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Denton with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Denton Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Thursday 12th May 1892         
                                             Pages 73 to 75  of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

1. Names in churchyard; Head 1790, Quested 1810, Goldfinch 1763, Willats 1867, Gibbens 1882 1886 1889, Smith 1871 1868, ?Githam 1818, Crux 1884, Hussey 1882, Watt 1881 83, Green 1882 1884, ??Seth 1876 1816 1827 1845 1816 1808/7 (sic), 1838 1803, Pilcher 1750 1778 1759 1774 1740, Baker 17--, Elgar 1792, Friend 1756 1765 1766 17--, Saffaray 1710?, Safffery 1734, Faith 1834(3), 1831 1832 1817 1824 1807 1808 1803 1811 1812 1794, Roberts 1871, Cox 1834, Baker 1783 88 89, Williams 1850, Page 1837 1855 1862 1863, Prebble 1823 1829 1769 1796 1745, ?Tinnis 1836.

2. HS South of church In memory of Elizabeth PILCHER late of the parish of Barham who died 8th January 1772 aged 59 years. Also on the right hand lieth the remains of John husband of the above Elizabeth Pilcher who died December the 11th 1759 aged 49 years. They left surviving 4 daughters Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Frances. O cruel death so soon to end two loving parents and sincere friends. King angels watch ………….. till Jesus ……….. Then ……………. And …………..

3. HS scull between two hour glasses Here lieth ye body of Mary PILCHER who departed this life 30 April 1740 aged 5 years and 6 months.

4. HS West of church To the memory of the family of the FRIENDS, Martha Friend died 26 July 1756 aged 3 years, Mary Friend died 25 October 1765 aged 25 years, Eve Friend died 24 February 1766 aged 92 years, Mary Friend died 11 October 1777 aged 68 years, John Friend died 14 Aprill 1784 aged 79 years.

Copied by Mr. R.G. Rice
5. HS South of church – scull and foliage at top Here lieth ye body of INO. PREBEL late of this parish he departed this life ye 20th of November 1745 in ye 62 year of his age who left issue by Elizabeth his wife 5 sons and 1 daughter. All you that come my grave to see as I am now so must you bee, repent therefore without delay my glass was run and I was call’d away.

6. HS South of last In memory of Ann wife of Stephen PREBBLE (sic) who died 4th March 1769 aged 43 years. Also of the above Stephen Prebble who died 7th December 1796 aged 77 years. [6 lines of poetry not easy to read]

7. HS South of last To the memory of Edward PREBBLE late of the parish of Barham who died 1 October MDCCCXXVIII aged LXXXVII years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died XXII July MDCCCXXIX aged LXXXV years.

8. HS broken and fallen down – SW of church tower – 2 sculls and 2 bones, at top Here lieth buried ye body of Mary SAFFARAY who died January 17 1710/11 aged 21 years.

9. HS close to and to the S of last – an hourglass between 2 sculls at top Here lieth the body of Vincent SAFFERY who departed this life the 8th of April 1734 aged 84 years. And of John his son who departed this life the 7th of April 1739 aged 44 years.

10. Large HS West of tower – two trumpets and cherub’s head at top In memory of Francis PILCHER who died ye 23rd May 1778 aged 65. Also of Mary his wife who died July ye 8th 1759 aged 30 years. [3 lines of poetry difficult to read]

11. HS laid flat to N of church and opposite porch To the memory of William GOLDFINCH who died 22nd September 1763 aged 42 years. Also of Ann Goldfinch who died the 5th of May 1815 aged 88 years. Left issue two daughters viz. Susanna and Mary.

12. HS to the N of church To the memory of Sarah wife of John QUESTED of this parish who died June 5th 1810 aged 67 years. She left issue surviving six sons and five daughters to lament the loss of an affectionate mother.

13. HS East of last To the memory of James HEAD who died May 10 1790 aged 91 years. He left surviving two sons and one daughter Sarah, James and Richard.

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Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton                   

14. On a Flat Stone. Sr. Anthony PERCIVALL Knt. deceased Jan. 12 1646-47. Aged about 45, and Dame Gertrude his Lady deceased May 12. 1647. Aged 33. From hence expect The Speedy Return of their Blessed Saviour. (These following variations & additions are taken from Mrs Gardiner’s "Oxinden & Peyton Letters"). Behold The Ashes of a worthy (noble) Knight, Which make for Thee, O Reader, a Glass Light. He had not been confined to this (the) Grave, If Wit, or Prudence Him from hence (thence) cd. save; But, These his Virtues only were a Shade *(This line is hid by ye Communion Rails) (Of Heav’nly Grace that flowers in their fade; And Thou in Christ thy choicest gifts must raise, To have thy Monument adorn’d with Prayse). His Noble Lady also lieth here Wh’ attained unto Virtues highest Spheare. And, where (were) both Wills and Beauties are abundant, Ev’n there (her), for Wilt and Beauty was (were) transcendent. But, This her Graces above all did bear, That they were sublimated in Gods Fear. Who living Her before the World begun, Ordained (decree’d) Her a Spouse for only Sonne. O Blest beyond the Reach of Human Chance, Whome neither Order, not yet Ordinance, Can hurte or reach; or Envy can annoy, Or vote Them from The Pleasures they injoy. And, Death, Thou shoutest (shot’st) (and) .ell (Hell thou gap’st) in vain, For these Your Master (sign’d) with Him to raign. Teste Hen: OXINDEN de Barham.

15. On a Plate of Brass, fixt to the North Wall.
[BOYS – as at p.78 with the Additn. of Acorns and Cross’d Crosslets in the Bordure; - & a Crescent for Dif]. Here under lyeth buried The Bodye of John BOYS Esquyer, late Patrone of This Churche, and Attorney Generall to the Kyng ower Sou’rayn Lord, of his honourable & hight Court of Chancery, of his great Ducyye of Lancaster. Which John decesyd the xx Day of May, in the Yere of our Lord God, M.Vo XLIII. On whose Soule Jesu have Mercy.

16. On a Brass Plate on a Flat Stone with this Coat.
[Arg. on a chevn. gu. 3 bezants betw. 3 lions’ heads erased sa. crowned or]. (B.F. omits: imp. SPRACKLG).

17. Here lyeth Buried the Body of Henry PETTIT Sonne & Heyr of Valentine Pettit of Dandelyon in The Isle of Thanet, Gent. Valentine, eldest Sonne of the say’de Henry & Katherine, Henries Daughter. The sayde Henry departed this Life The 13th Day of February 1624-25.

18. On Another Ditto, with this Coat.
[On a lozenge: ¼ly 1&4). PETTIT as above (written). 3&3). Sa. 3 lions rampt. in fesse arg. betw. 2 bars dancety arg. (DANDELYON) imp. (SPRACKLING) Sa. a saltire erm. betw. 4 leopards’ heads or]. Here lieth The Body of Joanna, one of The Daughters of Sr. Adam Sprackling Knight, Wife of Henry Pettit of Dandelion, in The Isle of Thanet gentleman. She departed This Life the First Day of January 1641(2).

19. On An Ancient Flat (stone) this Remains of an Inscription. Hic jacet Jacobus BROOKER de *Madekin (A place in this Parish so call’d).

20. On a Neat Monument on The N. Wall.
[¼ly of 8. 1). Gu. a saltire or voided arg. 2). Arg. a Λ betw. 3 + +lets gu. 3). Sa. a fret arg. on a chief or 3 escallops sa. 4). Az a + engrailed arg. 5). Az. on a chief or a leopd. gu. 6). Sa. a Λ betw. 3 molets arg. 7). Arg. on a pale gu. 3 stags’ heads caboshed or. 8). Or, a Λ betw. 3 f-de-lis sa.]. Hic jacet Corpus Phinea ANDREWES, olim Dentoniae, Armigeri, et hujus Ecclesiae Patroni; qui oboijt 22 Septembris 1661. Et Tunc Temporis Membrum Parliamenti fuit; atq Unus Baronum Cinque Portum pro Oppido Hichae (error for Hithae) in hoc Conntatu. Etiam Corpus Johannis Andrewes Armigeri, Filij Senioris ipsius et Haeredis, olum interioris Templi Causidicus ad Legem fuit; qui obijt qunito Die Augusti 1667. Mortis Cdausa Patris. Tegmen Regale ferebat Rege Coronato; Namq in Celebrando Triumpho Islo praeclaro, Vires extenderet Omnes; Aegrotat subito; sic Nobilis occidit Heros. Causa fuit Mortis Nato. Quam , (seems error for quum) Belgica Bella Saevirent Fluviis Chatamensibus, hoc Comitatu Militiae Xinidpxos erat; qui, Militis instar, Viribus atq Armis Patriae servaret Honorem, Morbus eum rapuit; tenerum ceciditq Cadaver. Sic Pater et Natus Auri servire Cruore, Principis et Patriae Causa, periere volentes.

21. On a Monument on The South Wall.
[Arg. a Λ betw. 3 stags’ heads caboshed sa. (WHORWOOD) imp. (DERING) Or. a saltire sa]. Here lieth the Body of Wortley Whorwood Esq. (Son of Sr. William Whorwood, of Sturton Castle in Staffordshire Bart) who was Lord of this Manor, and Patron of this Church. He married Anne The Daughter of Sr. Edward Dering of Surrenden, in Kent Bart; by whom he had Issue Mary, Anne, Jane, Thomas, and Elis. of which 3 only survive; Jane and Elisabeth lying interr’d near this Place. ob. Apr. 16 An. Aetatis 53. Dom. 1703.

22. In This Chancell are three Flat Stones not Legible. And,

23. In The Westmost Window, on ye S. Side are these Coats of Arms wch. follow, painted on very small Panes; on a Pane.
[I. Arg. a Λ gu. betw. 3 oxen statt. sa (OXENDEN & TWITSHAM) imp. Sa. crusilly & 3 cinquefoils arg. II. Oxenden imp. Erm. 3 bars az. (Oxenden & BARTON). III. Oxenden imp. Gu. semy with spear heads & a lion rampt. all or. (Oxenden & RATLING). IV. Oxenden imp. Per saltire az. & gu. in chief & base a f-de-lis arg. (Oxenden & YONGE). V. Oxenden imp. Az. a fesse betw. 3 gulls(?) arg. (Oxenden & WENDERTON). VI. Oxenden imp. Gu on a Λ arg. 3 talbots passt. sa. (Oxenden & BROOKER). These double titles are each on a ribband below the coat)].

24. In The Body, On a Flat Stone. Here lies interr’d the Body of John DICKS, late of Milton next Sittingbourne in Kent, Chirurgeon who died Oct. 29 1728 Aged 41 Years. He left surviving a disconsolate Widow (Katherine, Daughter of John WARLEY) B.D. late Fellow of Clare Hall in Cambridge) who, for the Love she bare her Husband had this Stone laid, & desires, when she departs this Life, to be interr’d by Him. He was a Man of a Charitable Disposition; a true Friend; a Loving Husband; sound in Faith, Principles and Practice. And, what includes all, a good Xtian. Also here lies the Body of the abovesaid Katherina DICKS. She died the 22d. of April 1746. Aged 60 Years.

25. On a Monument on the North Wall. Near this Place lies the Body of Mrs Katherine WARLEY, who died The 23d. day of February 1717-18
. Aged 73 Years. Under this Monument is a Stone Cross fixt into The Wall which has some very antique Letters upon it; but they are so broken and defaced (as if done on Purpose) that they are not to be made out.

26. This Church consists only of the Chancell and Body. The Tower is at ye West End; in it are 3 Old Bells thus inscribed. 1. Johannes est Nomen ejus. 2. Sancte Leonarde, Ora pro Nobis. 3. Nomen Magdalene Campana gerit Melodie.

27. It is a Rectory in The Patronage, in The Family of WHORWOOD. The late Thomas Whorwood left it, by Will, under some Restrictions to a Fellow of University College, in Oxford, for ever; but whether The Law will determine in Favour of The College, is not yet determined.

28. The Church was dedicated to St. Mary Magdalen. The Present Rector is The Revd. Mr Edward LUNN. 1758.

29. In The Church Yard, adjoining to the Garden of the Mansion House, is a whimsicall kind of a Place, built by the abovemention’d Thos. Whorwood Esq. as a Dormitory for Himself, and those of his Family, ornamented with small Statues and Motto. On The Top stands Fame, with this Motto: DIGNVM LAVDIS (sic) VIRVM, FAMA, PERIRE, VETAT. Under a Figure of Time, VIVE MEMOR LETHI. On his Scythe, NVLLI PARCO. Under an Urn, PVLVIS ET VMBRA SVMVS. Over The Entrance, is The figure of a Sleeping Cupid some will have it to be Morpheus and, by it, A Lizzard. Underneath, is this Inscription. "Jutus Jacet Corpus Thomae WHORWOOD qui obijt 20 Feb. 1745-46. Anno Aetatis 58. Requiescat in Pace".

Index of Names and Places

Baker 1
BROOKER 19, 23
Cox 1
Crux 1
Dering 21
Elgar 1
Faith 1

Gibbens 1
Githam ? 1

Green 1
HEAD 1, 13
Hussey 1
PETTIT 17, 18
PILCHER 1, 2, 3, 10

PREBBLE 1, 6, 7
Roberts 1
Seth ?? 1
Smith 1
Tinnis 1

WARLEY 24, 25
Watt 1
Willats 1
Williams 1
WHORWOOD 21, 27, 29
Wortley 21

Barham 2, 7, 14
Dandelion, Thanet 18
Dandelyon, Thanet 17

Denton Madekin 19
Milton next Sittingbourne 24

Sturton Castle,
   Staffordshire 21
Surrenden, Kent 21
Chirurgeon, Surgeon? 24