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Capel near Tudeley


                        Capel near Tonbridge with index of names and places at end

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Below is a transcription of the un-numbered pages at the end of Volume VII 
of Mr L.L. Duncan's notebook on the Martin Family.

                                                                      Noted by Leland L. Duncan

                                              Typed up by Zena Bamping

South side.
1.  Elizabeth daughter of William and Mary Martin of this Parish died 25 May 1793 aged 22.

2.  William Martin of this Parish died 6 February 1804 aged 66. Also Mary his wife died 24 September 1809 aged 66. Left issue 3 sons and 4 daughters viz Andrew, William, John, Mary, Ann, Susanna and Sarah.

3.  Susanna daughter of William and Mary Martin of this Parish died 28 January 1806 aged 28.

4.  Sophia Martin daughter of John and Ann Martin died 23 April 1808 aged 7.

East of the Chancel.
5.  Susanna Martin late of East Peckham died 8 December 1833 aged 54.

6.  Next is a row of Hubble tombs. The stone next to Mrs Martin's is to Sarah wife of Thomas Hubble who died 14May 1801 aged 24. Left one daughter, Ann. Thomas Hubble died 29.4.1831 aged 57.

7.  One of the Hubbles (Thomas, who died 14 January 1773 aged 73 and Elizabeth his wife who died 31 July 1764 aged 59) had a son John who died 4 September 1763 aged 37 and a son Martin and daughter Elizabeth all of whom died young.

In the new part to the West
8.  George Martin died 1 December 1910 aged 69. R.I.P.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Hubble 6, 7.
Martin  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

East Peckham 5