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Coldred with Index of names and places at end

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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of Coldred Church,  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett in 1758

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 16th October 2008

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In the Chancell.

1. One a flat stone. Here lieth The Body of William, soun of Captain William OCKMAN, of Deale (Deal), gen, and Mary his wife, 4th daughter of Capt. Stephen PILCHER, late of this Parish, who died Oct. 27 1704. Aged 2 Months. Also the Body of Sarah Ockman died Feb. the 7th 1706-07.. Aged 4 Years, 1 Month. Also the Body of Mary Ockman, A…./ the 4th 1707. Aged 9 Months, 1 Week.

2. On Another, with this Coat.
    (Gu. a fesse between 3 crescents or imp. A fesse dancety between 3 roundels [no tinctures]).
Here lyes The Body of Mrs Mary OCKMAN, wife of Captn. William Ockman of Deale, and Daughter of Captn. Stephen PILCHER of this Parish, she departed this Life the 18th Day of July 1732. Aged 68 Years. Here also lieth interr’d the Body of The Abovesaid Captain William Ockman who departed this Life the 4th Day of July 1740. Aged 70 years.

3. Haines, 2.iii. now mural C. On Brass Plate on a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of William FYNTCH, Gent. who deceased the 25th day of December 1615. He had issue, by Bennet his Wife, Daughter and Heir unto Christopher HUNNIWOOD Gent. 4 sonnes, William, Christopher, Thomas and Robert, and 3 daughters, Bennet, Mary and Margaret.

Here is no Altar Peice.

In the Body.
4. On a Neat Monument, on the N.wall. (Gu. a ? between 3 leopards’ (or talbots’?) heads couped & gardt. arg.). M.S. Edvardi PETTIT, A.M. Hujus et Vicina Parochiae de Sybertswell Vicary, qui Susannam Stephani PILCHER (Filiam uxorem duxit; ex qua nati suut ei quatnor Liberi, viz: Johannes, Maria, Edvardus et Elisabetha. Quorum, tres posteriors superstites reliquit. Obijt 20 Juni Anno Do. 1709. Etatisque sud 55.

5. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth the Body of Margaret JENKIN, wife of Thomas Jenkin, who died August the 4th 1616.

This Church, which is very small, consists only of The Chancell and Body. It has no Steeple, and only one very small Bell, which hangs in a Loft at the West End. It has no Inscription. I imagine, that, formerly, this, and Another, used to hang, without Doors, in the West Wall; it being continued a little higher than the roof, and having two Arched holes through it.

6. It is a Vicarage. In the Gift of the Archbishop. It was dedicated to St Pancras – The Present Vicar, viz. 1758, is the Revd. Mr Thomas RYMES – it is united to Sybertswould.

7. Near ye Church (on a Spot of Ground, now taken into Waldershare Park) abt. the year 1760, were many Urns, Paters, etc. dug up – some of them, I am told, were carried to Waldershare, and are, now, in ye possession of Mr HOLTON, the Gard’ner there.


Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 16th October 2008

8. The next Parish that we have to visit in this Deanery is Coldred, which is situated about two miles to the Westward of West Langdon: it is a small parish whose Church is seated on a rise of a small hill. It is a very small mean building of one aile, and a chancel, with a turret at the West end, containing one little uninscribed bell.

9. In the chancel: M.S. Eduardi PETTIT, A.M. Hujus & Vicinae Parochiae de Sybertsswell Vicarii, Qui Susannam Stephani PILCHER Filiam Uxorem duxit, ex quâ nati sunt ei quatnor Liberi, Viz: Johannes Mariae Eduardus & Elizabetha; Quorum tres posteriores Superstites reliquit. Obiit 20 Junij Anno Do. 1709 Aetatisq suae 55. Arms: Pettit.

10. On a plain stone, within the altar rails: Here lieth ye Body of Will. ye Son of Capt. Will. OCKMAN of Deal Gent & Mary his Wife, 4th Daughr. of Capt. Stepn. PILCHER, late of this Parish, who died Oct. ye 27th 1704. Aged 2 Months. Also ye Body of Sarah Ockman, died Feby. ye 7th 1706/7. Aged 4 Years 1 Mounths. Also the Body of Mary Ockman, died Augst. ye 4th 1707 Aged 9 Mounth 1 Week.

11. On a black marble slab, abutting the altar rail: Here lyes the Body of Mrs Mary OCKMAN, Wife of Capt. Will. Ockman of Deal, & Daughter of Capt. Stepn. PILCHER, of this Parish. She departed this life the 18 Day of July 1732, Aged 68 Years. Here also lieth Interr’d ye Body of the abovesaid Capn. Will. Ockman, who departed this life the fourth day of July 1745, Aged 70. Arms: a fess, betw. 3 Crescents; impaling, Pilcher, viz. a fess dancette, betw. 3 roundlets. Crest: a Griffins head.

12. On a brass plate, on a plain stone at the North side of the Chancel, abutting the altar rail: Here lyeth the body of William FYNTCH gent, who deceased the 25 day of December 1615. Hee had issue by Bennet his wife, daughter & heire unto Christopher HUNNIWOOD gent, 4 sonnes, Willm. Christopher, Thomas & Robert & 3 daughters, Bennet, Mary & Margaret.

13. In the Aile: On a plain stone: Here lyeth the body of Margaret JENKEN wife of Thomas Jenken, died May 4 1616.

14. This Parish, as before observed is very small and contains few inhabitants indeed. The soil is very sterile and the prospects not peculiarly engaging.

15. The Living is a Chapelry, and the Church is dedicated to St. Pancras (now annexed to Sibertswould).

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
FYNTCH 3, 12

OCKMAN 1, 2, 10, 11

PILCHER 1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 11
Places Index
Deal 1, 2, 10, 11
Sibertswould. 6
Waldershare Park 7
Captain 1, 2, 10, 11