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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of Chartham Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell.
1. On an Ancient Mural Monument, neatly carvd and gilded, On the East Wall, on ye south Side of the Altar Peice, is ye following Inscription. Memoriae Sacrum. Vita Milii Christus, et Mors Lucrum. Here lieth ye Body of Mr John BUNGEY Clerk, One of ye Prebendaries of Christ’s Churche in Cant. and Parson of this Parish. Born in Norwich July ye 7th 1536. Who married Margaret PARKER, born in ye same City, ye 14th Day of December Anno 1547. Who lived together 35 Years; and had Issue 8 Sonns, and 4 Daughters. Which John builded *Mystole, and there died in ye 57th Year of his Age, ye 20th of November 1596. On ye upper Part of the Mont. 3 Scrolls not legible. … Milii si Pietate Secundus. ……. Christus Via. Quae ……… At ye Top, A Dove holding an Olive Branch; and, at the bottom the following Coat.
[Az. a lion passt. or betwn. 3 bezants imp. Gu a chevron arg. charged with a cresct. sa. for diffce. betwn. 3 keys, wards uppermost, arg. (PARKER). Motto: BONI BEATI].
   *This Seat
(Mystole) was in the Possession of WALLER in the Year 1597, being the Year after Mr BUNGEY’s Death. This Waller was a Descendant from Richard Waller of Groombridge in Kent, who, at the Battel of Agincourt, took Prisoner John, DUKE OF ORLEANS, and brought him to Groombridge, where he remain’d a Prisoner Four and Twenty Years. See GUILLIM’s Heraldry, P.116.

2.  The Following Coats of this Family are still to be seen painted on the Chimney Peice in the Hall at Mystole, wch. is now in the Possession of Sr. William FAGG, Bart.
[(2 large shields over 2 small).
I. (large). Quarterly of 8.
1&6). Sa. on a bend arg. voided sa. 3 walnut leaves or (WALLER).
2&5). Az. a chev. checky or & gu. betw. 3 +s or (LANSDALL).
3&8). Lozengy az. and gu. 8 martlets or, 3, 2, 3 (HENDLEY).
4&7). Arg. a saltire engr. ermines betw. 4 torteaux, on a chief az. a hind coucht. or].

1. Waller – see GUILLIM. F.116.
2. Lansdall – see Pedigrees Fol.159.
3. Hendley – see Pedigrees Fol. 106. 159. (G.note: Hendley see Pedigrees).
4. (blank).
5. Lansdall.
6. Waller.
7. As 4.
8. Hendley.

II. (large) ¼ly:
1). Waller.
2). Lansdall.
3. Hendley.
4. As No.4 of sh. No.I.

[The last (¼ly) impales ¼ly of 11.
(G. note, written after the II ¼ly impt. This is surely SONDES as in GRIFFINS Vn. 1594.
1). Arg. 3 pelicans’ heads betw. 2 chevns. sa. . T.Godfrey FAUSSETT’s notes: 1). Sondes.
2). Arg. a fesse dancety gu. a border sa. (nil).
3). Or, a lion rampt. sa. a border gu. (See Pedigrees P.104).
4). Sa. a spreadeagle and a border arg. (See Pedigrees P.104).
5). Or, a chevn. ermines (Wrongly blazd. for At Towne.
6). Sa. 6 lions rampt. 3, 2, 1, arg. (Detling).
7). Az. a chevn. betw. 3 birds arg. (nil).
8). Arg. a fesse dancety gu (DENE). (no border).
9). Checky arg. & purp. (GATTON). (seems brown).
10). Sa. 3 pears & a chief arg. (PORTER, See Ped. P.104). (3 pears on the chief are scratched out).
11). Erm. a fesse az. (nil).
(The chevn. of No.5 is hatched without colour, ditto Nos. 3, 7, 8).

III. (small). [dated over the shield: 1597].
¼ly as dexter side of No.II.
4. -.

3. On ye North Wall is a neat Monument with this Epitaph.
(Now moved to S. end of E. Wall of N.Tr. by pulpit). Hic Situs est Johannes Maximilianus DE L’ANGLE, Ecclesiae Metropoliticae Cantuariensis Canonicus, Et Hujus Ecclesiae Parochialis Rector. Ortû, quidem, Gallus; Sed, et Effectû, et Disciplinâ, Noster. Cujus Pater, Ecclesiae Reformatae Rothomagi Minister, Anglicanam quàm magni fecerit Ecclesiam, Testimonijs satis apertè indicavit. Cùm alias, Tum maximè, quod Hunc suum Filium Ejusdem Ecclesiae Ordinibus insigniri voluit. Alterum vero Samuelem ità instituit Ut Carentonij celeberrimam Protestantium Ecclesiam, Pastor Acciperet; Eiq Multâ cum Laude praeesset; Donec An. Ch. 1682, flagrante Persecutionis Furore, Religionis Reformatae Cultoribus Nihil restaret, praeter Carceres et Exilia; Tum demèm, caeteris Rebus relictis, Cum Uxore et Liberis in Angliam Migravit, Ubi, pro Meritis suis, beringuè acceptus est, Et Prebendâ Ecc. Westmonasteriensis honestatus. Ita, apud Nos Uterq Frater, Ut Riveti, Molinaei, et Bocharti Cognatos decuit, Et Dignitatem, et Emolumenta satis ampla consecuti Ingentem, quam Exteri saepe conflant, Indiviam Norum Facilitate, Animi Candore, Largitone in Pauperes, Et caeteris, quae Christianum ornant, Dotibus, Faelicitèr extimgerunt. Obijt Johannes Nov. 14 1724, Aet. 83. Juxta Dormit Uxor ejus Genevova, Quae, Senio confecta, obijt Oct. 30 1729. Aet 99. Utrisq Monumentum hoc ponendum curavit Nepos, omnibus Modis devinctus, Theophilis DE L’ANGLE.
(This is written at rt. angles to usual way, in sinr. margin). On ye Ground is a flat Stone with ye same Coat of Arms – Under wch. they are buried. [Az. a fesse betw. 3 acorns or imp. Arg. 3 boars’ heads couped az.].

Before ye Communion Rails are The Ten Following Flat Stones with Inscriptions.
4. On the First.
[¼ly erm. & az. on a + or 5 rings sa. imp. Sa. on a + engrailed or a cresct. for diffce. sa.]. (No bars written: these represent end of lines as set out in orignl.). Here lieth interrd ye Body of Margaret, Daughter of Sr. Samuel PEYTON of Knowlton, Knt. & Bart. Wife of Thomas OSBERN Esq. She died Decemb. 14 1655.

5. On ye Second.
[Gu. 2 bends erm. wt. the same coat in pretence]. Here lieth the Body of Zachariah KINGSFORD Esq. He died June ye 1st 1752 in ye 49th Year of his Age.

6. On The Third.
[A shh. in corners: 1&4). Sa. 3 bars humet arg. 2&3). A fesse betw. 3 leaves slipt]. A Brass Figure of a Man standing, wth. a Priests Habit, with this Inscription. Hic Jacet Dns. Robertus ARTHUR, quondam Rectoris istius Ecclesiae; qui obijt XXVIII Die Martij An. Dni 1454. Cujus Animae propitietur Deus. Amen.

7. On the Fourth. A Figure in Brass standing – as above. Hic requiescit Magr. Robertus SHEFFELDE Quondam Rectoris hujus Ecclesiae, Artium Magister, et in Sacris Literis expertissimus*; (*error for eruditissimus). qui obijt VIII Die Martij A.D. 1608
(error for 1508-9), Sec du Computation, Ecclesiae Anglicanae, Cujus Animae propitietur Altissimum. Amen. [Az. a garb or].

8. On ye Fifth, is a Brazen Figure of a Knight Templer – The Arms are lost from ye Stone; but on his Buckler is the following Coat
[Az. 3 winnowing-fans or]. (Written on each side of shield). *Az: 3 Threshers Fans, or. as I find it again on an ancient Tablet at Beakesbourne, & in the West Window at Mersham etc. and in Ash Church. *I find, by a Portraiture of a Person bearing this Coat, as represented in a Window in St. Johns Hospital, in Canterbury, that it was born by the Name of SEPTVANS, or SEPTVAUS, ats Harfleet. This family had formerly large Possessions in this Parish; as also at Ash near Sandwich, etc.

9. On The Sixth.
[OSBERNE, as in No.I]. Here lieth interrd ye Body of Thomas Osberne Esq. Eldest Son of John Osberne Gent of Chilham; who died 17 January 1657/8. Aged 59 Years.

10. On ye Seventh.
[OSBERNE imp. blank]. Here lies interr’d The Body of Jane, Daughter of Arthur BARHAM Esq. Wife of Thomas Osberne Esq. Who died 26 Nov. 1654.

11. On the Eighth, is a Fig. in Brass, as before. Orate pro Animâ Dni. Robert LONDON quondam Rectoris Hujus Ecclesiae, Qui obijt Primo Die Octobris, Anno Domini 1416. Cujus Animae propitietur Deus. Amen!.

12. On ye Ninth.
[Or, 3 escutcheons sa. each berg. a pheon or]. M.S. Samuelis PARKER Gen. Insignis Pietate Juvenis, Filij Gilberti Parker Gen. et Nepotis Reverendi admodum in Christo Patris Samuelis non ita pridem Oxon. Episcopi, et Rectoris hujus Ecclesiae. Fruitur Caelis Anima; quod Mortale fuit Terrâ Maternâ hìc miscetur. Obijt 5 Sept. 1726. Aet. 25.

13. On ye Tenth.
[3 bars & a canton erm. imp. PARKER]. Hic jacet Gulielmus SPENCER, nuper Civitatis Cantuariensis Generosus, Richardi Spencer Generosi Filius, Natû Maximus. Nec non Margarita Uxor Ejus, Gilberti Parker Generosi Filia. Obierunt Hic 20 Die Maij Anno Dni. 1739. Aetatis Anno 68. Illa 23 Dec. An. Dni. 1737. Aet 40. Quorum in Memoriam, Georgius UPTON Praefati Gulielmi ex eâdem Matre Frater, Hauc Inscriptionem faciendam curavit.

In The Body.
[Gu. 2 bends vair imp. 6 pieces sa. & ermine, on the sa. a millrind or, on a chief or a cock (or squirrel?) betw. 2 roses gu.].

15. Here lieth ye Body of Charles FAGGE Esq. of Mystole in this Parish, who died 8 April 1739. Aged 42. He Married Elizabeth ye Youngest Daughter of William TURNER Esq. of The White Fryars near Canterbury; by whom he had Issue 3 Sons and 5 Daughters, of which 1 Son and 4 Daughters lie Buried near this Place. The other 3 survived their Father, viz: William, Sarah, and Thomas. Here also is interr’d the Body of Elis. Fagge, Wife of Charles Fagge Esq. who died 29 July 1747. Aged 47.

16. The Brass Figure of a Woman Standing.
[Arg. a fesse betw. 3 f-de-l sa. imp. checky or & az. a fesse gu]. Of your Charitie pray for ye Soul of Jane EVANS, Daughter of Lewis CLEFFORLIT Esq. She died the 11th Day of January In the Year of Our Lord God 1530. On Whose Soul, God have Mercy!.

17. Another. Here lieth the Body of John MOATE, late of This Parish. Who departed this Life Oct. 11 1739. Aged 57.

18. Another.
[Or, a saltire gu. wt. a molet arg. for diffce, at its dexter top, imp. Arg. a fesse gu. betw. 3 trefoils slipped sa. Crest: a demi-lion rampt. issuant arg.]. Here lieth Buried ye Body of Thomas GEORGE late of This Parish, Gentleman, Son of Nicholas George, late of This Parish, Gent, who married Mary ye Daughter of Nicholas MICHAEL, late of This Parish, Gent. By Whom He had issue 3 Sons and 3 Daughters, of which, Edward George his Son only survived him. He departed this Life Aug. 23 1734, in ye 60th Year of his Age.

19. Another. Here lies Buried ye Body of Peter ye Son of Peter ARCHER and Margaret his Wife of This Parish, Who died January ye 2d. 1736/7. Aged 20 Years. Here also lieth ye Body of the abovesaid Peter ARCHER; Who died Dec. 7 1737. Aged 52 Years and 6 Months.

In The South Isle. (S. Trans).
20. On a Flat Stone.
[Or, 3 piles in fesse sa. on a chief or 3 rings sa. imp. Gu 2 bends vair (G. Note: FAGGE)]. Near This Place is deposited ye Body of Sarah YOUNG, ye Wife of William Young, Esq. Daughter of Charles Fagge Esq. by Elisabeth his Wife, late of Mystole in this Parish. She was married ye 18th Day of July 1745, And died, Alass! ye 13th of January Following (17545-6), only 18 Years of Age. Having afforded a Short but most illustrious Example, in ye Beauty of her Person, ye Virtuous Accomplishments of Her Sex, and ye Lovelyness of her Disposition. She was so truly excellent, that, here, perhaps could be no Room for Flattery, even tho ye Affection of a gratefull Husband should represent Her in ye most Romantic Terms. Reader – In her Life She was Boloved (sic); and, at her Death, universally lamented. Wouldst Thou resemble Her and be happy, blest be Thy Divine Pursuit; And, mayst Thou Live virtuously, and die well.

21. The Altar Peice here is remarkably neat. Some Remains of Painted Glass, are to be seen in most of ye Windows; and, in that over ye Altar, are 3 or 4 Coats of Arms, but so defaced as not to be made out; except One, which appears to be ye Old Coat of England. The Church, which is a very fair Building of Flint Stones, is in ye Form of a Cross. In ye Tower, wch. is a very handsome One at ye West End of ye Church, and built of ye same Materials, hang Six Tuneable Bells; The Five largest of wch. were made by Joseph HATCH, 1605. The First, or Smallest, by Samuel KNIGHT in 1728; and has ye Names of John MOAT, Thomas GEORGE, and Thomas PEARCE, upon it.

22. This Church was dedicated to St. Mary. It is a Rectory, and in ye Gift of ye Arch Bishop. The present Rector (1757) is …. TILSLEY. The Manor is in ye Dean of Canterbury.

23.  On Chartham Downs, are to be seen a great Number of Tumuli, or Barrows, which are certainly Roman. They were, most of them, opend about ye Year 1730, by Charles FAGGE Esq. of Mystole; and, in them were found Roman Urns
(sevl. words erased), a Fibula, Ear Rings (Helmets), Spear, and Arrow Heads, Buckles, and other ‘Things’ (o’line over kinds of Armour erased), but, No Coins. And are now in ye Possession of Sir William FAGGE of Mystole, Bart. carefully disposed in Drawers made for them. Among them He has Several Roman Medals, wch, as they came to him with ye Antiquities above Mentioned, he thinks were found with them; but I well remember that, at ye Time of ye Opening ye Tumuli, it was much regretted by ye Curious (especially by ye Late Dr. Cromwell MORTIMER, who attended, during the whole Time of Digging) that no Coins were found; by wch. they might with ye greater Probability ascertain ye Time when this Battle was fought. These Coins are from Nero, down to ye Very Dreggs of ye Bass Empire; and those of them which are at all legible, are very common. (See my Invent: Sepulchrale Vol.6 for a more full Account. Mr SOMNER (our Kentish Antiquarian) has given Us a very Ingenious Account of some Strange Bones digged up at Chartham in 1668 wch. he supposes to be those of the Hippopotamus. See BATTELY’s Edit: of SOMNER. P.186.

24. On The South Side of Shalmford Bridge, in This Parish, are The Following Names, all having the Date 1711 along with them.
   William, John and Richard HAYWARD.
   Zebulon NEWINGTON.
   John and Mary HOGMAN.
   T. LACEY.
   Tho. Fox CONSTABLE.

25. In a Window in a Passage, up one Pair of Stairs, at The Deanery House at Chartham, are several little Golden Wells painted on the Panes, and, over each, these Letters T.P.G. being a Rebus on the Name of Thomas GOLDWELL, Dr. in Divinity, who was the last Prior of Canterbury. In The same Window are several Scrolls, transversely, from Corner to Corner, with these Sentences. Tibi Laus. Tibi Gloria. Tibi Gratiarum Actio, etc.

26. In Another Window is The Following Coat, wch. belong’d to Dr. John BOYS, 6th Deane of Canterbury, who died Anno. Dni 1625. See BATTELEYs List of Deanes.
A [large]). [Az. on a _ arg. these letters sa. ix (Deanr’y of Canterbury imp. ¼ly of 6: 1&6). (BOYS, 1.11, Petham, with, in chief, a cresct. gu. for diffce).
2). Sa. a chevn. arg. betw. 3 buckles or.
(G. note: PHALLOF).
3). Arg. a fesse engrailed sa. charged wt. 3 bezants, betw. 3 lions’ heads erd. gu.
(G. note: RINGLEY).
4). Per pale & per fesse indented erm. & gu.
[Perot]. LANGLEY.
5). Gu a chevn. sa. charged wt. 3 plates, betw. 3 trefoils slipped arg.].
[4 other shields, all "In the Hall" – 1 large, 3 small].

B [large]).
¼ly: 1&4). Arg. a bend cotised engrailed sa. [WHITFIELD,
many Years Tenant of The Daenery].
2&3). Per pale az. & or, a griffin segrt. or (GILES) imp. ¼ly: 1&4). Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 cocks gu.
(this is the Arms of CROWE. I find it elsewhere emblazond. (G.note: ?COBBS). – Gu. a Chevr. or between 3 cocks arg).
2). Gu. a hog passant arg.
(CROWE of Brasted).
3). Per pale gu. & az. a lion rampt. arg.

C. [small]. Deanery of Canterbury imp. Arg. a lion rampt. betw. 3 +s paty gu. (DEAN TURNER).
D. [small]. Deanery of Cantrebury imp. Arg. 10 billets gu. 4, 3, 2, 1, on a chief az. a demi-lion rampt. issuant arg.

E. [small]. BOYS imp. Or, on a pale gu. a sword erect arg. hilted or, on a chief az. 3 bezants (BARGRAVE).

F. [small].
In ye Window of an House just by, I found this Coat of A.B. WARHAM. [Az. a pall arg. wt. 4 crosses fitchy sa. superimposed on an archiepiscopal + arg. (sic for or) imp. Gu a fesse or betw. a goat’s head erased arg. in chief & 3 escallops arg. in base]. (G. note: WARHAM).

27. In the Yard of the Deanery I saw an Ancient Capital of a Pillar in an Order not much unlike the Corinthian. It is now used for an Horse Block.

28. See Acct. of Another, with its Base at Kenville in Petham, P.16 (Vol.1).

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
FAGGE 15, 20, 23
GEORGE 18, 21
PARKER 1, 12, 13
TURNER 15, 26
Ash next Sandwich 8
Beakesbourne 8
Brasted 26
   St. Johns Hospital, 8
   White Fryars 15
   Mystole 1, 15, 20
   Shalmford Bridge 24
Chilham 9
Groombridge 1
Harfleet 8
Knowlton 4
Mersham 8
Norwich 1
   Kenville 26