 37. Also John DOYLE, died 22 June 1864, aged 49. Also William, son of Anthony and Mary Tye, died 16 April 1865, aged 23. Also Henry, son of the above John Doyle, died 9 June 1873, aged 19. Also Mary Ann Doyle BAYMAN, widow of the above, died 31 July 1897, in her 82nd year.

600. Headstone
broken. Diana …../Will……/of Christ……../who departed …../Aug 8 1781 aged ../Also the above Will…..d/May 1786 aged ../. Footstone D.B. 1781.

601. William Clement WOOD, died 25 March 1868. Also Harriet, wife of Benjamin Wood, died 27 February 1902. Also Benjamin Wood, died 25 September 1903, aged 75.

602. Lucy, wife of Jabez WOOD, died 17 November 1863, aged 27.

603. Charles HICKMAN of the Middle Temple, Esq., son of Thomas Hickman of Barntick, co. Clare, Ireland, died 8 August 1729, in his 21st year.

604. Randal FOOTE, formerly of co. Dublin, late Captain 6th Dragoon Guards or Carabineers, died 15 January 1841, aged 62. Also Elizabeth Foote, wife of the above, died 14 August 1871, aged 90.

605. Sarah, wife of Alexander HARWOOD of Plumstead (?) Park, Kent, died 10 September 1781; also two of their children who died in infancy; also …./S./Harwood, died ../September 1784.

606. Francis BALDRY, died 15 July 1857, aged 60. Also Isabella Baldry, died 8 November (?) 1875, aged 78.

607. ……/aged 29 ……../daughter of William and Elizabeth EVEREST of (?) Otford in this county. Also Robert Samuel Everest, brother of Francis Everest of Kennington, Surrey, died 5 February 1829, aged 45.

608. (Lying under No.607). Mary LAMB, relict of the Rev. John Taylor Lamb, rector of Keston in this county, died 21 September 1806, aged 77.

609. Mary WATSON, relict of the Rev. Samuel Watson, late of (?)Smartham, *co. Bucks, died at Bromley College 22 February 1792, in her 86th year. Also Elizabeth Watson, who died 9 March 1797, aged ../. Also Margaret Watson, who died ../June 18--/, aged (?) 65. (*According to the Admittance Register to Bromley College, the Rev. Samuel Watson was Rector of Harridge, co. Bucks).

610. Ann EVANS, widow of the Rev. Owen Evans, late rector of Stangham and (?) Ford, co. Sussex, died 24 May 1819, aged 75.

611. Mary, widow of the Rev. Dr. Henry OWEN, Vicar of Edmonton, and daughter of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert BETTS, late Bishop of Ely, died 18 June 1804, in her 64th year.

612. Charles Goodman HURLOCK, died 5 May 1862, aged 9 months. Also Elizabeth, wife of Charles Hurlock and mother of the above, died 1 September 1872, aged 42.

613. Caroline, daughter of William and Ann VOKINS, died 25 December 1824, aged 4. Also Mary Ann, daughter of Henry and Mary Chapman CHRISTIE, died 20 April 1843, aged 2. Also Mary Chapman, wife of Henry Christie, died 22 November 1848, in her 29th year. Also William Vokins, died 10 May 1858, aged 84. Also Ann, his wife, died 25 February 1860, aged 75.

614. The family grave of Benjamin Octs and Cordelia ENGLEHEART. Maud, fourth daughter, died 21 July 1878, aged 14. Edward Ernest, eldest son, died 23 June 1889, aged 34. Charles Hayley, second son, died 18 January 1863, aged 5. Also Evelyn and Annie, third and second daughters, died 2 February and 12 March 1863, aged 2 and 4. Also Benjamin Octavius Engleheart, died 12 April 1892, aged 67. Cordelia, died 17 December 1901, aged 73.

615. Jonathan, youngest son of the ……………../Samuel STONE, Esq., of Bishopsgate, died 27 September …./, in his 21st year.

616. Thomas FROGGETT, died 10 February 1778, aged 49. Also Catherine, wife of John Froggett, who died 12 November 1792. Also Elizabeth, widow of the above, who died ../May 1804 …../.

617. Ellen, wife of Thomas YELDHAM, who is also interred in this churchyard, born 5 June 1818, died 4 September 1882, and of their children, Mary Ann, Edward Charles, Florence Martha, Ellen Mary Ann Jane, and Charles William.

618. Mary, wife of James CARTER of S. Saviour’s, Southwark, Attorney-at-Law, died 5 August 1778, aged 28. Also Sarah, their daughter, died 6 September 1778, aged 1 month 9 days. Also William Henry, son of James Carter and Susannah his wife, died 20 September 1782, aged 16 months. (On a flat stone beneath): Cornelius James Carter, son of James Carter and Mary his wife, died 25 December 1805, in the 31st year of his age. Also James Carter, husband of the above Mary, died 8 June 1807, in his 58th year. Also Mary Ann Carter, daughter of the above James Carter, died 21 March 1813, aged ../. Also Susanna Carter, relict of the above, died 2 January 1827, aged 75.

619. Rodger PENNY, late of Northumberland Street in the parish of S. Martin-in-the-Fields, died ?2 April 1767, aged 54. "Hark from the tomb a doleful sound/O come attend the cry/ye living men come view the ground/where you must shortly lie".

SECTION III. Slip of ground by South Aisle wall.
620. Bridget CORNWALL, died 21 February 1815, aged 76.

621. Elizabeth PALFREY. She lived above 40 years in Lord Cremorne’s family, highly valued by her lady, etc. Died 5 December 1811, aged 68.

622. Elizabeth CRIPPS, died 30 October 180-/ in her 82nd year. Also Perthanay ROCK, died 14 January 1830, in her 69th year.

623. Eliz. RICHARDS, widow of the Rev. Geo. Richards, late Vicar of Hadlow, Kent, died 19 November 1767, aged 81.

624. Ann, wife of Alexander BRACHULL of this parish, died (?) 21 March 1749, aged ../. Also Alexander Brachull, died 29 May 1772, aged 60. Also one son who died young.

625. Elizabeth, wife of George SHORTER of this parish, died 20 July 1771, aged 37. Also Mary Shorter, wife of the above, died 19 March 1808, aged 84. Also the above George Shorter, died 21 November 1821, aged 85.

626. Hannah RANCE, daughter of Thomas and Dorothy Rance, died 25 ……..(?) 17--/.

627. Richard GRATWICKE of this parish, gent, died 3 May 1674. Also Mary, wife of Richard Gratwicke, gent., died 4 April 1682. Also Ann, wife of Samuel LEAVER of London, merchant, and daughter of Richard Gratwicke, died 12 August 1712, aged 70. Also Elizabeth HAMPDEN, daughter of Samuel and Ann Leaver, wife of Richard Hampden of London, merchant, died 1 November 1758, in her 74th year. Arms: 3 hurts each charged with a fret. Crest: An ostrich’s head, in the beak a horseshoe. Helmet and mantling.

628. Thomas SHORTER, youngest son of George Shorter of this parish, died 10 September 1834, in his 65th year. Also Sally, wife of the above, died 21 January 1848, in her 82nd year.

629. William Henry ELLIOT, son of William and Elizabeth Elliot of this parish, died 6 July 1819, aged 33. Also William Elliot, father of the above, died 23 July 1819, in his 59th year. "All you that pass this way along/See how suddenly we were gone/God does to some no warning give/So pray be careful how you live".

630. Capt. John TANNER of Rotherhithe, co. Surrey, died 4 October 1709, aged 28. Also his daughter Anne, an infant. Arms: On a chief 3 Moors’ heads (? helmets) imp Between a saltaire 4 eagles displ. Crest: a demi-talbot, helmet and mantling.

631. Jarvis BEXHILL of this parish, plumber, died 5 August 1810, aged 54. Also two of his children who died in their infancy: he left one surviving daughter, Charlotte, wife of William BONNICK of Cranbrooke, Kent, miller. Also Mrs Hannah BUSHBY, died 11 November 1818, in her 87th year. On the reverse side: Ann, daughter of George and Hannah Bushby and widow of Jarvis BEXHILL and mother of his children, died 16 August 1845, aged 79. The same Ann, by a second marriage, 19 April 1819, took the name of BAXTER, and has given her executors sufficient for them to purchase £100 stock in 3 per cent. consolidated annuities at the Bank of England upon trust to pay the interest to the overseers and sexton of this parish to keep in good order this memorial, etc. Arms of the Plumbers Company.

632. Barbara DAVIDSON, widow of the late Rev. William Davidson of Berwick upon Tweed, who died ……/aged ../. Also a daughter ………./.

633. On the south wall of the church, "Heere lyeth interred the body of Martine FRENCH of this parish with 4 of his wives & 2 daughters, he departed this life ye 12 of January Anno 1661 being aged 61 & his last wife departed ye 13 of ye same moneth leaveing behind him one sonne Martine & 3 daughters, Jane, Sarah and Mary".

634. John FORD, late of Croydon, died 8 November 1806, aged 81. Also Ann Ford, wife of the above, died 21 February 1807, aged 68.

635. Elizabeth, wife of Daniel GILES, and daughter of John HERLACKENDEN of this parish, died 13 April 1668.

636. Charles Rowland PARKER of St. Germans Place, Blackheath, and Thornton Row, Greenwich, son of Thomas and R.M.E. Parker, buried on the opposite side of the foot-path, died 16 March 1848, in his 73rd year. Also John Frederick Parker of Greenwich, brother of the above, died 9 July 1848, in his 67th year. Also Sabina Susannah Parker, daughter of above Thomas and R.M.E. Parker, died 18 March 1864, in her 75th year.

637. Thomas Parker, died 12 June 1792, aged 44. Also Rosa Maria Ermillina Parker, wife of above, died 23 June 1811, aged 62. Also of Margaret Parker, daughter of above, died 25 March 1795, aged 16. Also William B. Parker, died 14 February 1807, aged 28. Also Elizabeth Ermillina Parker, daughter of above, died May 1825. Also Isabel Parker, daughter of above, died 31 May 1828, aged 43. Also Charlotte Maria Parker, daughter of above, died 11 June 1840, aged 66. Also North Caroline Parker, died 25 November 1844, aged 60.

638. Thomas BETTENSHAW of this parish, died 27 December 1818, aged 19.

639. Jonathan BARRELL of this parish, died 27 December 1810, aged 45. Also Elizabeth Barrell DAVIS, died 4 March 1829, aged 7 years 6 months. Also Elizabeth Davis, wife of William Davis, died 16 July 1830, aged 34. Also John Davis, son of the above, died 26 August 1830, aged 3 months. Also Elizabeth Barrell, wife of the above Jonathan Barrell, died 9 January 1858, aged 86. (On the reverse): Catherine Maria Davis, daughter of William and Sarah Davis, died 18 July 1836, aged 6 months. Also Mary Ann, daughter of William and Elizabeth Davis, died 17 November 1843, aged 17 years.

640. John GYLES, died 23 September 1722, aged ../. Also Mabilla his wife, who died ?August …./, aged ../.

641. William GYLES of Woolwich, died 19 Nov. 1859, in his 19th year.

642. John PIPPETT of this parish, died 27 June 1808, aged 49. Also Martha, wife of the above, died 20 November 1836, aged 81.

643. Mr. Joseph SALE of this parish, carpenter, died 10 July 1780, aged 75. Also Sarah Sale, wife of the above, died ../May6 1789, aged 81.

644. Susannah TURNER of this parish, died ../April 1790, aged ?65. Also Elizabeth TAPE, ?daughter of Susannah Turner/. Also ?James Tape, son of the above Elizabeth Tape, who died 17 ……/1811.

645. Elizabeth Mackrel FORD, wife of Thomas Ford of this parish, died 30 January 1843, aged 57. Also Sarah Mackrel HURRY, sister of the above, and wife of Edward Hurry, died 10 March 1851, in her 51st year. Also the above Edward Hurry, died 3 (or 5) May 1851, aged 55.

646. Rachael MASCOE of this parish, died 13 June 1815, aged 77. Also Ann Mascoe, sister of the above, died 18 July 1823, aged 82.

647. John, son of James and Mary BROWNELL of the parish of S. George, Hanover Square, died 16 April 177-/, aged 1 year ../months. Also of James Brownell, 19 March 1805, aged 62. Also Mary, wife of James Brownell, died 20 September 1822, aged 88. Also Mary FREWIN, daughter of the above, died 20 May 1835.

648. Elizabeth DOLLERY of this parish, died 16 October 1836, aged 90. Also Sarah ASHBY, sister of the above, late of Clapton near London, died 11 May 1842, aged 95.

649. William John COUCHMAN, late butler to J. WELLS, Esq., died 8 May 1832, aged 50.

650. (Top of an altar-tomb): Also Elizabeth LITTLEGROOM his daughter, died 10 April 1712, aged 87.

651. Martha, wife of James NETTLEFOLD of Bromley and Bologne in France, died 13 January 1874, aged 31.

652. Elizabeth, wife of John ALEXANDER of West Wickham, Kent, and daughter of John and Deborah BRYANT of this parish, died 24 June 1814, aged 43.

653. Sarah HIND, wife of Jacob Hind, died 17 January 1814, aged 77. Also their children. Also Mrs Ann COLE, 10 March 1817, aged 77. Also the above Jacob Hind, died 22 September 1822, aged 85. Also John CROWHURST, died 27 June ?1824,. in his 60th year.

654. (Inscription illegible).

655. George Kenyon, son of William and Mary Ann DAVISON of this parish, died 25 August 1862, aged 15 months. Also the above Mary Ann Davison, died 20 April 1866, aged 36. Also Isabella, wife of the above William Davison, who died 30 July 1875, aged 31.

656. Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas and Mary PORTER, linen-draper, in the Borough of Southwark, London, died ../February 1786, aged 14 months 11 days. Also Mary …../Porter.

657. Two of the children of Barnabas and Mary BLAKE of this parish. George Henry, died 1 October 1820, aged 18 months. Mary, died 11 November 1822, aged 10 years. Also John BLAKE, died 24 December 1823, aged 9 years 8 months. Also the above Mary Blake, died 16 May 1824, in her 38th year. Also the above Barnabas Blake, died 9 May 1868. Also Henry Blake, son of the above by his wife Elizabeth, died 27 February 1829, aged 2 years. Also Albert, son of the above, died 19 October 1834, aged 2 years 7 months. Likewise the above Elizabeth Blake, died 20 February 1843, in her 43rd year.

658. In this plot, at the east end of the church, stands a memorial to those who fell in the Great War.

659. Hannah, wife of John ……../(rest gone).

660. Flat stone, illegible.

661. Elizabeth, wife of William JUKES of this parish, died 8 March 1835, in her 34th year. Also the above William, died 1 November 1749, aged 62. Also Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Jukes, junior, died 1 December 1770, aged 46. Also Thomas Jukes, Esq., died 17 November 1775, aged 50. Also Elizabeth BAX, daughter of above Wm. Jukes, junior, died 5 March 1778, aged 21. Also Wm. Jukes, Esq., junior, died 2 November 1790, aged 65. Also Sarah Jukes, daughter of the above Wm. Jukes, senior, died 10 February 1796, aged 66. Also Ann Elizabeth WOODGATE, died 4 June 1821, aged 18, granddaughter of the above Eliz. Bax and daughter of the late Henry Woodgate, Esq., who died t Versailles 17 September 1818, aged 45, and is there buried. Also Caroline Sarah, infant daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Jukes Woodgate, daughter of the above Elizabeth Bax, deceased, who died of the measles 3 March 1808, aged 8 months 16 days. Also Eliz. Jukes Woodgate, widow of the late Henry Woodgate of the Inner Temple and daughter of the above Elizabeth Bax, died 17 October 1828, aged 50. Also Sarah, Relict of the above Thomas Jukes, Esq, died 13 February 1826, aged 92. Also Louis Henry Woodgate VIVIAN, born ……../died ……../.

662. John, son of Daniel and Frances JONES of this parish, died 20 December 1803, aged 5 years 5 months. Also Mary Jones, grandmother of the above, died 12 June 1811, aged 85.

663. Elizabeth WELCH, widow of George Welch of this parish, died 28 December 1826, aged 79. Also Mary MANDY, died 12 April 1829, aged 66.

664. Inscription illegible.

665. Jane, wife of Wm. MARSHALL of this parish, died 9 July 1803, aged 56. Also William Marshall, died 2 May 1809, aged 52. Also Thomas, son of the above William Marshall and Mary his wife, died 26 January1808, aged 3 years 3 months 11 days.

666. Joseph SHIRLEY of this parish, died 13 October 1793, aged 74. Also Martha Shirley, wife of the above, died 7 January 1794, aged 75.

667. Elizabeth, widow of the late Abraham BEVINS of Farningham, Kent, died 5 April 1899, aged 87.

668. William CARPENTER, died 30 April 1860, aged 78. Also Sarah his wife, died 29 July 1872, aged 86. Also 2 of their sons, Edmund and Joseph.

669. Rosamund Augusta KUHFF, died 12 October 1769 …../.

670. Elizabeth HYDE, daughter of John Hyde, Esq., and Mary his wife, whose bodies are laid in an adjoining grave, born 23 December 1729, died 15 April 1793. Also West Hyde, Esq., Lieut-Gen., died 25 February 1795, aged 62.

671. Ann, wife of Thomas COMMENS of this parish, died 21 September ?1776, aged 65. Also Thomas Commens, died 21 August 1763, in the 65th year of his age.

672. Mary HACKET, died 20 August 1762, aged 50.

673. Thomas WEST of Wigmore, son of Robert and Elizabeth West who are buried at Wapping, born ../July 1671, died 31 December 1731. Also Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth VOKINS of Deptford, is interred there. He left issue Elizabeth, widow of Capt. John LAWSON, and Mary, wife of John HYDE. Here also lies Robert, son of the said Thomas and Elizabeth West. Also Samuel Hyde, who married the said Elizabeth Lawson, who died 17 February 171-/. He was son of John Hyde of Poplar, Middlesex, and by his first wife Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas KEYSEN, left issue Mary, who married William SEYMOUR, Esq., of East Knoyle, Wilts, and died without issue. Also on the north side Mary Hyde, died 6 November 1750. He left issue daughters, Anna, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane, Althea, and sons West and John. Also Elizabeth Lawson Hyde, who died 10 March…./, leaving no issue. Also Jane, fourth daughter of John and Mary Hyde and widow of John GLENRING, D.D.; she was born 27 August 1735 and died 9 August 1799, leaving no issue. Also Mary, third daughter of John and Mary Hyde, widow of Dr. John NICHOLLS, preacher at Charterhouse, London, born 28 January 1731, died 9 June 1808. This inscription was re-cut in 1842. (On south side of tomb): George Hyde WOLLASTON, Esq., of Clapham Common, second son of the Rev. Francis Wollaston, Rector of Chislehurst, by his wife the above-named Althea Hyde, born 10 July 1765, died 25 August 1841, is interred here with Mary Ann his wife, daughter of William LUARD, Esq.; she was born 19 October 1778 and died 16 September 1817. Also their daughter Sophia, born and died 28 September 1816. (On the north side of tomb): The three eldest children of George Hyde Wollaston and Mary Ann his wife were George Luard, born 2 December 1797, died 21 February 1801, buried at Swainswick near Bath. William Luard, born 1 November 1799, died 24 September 1821, buried at ?Benstead, Isle of Wight. Mary Ann, born 7 August 1801, died 5 May 1826, buried at Swainswick near Bath.

674. Mary, wife of John HYDE, died 5 November 1750, aged 47. Also Anna Hyde, daughter of above, died 16 December 1766, aged 40. Also John HYDE, husband of above Mary, died 15 February 1771, aged 80.

675. George INNOUS, died 2 June 1828, aged 57. Also Geo. Innous, grandson of above, died 11 December 1834, aged 9 months. Also Geo. Innous, son of above, died 6 August 1836, aged 29. Also Mary, widow of above, died 25 November 1859, aged 94.

676. John WESTBROOK of this parish, died 23 (?) August 1807, aged 65. Also Mary his wife, died 14 October 1810, aged 71.

677. Mary, wife of Jn. WESTBROOK of South Borough in the parish of Bromley, died 28 April 1777, aged 70. Also the said John Westbrook, died 26 February 1781, aged ../.

678. Edward and Sarah TYE, …./died Feb. 1820. Also George, Edward, Thomas, James and Matthew …………/.

679. John LUFF of this parish, died ../March 1810. Also Susannah, wife of above, died 12 July 1827, aged 87 (?). Also Wm. BAXTER, grandson of above, died in infancy. Also Jas. HOSKINS, died 18 March 1884, aged 68.

680. Wm. HYETT, died 27 July 1761, aged 33.

681. Edw. JONES, Esq., of Staples Inn, died 5 (?) May 1801, aged 82.

682. Ann RUMSBY, died 11 April 1836, aged 57.

683. Jas. MACE, died 17 June 1840, aged 36. Also Wm. Jas. Mace, son of above, died 4 January 1837, in infancy.

684. Hugh HAIR of this parish, died 5 May 1802, aged 35. Also Jas. Joshua, son of above, died 5 August 1809, aged 7; and 2 daughters, died in infancy.

685. Ann, wife of Rich. JONES, died 14 December 1745, aged 64. Also Rich. Jones of Peckham in the parish of Camberwell, died 19 September 1757, aged 57. Also Eliz., dau. of John and Jane MAY of this parish, died 12 March 1753, aged 9. Also John, son of above John and Jane May, died 13 January 1778, aged 26. Also 3 sons and 4 daughters, who died in infancy. Also the above John May, died 2 December 1790, aged 70. Also Edw. May, son of above, died 27 December 1795, aged 34. Also John May of this parish, died 19 December 1749, aged 60. Also Ann, wife of Edward WELLUM and daughter of above, died 15 November 1750, aged 33. Also Sarah, widow of John May, died 16 December 1759, aged 74. Also Jn. May, died 7 January 1767, aged 39. Also Wm. May, died 16 January 1810, aged 51.

686. Sarah ACTON, relict of Samuel Acton of Stanwell, Co. Middlesex, died 7 October 1830, aged 83. Also Anne, wife of Jn. Acton of this parish, died 7 June 1836, aged 64. Also the above John Acton, died 24 February 1839, aged 32. Also John, 2nd son of above John and Anne Acton, died 11 June 1844, aged 30. Also Mary Ann HAIR, daughter of the above Anne Acton, died 28 January 1873, aged 77. Also Samuel POOLE, eldest son of John and Anne Acton, died 8 September 1885, aged 72.

687. Sarah, daughter of Rich. and Sarah POOLE of Croydon, died 23 May 1782, aged 18. Also the above Sarah Poole, died 1 August 1801, aged 63. Also the above Rich. POOLE, died 2 June 1811, aged 77.

688. Jas. PAINTER of this parish, died 16 May 1781, aged 46. Also Mary his wife, died 3 February 1781, aged 41. Also 7 children, died in infancy. Also Nathaniel DAVIS, died 29 January 1785, aged 52. Also Sarah Davis his wife, died 3 June 1803, aged 73.

689. Ann, wife of Rich. COOKE of Clarence House, Kensington, died 25 June 1810, aged 63. Also Eliz. Cooke, born 20 October 1787, died April 1821. Also Thos. Cooke, born 26 May 1786, died 8 May 1832.

690. Thos. HOSKINS of this parish, bricklayer, died 29 January 1782, aged 45. Also Sarah ELSEGOOD, wife of above, died 16 March 1795, aged ../.

691. John BAILY of Yately, co. Hants, died 16 April 1843, aged 29. Also Thos. Baily of Brompton, died 18 March 1874, aged 67. Also Eliz. Grace, wife of above, died 28 December 1883, aged 6.. (?).

692. Edmund SAY, jun., died ../March 1731, aged 57. Also Coulson Say, his grandson, who died in infancy.

693. Hugh Ivy HAIR, son of Hugh and Ann Hair, late of this parish, died 18 October 1838, aged 40. Also Sarah POOLE, cousin of above, died 1 February 1875, aged 57.

694. Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel and Sarah DAVIS of this parish, died 19 August 1806, aged 36. Also Thos. Davis, brother of above, died 1 July 1814, aged 49. Also Eliz., wife of Jas. Davis, died 23 (?) October 1801 (?), aged 37 (?).

695. James DAVIS of this parish, died 15 April 1810, aged 72. Also Jane, daughter of above, died 12 June 1812, aged 3. Also Thos. Davis, son of above, died 28 May 1845, aged 41. Also Grace Davis, wife of above, died 30 November 1846, aged 65.

696. Susannah, wife of John WESTBROOK of Cheapside, London, died 7 September 1823, aged 37. Also Emma Westbrook, daughter of above, died 11 September 1819, aged 3 months. Also the above John Westbrook, died 10 January 1843, aged 55. Also Andrew Westbrook, son of above, died 7 June 1863, aged 49. Also Hannah COOK, sister of above Susannah, died 10 March 1811, aged 15 (?). Also John Samuel Westbrook, brother of the above Andrew, died 1 April 1851, aged 29, and buried at Nunhead, near Peckham, Surrey.

697. Samuel WESTBROOK, died ../February 1811, aged ../. Also Mary Westbrook, wife of above, died 17 April 1833, aged 76.

698. Rebecca ROBINSON, only sister of the late Mrs Ann LATTER of Pixfield in this parish and formerly of Gosberton, co. Lincoln, born 3 January 1780, died 10 February 1861.

699. John THOMPSON of this parish, Farmer, died 10 April 1816, aged 55. Also Geo. TAYLOR of this parish, born 4 June 1787, died 13 December 1839. Also Sarah Taylor, wife of above, died 11 April 1860, aged 74.

700. Jas. WESTBROK, died 20 September 1760, aged 38.

701. …../WESTBROOK, …/1766, aged 61. Also William Westbrook, died 3 October 1773.

702. Eliz., wife of Edw. RUSSELL, Esq., of Sidenham, Kent, died 28 September 1781, aged 60 (?64), and 12 of their children, John, Ann, Eliza, Edward, Eleanor, Sarah, Hester, William, Henry, Charles, Thomas and Edward. Also Edward Russell, Esq., died 14 April 1789, aged 71 (74?).

703. Catherine, wife of James Painter DAVIS, died 22 September 1826, aged 31. Also George their son, died 15 December 1827, aged 6. Also John, died 21 May 1865, aged 39. Also James Painter Davis, died 9 October 1870, aged 80. Also Ann Davis, wife of above, died 6 November 1889, aged 79. Also Mary, wife of Jas. Painter Davis, died 18 November 1818, aged 25. Also James, 1st son of above, died at Calcutta 27 February 1860, aged 65.

704. John WESTBROOK of Hook Farm in this parish, died 28 March 1760, aged 74. Also Mary, wife of John Westbrook, died 14 November 1761, aged 32.

705. Mary, daughter of John and Mary WESTBROOK, died 18 November 1748, aged 30. Also Ann BIRCH, sister of above, wife of Joseph Birch of Greenwich, Kent, died 30 June 1749, aged 31.

706. Sarah, wife of Wm. HOLMES, died 8 February 1817, aged 23. Also Ann Frances Holmes, daughter of above, died 19 August 1815, aged 18 months.

707. Ann, wife of Charles BUCK of this parish, died 13 (?) October 1772, (written 1172), aged 65 (?).

708. Michael TAYLOR, died 19 July 1819, aged 72.

709. Ann, wife of Jn. ATHERFORD (?) ………/died ../July 1794. Also ……/John ………./.

710. …../Henry LATTER (?) ……/died 1702 …../.

711. Wm. EDNEY of this parish, died 18 March 1813, aged 50. Also Wm., son of above, died 1 (?) September 1813 (5?), aged 10 months.

712. Wm. WOOD, died 2 August 1751, aged 69.

713. Geo., son of Geo. and Frances LATTER, died 2 March 1819, aged 26. Also David Latter, died 28 May 1817, aged 13. Also Frances Latter, died 21 November 1804, aged 22 months. Also Henry Latter, died 24 August 1823, aged 22. Also John Latter, died 2 October 1831, aged 35.

714. Edw. LATTER of this parish, died 22 November 1808, aged 79. Also Ann his wife, died 8 June 1799, aged 72. Also Ann, daughter of above, died 28 July 1854, aged 87.

715. Wm. WESTBROOK, late of Southborough in this parish, died 17 March 1827, aged 80. Also Jane, wife of above, died 21 September 1834, aged 81. Also Richard, son of above, died 18 August 1842, aged 58. Also Jane, daughter of above, died 17 January 1860, aged 76. Also Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of above, died 12 April 1870, aged 83.

716. Albert, son of Thos. and Susannah LATTER, died 25 August 1810, aged 10. Also Edw. Latter, died 1 June 1795, aged 6 months. Also Charles Latter, died 4 December 1797, aged 22 months. Also Thos. Latter, died 8 July 1834, aged 75. Also Susannah Latter his wife, died 9 August 1837, aged 74. Also Susannah, eldest daughter of above, died 23 May 1853, aged 64. Also Phoebe, 3rd daughter of above, died 3 May 1866, aged 68. Also Eliz. LATTER their daughter …./.Also Sophia Latter, their ……/daughter., 10 January 1883 (?).

717. Geo. LATTER, died 13 April 1827, aged 66. Also Frances, relict of above, died 14 September 1838, aged 76.

718. ……./wife of J. WESTBROOK, ../March 1818.

719. Henry KILLICK, died 1 Apri;l 1866, aged 33. Also Fanny, daughter of above, died 8 January 1866, aged 9 months.

720. Mary, wife of Joseph POTTER, died ………../1720.

721. Ann, wife of Jn. ISARD, sen., of this parish, died 26 November 1828, aged 71. Also the above John Isard, died 8 May 1831, aged 78. Also Wm. Isard, son of above, died 2 November 1740, aged 56. Also Alice, wife of Wm. Isard, died 8 December 1855, aged 66.

722. Jn. HUMPHREYS of this parish, died 12 December 1855, aged 72. Also Sarah, wife of above, died 19 April 1825, aged 36. Also Ann, 2nd wife of above, died 21 October 1834, aged 53. Also Samuel, son of above John Humphreys, died 17 April 1847, aged 48. Also Mary, 3rd wife of above John, died 2 January 1870, aged 84. Also Frances, daughter of John Humphreys, died 20 January 1914, aged 95.

723. Henry MOYCE, died 4 March 1858, aged 54.

724. Sarah, wife of John ISARD, died 19 April 1829, aged 32. Also Mrs Mary Isard, sister of above, wife of Jas. Isard of Tonbridge, Kent, died 26 April 1829, aged 36. Also above John Isard, died 4 December 1836, aged 46. Also John, son of above, died 12 October 1873, aged 50.

725. Jane WRIGHT, spinster, died 31 July 1779, aged 61. Also Anna Maria BOND, died 9 January 1794, aged ../.

726. Sarah KING, died 9 February 1792, aged 23. Also Jn. RICE, son of Jn. and Eliz. Rice, died 11 June 1794, aged 20 months.

727. Mrs. Ann DAVIS, sister of Mrs GRIGG of this parish, died 16 July 1830, aged 65. Also Thos. Grigg, died 13 February 1889, aged 76. Also Eliz. Ann, wife of above, died 13 January 1893, aged 65.

728, Wm. DAWES, gent., died 11 April 1772, aged 38. Also Lieut. Geo. Dawes, brother of above, died 1 June 1778, aged 38. Also Capt. Wm. Dawes, father of above, died 7 December 1778, aged 76.

729. Joseph MASCOE, died 6 November 1765, aged 51. Also Jn. Mascoe, died 7 December 1769, aged 58. Also John PIPPET, son of John and Martha Pippet and grandson of the above John Mascoe, died 13 March 1796, aged 11. Also Ann Mascoe, wife of above John Mascoe, died 27 February 1807, aged 98.

730. Eliz., wife of John MASCOE of Lewisham, died 1 November 1805, aged 61. Also the above John Mascoe, died 5 May 1819, aged 78.

731, Jane, wife of John BOOTH of this parish, died 15 July 1775, aged 67. Also the above John Booth, died 15 March 1786 (?), aged 79.

732. William SANDERS, son of Thos. and Suky Sanders of Islington and grandson of Rich. Sanders of Hale Oak and of John HEATH of Wickhurst, Sevenoaks Weald, born at Islington 3 May 1794, died at Bromley 10 June 1826. Also John Gallard Saunders [sic], son of John and Ann Gallard Sanders of Tonbridge and Shipbourne and grandson of the above Richard Sanders, born at Tonbridge 23 June 1789, buried at Bromley 27 November 1853.

733. Caroline, widow of Rev. W. DAVIS of Hastings, born 16 September 1795, died 29 December 1876. Also Caroline May Davis, daughter of above, died 18 February 1877, aged 39. Also Sarah May Davis, died 17 October 1914, aged 84.

734. Mrs. Sarah MAIDMAN, died 7 June 1842, aged 96. Also James BANNISTER, son-in-law of above, died 9 June 1851, aged 70. Also Jane, wife of above James Bannister, died at Brasted Chart 8 October 1866, aged 95.

735. Sarah Challice, wife of Henry CONSTABLE of Widmore House, Bromley, born 29 March 1807, died 7 August 1867. Also the above Henry Constable, born 7 December 1805, died 5 December 1886.

736. George James DUNCAN of Liverpool, born 21 May 1797, died at Page Heath, Bickley, 30 January 1868. Also Lucy Christian DUNCAN, born in Liverpool 25 December 1810, died at Richmond, Surrey, 24 November 1878. Also Katherine Gairdner, wife of the above G.J. Duncan, died at Brighton 8 June 1884, aged 69.

737. Walter Alfred COOPER, died 5 March 1873, aged 3 years 3 months.

738. ……/infant daughter of Thompson and Margaret SHORE (?), died at Bickley 23 October 1875, aged 3 months.

739. Richard Edward BORTON, died 15 October 1876, aged 58. Also Rachael MACKAY, died 20 August 1877, aged 28. Also Frederic, youngest son of Rich. Edw. Borton, died 2 June 1893. Also Agnes, widow of the above R.E. Borton, died 3 March 1906, aged 89.

740. Elizabeth Ann, wife of Frederic BROWN, died 1 December 1876, aged 47. Also the above Frederic Brown, died 6 December 1912, aged 82.

741. Henry Milbourne RAYNES …………/.

742. John GREGSON, born at Durham 20 April 1835, died at Bromley 17 August 1877. Erected by "some of his nearest relatives".

743. John LEATHERDALE, died 27 January 1880. Also his widow Louisa, died 28 January 1882.

744. Eliza, wife of William MICKLEWRIGHT, died 8 January 1867, aged 52. Also the said William Micklewright, died 4 June 1882.

745. Elizabeth, wife of William DRAPER of Bromley Common, died 19 June 1868, aged 65. Also William, son of above, died 30 April 1887, aged 54. Also Jane Grace, daughter of above, died 5 April 1890, aged 55.

746. Mary Ann, wife of John E. BULT of Brixton, died 6 May 1882, aged 37. Also John Eland Bult, died 4 September 1915, aged 74.

747. Susanna DAVEY, died 22 August 1868, aged 74.

748. George PORTER, died 15 November 1868, aged 71. Also Sarah, wife of George GOODACRE of Hounslow, Middlesex, and daughter of above, died 12 December 1874, aged 31.

749. John HOW, died 22 April 1869, aged 56. Also Rebecca INGLES, niece of above, died 7 August 1876, aged 41.

750. Willie, twin son of George and Mary PAMPHILON, died 9 May 1869, aged 2 years 5 months. Also Allie, twin brother of above, died 5 November 1870, aged 3 years 11 months. Also Mary, died 15 July 1865, aged 1 day. Also Stanley, died 23 December 1877, aged 4½ months. Also George Fred, died 18 May 1911, aged 48.

751. Henry Edward WREN, died 15 June 1874, aged 45. Also Fred., son of the above H.E. and Caroline Wren, died 21 September 1869, aged 3 months. Also the above Caroline, died 13 July 1884, aged 53.

752. Thomas S. BULT, died 24 January 1870, aged 67. Also Marie, wife of above, died 21 December 1869, aged 63. Also Annie Martin Bult, daughter of above, died 4 February 1899, aged 61.

753. Marianne, 2nd daughter of the Rev. Salisbury DUNN of Maldon, Essex, and wife of Joseph Willes PATTISSON of South Norwood, died at Bromley College 13 March 1870, aged 36. Also Marieanne, widow of the above Rev. Salisbury Dunn, died at Bromley College 30 September 1877, aged 80.

754. Jane, wife of George STURT, died 18 May 1870, aged 65. Also the above George Sturt, died 29 December 1876, aged 80.

755. John MISKIN, died 17 November 1870, aged 82. Also Ann, wife of above, died 18 May 1871, aged 66.

756. Arthur Charles TILLING, born 21 February 1871, died 8 April 1871. Also George Robert Tilling, born 10 January 1856, died 1 June 1877. Also Ada Ann Tilling, died 8 March 1888, aged 24. Also Dorcas, wife of George Tilling, died 3 September 1892, aged 61. Also George Tilling, died 27 July 1899, aged 66.

757. Rev. David F. LONGWILL, M.A., Minister of the Congregational Church, Bromley, died 29 September 1871, aged 38.

758. Robert HAMILTON, born in Greenock 1 Jan. 1823, died t Elmhurst, Lessness Heath, Kent, 6 August 1877. Also Robert Sinclair, son of Robert and Mary Hamilton, born 9 February 1871, died 7 December 1871.

759. Samuel Burt HOWLETT, born 10 July 1794, died 24 January 1874.

760. Thomas Hull PETTITT, died 7 January 1875, aged 79. Also Frances Ann, widow of above, died 29 January 1889, in her 88th year. Also George Ripley WEBB, their eldest grandson, lost at sea 28 May 1870, aged 17. Also Lydia, wife of Henry Staples SMITH of this parish, and 3rd dau. of T.H. Pettitt, died 12 September 1894, aged 59. Also the said Henry Staples Smith, died 6 August 1901, in his 80th year.

761. Moina Louisa TWEEDIE, died 15 February 1875, aged 9 weeks.

762. Sarah, wife of Charles GILES, died 26 May 1875, aged 41. Also the said Charles Giles, died 7 December 1905, aged 75. Also Sarah Elizabeth, their eldest daughter, died 5 December 1905, aged 46.

763. Mary Ann, wife of William Henry WALMSLEY, died 31 December 1875, aged 60. Also the said William Henry Walmsley, died 8 May 1887, aged 72.

764. Samuel LETTS, died 8 October 1880, aged 58. Also Sarah his wife, died 5 January 1900, aged 70.

765. Coles CHILD, Esq., died 16 January 1873, aged 59. Also Elizabeth his wife, died 30 July 1911, aged 86.

766. Henry Clarke LUKEY, died 19 December 1866, aged 46. Also Walter William, 3rd son of above, died 13 April 1875, in his 19th year. Also Ann Grace, widow of above, 15 June 1884, aged 63. Also Vincent Vaughan Lukey, died 27 October 1896, aged 35. Also Hilda Grace, dau. of Henry James and Frances Louisa Lukey, died 6 April 1890, aged 3 months.

767. Edward Gamaliel WINTHROP, born 27 April 1809, died 2 January 1870.

768. Charles WRAIGHT, died 3 September 1901, aged 60. Also George Herbert, son of above, died 19 February 1899, aged 19.

769. Frederic JONES, died 2 April 1885, aged 7 months.

770. Large stone, completely covered with ivy, etc.

771. Sarah, wife of William Dallison STARLING, died 24 September 1881, aged 71.

772. John HAMBLETON, died 31 July 1876, aged 58. Also George Hambleton, son of above, died 1 May 1892, aged 44. Also Eliza, wife of above John, died 20 December 1892, aged 74.

773. John BLY, died 25 May 1875, aged 35.

774. Christopher EATON, died 2 May 1876, aged 71. Also Sarah, wife of above, died 28 November 1876, aged 54.

775. Ernest Hume, infant son of John S. and Eliza M. DREAPER, died 20 February 1876, aged 18 months.

776. Charles, husband of Catherine RUSSEL, died 27 January 1877, aged 49. Also Catherine Russel, died 13 September 1880, aged 61.

777. Emma, relict of Major James Craig BATE (11th Bombay Native Infantry), died 15 March 1867, aged 51.

778. Elizabeth Hester, wife of John BULLEN of this parish, died 23 May 1867, aged 48. Also John Bullen, died 28 March 1893, aged 73.

779. Ann ANDREWS, died 23 October 1867, aged 88.

780. Henry LEACH, died 9 March 1869, aged 37.

781. Charlotte CHURCHER, wife of James Churcher of this parish, died 30 September 1869, aged 72. Also James Churcher, died 7 August 1872, aged 71.

782. Percivall Chase PARR, born 2 December 1859, died 3 September 1912. S.O. died 16 October 1869, aged 75.

783. James Summers CARPENTER, died 3 December 1869, aged 53 (?). Also Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of above, died 1 Nov. 1869, aged 15.

784. Manning KEER, born 4 May 1838, died 10 September 1897. Also Manning Foord Keer, son of above, born 17 September 1868, died 2 December 1906. Also Eliza, wife of Maning Keer, born 3 August 1828, died 4 September 1889. Also Harry George, son of above, born 23 April 1870, died 12 August 1870.

785. Harriette Isabella, wife of Charles ROBINSON, died 27 October 1872, aged 68. Also Elizabeth Sophia WARD, sister of above, died 26 December 1870, aged 69. Also the above Charles ROBINSON, died 22 December 1877, aged 81. Also Mary Ward, died 22 March 1883, aged 86.

786. Jane, wife of George BOORMAN, died 13 January 1873, in her 61st year. Also George, husband of above, died 21 May 1888, in his 82nd year. Also Jane, their daughter, died 6 September 1848, aged 6. Also George Boorman, died 2 September 1905, aged 73.

787. William ALLCOT, died 16 January 1873, aged 82. Also Jane, widow of above, died 1 July 1894, aged 102 years.

788. Isaac URIDGE, died 7 May 1874, aged 48. Also Elizabeth, wife of above, died 29 January 1906, aged 76. Also Henry, son of above, died 1 November 1888, aged 33. Also Clara, daughter of above, died 8 January 1911, aged 49.

789. William LOWNDS, died .,/ January 1875, aged 54.

790. Elizabeth, wife of James GROOBY, died 13 January 1875, aged 67. Also James Grooby, died ../June 187-/, aged 72.

791. Sarah Anne, wife of James SULLY of Bromley, died 7 August 1880, aged 36. Also Kate Alice, infant daughter of above, died 23 January 1875, aged 7 months 10 days.

792. Mary Ann CARTER, died 1 May 1875, aged 54. Also William Carter, husband of above, died 14 February 1884, aged 39. Also Martha NORMAN, wife of William Carter, died 2 March 1906, aged 79.

793. Annie, daughter of James and Sarah SORRELL, died 6 May 1875, aged 22. Also the said James Sorrell, died 12 December 1880, aged 60. Also the above Sarah, died 20 March 1904, aged 88.

794. Annie, wife of James WIDGERY, died 15 May 1875, aged 83. Also Laura, daughter of above, died 18 May 1888, aged 23. Also John Widgery, died 3 May 1889, aged 45. Also James Widgery, died 20 December 1907, aged 70. Also Elizabeth, 2nd wife of James Widgery, died 16 June 1915, aged 75.

795. Mary Ann RANGER, died 29 September 1899, aged 58. Also Annie Clarissia Fisher, daughter of above, died 14 November 1875, aged 13.

796. Henry VINCENT, died 2 January 1876, aged 58.

797. William Edward Hunt DAVIES, elder son of Edward Davies, Rector of Himley, Staffs, died at Fairfield, Bromley, 6 March 1877, aged 39.

798. Henry DALE, died 18 January 1868, aged 54. Also Hannah Fanny Eliza GRIMSELL, died 18 October 1885, aged 33. Also Hannah REDDELL, widow of Henry Dale, died 17 August 1898, aged 77.

799. William Thomas, son of Joshia [sic] and Elizabeth STEELE, died 23 June 1868, aged 11 months. Also Charles Simmonds, brother of above, died 3 December 1869, aged 11 months. Also Benjamin Bufton, son of Thomas and Martha Steele, died 29 September 1875, in his 20th year. Also Benjamin, brother of above children, died 9 September 1876, aged 7 months. Also Elizabeth Steele, wife of Joshua S. Steele, died 1 January 1884, aged 48. Also Joshua Simmonds Steele, died 11 January 1885, aged 49.

800. Richard Tarrant KEEBLE, died 13 November 1871, aged 38.

801. Abel ORAM, late of Tiverton, Devon, formerly of Chard, Somerset, and Sheepshed, Leicester, died 6 December 1871, aged 69. Also Mary Ann, wife of above, died 30 October 1875, aged 70. Also Mary Ann, daughter of above, died 26 August 1889, aged 51. Also Robert Henry TURNER, of Craven House, Walton-on-Thames, and 151 High Street, Southwark, died 19 March 1898, in his 80th year. Also Jane TURNER, widow of above, died at Woking 6 January 1900, aged 68.

802. Edwin CHAPLING, 3rd son of William and Mary CORNISH, died 7 July 1872, aged 20. Also Mary, wife of William Cornish, died 27 October 1875, aged 55. Also Catherine Mary, wife of William HENNER, and 3rd daughter of William and Mary Cornish, died 14 February 1881, aged 24. Also William Cornish, died 18 May 1886, aged 77.

803. Emma, wife of Charles PAYNE, died 28 February 1873, aged 38.

804. Miss Mary KIRBY of Clapham, Surrey, died 18 March 1873, aged 54.

805. Anne CLARKE, died at Bromley Hill 22 November 1873, aged 72.

806. George BENNETT, died ../ February 1874.

807. [Inscription gone].

808. Isabella Eves. wife of John CHERRILL, died 15 May 1871, aged 69. Also John Cherill, died 24 January 1885, aged 80.

809. Mary Patience Catherine, wife of William Stokes MURRANT, born 13 November 1848, died 30 June 1874.

810. Priscilla, wife of Joseph RANES (?), died 3 August 18874, aged 40.

811. Susan WHETHAM, born 17 July 1827, died 27 December 1874.

812. Emily STOPHER, died ../December 1871, aged 21.

813. Florence Jessie, wife of Lieut.-Col. Clement M. BROWNE, R.E., died 3 March 1879, aged 39. Also Angela, mother of above, and widow of Lieut.-Col. Alfred THOMAS, died 1 June 1873, aged 63.

814. Maria, wife of Percy Charles RUSH, died 20 September 1876, aged 33. Also Amy Milroy, twin daughter of above, died 24 September 1878, aged 6. Also Percy Charles Rush, died 1 April 1902, aged 63.

815. George STONE, died 6 November 1868, aged 44. Also Harriet, his wife, died 19 January 1899, aged 76.

816. William COOK, died 19 December 1868, aged 49. Also Ann, his wife, died 14 December 1876, aged 58. Also George Frederick Wilson Cook, grandson of above and son of William and Mary Cook, died 11 September 1876, aged 2 years 1 month.

817. James ARDING, born 23 February 1817, died 30 January 1869.

818. Henry HARRIS, died 8 December 1869, aged 52. Also Eliza TILBURY, died 3 April 1869, aged 39. Also Mary, wife of above, died 17 February 1879, aged 55.

819. Frederick, son of Frederick George and Catherine LATHAM, died 20 October 1870, aged 6. Also Charles, brother of above, died 23 January 1875, aged 2 years 6 months. Also the above Frederick George Latham, died 6 February 1882, aged 56.

820. Sarah, wife of Thomas DRAY, died 8 June 1871, aged 63. Also Thomas Dray, died 21 November 1883, aged 77. Also Jane, their daughter, died 10 May 1873, aged 33.

821. Percy Thomas DEWEY, died 29 August 1871, aged 3 months. Also Norman Dewey, died 6 March 1879, aged 2 months, children of Thomas Charles and Clara Dewey.

822. Joseph Staples SMITH, died 1 October 1872, aged 82. Also Jane, wife of above, died 2 April 1883, aged 83.

823. Mary BENNETT, died 19 October 1902, aged 77.

824. Sydenham WOOLLETT, died 12 March 1874, aged 9. Also Agnes, died 15 January 1889, aged 26.

825. Eliza, wife of Robert HITCHCOCK, died 4 May 1874, aged 61. Also the above Robert, died 17 July 1900, aged 89.

826. William HUMBERSTON, died 28 June 1874, aged 77. Also Sarah, wife of James Humberston, died 16 August 1876, aged 51. Also Frances, dau. of above Sarah, died 1 August 1881, aged 17. Also Sarah, died ../May 1888, aged 27. Also James Humberston, died 30 October 1888.

827. Eliza MUMFORD ("Lillie Montfort"), died 3 February 1884, aged 65. Also Lucy JAMES, sister of above, died 12 January 1877, aged 57.

828. Harry BUNYARD, died 20 April 1877, aged 33.

829. Mary Elizabeth, wife of William HALL, died 22 Sept. 1877, aged 58.

830. Janie SANDERS, died 24 March …./, aged 24. Also Frances Heelen Sanders, wife of Isaac Sanders, died 16 September 1892, aged 71.

831. John WISE, died 17 July 1869, aged 78. Also Mary, wife of above, died 21 June 1870, aged 77. Also Susan DAVIS, dau. of above, died 20 January 1889, aged 69.

832. Lydia Haviland, wife of Boswell G. FILBY, died 5 August 1904, aged 58. Also Frederic George Elmer, son of above, died 12 February 1870, aged 10 months. Also Boswell George Filby, died 10 August 1911, aged 72.

833. Emily, wife of Henry MILSTEAD, died 4 June 1875, in his 31st year. Also Montagu Henry, son of above, died 11 June 1870, aged 5 weeks.

834. Deborah, wife of William CHAPMAN, died 9 January 1871, in her 71st year. Also William Chapman, died 25 June 1880, aged 86.

835. William WICKS, died 27 January 1871, aged 80. Also Martha SMITH, dau. of above, died 8 December 1905, aged 78.

836. William BUTCHER, died ../February 1872, aged 55. Also Emma, 3rd dau. of Robert and Mercy CHANCE, and wife of above, died 21 May 1873, aged 23. Also Mrs. Mary COOTE, granddaughter of the above Emma Chance, died 18 December 187-/. Also Martha Chance, sister of the above Emma, died 10 March 1877, aged 16.

837. Edward TUCK, died 18 April 1873, aged 32. Also Amy, dau. of above, died 11 September 1873, aged 4 months.

838. William PEARCE, died 4 December 1869, aged 39. Also Sarah Ann Pearce, died 1 June 1920, aged 87. Also Harry Samuel Pearce, died 3 July 1896, aged 31.

839. Sarah, wife of Thomas BUSSELL, died 22 November 1871, aged 59. Also John T. Bussell, son of above, died 2 June 1884, aged 26. Also Thomas Bussell, died 23 October 1893, aged 76. Also Mary Ann, 2nd wife of Thomas Bussell, died 7 April 1900, aged 73.

840. Harry G.C. URRY, son of Mrs Eliza Urry, died 15 May 1870, aged 13.

841. John Cooper ARNAUD, died 14 December 1898, aged 74. Also Sophia, wife of above, died 3 December 1870, aged 45.

842. …../DRAPER …………/.

843. Nicholas JOHNSON, died 9 September 1870, aged 59.

844. The following have been added in the Church since this work was commenced:
West end: To the Glorious Memory of H. BATEMAN, W.F. KING, R.H. BURKITT, H.W. KNAPPETT, T.D. DUTTON, T.A. MANCHIP, R.E. ROSE, F.T. STRINGER, formerly members of the 3rd Volunteer Battalion, Bromley Company who died for freedom in the Great War, this tablet is erected by their comrades. "Their names liveth for ever-more". Badge of West Kent Regt. in colours.

845. In Transept Chapel: To the Glory of God and in proud and loving memory of Capt. Eric Charles SCHOOLING, 2nd Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regt. of the Immortal Seventh Division, who fell at the first battle of Ypres on the 31st Oct. 1914 and Capt. the Revd. Cecil Herbert SCHOOLING, C.F. who died of wounds at Poperinghe on the 21st June 1917 this Chapel of the Resurrection is dedicated by their parents. "Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends".

These gave their lives for King and Country in the Great War, 1914-1919.

[The footnotes are taken from brass plates affixed to the chairs in the Chapel].

ARNAUD, Frederick C.
BANNER, Clarence H.
BANNER, Walter W.
BARROW, Alfred W.H.
BEEVOR, Vernon S.
BILLING, Charles G.
BROWN, Anthony W.S.
BROWN, Harold M.
BUNTING, Ernest A.
CLARKE, Roland H.
COLLINS, Archibald J.
COSTER, Cecil V.
COX, Ernest
DEAN, Reginald E. (2nd Lieut. 3/10th London Regt. 7 June 1917).
DENT, Chas. G.
DULIEU, Leslie G.
DUNN, Frederick C.R. (Lieut. 11th Lancashire Fusiliers. Killed in action 10 July 1916).
DUNN, Herbert H. (Lieut. 12th King’s Liverpool Regt. Killed in action 26 Sept. 1916).
EDWARDS, Raymond
ELLEN, Harold J. (2nd Lieut. M.C., 2/20th London Regt. Killed in action 14 Sept. 1918).
ELSON, Frederick
FINN, Fred
GARDNER, Percy (Pte. Artists’ Rifles. Killed 24 May 1917 at Loos).
GILLETT, Frederick T. (Lieut. 22 July 1916).
HILL, Harold R.
HOBBS, Albert B.
HOSKINS, Hy. J. (L/Cpl. 28 Oct. 1917).
JAMES, Alfred
JOHNSON, Ernest R.
KENT, Philip E.
LATTER, Francis R.
LEE, Herbert
LYDBURY, Ernest J.
McCLURE, Frederick C.
McDOUGAL, Arthur M.
MAN, Frederick C.
MEADES, Sydney
MOON, Hedley W. (Sgt. 10th Royal West Kent Regt. 31 July 1917).
MYALL, Edwin G.
O’CONNOR, Bernard J.
PAYNE, Harold
PECK, Wm. H.
RIDGWAY, Lewis A. (Sgt. 2/5th Royal West Kent Regt. 4 Oct. 1917).
ROMILLY, Arthur H.
ROMILLY, Francis H.
ROWE, James A.
SCHOOLING, Cecil H. (Capt. Revd. C.H. Schooling, M.A., C.F. 21 June 1917)
SCHOOLING, Eric C. (Capt. E.C. Schooling, 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regt. 31 Oct. 1914)
SILCOX, Wallis
SIMPSON, Henry G. (2nd Lieut. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. 6 June 1915).
SMITH, Herbert (Pte. 1st Royal West Kent Regt. 7 Dec 1915. Two plates, one from brothers and sisters and one from wife and children).
SPARK, Bertram E. (Rifleman Queen’s Westminsters. 16 Dec. 1917).
STENT, John W.
TAPP, Arthur T.
TAYLOR, Hy. H. (Capt. R.A.M.C. 3 April 1918).
WARD, Albert E.
WEEKS, Stephen F.
WELLS, Chas. E.
WHITE, Gilbert V.
WHITE, John (Lieut.-Commander R.N., H.M.S. "Genista". Killed in action 23 Oct. 1916, off West Coast of Ireland).
WOOD, Albert V.
WILSON, David O.

"They died the noblest death a man may die. Fighting for God and Right and Liberty, and such a death is immortality".

846. Brass Plates on Chairs in Chapel.
Lieut. J.S. HOLROYDE, R.F.C. Killed in action 10 May 1917.
Lieut. Edward Chaloner LEWIN, Royal West Kent Regt. 27 Sept. 1918.
Capt. Francis Harold LEWIN, 7th Royal West Kent Regt. 12 Oct. 1917.

Index of Names, Places & General

Names Index
ACTON 90, 686
ADAMS 162, 501, 559
ALEXANDER 231, 232,
   239-243, 652
ALLEN 109, 112, 114, 115, 168, 264, 450, 488, 513, 549
ANDREWS 359, 779
ARNAUD 841, 845
ARNOLD 191, 845
AYLING 193, 209, 210, 845
BAKER 22, 63, 414
BARBER 187, 411
BARRETT 210, 355, 377
BATE 206, 776
BATEMAN 109,112, 208,
   295, 844
BATH 317
BAX 661
BAXTER 36, 90, 94, 104, 
   487, 502, 514, 631, 679
Baynes 477
Beaumont 530
Becher 455
BENNETT 806, 823
BIRCH 90, 265, 705
BLAKE 433, 657
BLAXLAND 326, 342
Bodle 514
BOND 725
BONE 593
BOOTH 57, 96, 296, 731
Boswell 832
BOYD 37, 87
BRADLEY 418, 475
BROWN 68, 494, 740, 845
BROWNE 435, 507, 545,813
BROWNING 269, 558
BUCK 707
Bufton 799
BULL 112, 354, 594
BULT 746, 752
BUNN 544
BURGESS 308, 373
Burr 427
BURTON 187, 563
BUTCHER 836, 845
BUTT 127
CARPENTER 111, 238, 
   668, 783
CARTER 359, 480, 618, 792
CAVE 163
Challice 735
Challis 106
Chaloner 846
CHANCE 328, 836
CHAPMAN 111, 112, 114,
    115, 613, 834
CHASE 39, 75, 135, 782
CHILD 59, 524, 526, 765
CHURCHER 444a, 781
Clark 117
CLARKE 460, 509, 548,
   805, 845
CLAYTON 403, 574
COCK 583
COLE 653
Coles 59, 93, 765
COLLINS 317, 845
COOK 111, 696, 816
COOPER 153, 176, 246,290,
 341, 438, 453, 737,841,845
COSTIN 199, 210, 215
Coulson 692
COX 166, 568, 845
Craden 153
CROWHURST 390, 653
Cuming 432
Cumming 54
D’Oyly 45
DALE 539, 798
Dallison 771
DARK 505
DAVIES 106, 797
DAVIS 107, 321, 499, 639,
   688, 694, 695, 703, 727,
   733, 831
DAVISON 221, 655
Dawson 38
DAY 151, 155, 111
de BRISSAC 525
de CASTRO 408
de Quincey 335
DEAN 845
DEWEY 36, 91, 101, 104, 105, 106, 108, 110, 113

DOE 213
DOLLERY 225, 648
DOWLING 198, 326
DRAPER 490, 745, 842
DRAY 820
Drayton 372
DUNCKLEY 134, 493
DUNN 90, 91, 101, 102, 105,
   107,110, 113, 387, 409,
   410, 423-425, 753, 845
DURLING 91, 101, 102, 103,
   105, 107, 108, 110, 113
Earls of Kellie 148
EATON 90, 154, 430, 468,
   469, 774
EDWARDS 368, 845
ELLIOT 232, 629
ELLIS 131, 305
EMMETT 98, 144
EQUITIS 31, 32
EVANS 420, 459, 610
FINN 845
FISH 216
Flower 131
FOORD 452, 784
FORD 634, 645
Fordham 338
Fountain 549
FOX 73
FRENCH 106,450, 454, 633
FRIGHT 105, 110
FRUIN 106, 110
FULLER 114, 115
Furlong 230
Gairdner 736
Gallard 732
Gamaliel 767
GARDNER 406, 845
GIBBONS 317, 559
GILES 109, 112, 114, 115,
   635, 762
GOLD 247,102,104,109,112
Goode 498
Goodman 612
GREEN 109, 112, 114, 115,
   286, 309, 466, 574
Greene 87
Gresley 28, 473
GRINSTED 101,106,108,110
  103, 107,
GUNN 167
Guttridge 305
GYLES 640, 641
HACK 101
HAIR 684, 686, 693
HALL 156, 221, 270, 485
HALL 829
HARDY 323, 329, 461
HARE 347
HARFORD 91, 103, 113
HARMAN 91, 101, 103, 106,
   107, 108, 110
HARRIS ii, 5, 217, 218, 818
HARRISON 227, 244
HART 393
Haviland 832
HEATH 111, 732
HELLICAR 28, 36, 91, 94,
   101, 104-108, 110, 113, 
   473, 474
HERBERT 61,86,91,103,293
HIBBERT 57, 249, 296
HILL 845
HIMS 113
HIND 653
Hodsall 513
Holland 200
HOLMER 582, 706
HOPE 401
Horsburch 561
HOSKINS 679, 690, 845
HOW 453, 454, 749
HOWE 301
HUDD 340
HUDDLESTON 413, 428,429
Hull 760
HUMPHERY 91, 105
HUMPHREYS 127, 722
Hunt 797
HUTSON 518, 519
HUXLEY 91, 103
HYDE 670, 673, 674
ILOTT 268, 417
INGLES 452, 749
INNOCENT 139, 143
INNOUS 90, 675
ISARD 25, 26, 90, 721, 724
JACKSON 36, 142
JAMES 101, 103, 104, 107, 108, 110, 827, 845
JOHNSON ii, 10, 183, 534,
   843, 845
Johnstone 432
JONES 263, 392, 421, 563,
   662, 681, 685, 769
KEER 784
KELK 122
KEMP 145, 380
KENT 338, 845
Kenyon 655
KILLETT 428, 429
KING 12,38,115,150,726,844
KNIGHT 547, 548
LACER ii, 33
LAMB 451, 608
LASCOE 90, 316, 320
LATTER 90, 329, 528, 529,
   698, 710, 713, 714, 716,
   717, 845
LAWSON 542, 673
LEACH 426, 780
LEE 382, 845
LINN 533
LOAT 256
LUFF 679
LUNDY 335, 336
LUNN 235
LYNDON 64, 66, 74, 434
MACE 166, 683
MACKAY 739, 845
Mackrel 645
MAIN 286
Malthus 474
MAN 845
MANNING 352, 784
MARTIN 253, 379, 594
MASCOE 646, 729, 730
MAY 685
McMurdo 170
Meade 285
Milbourne 741
MILLS 15, 317, 343
MILSTEAD 366, 833
MISKIN 454, 755
MITCHELL 242, 331
MOON 353, 845
MOORE 98, 291, 313
Motterham 351
MOYCE 454, 723
MUFFETT 284, 285, 337,517
NASH 90, 163, 188, 385
NEED 430
Newbery 316
NEWELL 93, 100
NEWMAN 45, 106
NORMAN 54,62,96,143,792
North 400
NOTT 269
ORAM 801
OSBORN 503, 504, 510
OWEN 278, 611
PAGE 300, 532
PAINTER 688, 703
PALMER 100, 229, 585
PARKER 91, 101, 257, 342,
    636, 637
PARR 782
PAYNE 90,220,377,803,845
PEACOCK 299, 515
PEAD 104
PEARCE 27, 838
PECK 845
PIPPET 97, 729
Pool 90
POOLE 103,303,686,687,693
POPE 383
Porteous 561
PORTER 10,427,656,720,748
POTT 48, 82
POWELL 194, 212
Poyntz 497
PUGH 464
RAIKES 70, 71, 72
RANES? 810
RAWES 202-205
RAY 128, 129, 130, 133
REED 159, 496
Reynell 408
REYNOLDS 442, 562
RICE 489, 726
Richards 108
RICHARDS 263, 623
Ripley 760
ROBERTS 67, 177, 436,527
ROBINSON 90, 416, 698,
   785, 785
ROCK 622
ROGERS 170, 427, 446
ROSE 844
ROWE 845
RUSH 814
Sackville 226
SALE 111, 643
Salisbury 753
SANDERS 105, 223,732,830
Sanford 342
SANGER 114, 115
SAUNDERS 109,112,398,732
SAY 407, 692
SCOTT 46, 49, 58, 73,77-79,
   83-85, 120, 126
Sewell 287
SHORE? 738
SHORTER 165, 625, 628
Simmonds 799
SIMPSON 91, 101, 103, 
  105, 845
SLOW 547
SMITH 34, 104, 107, 124,
   261, 290, 530, 594, 760,
   822, 835, 845
SO……. 537
SOAN 57, 545, 570
SOANS 568, 576
SPARKES 47, 196, 197, 198
SPARROW 186, 582
SPRATT 98, 282
Staples 760, 822
STEPHENS 394, 484
STEWART 327, 464
STIDOLPH 349, 536
Stillingfleet 397
Stokes 809
STONE 112, 114, 115, 240,
   615, 815
STOW 371
STRONG 382, 465
STURT 182, 754
STYLES 88, 312
Summers 783
SUTTON 297, 389
TAIT ii, 103
TANDY 191, 542
TANNER 439, 629
TAPE 192, 207, 208, 644
TAPP 845
Tarrant 800
TAYLOR 102, 108, 113, 266,
   415, 608, 699, 708, 845
TEW 164
THOMAS 57, 563, 569, 813
THOMPSON 54, 76, 228,
   289, 699
THORNHILL 6, 15, 144
THURSTAN 103, 106
Tirtill 378
Towler 338
TOWN 107, 113
Travel 13
TUCK 837
TURNER 222, 644, 801
Turpin 45
TWEEDY 42-45, 370
TYE 599, 678
URRY 840
VADE 125
VEAR 190
VEITCH 21, 149
VOKINS 613, 673
WADE 596
WALKER 38, 191, 845
Wall 330
Wallace 380
WALLER 92, 313
WALMISLEY 90,486, 487,502
WALTER 100, 265
WARD 252, 785, 845
WATSON 15, 609
   108, 113
WEBB 219, 760
WEEKS 90, 845
WELCH 279, 590, 663
WELLER 236, 551-556, 580
WELLS 103, 598, 649, 845
WEST 388, 557, 670, 673
WESTBROK 700, 701, 704,
WESTBROOK 676, 677,696,
   697, 713, 718
Whiffin 571
WHITE 36, 299, 301, 302,
   304, 397, 402, 447-449,
   463, 467, 845
WICKS 468, 835
Willes 753
WILLIAMS 29, 345
WILSON ii, 99, 174, 175,
   816, 845
WISE 230, 831
WOOD 234, 601, 602, 712, 845
Worde 54
WREN 211, 751
YELDHAM 116, 617
YOUNG 4, 13, 24
Agra, East Indies 233
Albion Hotel, Broadstairs 248
Aldershot 55
Alford, Lincolnshire 507
Ashefield, Meath, Ireland 74
Ashurst 53
Aspeden 520
Aston Blanc, 
   Gloucestershire 497
Bareilly, N.W.P., India 389
Barntick, co. Clare,
   Ireland 603
Baunton, Dorset 132
Beckenham 291
Bedgrove Manor, Bucks 45
Bedminster, Bristol 506
Benstead?, Isle of Wight 673
Berwick upon Tweed 632
Bethel Chapel 269
Bexley 576
Bhov. E.I., 587
Bicester, Oxfordshire 252
Birling 53
Blackheath Park 298
Blackheath St. Germans Place 636
Blechington? 461
Blockley, Worcestershire 166
Bologne 651
Bradley Hall, Derbyshire 51
Brasted Chart 734
Brighton 736
Brighton 77
Brixton 746
Bromley 651, 732
  Beechfield 67
  Bickley 738
  Bickley Farm 353
  Bromley College 93,127,
  Bromley Common 39,54,61,
    62, 86, 117, 293, 745
  Bromley Congregational
     Church 757
  Bromley Hill 306, 805
  Bromley House 41
  Bromley Lodge 148
  Chawfield Lodge 51
  Fairfield 797
  Freelands 48, 82, 291
  Freeland House 17,
  Holy Trinity Church,
    Bromley Common 41
  Hook Farm 704
  Market Square 387
  Masons Hill 210, 549
  Mill Cottage 493
  Nichol Lane 99
  Pixfield 329, Pixfield 698
  Plaistow 235
  Plaistow Hall 287
  Plaistow Lodge 37, 87
  Ravensfell 41
  Simpsons Place 44, 88
  Southborough 69, 299, 301
  South Barrow 164
  South Borough 677
  Sundridge Park 46, 79, 80,
    81, 85
  White Hart Inn 97
  Widmore 131, 227, 367,673
  Widmore House 43, 45,735
  Widmore Lodge 45
Brompton 691
Brookland 476
Bucks 406
Calcutta 247, 703
Camberwell 485, 685
Canons, Mitcham 298
Canterbury 232
Cardington, Beds 457
Castleford 76
   Leicestershire 191
   co. Northampton 73
Chard, Somerset 801
Chelsea 66, 508
Chesterfield, Derbyshire 124
Chevening 416
Chichely, Bucks 30
Chislehurst 99, 673
Christ Hospital 527
Clapham 432

Clapham Common 673
Clapham, Surrey 803
Clapton near London 648
Clavering, Essex 394
Clay Hill, Beckenham 77,229
Colwell, Herefordshire 484
Cornwall 136
Cottisford House, 
   Oxfordshire 363
Cranbrooke 631
Craven House,
   Walton-on-Thames 801
Croydon 121, 553-556, 580,
   634, 687
Cumberland 477
Dartford 456
Debden, Suffolk 435
Denmark Hill, Surrey 466
Denton, Sussex 443
Deptford 552, 571, 673
Dinapore in Bengal 37
Down 571
Dublin 604
Durham 742
East Farleigh 59, 385
East India 14
East Indies 247
East Knoyle, Wilts 673
East Malling 546
East Peckham 59
Edgbaston, Birmingham 333
Edlesborough, Bucks 483
Edmonton 611
  Lessness Heath 758
Ely 611
Exeter 428
Falmouth 262
Farningham 667
Felbridge Park, Surrey 71
Fisherton Anger Without,
    Wilts 153
Folston, Wiltshire 11
Ford, Sussex 610
Fort St George 14
Foscot Manor, Buckinghamshire 45
France 651
Frindsbury nr Rochester 24
Gorrenberry, North Britain 58
   Roxburghshire 73
Gosberton, Lincolnshire 698
Great Milton, 
  Oxfordshire 352
Greenock 758
Greenwich 290, 371, 705
   Thornton Row 636
Hackney, Middlesex 429
Hadlow 623
Hale Oak 732
Halling 426
Halstead 123, 395
Hampstead, Middlesex 505
Harridge, Bucks 609
Hastings 572, 733
Hather Thorp,
   Lincolnshire 292
Hayti 43
Headcorn 461
Headley, Hampshire 34, 290
Higham 481
Himley, Staffs 797
Hoo Kemptston 
   Bedfordshire 45
Hounslow, Middlesex 748
Houtkop, South Africa 83
Ireland 66
Islington 732
Jakhuma Ashanti 55
Jamaica 482
Keir, Perthshire 60
Kelvedon Hatch, Essex 381
Kempston Greys 45
Kempston Hardwick,
   Beds 45
Kennington, Surrey 607
Keston 608
Kirby?, Norfolk 564
Kirkheaton, Yorkshire 41
Knockholt 430
   Lambeth Palace 291
   St Mary 501
   York Road 501
Landguard Fort, Essex 458
Langley 88
Lassell Hall 41
Layston, Herts 397, 520
Lee, Kent 528
Lenton Priory, Notts 121
   Herefordshire 345
Leston, Essex 322
Lethley (?), Yorks 157
Lewisham 338, 551, 730
Lilburn, Derbyshire 227
Lisbon 75
Liverpool 736
Llantrisant, Anglesey 421
   near Chislehurst 466
London 5, 8, 12, 13, 34, 73,
  98, 138,252, 497, 627
  Austen Friars 495
  Berkeley Square 72
  Bishopsgate 615
  Bricklayers Arms,
    Old Kent Rd 195
  Catherine Court, Trinity
    Square, Tower 298
  Charterhouse 673
  Cheapside 696
  Chelsea 136
  City of London 41,59,85,132
  Clarence House,
    Kensington 689
  Denmark Hill 41
  Dorset Place 228
  Fenchurch Street 287
  Fleedyer Street,
     Whitehall 147
  Highgate Cemetery 78
  Leadenhall Market 260
  Mark Lane 577
  Middle Temple 603
  Montagu Square W 45
  New Broad St 77
  New Kent Road 136
  Northumberland Street, 
   St Martin-in-the-Fields 619
  Old Jewry, 
    City of London 232, 252
  Pall Mall 478
  Royal London 
    Opthalmic Hospital 77
  St Bartholomew’s, behind
    the Royal Exchange 27
  St Bartholomew’s
    Hospital 501
  St Bride 10
  St George, 
     Hanover Square 647
  St James, Westminster 165
  St Margarets,
     Westminster 144
  St Martin-in-the-Fields 485
  St Martins Vintry 272
  St Mary, Rotherhithe 186
  St Paul, Deptford 589, 596
  St Paul’s, Deptford 242
  St. Paul’s, Deptford 498
  St Vincent, W.I. 119
  Southwark 11
    St Saviour’s 472, 618
    Suffolk Place 23
  The Stock Exchange
     Coffee House, 176
  Walworth 373
  Warwick Lane, City 549
  Westminster 145
  St Martin’s in the Fields
     Westminster 27

Lyminge 372
Madeira 149
Maize Hill, Greenwich 476
Maldon, Essex 753
Maningham Lodge,
   Yorkshire 76, 228
Meath 362
Melbourne 504
Moulton, Lincolnshire 329
Naini Tal, India 44
Netteswell, Essex 483
New Forest, Hants 230
New Romney 476
Newenden 428
Nonsuch Park, Surrey 56
North Cray 394
North Curry, Somerset 455
North Stoneham, 
   Hampshire 62
Norton, Kent 465
Nunhead 696
Olanley, Wye 136
Orange River Colony 29
Oreby-fontein 29
Otford 607
   Northamptonshire 418
Overstone, Northants 563
Ox Hill, Warwickshire 567
Peckham 685, 696
Pembroke College,
   Oxford 497
Penge, Surrey 192
Peninsula 121
Penshurst 182
Penzance, Cornwall 360
Percival House,
   Blackheath 435
Plumstead Park(?), Kent 604
Pope Street, Eltham 98
Poperinghe 845
Poplar, Middlesex 412, 673
Ramsgate 344
Reigate Cemetery 449
Richmond, Surrey 736
Ringmere, Sussex 232
Rossby, Lincolnshire 144
Rotherhithe 523, 629
Rushey Green, 
   Lewisham 518, 519
Ryarsh 462
Rye, Sussex 443
Saffron Walden 354
Saint Germain-en-laye
   near Paris 84
Sheepshed, Leicester 801
Shenfield, Berks 117
Shipbourne 732
Shorne, Kent 330
Smartham (?), Bucks 609
South Lychet, 
   Dorset 79, 80, 81
South Norwood 753
Southery, Norfolk 127
Southwark 656
Southwark High Street 801
Spilsby, Lincolnshire 252
Spring Gardens 464
St Leonards on Sea 214
St Margaret, Rochester 480
St. Mary Cray 353
Stamford, Lincs 521
Stangham 610
Stanwell, Middlesex 686
Staples Inn 681
Stock Dabourne, Surrey 3
Stogumber, Somerset 455
Stowting 436
Sundridge Park Estate 368
Sutton Valence 401, 407,461
Swainswick near Bath 673
Swallowfield, Berks 117
Sydenham 702
Sydenham Park 298
Theydon Bois, Essex 436
Thorparch, Yorkshire 228
Throcking, Herts 396
Thundridge, Herts 463
   Leicestershire 595
Thurston, Suffolk 118
Tiverton, Devon 801
Tonbridge 375, 724, 732
Tunbridge Wells 383
Vere, Jamaica 563
Versailles 661
Wapping 673
Ware 463
Wateringbury 538
Waterloo 121
Welsh Bicknor, 
   Monmouthsire 459
West Coast of Ireland 845
West Malling 546
West Riding 76
West Wickham 652
Westhall 435
   Sevenoaks Weald 732
Wilmington 475
Withersfield, Suffolk 508
Woolwich 55, 641
Worcester, . .? .ington-in 13
Worthing 362
Wouldham 426
Yardley, Worcestershire 470
Yarmouth, Norfolk 597
Yately, Hants 691
10th Royal West Kent Regt. 845
11th Bombay Native Infantry 776
11th Lancashire Fusiliers. 845
12th King’s Liverpool Regt. 845
14th light dragoons 37
15 Hussars 342
1st Royal West Kent Regt. 845
2/20th London Regt. 845
2/5th Royal West Kent Regt. 845
2nd Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regt. Seventh Division 845
2nd Life Guards 45
2nd Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 44
2nd Royal Warwickshire Regt. 845
3/10th London Regt. 845
3rd Volunteer Battalion, 
  Bromley Company 844
6th Dragoon Guards or Carabineers 604
7th Regt. Bengal N. Infantry 37
7th Royal West Kent Regt. 846
XVIII Hussars 29
Army Service Corps 55
Badge of West Kent Regt. 844
Bengal Artillery 432, 436
Bengal Cavalry 344
Bethunes Mounted Infantry 29
Grenadier Guards 85
Hon. East India Company’s Service 72,
   146, 170, 196, 204, 587
Indian Army 43, 370, 455
Inneskilling Dragoons 167
Kings Dragoon Guards 29
Pte. Artists’ Rifles. 845
Queen’s Westminsters. 845
R.A.M.C. 845
R.E. 813
R.F.C. 846
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. 845
Royal West Kent Regt. 846
Rifleman 845
Corporal 55
Sgt. 845
Cornet 167
L/Cpl. 845
2nd Lieut. 37, 44, 232, 845
Captain 29, 45, 146, 204, 205, 342, 
   604, 629, 673, 728, 845
Major 120, 326, 455, 776
Lieut-Col. 344, 432, 813
Colonel 42, 85, 326, 369, 399
Lieut-Gen. 670
Major General 358
Deputy Commissary General 123
Commissary General 336

1st battle of Ypres 845
battles of Ramnuggur, Chillianwallah,
   and Goojerat 37
Great War 658, 844
killed in action with the rebels 37
Natal Campaign 1899-1900 29
Punjaub campaign 37

R.N. 117
Lieut.-Commander R.N. 845
H.M.S. "Genista" 845

Academy at Mason Hill 571
Ancient Society of College Youths 110,
   112, 114, 115
Archdeacon of Bangor and Rector 421
Architect 36
Attorney-at-Law 618
Banker 132
bellringer 425
Breeches Maker 11
Bricklayer 111, 576, 593, 690
Bromley Benevolent Society 92
Bromley Record 382
butler 649
Carpenter 8, 111, 643
Charity school 88
Charity School of Bromley 98, 99
Church Wardens 36, 57, 91, 92, 94, 98,
   100, 101, 104-108, 110, 113, 449
Clerk 410
clerk in the Parliament office 486
Clerk of the Papers of the 
  House of Lords 486
Collar Maker 318
Company of Clothworkers 12
Cordweaner 111
cornfactor 472
Deputy Lieutenant 59, 76
Draper 12
Editor 382
Farmer 699
Fishmonger 260
"Goschens" 93
Gardener 111
Gentleman Usher 291
House Steward 291
Lascoe & Acton Tradesmen’s 
   Widow’s Fund 90
linen-draper 656
Lord Bishop 362
Madras Civil service, India. 198
Magistrate 50
Majesty’s Mint 136
master 571
Master 597
mayor of London ii
medical student 501
merchant ii, 13, 14, 17, 508, 627
miller 631
Minor Canon 480
plague ii
plumber 460, 631
saddler 90
salt merchant 595
Sexton ii, 409
Surgeon 49, 77, 138, 159, 290, 345,
   471, 546, 587
Swedish and Norwdian Consul 43
Tradesmen’s charity fund 90
Whitesmith 265