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Canterbury, St John's Church


St John's Hospital, Canterbury with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of St John's Hospital, Canterbury,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chapell –
1. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth Samuel HURLESTON, Gent. He died Sept. 7 1679. Aged 72.

2. On Another Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Marke HIFOULD desceased the 14th of Desember 161./ A Singingman in Christ Church …./.

3. On Another. Here do lye the Bodyes of Richard OWER, Gentleman, and Elisabeth his Wife, one of the Daughters of William BOYS of Fredville, Esquier, and Sister to ye Right worshipfull Sr. John Boys, Knight; by whom he had Issue Edward, Boys, & Christopher; Mary, Christian, Jane, and Alice. Richard died the 8th of Marche 1606/7, aged 82 and Elisabeth died the 7th of February 1612/3, being of the Age of 74 Yeares. Anno. 1613.

4. On Another. Here lieth buried the Body of Edward NORRIS, he dyed the 29th of August; and at the Age of 74 Yeares, 1630.

5. On Another. Henry SILVESTER. 1617.

6. Here are several other Flat Stones, but without Inscriptions. Some of them have been inlaid with Brasses.

7. The East Window has been a very fine one, and had (as Mr Somner informs us) The Figures of the 12 Apostles in it, with ye Several Articles of the Creed, which they are said to have composed. It is, however, now much broken, and strangely patched up with Fragments, as they seem of some other Window. Among them is ye following Coat turn’d Topside t’o’r way.
[6 pieces az. & or, 3 stags’ heads erased or (ROPER) imp. Arg. on a bend sa. 3 covered cups or.].

8. In this Window is also remaining a Group of Small Figures (a Lady and 3 Children) kneeling before a Faldstool. The Followg. Scrap of an Inscription is still to be seen in it.
Orate pro bono Statue … HYLLYS+ qui ab hoc Sclo migravit … qui Fenestram istam …/. +Fratris istius Hospitalis, et Prior (these words were to be seen in Somner’s Time).

9. The Uppermost South Window has also been finely painted. The Figure of a Man kneeling in this Coat Armour, viz.
Az. 3 Thresher’s Fans, or is still remaining. & under it this Inscription. Orate pro Aia Dni Willmi SEPTVANS et … Consortis suae. And, under the Figure of a Lady in a praying Posture, is this Coat viz. Az. a lyon rampant Arg. – there is part of an Inscription under her, but it is not legible. Over their Heads is this Sentence. Jesu, Fili Dei, Miserere nobis.

10. In the Middlemost South Window is the Virgin Mary, with the Child Jesus in her Arms – and, over her – Our Saviour sitting on a Rainbow.

11. On The East Wall hang the 2 following Atcheivements.
[I. *Erm. on a chevn. engrld. gu 3 escallops or imp. Arg. on a bend az. 3 spearheads arg.]. *I take this to be the Coat of OWER.
II. As dexter of I. imp. BOYS].
Implying Richard Ower (ob. 1606-7) had 2 wives – Eliz. the 2nd. V.J.T.

12. Here was a large North Chancell; but it has been long since pull’d down. There is now but One Bell, which hangs in the West End of the Chappell. There were formerly 3 as Batteley informs us.

13. In the Chapel Yard are Memorials of COX, CULLEN and JOHNSON.

14. This Hospital was founded by Lanfranc who was A.B. 1070 and contained formerly a Prior, a Reader, 18 In Brothers and 20 In Sisters, and the like Number of Out Brothers, and Out Sisters. This was Anno 1674.

15. Alice ASHBURNHAM, d. & h. Wm. TOOKE Esq. & wife Alice WOODLAND: antea fuit uxor Tho. ROPER, 1524. Roper & Wife Thomasine, 1529. (D’Elboux only summarises the insns. given by B.F. in Somner).

16. The Revd. Mr William BRODRIP is the present Reader, or Chaplain 1758.

17. Very Little of this Hospital is at this Time standing. - great Part of it having been pull’d down within these 20 Years. It is situated opposite to St. Gregory’s Priory, in Norgate Street.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BOYS 3, 11
COX 13

OWER 3, 11

ROPER 7, 15