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Challock with Index of names and places at end

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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Challock Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In ye Chancell are following on Flat Stones.
1. Here lyeth Buried the Body of Avery GYLES, who died the 1st Day of April in ye Year or Our Lord God 1638, being of ye Age of 51 Years: and was Buried by Jane his Loving Wife. Which Jane, his Loving Wife, departed the 12th Day of December 1658, being of the Age of 70 Years, and lieth here inter’d.

2. Here lieth Buried the Bodys of Searles GYLES, and Jane his Wife. He died ye 3d. Day of August, Anno 1648. Aged 35 Years. She died ye 3d. of May, Anno 1647, aged 33 Years.

3. Here lieth Buried the Body of Thomas HAWKER, who died ye 29th of May, being a Bacheller, in ye Year of Our Lod God, 1639, being of ye Age of 36 Years; and was Buried by Gibbon Hawker his Brother.

[[¼ly 1 & 4). Arg. on a bend* gu. 3 molets or (THURSTON). 2 & 3). Purp. 3 cinquefoils** arg. (PLOT)].
* The Bend charged with 3 Mullets or.     ** These sd. have been Quarterfoils Arg. each charged with a Lyons Head erased sab
Secundum Christi Redemptoris Adventum, hic Intumulatus, expectat, Tho. THURSTON, Qui, cum in Academia Oxoniensi, Sep Transisset Annos, in Patriam Caelestem placide Pieq emigravit. Anno Domini 1632. Aetatis suae 23.

In ye South Isle
5. On a Grey Stone, on which are the Portraits of a Man & Woman in Brass, is the Following Inscription. Pray for ye Soul of Thomas THORSTON, and Johan his Wife, which Thomas decessed ye 16th Day of September, the Year of Our Lord 1504 on Whose Soull Jesu have Mercy.

In The Body of The Church.
6. On a White Stone on ye Floor, enlay’d with a Plate of Brass. Pray for ye Soull of Robt. THORSTON, and Johan his Wif, which Robt. decessed ye 6 Day of November, ye Year of Our Lord 1480 upon whos Soull Jesu have Mer..

7. On a large bl. Fl. Stone enlaid with a Plate of Brass. Statutum est Omnibus Semel Mori. Here lyeth Buried the Bodies of Searles HAWKER, and Joane his Wife, wch. Searles died ye 18th Day of May Anno Domini 1614. Anno Aetatis suae Sexasessimo Quinto.

8. On Another Flat Stone. Here lieth The Body of Henry HAWKER, Gent. He died the 17th Day of July in ye Year of Our Lord God 1637 being ye Age of 55 Years, and buried by Me, Gibbon Hawker, his Loving Brother.

In The North Chancel.
9. On a Brass Plate, on a Flat Stone. Here lyeth ye Bodies of John WANSTALL, and Susan his Wife, Daughter of John BING, of this Parish. She died 2 April 1737 Aged 66 Years. He died 14 July 1737 Aged 72 Years. Who had Issue 1 Son and 1 Daughter; viz: John and Martha.

10. In this Chancel are 3 other very ancient Flat Stones; and 2 Altar Tombs fixed in the Wall between the 2 Chancells.

11. In The East Window of ye South Isle are these Coats.
[In line: I. Erm. a bend vairy or & gu. II. *Gu. fretty arg. III. Erm. a Bend gu. IV. Gu. a lion rampt. or]. *I take this to be the Coat of John de FLEMMING, or some of his Family, who had large Possessions in ye Neighbouring Parish of Moldash; as PHILPOT informs us, and GUILLAN say’s, that, The Name of Flemming do still bear this Coat.

12. This Church consists of a Body, 2 Side Isles, and 2 Chancells. In the North Isle are Stone Steps wch. have formerly led up to a Rood Loft. It is cover’d partly with Lead and Partly with Tiles. The Steeple is Towerd, and stands at ye West End, having in it 4 Bells with ye following Inscriptions.
1. John WILNER Made Me 1634.
2. John WAYLET Made Me 1724.
3. Stephanus SWAN Me fecit. 1614. 4.
Henri WILNAR Made Me 1640.

13. This Church is Annex’d to Godmersham, and was called St. Cosmus and Damianus. 1757.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Avery 1, 2
Gibbon 8

HAWKER 3, 7, 8
Searles 2