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Canterbury, St Jesus Hospital churchyard


Canterbury, St Jesus Hospital with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Canterbury, St Jesus Hospital,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758

1. In The Chapel – On a Tablet on The N. Wall. (Taken from his Monument in The Cathedral of Canterbury) Johanni BOYS de Fredville Equiti aurato, Juris Anglicani Consultissimo, quinq Archiepiscopis Cantuariae, in Temporalibus, Seneschallo; Tribus quinq Portnum Custodibus in eorum Cancellariâ Assessori; Civitatis Cantuariae Recordatori; Hospitalis Jesu, in Suburbio, Fundatori. Viro, Pietate, Gravitate, et Mansuetudine singulari. Qui duas duxit Uxores; Dorotheam PAWLEY, et Janam WALKER; Sed nulla Prole relictâ, Christo Servatori devotam Animam reddidit Die 8 Augusti, Anno Salutis 1612. Aetatis suae 77.

2. On Another Tablet on The North Wall.
[I. Arg. on a fess betw. 3 trofils slipt az. 3 plates.
II. Az. a fesse betw. 3 whelk-shells arg.]
. Thomas WELTON, The Elder, Brother of this Hospitall, went into the Wars of Germany, under the Command of The LORD MARQUISS HAMILTON, Anno Dom. 1630. Serv’d 6 Yeeres in Gustavus ADOLPHUS, King of Sweedland his Army – was taken Prisoner by ye Imperiall Forces at the Famous Battle of Marling; and, from that Time serv’d in the Emperor’s Army 8 Yeares; where he was a Drum Major in the Regiment of the Right Honourable the Lord Christopher CETCH, Head Marshall of the Feild.

3. In The East Window is This Coat, with ye date 1600.
[BOYS - ¼ly, wt. escut. of pretence imp.
¼ly: 1). Or, a griffin segreant & a border gu.
2). Sa. a chevn. arg. betw. 3 buckles or.
3). Arg. on a fesse sa. betw. 3 lions’ heads erased gu. 3 plates.
4). Per pale & per fesse indented erm. & gu. wt. sct. of pretence:
Gu. 3 lions passt. arg. over all on a bend az. 3 molets or. imp. Lozengy or & gu. on a chief arg. a lion passt. sa].

4. On The Same Wall are The following Coats.
[I. (Arch. Bp. PARKER) See of Cant. imp. Gu. on a chevn. betw. 3 keys, wards up, arg. 3 stars of 5 pts. gu.
II. (Arch. Bp. GRINDALL) Ditto imp. ¼ly or & az. a + countercharged sa. & arg. in 1&4). a martlet sa. 2&3). a martlet arg.
III. (Arch. Bp. WHITGIFT). Ditto imp. Or, on a + patonce sa. 4 bezants].

5. On The South Wall, is an Atchievement, with BOYS impaling as before.

6. The Following Inscriptions and Dates are cut on small Square Stones, which are placed here and there in ye Outward Wall, next the Street.
Sr. John BOYS Knight, founded this Hospitall, Anno. 1595.
James NICHOLES the 3d. Warden March 23 1609/10
Edward OWER the 4th Warden the 8th of February 1625/.
William TWYSDEN the 5th Warden the .. of January A.D. 1633/
Thomas JONES the 6th Warden. Sept the last. A.D. 1639.

7. This Hospitall is situated at the further End of Norgate Street, on the East Side of the Way, a little beyond St. Gregory’s. Its Society consists of 8 Brothers, and 4 Sisters. The Warden reads Prayers in the Chapel. They bury at ye several Parishes to which they belong, and have no Burying Ground belonging to the Hospitall. 1758.

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