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Capel-le-Ferne with index of names and places at the end

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The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Capel-le-Ferne Church
                                                                           Noted 25th September 1892 by Leland L. Duncan  

The following is as far as possible an exact transcription of Mr L.L. Duncan's field notebook for the M.I.s in the Folkestone area where he seems have stayed during September and October 1891.  His notebook written up in his shorthand, in pencil, on the site leaves something to be desired. The paper of the notebook has over time become somewhat dirty and aged but is an immensely valuable record of that date.
                                                                                 Transcribed and typed up by Christine Pantrey

Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

Capel–le–Ferne Churchyard.
South side of yard.
128. Thomas BROMLEY and Susanna his wife. He died 6th October 1781 aged 64. She died 10th October 1790 aged 69: Left three sons and two daughters: Mary, James, Ann, ….., Elizabeth, Susannah and Hannah.

129. Thomas Hammond SIMS died 19th April 1805 aged 19 years.

130. Thomas HAMMOND died 23rd December 1750 aged 63. Left one son and one daughter.

131. George ANDREW of this parish, Yeoman, who left issue by Jeane his wife, daughter of Stephen ROBESON, two sons and three daughters. He dyed 13th September 1681 aged 71 yeares.

132. William ANDREWS died 15th May 1748 aged 65 years and six months. Left six sons and four daughters.

133. Elizabeth ANDREWS wife of William Andrews, 6th June 1758 aged 68. Left six sons and three daughters.

134. Here lieth interred the Body of John KNOTT, yeoman, son of Stephen KNOT of ye parish of Folkestone who had issue by Frances his wife two sons and two daughters of whom John only surviving. He departed this life ye 28th day of September 1705 aged 65 years and five months.

135. Frances KNOTT wife of John Knott Yeoman, died 18th July 1698 aged 56. She had issue three sons and one daughter. [Please note; if related to above there is contradiction as regards children].

136. Mary wife of John KNOTT died 27th January 1781 aged 90. Left surviving one son and one daughter: Underdown and Frances. Also John son of aforesaid John and Mary Knott died in infancy.

137. Here lieth Interr’d the Body of Jane wife of Mr John KNOTT of Dovor who was twice Mayor of that Town and Port. She left issue by him one son who now survives. She departed this life the 25th ay of April 1732 aged 69 years.

138. Here lieth Interr’d the Body of Mr John KNOTT of Dovor who was twice Mayor of that town and Port. He departed this Life June the 14th 1727 aged 52 years. He was son of John and Frances Knott he left issue one son.

139. Mr John KNOTT died 3rd January 1770 aged 67. Also John son of above died 1st November 1769 aged 34.

140. Underdown KNOTT Died 4th January 1793 aged 64. Left Rachel his wife and two daughters; Mary and Frances.

141. George ANDREWS died December 30th 1792 aged 52. Left his widow and one daughter. Also Elizabeth Andrews widow of above Died 2nd March 1813 aged 67.

142. George ANDREWS, 10th May 1804 in 82nd year. Left Elizabeth his wife and one daughter.

143. Elizabeth wife of George ANDREWS, 21st August 1821 in 88th year. Left one daughter.

144. Ann wife of John SPAIN of the parish of Alkham died 11th February 1822 in 64th year.

145. Ellen TOUGH  passenger in "Northfleet" drowned 22nd January 1873.

146. Lucy daughter of George and Elizabeth HOGBEN, 13th April 1874 aged 22.

146a Old flat tomb- illegible.

147. Jeremiah ANDREW died 26th March 1720 aged 66. Left four sons and two daughters.

148. Thomasin wife of Jeremiah ANDREW, 15th January 1731 aged 79. Left four children: George , Jeremiah, Jane……..….under grass.

149. John GINER, cordwinder in Huffam, dyed ye 19th of January 1698 aged 74. Had issue by Sarah his first wife one dafter and by Frances three dafters.

150. John HAMS of ye parish of Folkestone? Ye son of Thomas and Susanna Hams and Grandson of John and Frances JOYNER who died ye 6th August 1704 aged 30.

151. Martha HAMMOND wife of Adam Hammond died 16th January 1713 aged 58 years. Left three sons: Adam, John……. …. …Under grass

152. Adam HAMMOND, 13th January 1760 aged 77.

153. Stephen SIMS, 17th November 1780 aged 74. Left his wife, one son and one daughter: Robert and Jane. Ann his wife, 14th September 1802 aged 82.

154. Elizabeth wife of John KIMBER of this parish, 8th October 1684 in 75th yeare.

155. Elizabeth wife of George ……..O……..NE died 22nd January 1678 aged …. Yeares.

155aHeadstone:- low (old) under grass and illegible.

156. Eleanor wife of John SNELLING Died 19th November 1818 aged 63. Above John Snelling, 16th January 1819 aged 82. Left five sons and three daughters.

157. Elizabeth wife of Osborn Snoulton MEAD at Boughton under Blean and youngest daughter of William GILBERT of this parish, died 9th November 1825 aged 24. Left one child named Osborn aged 2 years.

158. Ann wife of William GILBERT of this parish Died 26th April 1820 aged 62. Left three sons and three daughters. Above William Gilbert died 21st January 1837 aged 74.

159. Osborn MEAD died July 17th 1850 aged 27, after a long and painful illness.

160. Jesse SINCLAIR died 31st March 1875 aged 78.

161. Ingram TUCKER died July 23rd 1854 aged 87. Esther his widow died February 26th 1856 aged 87.

162. Elizabeth wife of William ROBINSON Died 9th July 1840 aged 21.

163. Wood:- Susannah TUCKER died May – 1834 aged – yeares.

Eastern Portion.
164. Elizabeth wife of John DEAL, 3rd June 1811 aged 48. Above John Deal, 18th March 1814 aged 61. Richard only son of above, 20th June 1812 aged 24.

165. Footstone: W. A. 1823.

166. Lydia DEAL daughter of John and Elizabeth Deal late of the parish of Acrise, Died 10th November 1824 aged 24.

167. Elizabeth Alice only daughter of William and Susanna SQUIRE of Dover, 16th November 1827 in 12th year.

168. Frances ALLEN daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Allen, 16th March 1857 aged 27.

169. Edward ALLEN late of Dover died 12th September 1838 aged 62. Walter Edward and Susanna children of above died in infancy. Left- with Elizabeth his widow, one son and one daughter: Edward and Frances. Above Elizabeth died 27th May 1865 aged 79.

170. Mary DEAL daughter of John and Elizabeth Deal died 19th January 1844 aged 50.

171. Thomas SQUIRE late of Dover 26th January 1844 aged 52. Thomas Squire son of above, 17th June 1855 aged 36. James Squire grandson of above, July 1853 aged one month.

172. Thomas HATTON of Dover, 9th January 1865 aged 64.

173. William BROMLEY, 14th August 1878 aged 70.

174. Sarah wife of William BROMLEY, 31st August 1878 aged 76.

175. Sarah Ann wife of William BRIGGS and daughter of Ingram FRY and Charlotte BROMLEY, died 19th April 1872 aged 60.

176. Ingram BROMLEY died 30th May 1864 aged 53.

177. Ingram Fry BROMLEY Died February 3rd 1859 aged 73. Charlotte Bromley relict of above Died September 29th 1871 aged 86.

178. Austen John BROMLEY July 22nd 1828 aged 11. Henry Rivers Bromley died December 29th 1837 aged 15. Ann Bromley died October 24th 1854 aged 26.

179. Jane Caroline MARSH died 20th April 1858 aged 34. Robert Austen Marsh son of above, 23rd February 1857 aged eight months.

180. William BROMLEY died 22nd May 1859 aged 79.

181. Robert BROMLEY, 13th April 1863 aged 86. Jane PALMER sister of above, 22nd June 1870 aged 97.
Ann Bromley sister of above, 17th December 1871 aged 96.

182. Sarah Green ROSE died 25th July 1810 aged 21.

183. Mary wife of William GILBERT of Capel died 22nd January 1875 aged 75.

184. William GILBERT eldest son of William and Mary Gilbert of Capel died September 5th 1851 aged 19.

185. Frederick G… GILBERT youngest son of William and Mary Gilbert of Capel died December 6th 1854 aged 12. John GILBERT second son of William and Mary Gilbert of Capel, 7th April 1855 aged 21.

186. William HART (formerly of Great Chart) Died 9th June 1862 aged 80.

187. Laura Ellen Hart daughter of William and Ann Hart, died 30th December 1877 aged 40 after a long and painful illness. Also Ann Hart died 24th April 1886 in 88th year.

188. A broken pillar:- Thomas Barker Wawne BRIGGS and Annetta his wife and their (?) faithful servant Alice MARSH. Annetta Briggs (nee GRISBROOK) Born 12th March 1820 Died 9th November 1877. Alice MARSH born 28th January 1830 died 7th March 1882. Thomas Barker Wawne Briggs Born 24th July 1825 died 1st April 1883.

189. Mary DRAY wife of David Dray of Dover died 21st March 1842 aged 45. Above David Dray, 19th September 1849 aged 47. Left Jane his wife and one son George who died 7th April 1875 aged 30 and is interred in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Dover. Jane widow of above, 16th January 1876 aged 75.

190. Thomas DRAY died 2nd November 1839 aged 60. Left one son and two daughters: David, Mary and Ann.

191. Maria wife of James JANTON died 29th July 1875 aged 77. James Janton, 16th November 1881 aged 80. Also James, Edward and Thomas who died in infancy.

South-West of porch.
192. (Old):- Henry AUSTEN… … …… … … ……

193. Anne second wife of Ingram BRONDEY of this parish died 7th May 1757 aged 57years and seven months. Left four sons and three daughters: William , George, Ingram , Robert, Mary, Ann, Caroline Jane and Susanna.

194. Francis COXEN late of Dover Died 6th March 1838 aged 81. Mary his wife died 22nd June 1837 aged 79.

195. Alice wife of Robert COXEN Died August 11th 1832 aged 66 years and eleven months. Also Robert Coxen, April 18th 1836 aged 72.

196. William son of Thomas and Sarah BROMLEY died 9th June 1789 aged 25.

197. Ann Marsh of Wootton,5th July 1795 aged 43.

198. Benjamin FRIEND, 20th November 1807 aged 60. Left Mary his wife and five sons: Viz George, Benjamin, Joseph, Richard and John.

199. Mary SHARP wife of Vincent Sharp, 23rd June 1761 aged 47. Vincent Sharp late of the parish of Hougham, January 13th 1775 aged 72.

200. Wooden Slab: Frederick COURT died 18th February 1888 aged 13.

201. Philipina HARVEY, 16th May 1873 aged 44.

202. Mary youngest daughter of the late Joseph and Hannah RUCK of Brockhampton, Gloucestershire, died 23rd June 1885 in 36th year.

203. John KINGSMILL, 1st July 1863 aged 94. Margaret his wife, 9th April 1849 aged 70. Left one son and four daughters.

204. George son of John and Margaret KINGSMILL of this parish died 31st January 1862 aged 43. Left Eliza his wife and one daughter.

205. Ann wife of John ROUSE of Hawkinge, 25th November 1886 aged 73.

206. Thomas PAPSON, 30th April 1873 aged 83. Sarah wife of above, 22nd March 1872 aged 80. Stephen SIMS, 27th July 1877 aged 64.

207. Elizabeth wife of Joseph COCKS of this Parish, 1st July 1875 aged 53.

North Side;
208. Jeffery FOAT died 26th February 1849 aged 15. George Foat, 14th March 1849 aged 12. Daniel Millgate Foat, 24th May 1852 aged 10.

In Capel-le-Ferne Church.

Tablet on the North wall of the Nave and also a flat stone in the chancel with this inscription

209. Alice MINET widow of the late Rev. John Minet Rector of Eythorne died XV August MDCCLXXVIII aged LXXVII. Also Mary Minet wife of Hughes Minet of London Esquire died XXI November MDCCLXVIII aged XXXI.

210. Another tablet: Sophia Louise MINET fifth daughter of Charles William Minet and Leah FORTRIE his wife, born at Brasted in this County April XXVIII MDCCCXXXIX Died at Dover December XVIII MDCCCLV.

Northern Window Capel- Le-Ferne. (illustration).

North wall of Nave- with early diaper work in red on white ground.

211. Tablet in tower- which has been largely rebuilt: Ashurst MORRIS Dedit Nov. 1890.

Flat stones in Nave;
212. Here lieth interred the Body of Captain Alexander RIDLEY, jurat of the Corporation of Dover. He departed this life the 26th of June 1762 aged 58 years. Left surviving two sons. Mr John Ridley son of the above died 7th September 1802 aged 62 years.

213. Heare lieth Interred ye Body of Mrs Mary HUGHES dafter of Mr Henrey and Mrs Elizabeth Hughes who departed this life ye 2nd of March 1699 aged three weeks.

214. Brass on North Wall of Chancel: Arms: (illustrated)
Figures of man and woman
Three daughters (missing) and four sons. Pray for the soullys of John GYBBIS and Margaret his wyff he decest ye III day of October in the yere of Our Lord MCCCCCXXVI.
                                                                                            End of Capel- Le- Ferne   25th September 1891.

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Also Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton          

Funeral Inscriptions at Capell Le Fern in Kent - 1759.

In the Chancell.
1. One Flat Stone without Inscription. Remains of good painted Glass, in ye Windows.

2. The Chancell is parted from The Body, by 3 Mitred Arches, supported by 4 low Pillars. Over these Arches is a large Aperture in the Wall, like a Window; this has a much rounder Arch – I imagine, by some Stone Brackets still remaining in The Walls that the Rood Gallery was in this Place.

3. In the Body – On a Flat Stone. Here lieth interred The Body of Mrs. Mary HUGHEs, Datter of Mr Henry and Mrs Elisabeth Hughes, who departed this Life the 2d. of March 1698/99. Aged 3 Weeks.

4. Four Other Flat Stones not legible.

5. This Church consists only of The Chancell and Body, and a low Tower at the West End, in which hangs 1 small Bell without Inscription.

6. In The Church Yard, is 1 Ancient Altar Tomb, without Inscription; and Memorials of Persons of The Names of ANDREWS, BROMLEY, HAMMOND, KENTER and KNOTT.

7. This Church was dedicated to St. Mary. It is accounted only as a Chapell, and is annext to Alkham, which see.

8. (No note of brass of Jn. GYBBIS (ob. 3 Oct. 1526) & w. Margt. now on N. wall of Chancel. Probably covered over in B.F.’s time. But M.S. cozens (c.1795), vol 2, p.384, describes this bass as on Chancel floor (the sons already gone).

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
ALLEN 168, 169
ANDREW 131, 132, 133,
   147, 148, 6
ANDREWS 141-143
AUSTEN 178, 179, 192
Barker 188
BRIGGS 175, 188
BROMLEY 128, 173-178,
   180, 181, 196, 6
COXEN 194, 195
DEAL 164, 166, 170
DRAY 189, 190

FOAT 208
FRY 175, 177
GILBERT 157, 158, 184-186
GYBBIS 214, 8
HAMMOND 130,151,152, 6
HAMS 150
HART 186, 187
HUGHES 219, 3

KINGSMILL 203, 204
KNOT 134
KNOTT 134-140, 6
MARSH 179, 188, 197
MEAD 157, 159
Millgate 208
MINET 209, 210
Rivers 178
ROSE 182
RUCK 202
SIMS 129, 153
Snoulton 157
SQUIRE 167, 171
TUCKER 161, 163
Wawne 188

Places Index
Acrise 166
Alkham 144
Boughton under Blean 157
Brasted 210
Brockhampton, Gloucestershire 202
Dover 137, 138, Dover 167, 171, 172,
   169, 172, 189, 194, 210, 21
St. Mary’s Cemetery 189

Folkestone 134, 150
Great Chart 186
Hawkinge 205
Hougham 199
Hougham Huffam 149
Eythorne 209
London 209
Wootton 197
Captain 212
cordwinder 149
Corporation of Dover 212
drowned 145
jurat 212
Mayor 137, 138
Rector 209
ship "Northfleet" 145
Yeoman 131, 135

Capel near Tonbridge churchyard M.I.'s

                        Capel near Tonbridge with index of names and places at end

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Below is a transcription of the un-numbered pages at the end of Volume VII 
of Mr L.L. Duncan's notebook on the Martin Family.

                                                                      Noted by Leland L. Duncan

                                              Typed up by Zena Bamping

South side.
1.  Elizabeth daughter of William and Mary Martin of this Parish died 25 May 1793 aged 22.

2.  William Martin of this Parish died 6 February 1804 aged 66. Also Mary his wife died 24 September 1809 aged 66. Left issue 3 sons and 4 daughters viz Andrew, William, John, Mary, Ann, Susanna and Sarah.

3.  Susanna daughter of William and Mary Martin of this Parish died 28 January 1806 aged 28.

4.  Sophia Martin daughter of John and Ann Martin died 23 April 1808 aged 7.

East of the Chancel.
5.  Susanna Martin late of East Peckham died 8 December 1833 aged 54.

6.  Next is a row of Hubble tombs. The stone next to Mrs Martin's is to Sarah wife of Thomas Hubble who died 14May 1801 aged 24. Left one daughter, Ann. Thomas Hubble died 29.4.1831 aged 57.

7.  One of the Hubbles (Thomas, who died 14 January 1773 aged 73 and Elizabeth his wife who died 31 July 1764 aged 59) had a son John who died 4 September 1763 aged 37 and a son Martin and daughter Elizabeth all of whom died young.

In the new part to the West
8.  George Martin died 1 December 1910 aged 69. R.I.P.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Hubble 6, 7.
Martin  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

East Peckham 5

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