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St Martin Church, Detling M.I.s with Index of names at end

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                    Some Monumental Inscriptions of St Martin Church, Detling

From "Detling in Days Gone By" - By I. Cave-Browne M.A. published in 1880

Interior of Church

1.   Of tombstones and tablets which do remain

Here lieth Elizabeth
Godfreia the wife of
A Jurat of Lidd (Lydd) which
departed this life
the VII. of September
Anno Domeni 1589.

* Weever, in his "Funeral Monuments," p. 271, says the Godfreys were "a family of knights not farre from Lidde and near unto Stonend."

2.   While on another slab within the chancel rails occurs the following singular inscription, but with no date :—

" Beneath this stone are marble slabs to the memory of
" Henrietta Faussett and Anne RUGG, who lie buried here "

3.   Inserted in the south wall of the Chancel is a shallow altar tomb of black marble, under a slightly projecting canopy of free stone, of which it may perhaps be said, that architecturally it is less wretched, as an imitation of early English art and taste, than is often to be found in work of the close of the last century. The inscription too is a characteristic specimen of what may be called the period of laudatory and grandiose epitaphs. It runs thus

In a vault
near the north west part of this Church,* of Detling
are deposited the remains of
one of the daughters of Robert and Eleanor MANN,
of Linton Place, in this County of Kent,
the beloved and excellent wife of
Benjamin Hatley Foote of this parish.
She resigned her pure soul to the Almighty
the XVII. day of March MDCCLXXVIII.
in the 6oth year of her age,
dying in a full but humble and awfull hope
of that blessed Immortality
which her piety to God and virtuous life so eminently entitled her to,
and encouraged her with calmness and reverence
devoutly to expect.

Her affectionate husband,
from a deep sense of her worth and his loss
of that fine understanding and genuine goodness of heart,
that quick apprehension and clear judgment,
those accomplished manners and endearing qualities,
which blessed him during the union of four and thirty years,
dedicates this monument to her memory
in a tender remembrance of their love and friendship,
and as a grateful memorial of a happiness
which once was his.
He followed her to the same grave in a most devout remembrance
of the blessings the Almighty vouchsafed unto him in her, and
the various mercies bestowed through life on his grateful creature,
who resigned his soul to his great benefactor,
on the IXth July, MDCCXCI,
and in the LXXVIIth year of his age.

On the face of this tomb are emblazoned the arms of Foote and Hatley, quarterly, with those of Mann, per pale, thus, 1st and 4th, vert a chevron between three doves, argent, for Foote; 2nd and 3rd azure, a sword in bend, point downwards proper, between two mullets pierced, argent, for Hatley; impaling, sable, on a fess counterembattled between three goats passant, argent, as many pellets, for Mann. The crest a lion's head erased, argent, charged on the neck with an ermine spot. Under the shield the word "Pedetentim," meaning, "step by step," being a play upon the name Foote.
   * Properly "of this Churchyard," for the spacious vault is outside the Church marked by massive stones under the western row of elms

4.   In the north side of the nave is a white marble tablet to. the memory of his son and successor in the Detling property, erected by the adopted daughter,* who became the wife of Richard Losack; her husband's death is also recorded on a similar tablet below it; to the following effect:—

In the family vault in the
North-west corner of this Church, (more correctly Churchyard)
are deposited the remains of
George Talbot Hatley FOOTE, Esq.
of West Mailing Abbey in this County.
He died November 10th, 1821,
aged seventy-seven years.

Within the same vault also sleep,
in pious hope of a joyful resurrection,
the remains of Richard LOSACK, Esq.,
who married Anne only daughter of
the above mentioned George Talbot FOOTE, Esq.
who departed this life January 27th, 1839, aged 73 years.

As a tribute of respect to the memory of a beloved parent,
and to that also of a most kind and affectionate husband,
This monument is erected by Anne Losack.

5.   This Anne Losack's death is thus recorded by a daughter-in-law on a similar tablet inserted immediately below it:—

To the memory of Mrs. Anne LOSACK,
(Widow of the late Richard Losack, Esq.)
formerly of the Abbey, West Mailing, who died
at Tunbridge Wells, in this County, on 5th June, 1849,
and is buried with her husband in a vault in the adjoining churchyard.

Also, to the memory of Captain George Losack,
of her Majesty's 1st West India Regiment, who died
at Cape Coast Castle, on 20th March, 1848, aged 44 years.

This tablet is erected by Mrs. Anne Hatley Losack,
As a token of deepest gratitude towards a dear and constant friend,
and also as a memorial of affection for a beloved husband.

6.   On the south side of the east window is a plain white slab:—

Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Joseph SHARPE, M.A.,
Vicar of this Parish.
He was born at Leeds, in the county of York,
and died at Boxley, in this county,
January 10th, 1831, aged 74,
and lies buried in this Chancel.
To nine Public Charities he bequeathed legacies ;
Twenty pounds to the poor of Detling,
and five pounds a year for ever
To the teachers of the Sunday School.
An exemplary Parish Priest,
In the desk devout and fervent,
In the Pulpit zealous and affectionate,
He made " full proof of his Ministry."
He ''died in Christ" in sure and certain hope
of the Resurrection to Eternal life.

7.   To his successor the following appears on a tablet inserted in the south wall, near the Pulpit:—

In memory of
The Rev. Robert COBB M.A.

who departed this life on the 22nd September 1870,
In the 74th year of his age.
Having been Vicar of this Parish for 39 years.
His body lies in this Churchyard.
" Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."
In affectionate remembrance
his widow has caused this tablet to be erected.

The widow of the above named Robert Cobb ;
departed this life on the 4th January, 1874,
and is buried in the same grave as her husband.

8.   On a similar tablet underneath is recorded the death of their only child, and also of Mrs. Cobb's father.

to the memory of
The only child of the Rev. Robert COBB,
Vicar of this Parish,
and Harriet his wife.
She died January 30th, 1840, aged nine years;
And was buried at Swanscombe,
on the same day and in the same grave
with her grandfather,
Richard COOKE, of Dartford, Esquire., aged 74.
"It is the Lord, let Him do what seemeth Him good."

9.   On a small white slab in the north aisle, appears the following :—

In a vault at the east side of this Church
are deposited the remains of Robert STONE, Esq.,
of Loddington, Maidstone;
who died Sept. 9th, 1830, in the 75th year of his age.
His piety was exemplary, his conduct just, honest, and honourable.

10.   Passing from the church into the north chancel, we meet with a handsome flat stone in the Chancel, floor, bearing the following inscription :—

Here lyeth the body of Margaret ALLEN,
Ye wife of Nicholas Allen,
and daughter of Will. MADDIOX, Esq.,
who died May ye 29th, 1718, aged 81 years.
Here also lies the Body of Will. Allen, of Maidstone, son of
Ye above said Nicholas and Margaret Allen;
who died 22nd Sept., 1742, aged 61.

At the head of the inscription are incised the arms of Allen and Maddox, per pale ; or, a chevron, between three bloodhounds passant, sable, for Allen ; impaling, azure and gules, two lions passant, or, for Maddox : an esquire's helmet, carrying for a crest a bloodhound passant, sable, on a coronet; the whole richly mantled. The arms of Allen as here given would represent those of the Aliens of Grove, near Maidstone.

11.   All the other monuments in this chapel belong to the Rugg family, in the following order of time:

In Memory of
Robert RUGG,
Of East Court, in this Parish, Esq.,
who died on ye 1st day of June, 1760,
Aged 76 years.
Likewise of Patience, wife of the above,
and daughter of Mr. Thomas RICH, Gent.,
also of this Parish.
She died on ye 7th day of Novr., 1761, aged 75 years.

12.   The next is to the memory of his son.

Beneath this monument
are deposited the remains of
Robert RUGG, of this Parish,
He departed this life
the 8th day of September, 1791, aged 60 years.
Left issue, by Ann, his wife, three sons and three daughters,
Robert, John, George, Ann, Patience, and Catharine.

Also of Ann Rugg, wife of the above,
She departed this life the 13th day of March, 1807,
Aged 71 years.

Henrietta, sister of the above Ann Rugg,
Daughter of Bryan Faussett, of
Heppington, near Canterbury.
Died August nth, 1805, aged 74 years.

13.   The next generation is thus represented :—

Within this chancel
are deposited the mortal remains of
Robert RUGG, of this Parish,
Who after the exemplary discharge
of the duties of an active life,
under the patient endurance of affliction,
was by a merciful God removed to a better world
on the 9th day of August, 1831, in the 64th year of his age;
leaving by Sarah, his first wife, three daughters,
viz., Jane, Ann, and Mary;
and by Ann, his second wife, who survived him
four sons and one daughter,
viz., Kate, Robert, Henry, George, and John Salmon.

Here also rests the body of
Sarah, the first wife of the above,
who died March 30th, 1797, aged 36 years.

Also of Elizabeth, daughter of the said
Robert Rugg and Ann his wife,
Who died Sept. 29th, 1814, aged 12 years

Here also lies buried the body of
Ann, widow of the above named Robert Rugg,
And daughter of Robert SALMON, Esq., of Hollingbourne,
Died December 9th, 1847, aged 80 years.

14.   On another tablet, and also on a flat stone in the pavement, is the following inscription:—

to the Memory of
Mary,* the beloved wife of George RUGG
of  Woodgate House, in the Parish of Beckley,
County of Sussex,
Who died the 12th December, 1824,
in the 48th year of her age.
The above George Rugg, Esq.,
Died at Beckley, July 15th, 1835, aged 59 years,
and lies buried beneath this tablet.

Ann,* second wife of the above George Rugg,
Died the 29th day of June, 1868, aged 79 years.


15.   The only remaining tablet to be noticed is the last in point of time, recording a death which was on many accounts a real loss to the village.

to the Memory of
John Salmon
Of East Court in this Parish,
Who died 2nd March, 1878, aged 69 years.

Passing from the Church into the Churchyard, we find some tombs of considerable local interest.

16.   The earliest of those which it is still possible. Monuments to decipher is one in front of the Chancel window, and contains the only remaining monumental record of the Rich family, who for some years represented the chief yeoman element of the village. It runs thus :—

Here lyeth the body of John RICH,
the son of James Rich,
who dyed August ye 7th, 1667,
Aged 9 years and 6 months

17.   The next in order of time, what was once a handsome massive, but now sadly dilapidated, raised tomb, stands immediately under the yew tree, on the left of the church path. The inscription is as follows :—

Here lieth interred the body of Robert LOWDWELL,*
son of Robert Lowdwell, of Chatham,
Who departed this life ye (†) of January, 1684,
Aged †6 years.
This (sic) erected by his kindsman Stephen Lowdwell, of Chatham

* In the Burial Register the name is spelt Lowdell; the Burial, Jan. 19th, 1684.
† The figures are defaced.

18.   Beyond the western door of the tower stands a plain massive altar tomb connected with another family of long standing in the parish. On the north side occurs the first inscription :—

Here lyeth ye body
Of Mary, wife of Rich. GREEN,
She dyed Novr. ye 19th, 1679.

On the south face, the following :—

Here's interr'd ye body of Will. Green,
Son of Rich. Green, by Mary his wife.
He dyed Oct. ye 3d, 1719, In ye 72d year of his age.

While on a slab at the foot it is recorded :— " This tomb was erected by Will. DAWSON his executor."

19.   Under the Chancel window are also two headstones to members of the Dawson family. One is :—

In Memory of Mary, wife of George GREEN,
and daughter of John and Elizabeth Dawson, of this Parish,
who died June 1st, 1774, aged 28 years.

20.   The other :—

To the Memory of John DAWSON, of this Parish,
who departed this life 17th November, 1777,
Aged 68 years.
Also Elizabeth, wife of the above John Dawson,
who departed this life the 10th of July, 1800, aged 85 years.
Left two sons and two daughters,
viz., John, William, Elizabeth, and Sarah.
(The remainder of the inscription is buried in the ground.)

21.   Inserted in the east wall of the Chancel is a tablet containing the following comprehensive inscription :—

Within this enclosure are deposited
the mortal remains of John STONE, of Maidstone,
in this County, Esquire, who departed this life the 22nd day of June, 1815,
Aged 60 years.

Also Five Children of the above named John Stone
and Catherine his wife, viz.,
Catherine, born 14th January, 1806; died 22nd October, 1809.
John, born 28th March, 1809; died 2nd August, 1814,
Elizabeth, born 28th March, 1809; died 26th November, 1830.
Cathe. Maria, born 6th July, 1810; died 7th May, 1831.
Ellen, born Dec. 16th, 1812 ; died August 26th, 1834.
Also the above-named Catherine Stone,
who died the 4th day of May, 1845, aged 73 years.
Patience Rugg, sister of the above Catherine Stone,
Died January 14th, 1851, aged 80 years.

Several headstones mark the graves of other members of this family; as also of the Masters, who once resided in the Parish, and were likewise connected by marriage with the Ruggs.

22.   Near the western row of elms, stands a tall headstone* which may recall to some few of the older inhabitants the soldierly, yet frail, frame of a young Officer, who came to lodge in Detling in search of health, but only, as it proved, to find a grave.

to the Memory of Robert ALEXANDER,
late Lieutenant in the nth Regiment of Foot,
(son of Robert Alexander, late a Capt. in H.M.'s Royal Marines,
and Ann his wife,) .
Who died March 29th, 1836, aged 30 years.
Also of Ada, daughter of the above,
who died April 1st, 1836, aged 7 months.

23.   Near this lies in its simple beauty a small raised cruciform slab, with sloping sides, round which runs the following inscription:—

Charles Cobb LYE,
son of W. H. C. and G. T. Lye,
born December 26th, 1860,
died December 17th, 1863.

He was a nephew and god-son of Mr. Cobb, the then Vicar; his parents lived for a time in Boxley.

24.   A simple Latin cross, standing on a square base, marks the tomb of another little child :—

Herbert Edward CHITTENDEN,
Died 10th July, 1864,
Aged 2 years and 7 months.

25.   A large flat slab, enclosed within iron railing, covers the vault of the Cooke family, containing one member, whose death is thus recorded :—

In Memory of Juliana,
only daughter of George and Juliana COOKE,
of the Croft in this Parish,
Born 19th November, 1850, Died 14th May, 1866.

26.   Near it stands a plain cruciform tomb :—

In Memory of
The Rev. Robert COBB, M.A., Vicar of this Parish,
Who died 22nd September, 1870.

and on the opposite side,

In Memory of Harriet,
The Widow of the Rev. Robert Cobb,
She died on the 4th January, 1874.

27.   And close by it are the graves of their successors in the Vicarage, whose deaths are thus briefly recorded in a circle on a foliated iron cross :—

Aged 74, April, 1874.
"at Rest."

And on the pedestal of the cross :—

The Rev. H. T. Walford, Vicar,
March, 1875,
Aged 76.

28.   A large headstone near the tower contains the sad record of three deaths in one family in a single year

In Memory of Sarah Ann,
Wife of Thomas STONHAM, of Harpole Farm,
In this Parish,
Who died October 17th, 1857,
Aged 27 years.
Also Louisa, daughter of the above, who died May 10th, 1857,
Aged 16 months.
Also, Emma Isabel, daughter of the above, who died August 21st, 1857,
Aged 4 months.

29.   On a flat stone, within an iron railing, is the following :—

Sacred to the Memory of
Elizabeth, the wife of Captain William CASTLE,
Resident Paymaster of Cavalry at Maidstone,
who died the 10th December, 1854, Aged 53 years.

Thus was complied with a wish which she was believed to have often expressed, that her remains might lie in this peaceful spot, rather than in the crowded churchyard at Maidstone.

30.   Below the yew tree lies a modest coffin-shaped tomb :—

In Memory of William James LIGHTFOOT,
Born 4th August, 1832,
Died 1 st August, 1875.
Here interred.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
COBB 7, 8, 23, 26
COOKE 8, 25

DAWSON 18, 20
FOOTE 3, 4
GREEN 18, 19

LYE 23

RICH 11, 16
RUGG 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
STONE 9, 21