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Chillenden with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Chillenden Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Wednesday 11th May 1892

                                                        Pages 53-57 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 9th November 2007

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice

1. Blue ledger floor of nave middle aisle – arms as above 3 lions ramp. crest a dexter arm in armour holding a tilting spear. Under this stone and the pew adjoining lye interr’d ye bodies of Stephen NETHERSOLE of this parish Gent. who died December 27 1731/2 of Katharine daughter of W. Bowell Gent. first wife of ye said S. Nethersole who died abt ye 19 of September 1694. Of May daughter of Vincent Denn Serjeant at Law and Recorder of ye City of Canterbury 2nd wife of ye said S. Nethersole who died abt ye 18 of February 1710/11. And of Anne Mary ye youngest daughter of ye said S. Nethersole by Katharine his first wife who dec’d (sic) abt ye 5 of April 1726.

2. Blue marble ledger East of last. Arms as rubbed – on a lozenge per pale --- 3 winged lions/wyverns?
Here lies the body of Mrs. Elizabeth NETHERSOLE who died May 14th 1737.

3. Armorial ledger on the S side of the chancel covered by the flooring/ with harmonium except the words "Under this stone" arms as rubbed 8 cross crosslets pitchee [gy semee of cross crosslets pitchee] a lion rampant. Crest – a demis-lion rampant holding a cross crosslet pitchee in dexter paw.

4. Blue ledger on North side of chancel nearly all covered with pews, viz both E and W end of it [ie top and bottom] John WINCHESTER Esq. departed this life July 24th 1781.

5. Small white marble slab to the N of last John WINCHESTER died January the 30 1753 aged 10 years.

6. White stone ledger floor of nave (East of Mrs. Elizabeth Nethersoles) the stone is cracked in two pieces.
Here lieth the body of Elizabeth, daughter of the Reverend Bladen DOWNING Curate of Nonnington with this parish and Elizabeth his wife who died August 23rd 1782 aged 10 years [?40]. Also the body of Richard their infant son.

8. Monument in N wall to John MARSH Esq., Councellor at Law died 3 December 1752 aged 70.
"Mr. Bax noted the other monuments but not …. in memorial windows" all inscriptions on floor of church copied by Mr. Rice.

9. Small HS South of church William BRADLEY late of Canterbury Gent. died the 28th January 1815 aged 88 years.

10. Head stone close to and to the N of last Hannah BRADLEY died the 20th of October 1811 aged 30 years.

11. Headstone with body stone close to the N of last In memory of John PEIRCE late of St. Martins Canterbury who died 2nd December 1808 aged 70 years. Also of Margaret his wife who died 1st August 1818 aged 82 years.

12. Double HS South of church. Dexter half blank, at top of stone are 2 trumpets in saltire, …. 2 sculls – sinister half Here lyeth ye body of John the son of William MARSHALL and Elizabeth his wife he departed this life September 30 1765 [?3] aged 23 years. My friend is gone to his eternal rest wherein I hope he is for ever blest.

13. Head stone South of chancel. Two cherub’s heads at top To the memory of Sampson WANSTALL of Chillenden and of two of his sons viz. Sampson died December the 6th 1742 aged 22 years and Anthony died November 4th 1743 aged 14 years. Also the above said Sampson Winstall died February 4th 1763 aged 78 years. (4 lines of poetry difficult to read).

14. HS scull and hourglass, cross bones Here lyeth the body of William SHARP late of Nonington who departed this life ye 27 of August 1744 aged 75 years. Here also lyeth the body of Jane his wife who departed this life the 3 of September 1749 aged 65 years.

15. Sacred to the memory of William Solly BAX who departed this life the 13th of July 1874 aged 82 years. Also Eleanor Bax wife of the above who died June 7th 1880 aged 83 years. This HS is under the yew tree on the South side of the path leading from the gate to porch. NB WSB signed a plan of the church now in the vestry, as church warden 1870.
South side of churchyard
16. HS In memory of Ann daughter of John and Susanna MARSH of this parish who died march 28 1790 aged 18 years. Line of poetry?

17. HS In memory of Ann wife of John MARSH of this parish who died January 31 1792 aged 66 years. 4 lines of poetry?

18. HS In memory of Mary wife of George BRICE of the parish of Barham. She departed this life the 12th of October 1745/9 aged 31/5 years. Left surviving 1 son viz. Thomas.

19. Names in churchyard Wright 1819, Carpenter 1815 1859 1860, Whitnall 17-- 1834 1832, Fox 1880 1891, Dunn 1864 1865 68 70, Bradley 1815 1811, Peirce 1808 1818 (one undecipherable), Marshall 1765, Bax 1874 1880, Dawkins 185-, Ousted 1869, Seath 1852 1868, Arter 1848, Hoskins 1865, Brice 1795, Marsh 1792, (3 undecipherable, ?Marsh), Sharp 1744, Finn 1881, Winstall 1742, Holdstock 1875, Harvey 1880 1881, Hambrook 1792, Hollaway 1841 1878 1849-1874, Holtum 1858-1862, Harrison 1838, Harvey 1883, Emma Croose 1890.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 9th November 2007

In the Chancell.
20. Two ancient Flat Stones, without Inscription.

21. In The East Window is ye Arms of ye Deanery of Canterbury.

In the Body.
22. On a Flat Stone. Katherin the Wife of John TAYLER was buried Novemb. the 26 1683. Here lies John TAYLORE …../20 1642 and Katerine his Wife, who had Issue William ……../etc – not legible.

23. This Church which is very small, consists only of The Chancell and Body.

24. There is no Steeple; but 1 Small Bell

(recast in 1847), made by Joseph HATCH, hangs at ye W.End.

25. This Church was dedicated to All Saints. It is a Rectory in the Patronage of The Crown. The Present Rector is (blank)
[Josias POMFRETT, curate of & residt. at Ickham for over 30 yrs. past. Fras. DAETH, R. Knowltn. is curate of Chillenden, at £10 p.a. Lives at Knowlton. (Secker) Lamb, MS. 1134,]

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Arter 19
BAX 15, 19
Bowell 1
BRADLEY 9, 10, 19
BRICE 18, 19
Carpenter 19
Croose 19
Dawkins 19
Denn 1
Dunn 19

Finn 19
Hambrook 19
Harrison 19
Harvey 19
Holdstock 19
Hollaway 19
Holtum 19
Hoskins 19
MARSH 8, 16, 17, 19

Ousted 19
PEIRCE 11, 19
Seath 19
SHARP 14, 19
Whitnall 19
Winstall 13, 19
Wright 19

Places Index
Barham 18
Canterbury 1, 9
    St. Martins 11
Chillenden 13
Ickham 25
Knowltn 25
Nonington 6, 14

Councellor at Law 8
Curate 6
Reverend 6
Serjeant at Law and Recorder

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