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Charlton near Dover


Charlton near Dover with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of St. Peter & St. Paul Charlton nr Dover,  noted by Bax & Rice 5th May 1892

                                                Pages 4-7 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

1. HS against wall of church cherubs head above. Here lyeth the body of John WORTHINGTON he dyed ye 2 February 1747/8 aged 71 years and left issue 4 sons and 4 daughters.

2. HS against wall of church. In a bricked grave beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Mrs. Ann COURT who died the 3rd of May 1835 aged 59 years. Leaving issue two daughters viz. Ann and Elizabeth. Also Ellen Stone granddaughter of the above aged 2 months. Also of Ann Stone aged 6 years. Also of Elizabeth Dray who died 19th August 1845 aged 34 years.

3. HS Scull and crossbones. Here lieth interred the body of Valentin FLINTSTONE of this parish who departed this life the 9th day of January 1728 aged 74 years.

4a. High tomb railed no misc. on top (on the E side). In this vault lieth the remains of Henry ANDREWS of Dover, wheelwright who departed this life 24th September 1778 aged 68 years. He left issue by Mary his wife, three sons, viz John, Henry and Thomas. Here also lieth the body of John Andrews son of the above who departed this life 13th June 1781 aged 36 years. And likewise the body of Mary wife of the above Henry Andrews she departed this life 7th December 1784 aged 72 years.
4b.  On the North side.    Sacred to the memory of Richard ANDREWS, Gent., late of this parish who died the 5th of November 1839 aged 63 years.
4c.  On the South side.    Here are interred the remains of Thomas ANDREWS who died the 30th of
March 1811 aged 42 years.
4d.  On the West side    Also in memory of Thomas ANDREWS son of Henry Andrews who departed this life the 21st November 1792, aged 42 years. Also Mary wife of the Jun. Henry Andrews surveyor of his Majesty’s Customs at Folkestone who departed this life the 30th September 1796 aged 47 years. Also the above Henry Andrews who departed this life the 28th of January 1800 aged 60 years.

5. Sacred to the memory of three children of John and Margaret PAIN; William died 25th September 1853 aged 2 years and 3 months. Henry died 17th July 1858 aged 10 years and 9 months. Sarah died 7th September 1858 aged 2 years and 7 months.

6. HS (near Andrews) cherub’s head above. In a brick grave lieth the body of Mary wife of William FRIEND who died June the 17th 1777 aged 64 years. Also William Friend husband of the above died October the 10th 178.. aged 78 years. – lines very small and obliterated perhaps poetry. Other "Friend" stones.

7. HS close to ‘Court’ – cherub’s head above. Here lieth the body of William KENNETT who had issue by Elizabeth his wife four sons and two daughters. He died 23rd of September 1744 aged 32 years. Also here lieth two sons of William Kennett viz. William and George. Also Elizabeth Pain wife of Henry Pain widow of William Kennett died May 8 1754 aged 44 years.

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice.
8. High tomb of yellow brick, N of church and close to the N transept. To the memory of Askew HILLCOAT Esq., many years magistrate for Wiltshire and Berkshire and one of the deputy Lieutenants of the same counties obit 27th December 1836 Aetat 88.

9. HS North of church – R. caps. Sacred to the memory of William SPRAKELING Esq., who died 7th November 1840 aged 62 years sincerely beloved and lamented also of Marianne, widow of the above who died 17th May 1847 aged 68 years. Here this weary one rests.

10. HS. south West of church - a cherub’s head at top. To the memory of Sarah wife of John BARTLETT who died the 21st July 1789 aged 34 years. Also lies interr’d here 7 children of the above. Also of the above John Bartlett who died the 13th of March 1812 aged 78 years.

11. Low tomb cemented, stone slab on top. NE of church. To the memory of William DAVIS who departed this life October 9th 1846 aged 37 years. Also of Thomas Richard son of James and Sarah Davis who departed this life January 1st 1847 aged 7 years.

12. Flat stone. NE of church. Here lieth deposited the remains of Mrs. Sarah CLOSE, wife of Captain Henry Close, who departed this life at Boulogne sur Mer on the 17th of March 1840 aged 46 years.

13. HS North of church. Sacred (Italics) to the memory of Jane POOLE who died the 6th of October 1838 aged 52 years.

14. HS East of church. In memory of Mr. Thomas IRWIN late Tide Excise Surveyor at Dover who died 23rd November 1845 aged 78 years.

15. HS and kerb with high iron rails to NE of church. Sacred to the memory of Major General James POWER Colonel Commandant of the 2nd Battalion Royal Artillery who died at Dover on the 17th February 1851 aged 75 years.

30 May 1892
16. Flat stone near the New Church now ending in the churchyard. To the memory of William BURGESS, artist who departed this life 30th July 1861 aged 55 years (space). Here also is interred Harriet wife of Parker Ayers who died 7th August 1884 aged 70 years.

17. HS close to the Old Church. Sacred to the memory of Captain Charles CLOSE (late of the Royal Artillery) who died at Dover 30th May 1849 aged sixty six (sic). Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Ayers 16
CLOSE 12, 17

Dray 2
Pain 7
Parker Ayers 16

Places Index
Berkshire 8
Boulogne sur Mer 12
Dover 4, 14, 15, 17
Folkestone 4
Wiltshire 8

artist 16
Captain 12, 17
Colonel Commandant 15
Esq. 9
Lieutenant, deputy 8
magistrate 8

Major General 15
Royal Artillery 17
    2nd Battalion 15
surveyor of his Majesty’s Customs 4
Tide Excise Surveyor 14
wheelwright 4