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Dover, St Marys


Dover, St Mary's with Index of names and places at end

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Some Monumental Inscriptions of Dover, St Mary's Church,  Noted by Bax & Rice Thursday 12th May 1892

                                             Pages 81 to 86 of Epitaphs from Kent Churches typed up by Margaret Broomfield

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 15th January 2009

Churchyard                    Carefully searched No. B(ax’s)
1. Sacred to the memory of Una wife of Thomas SMITHETT who departed this life the 25th July 1793 aged 46 years. Left surviving one daughter Una Seamark Smithett. Also to the memory of the above Thomas Smithett who departed this life August ye 1 1800/5 aged 66 years.

2. (Drawing) Here lieth ye body of John KENNET, pilot of Dover. He left issue by Rebecca his wife 3 daughters, Alice, Rebeccah and Ursule. He died August 19/0 1731 aged 37 years.

3. HS scull Here lyeth ye body of Henry FINNIS he dyed ye 9 July 1747 aged 70 years. Also here lyeth interred ye body of Susanna Finnis wife of the above Henry Finnis she departed this (sunk).

4. Sarcophagus shaped monument on the South wall of South slip? of churchyard (Drawing) Sacred to the memory of Walter RICE Esq., of Llwynybrain Caermarthenshire who departed this life at Ostend the 30th April 1844 aged 58 years. Gorphwysed mewn heddwch.

5. High tomb – on the S side Mrs. (sic) John FINNIS died 17th November 1835 aged 45 years. Mrs. Lucy Steriker died 5th June 1837 aged 57 years. (On the South slant of the same, above) And N.H. Steriker son of Lucy died 9th January 1846 aged 22 years. (On the N. slant) John Finnis died may 19th 1848 aged 56 years. (On the N side) Mrs. Elizabeth Steriker died 2nd April 1813 aged 41 years. Mr. Nicholas Ladd Steriker died 7th march 1830, aged 63 years. (nothing on the ends).

6. Railed high tomb, (on the top only) In a vault under this tomb are deposited the remains of Mr. John SAURE? who departed this life the 15th of May 1778 in the 72nd year of his age.

Return to N side of churchyard. Tombstones placed against the wall
7. Here lieth interred the body of Elizabeth wife of John GRIGGS she died September the 8th 1747 aged 59 years. Also John Griggs son of the above he died May ye 8th 1754 aged 42 years. Also Mary wife of (sunk). Here lieth interred the body of John Griggs father of the aforesaid John Griggs he departed this life the 5th of December 1761 aged 85 years.

8. HS (near the last) Here lyeth the body of John HUGGEIT Firsherman (sic) who had issue by Susan his wife 2 sonnes and 3 daughters he departed this life the 13 day of August 1686 aged 60 yeares. Here lieth interred the body of Susana the wife of Mr. John Huggert she departed this (sunk).

9. Double HS cherub’s head above Here lieth interred the body of Ann wife of Cornelius JONES. She died the 17 of April 1762 aged 45 years. Also here lieth the body of Mary daughter of Cornelius and Ann Jones she died the 19th of March 1752 aged 4 years. Also here lieth the body of Cornelius Jones son of the above he died the 18th of October 1757 aged 2 days.

10. HS scull, bones, pick, shovel Here lieth interr’d the body of Mr. Robert HUTSON fisherman who departed this life the 19th of November in the year 1735/3 aged …..years and 2 ….

11. Sarcophagus like monument against the left of the entrance to tower of St. Mary’s – all R. caps In a vault beneath this stone lie the remains of Mr. Thomas BASS many years an inhabitant of this parish and afterwards of the parish of Buckland in Dover where he died on the 15th day of January 1844 aged 70 years. Also of John Abraham Harris Bass his second son who died on the 27th day of July 1847 aged 7 years and 10 months. Also of Thomas Baker Bass his eldest son 13 years town clerk of this borough who died on the 21st day of March 1860 aged 52 years and also of Ann Bass widow of the above first named Mr. Thomas Bass who died on the 14th day of December 1862 aged 94 years.

12. HS scull and bones Here lyeth buried the body of Tidaman DOUES who died the 22nd of July ..25 aged 43 years. He had issue by Margaret his wife one son and five daughters.

13. Here lieth interred the body of Mary wife of ……. GRAVENEY pilot. She departed this life the 14 day of August 1733/5 aged 46 years. Left issue 5 sons and 1 daughter.

14. This stone marks the spot were are deposited the remains of William TRINGHAM Esq., late of Ripley in the County of Surry who died at Boulogne in France the 15th of April 1826 aged 78 years.

15. HS (with foliage work) Also here lieth the body of Susanna KINDNESS second wife of William Kindness daughter of Nicholas and Mary Smith she died July the 4th 1761 aged 40 years. Left issue 3 daughters, Mary Ann and P……..

16. In the separate ground on the N side. HS (against the wall) Sacred to the memory of Joseph KNOCKER who died 10th April 1825 aged 85 years. Leaving issue by Joanna his second wife two sons viz. John and Joseph. Also of Dorothy his first wife who died 19th of March 1763 aged 28 years. And of 3 children who died in their infancy. Also of Joanna his second wife who died 1st July 1800 aged 51 years. Also of Richard their son who died in the West Indies 20th July 1798 aged 23 years. And of 4 sons and 5 daughters who died young. Also of Mary his third wife who died 26th may 1817 aged 60 years.

17. HS (adjoining the foregoing) In memory of Mary BROWN daughter of Joseph Knocker of Dover and wife of Joseph Brown of London who departed this life 6 November 1813? aged 28 years. Also of Joseph Brown son of the above Joseph and Mary Brown who died 5th February 1815 aged 5 months.

18. HS (close to foregoing) winged hour glass above In memory of William STYLES surgeon he died April ye 29th 1773 aged 44 years. Left issue three sons.

19. HS Sacred to the memory of three children of John and Elizabeth KNOCKER viz. Mary died the 5th July 1808 aged 1 year and 10 months. Joseph died the 8th May 1809 aged 2 years and 7 months. Mary Ann died the 7th December 1816 aged 7 years and 4 months. Also of Elizabeth daughter of the above who died the 17th of November 1819 aged 17 years and 10 months. Also of John son of the above who died the 13th of October 1826 aged 22 years and 6 months. Also of Mr. John Knocker who died the 13th /8 of June 1840 aged 67
years. Also of Elizabeth Reynolds wife of the above died (rest is concealed).

20. HS North side of railed part of churchyard To the memory of Robert CLEVELEY Esq., late of His Majesty’s Navy and Marine Painter to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales who departed this life 27th September 1809 aged 59 years. Also of Catherine relict of the above who departed this life 20th May 1838 in the 86th year of her age.

21. HS In memory of Mr. Thomas KING late storekeeper in His Majesty’s Victualling Department at this Port who died 25th November 1783 aged 49 years. Also of Henry his son who died 17th June 1801 aged 32 years.

22. HS (next to foregoing last one) Sacred to the memory of William KING Esq. one of the Jurats of this town who was four times elected Mayor and six times served the office of Deputy Mayor. He departed this life 15th January 1816 aged 77 years. Also of Mr. Charles Wellard King son of the above who died the 17th of April 1816 aged 47 years. Also of Mr. Edward King who died the 1st of February 1833 aged 65 years. Also of Mary King who died the 22nd of March 1840 aged 70 years.

23. HS (next to ?J King) winged cherub, foliage In memory of Mary KING, wife of William King, grocer, died ye 28th of September 1779 aged 47 years. Also daughters of the above died young. Also William King son of the above died the 10th of June 1784 aged 22 years.

24. HS (close to Mr. King Jurat etc.) To the memory of Mr. John PEPPER who died 1st May 1838 aged 68 years. Also of Thomas Pepper grandson of the above who was unfortunately drowned in Dover Harbour on the 4th of December 1836 aged 19 years.

25. Small HS In memory of John, Edward and Richard Worral PEPPER, sons of Thomas and Susanna Pepper who died in their infancy. Also Henry Castle Pepper son of Henry Castle and Mary Pepper who died 8th August 1832 aged 11 weeks. Also of William son of Richard and Mary Cave grandson of T & S Pepper (sunk).

26. Small HS against the N wall of churchyard In memory of Edward, son of William and Harriot PEPPER who died the 2nd October 1803 aged 11 days. Also Charlotte their daughter who likewise died young.

27. HS handsomely carved with winged cherub, scroll work In memory of Thomas HOILE Esq. who died 16th January 1771 aged 82 years.

28. Broad HS with scull in centre, cross bones, pick etc. (behind the foregoing) In memory of Mary late wife of Thomas HOILE, Brewer, by whom he had issue two sons and five daughters whereof lie interred with her one son and two daughters. She departed this life September 15th 1708 aged 50 years. Also to the memory of Simon Starr who died January 1755 aged 67 years. Also Susanna his wife died July the 8th 1763 aged 70 years leaving issue four sons and two daughters.

29. HS (S of last) In memory of Mr. James WORSFOLD, Surveyor who departed this life the 11th day of November 1825 aged 56 years. Also of four children of the above who died in their infancy. Also to the memory of Henry Stroud Worsfold son of the above who was drowned off the Azores 15th December 1829 aged 26 years. Also of Mary, widow of the above James Worsfold who died the 4th July 1850 in the 85th year of her age.

30. HS To the memory of William PASCALL, boat builder, who died 17th January 1746 aged 38 years. Left issue 3 sons and 3 daughters. Also of Ann, his wife, who died 20 September 1770, aged 63 years. Also of Mary, their daughter the wife of James Atkins who died 12th May 1770 (sic) aged 35 years. Also of Ann Smith another of their daughters who died 30th July 1792, aged 54 years. To the memory also of Henry Pascall son of the above William and Ann Pascall. He was born 21st of April 1740 and died 23rd of April 1824. leaving issue one son. Also of Mercy the wife of Henry Pascall who died 30th of October 1807 and whose remains lie interred in Charlton Churchyard. The toils of life and pangs of death are o’er and care and pain and sickness are no more.


Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Zechariah Cozens about 1795, added 15th January 2009

31. Leaving Sandwich, we directed our course to Dover, passing through Eastry, which we have already described, and from thence by Waldershare, at the distance of eleven miles we arrive at the hill whereon stands Dover-castle. From this eminence there is a most delightful view of the town, the sea, the noble valley and the surrounding heights; perhaps, unequalled for their romanticness: at the bottom of the hill we enter the town of Dover.
   This town having from the remotest times been a place of note, it may be expected that we shall enter on a full description of its rise, progress, and present condition; but in this particular, we hope we shall be excused; as the limits of our plan forbid such an attempt, as well as the numerous accounts already published, make it quite unnecessary; therefore we shall content ourselves, with barely giving a few obvious particulars.
   This place appears to have been known to the antient Britons, by the name of Dour (O.E.) to the Romans, by Dubris, and Saxons, by Doppa. It still is very populous, though despoiled of its walls, and gates, which were ten in number, viz. Biggin or North gate, St. Martins or Monks gate, Common or Cow gate, Adrian’s or Upwall gate, Severns’s gate, Snar-gate, Butcherygate, Fishersgate, St. Helen’s gate and East-brook gate.
   It could once boast of seven Churches, but which are now reduced to two, viz. St. Mary’s, and St. James’s; St. Martin’s le Grand, St. John’s, St. Nicholas’, St. Peter’s and St. Martin’s the less, have been many years demolished. St. Martin’s le Grand was in part taken down in 1546; it was collegiate and founded by Wightred king of Kent: it is a noble ruin, particularly the East end, which may be seen over the houses at the West side of the Market place; that stands on the ground which was formerly inclosed for the Churchyard. This foundation was, for twenty two Canons, removed from the College in the Castle, founded by EADBALDUS son of ETHELBERT, which they enjoyed for near four hundred years, until their great abuse of their uncommon privileges caused them to be suppressed by HENRY I. and their revenues given to Christ Church Canterbury. Then William CORBOIL Archbishop of Canterbury, built a new Church, and Monastery for them, without the Town, at the West side; whose remains are now known by the name of the Priory. He designed to have founded it for Regular Canons of St. Augustine; but dying before he could accomplish it, THEOBALD, his successor in the reign of HENRY II filled this Monastery with Benedictine Monks, and the King not only subjected them for ever to the See of Canterbury, but decreed that no other Order but that of St. Bennet should ever be admitted into this House. Valuation at the suppression; Dugdale £170.14s.11½d. Speed £232.15s.5½d.
   The Maison Dieu (now the Victualling Office for the Navy) stands about the middle of the North side of Biggin street, and is "venerable even in its fall". It was founded by Hubert de BURGH, EARL of KENT, for the accommodation of Pilgrims and was valued at the dissolution at £159.18s.6½d.
   The Knights Templars had a spacious mansion in this Town. And also there was an Hospital for leprous persons, dedicated to St. Bartholomew. Valued at the Suppression at upwards of £180 per annum.
   Dover being placed at the extremity of the luxuriant valley above mentioned, is a fine situation for trade; having a good harbour, which is much assisted by the rivulet before described which empties itself into the sea at this place. The Harbour is spacious, though, after the great sums which have been expended on it, it is incapable of receiving ships of more than 500 Tons burden with safety. But it being the station for the Packets between Dover and Calais in time of peace, and Ostend during a French war, caused a great flow of people to this place.
It is one of the principal of the Cinque ports, and, with its dependencies, furnished twenty one ships for the King’s use; and for which service it was exempted from all Taxes, etc.
   The town is at present governed by a Mayor, Jurats and Commonalty, and sends two Members to Parliament, as Barons of the Cinque ports.
   It is defended by the Castle (of which we shall speak hereafter) Moats bullwark, of seven eighteen pounders, situated under the cliff by the castle; Lord NORTH’s and two other batteries, on the strand, between the castle and the pier, containing together, three large mortars, sixteen thirty two pounders, and twelve eighteen pounders, situated at the South side of the Harbour.

32. Let us now return to the Churches, and St. Mary’s, being the principal of the two that are now left; we will describe that first. It is situated at the North side of the Town and is very spacious. It appears that it was originally built by the prior and convent of St. Martin’s le Grand beforementioned, which then was considered as the Mother Church; and indeed, the Priests of the other churches were not permitted to sing mass until the Priest of St. Martin’s had commenced his chant, of which the others were apprised by the ringing of a bell. The Prior having erected this Church gave it to the inhabitants of the Town, reserving the advowson for Hubert de BURGH, who afterwards conveyed it to the Maison Dieu; but at the Reformation it fell into the hands of the inhabitants with whom it has since remained.
   The present Church is undoubtedly very antient, particularly the square tower at the West end of the Nave, which is clearly of Saxon Architecture; within it is now a good clock, which strikes the quarters, and a pleasant ring of eight bells; and it is crowned with a tall spire leaded. The Church consists of a Nave, with tow long low side ailes and a chancel. At the West end of the Nave is a large Organ, and which would add much to the good appearance of the church, if the pipes were gilded.
In the Chancel.

33. On a small white marble slab, at the South side of the Altar, within the rails: Lucy MATSON Dyed in July 1750 Aged 7 Months.

34. On a grey marble slab adjoining the above at the North side: Here Lyeth the Body of Mr. James MATSON Jurat of this Town, who dyed The 16th Aprill 1707 Aged 39 Years, and left Issue By Elizabeth his Wife One Son & two Daughters. Here lieth the Body of John Matson Esqr. He died ye 24th November 1752 Aged 51 Years. On a brass plate on the same stone below: Christoferus HUTTON filios et haeres apparens Richardi Hutton Servientis ad legem jacet hic sepult et obijt in hoc opido vicesimo die Sept. embris. A.Di. 1616. Rediundo ab intenere suo et fuit aetatis viginti quatuor annor. Faelix perigrinatio p quam iter ad caelum. Arms: on a brass plate below, Quarterly, 1st & 4th. On a fess, three piles wavy. 2nd & 3rd. Barry of 12. A Canton in dexter chief. Crest: on a Torce, three Arrows, barbs downwards, gorg’d with a Ducal Coronet.

35. On another near the above: Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth widow of Mr. James MATSON who Dyed the 11th July 1730 Aged 49 Years. Here lieth Interred the Body of John DALGLIESH Gent who died the 29th of April 1754 Aged 62 Years. Here lieth Interred the Body of Mrs. Susanna Dalgliesh wife of the above John DALGLIESH who died the 29th day of November 1756 aged 53 Years. On a brass plate, on the same stone below: To the Memory of his dearest Mother, Mrs Jane ELWOOD. "Heaven, Church and husband were thy thoughts deare obiects..Whilest soule, spirit Body served the to respect them/And shall theise three of Gods greate power the Subiects/Served by Death nowe force the to Neglect them/Nay rather each hath nowe his Certaine Gage/His lease to change for lasting Heritage".

36. On a large brass plate, in the center of a grey marble stone; which has also four smaller ones on it, i.e. one at each corner: In obitu semper colendi patris sui Mri. Tho. ELWOOD omnibus quinq portuu numeribus functi, die 3 Januarii 1604 defuncti hicq sepulti Carmen funebre. Quis neget Elwoodu ut vita sic morte fidelem Quu tribuit vita et morte cuiq suu Qui bonus a caelo devenit spiritus illi Caelo servavit restituitq, bonum Quae bona divino mundane favore receipt Mundo servavit restituitq bona Quodq bonum est etiam terrenu corpus adeptus Terrae servauit restituitq bonum Illu igitur caelo, mundo, terraq sequuntur Prae mia virtutis, gloria, fame, quies. On the plate, at the upper corner at the left side* (*The Engraver of this and the following plate, seems not to have understood the characters he was making, and consequently has rendered the Inscriptions almost unintelligible by interpolating characters foreign to the Greek and Hebrew Languages.The inscriptions are in Greek and Hebrew).
   On another, at the lower corner at the left side: Si du lion ou du sanglier la teste/Sille pourtraict d’oiseau poisson ou beste/T’eussent bien peu accroistre le renom/Il ne s’en mangue de plusieurs de ton nom/Tiltres d’honeur donons mais ences letres/On’t trounraplus qu en tiltres des encestres/[On loose slip tucked into page-gathering here] Si du lion ou du sanglieres du teste/Si le pourtraict d oiseau poisson ou beste/T’enssent bien peu accroitre le renom/Il ne s en mangue de plusieurs ton nom/Tiltres d honneur donons mais en ces letters/On t honnra plus qu en titres des encestres. The sense intended to be conveyed, appears nearly as follows: Could thy Renown have been increased, though/but a little, by the Representation of the Boar/or Lions head, or by the Picture of a Bird, a Fish,/ or Beast thy Name should not have wanted/many Titles of honour, but by these Letters/(or Instances of Literature) we honour thee/more than by Ancestral Titles.
   On another, at the opposite corner at the bottom: Alist dat dese steen u lichaem hoot verborge/ Myn liefte vader nochtans is u seele/.In Vrije plaetsen sonder alle sorgen/ End vive name vervult die stadt gheieel/ Ja selfe die steen dieu lyff heft verdeekt/ Sal van u spreke, na elck ieeft ghespreckt.

37. Proceeding Westward down the aile, the first memorial is on a Grey stone abutting the altar rail: In Memory of Sarah the Wife of John BARBER who died the 8th of June 1784. Aged 66 Years. Left Issue one Son and one Daughter, Sarah and John. Likewise the above John Barber, who departed this life the 27th of March 1788, Aged 71 Years.

38. On another: Here Lieth Mrs Elizth. wife of Mr. Thom. DRILL, she died ye ……../1722…………….. [obliterated]. Here also lyeth Interred the Body of the above said Joseph WICKES who dyed the Eighth Day November 1747 Aged Sixty Years.

39. On a large black marble slab: Thoms. WICKES Collectr. of his Majies. Customes and Mayor of ys. Town in ye Year 17-4, with Christian his wife, Daughter of Mr. STOKES Attorney lies here Interred. He died in ye 29th Year of his Collection and –6 of his Age on ye 8th of April 17-0. Shee November the 14th 1718 Aged ../. They left Issue one Daughter Christian who Survyied them.

40. On a large grey stone: In the Grave beneath Repose in hope of a joyful Resurrection Through the merits of her Saviour the Remains of Jane BYRCH, Relict of the Revd. Wm. Byrch, Minister of this Parish. A faithful, Affectionate Wife, Mother and Friend. She died Decr. XXVIII MDCCLXXXII Aged LXXV. "He that believeth on the Son of God hath everlasting Life, and he that believeth not the Son shall not see Life, but the wrath of God abideth on him". John III-6.

41. On a small grey stone: Mr James DEJOUAS late of Tunbridge died Novr. 19 1745 Aged 78 Years. He was born at Bergerac in the South of France. Thomas Frewer BYRCH died 30th of May 1745. Aged 10 Years.

42. On a mural tablet of white marble: Sacred to the Memory of Samuel FOOT Esqr. Who had a Tear for a Friend and a Hand and Heart ever ready to Relieve the Distressed. He departed this life Octr. 24th 1777 (on his Journey to France) at the Ship Inn Dover Aged 55 Years. This Inscription was plac’d here by his Affectionate Friend Mr. William JEWELL.

43. On a Tablet against the second Pillar from the East end at the North side: Near this place lyeth Interr’d ye Body of Capn. Alexander KENTON who married Margaret the Daughter of Mr. PETERS and had issue 4 Sons & 4 Daughters, whereof 3 Sons and 1 Daughter lyeth Interr’d with him. He departed this life in the 11th September 1719 In the 54th Year of his Age. In the same Vault lyes Interr’d ye Body of Mrs Margaret Kenton Wife of ye above said Capn. Aler. Kenton. She departed ys life Jany. ye 6th 1736/7 Aged 65. Arms: Quarterly 1st. Az. a fess, Er. on a chief Sab. 3 fleurs de lis, Or. 2nd. Or, on a Canton, Gu. an Eagle display’d, of the field. 3rd. Quarterly, 1st & 4th Ar. 2nd & 3rd Sab. 3 acorns, Or. surtout on a Bend, Sab. 6 Bezants impaling PETERS viz. Or, 3 Roses, Gu. Crest: a Wolf’s head eras’d, Or.

44. On a Monument of white marble, of the Ionic order, on the third Pillar, at the same side: Near the East door in the Church Yard in a Vault belonging to the Family are deposited the Remains of Mrs Susanna ROUSE, Wife of Richards Rouse Esqr. a Jurat of this Town and Deputy Lieut. Govr. of Dover Castle. Obt. 3rd August 1758 Aetat 53 Years. Also The Remains of the said Richards Rouse Esqr. Obt. 4th July 1766 Aetat 64 Years. Arms: Rouse, viz. Sab. a fess indented, Or, betw. 3 Crescents, Ar. impaling, Or, a fess dancette, Ermines, betw. 6 Billets, Sab. each charged with an Er.

45. A large white stone, obliterated, for John FORSTER. Arms Forster, viz. a Chevron engrail’d betw. 3 bugle horns.

46. On a brass plate, on a plain stone: Here lyeth the Body of John TOOKE one of the Jurates of this Towne & Port of Dover at the tyme of his death, who then was of ye age of LXVI yeres and Depted this World on the XIIth Day of August 1607 & was Maior of the same Towne in the yere 1606. And was one of ye Baylys for ye five ports In ye Towne of Great Yarmouth in ye yere 1605.

47. On a large white Stone: Here lieth Interr’d the Body of George KNOWLER Gent. who died on the 18th day of October 1743 Aged 60 Years. Also two of his sons who died Infants. Anne Knowler Died Sepr. 12th 1743 Aged 52. Arms: Knowler, impaling, a fleur de lis. Crest: Knowler.

48. On a large Black marble slab: Here lieth the Body of Margerie, Daughter of William STOKES Esqr. and Wife of Edward WIVELL Gent by whom she had Severall Children of which onely 2 Survived her, viz. Elizabeth and Margarett. she died in the 36 year of her age on the 23d. day of October Anno Dom. 1695. Here lieth also the Body of Mrs. Margt. Wivell (Widdo. of Mr. Edward Wivell Senr) Who dyed the 22d. of February 1695 aged above 70 years. Also the Body of Edwd. Wivell Esqr. above sd. who was severall years Agent to the Comrs. for Victuallg. the Royal Navy att this Port and 34 years Jurat of this Corporation & 6 Years Mayor. He left Issue his two Daughters above sd. Natus 14 Feby. 1657. Denatus 14 Feby. 1716. Arms: obliterated.

49. On a large black marble slab: Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth wife of Mr. Will. STOKES of this Town (Daughter of Mr. Joseph LOPER of this place) by whom he had issue 3 Sons viz. Thomas, Joseph & William and 2 daughters, viz. Elizabeth and Margery of all which ye last onely survived her, she died the 28th day of August Ann. Dom. 1687 Aged 61 Years & six months. Here lies also the body of the said Will. Stokes who was 6 times chosen Mayor and 3 times Baron of Parliament for this Town and Port. He died the 6th of November 1691 in the 63rd. year of his Age. Also the Body of Mary the Relict of Edwd. WIVELL Esqr. the Daughter of Mr. Frederick DENINEKE Gent of this Town who Departed this life the 9th day of October 1721 aged 60 years. Arms: obliterated.

50. On a Monument of white marble, on the second pillar from the East end, at the South side: In Memory of ye late celebrated Poet Mr. Charles CHURCHILL who died at Boulogne in France Aetatis 32 & was buried in ys. Town Novr. 1764. The Rich and Great no sooner gone/But Lo – a monumental Stone./Inscrib’d with panegyric Lays,/Such fulsome – undeserved praise,/The Living blush; the conscious Dead,/Themselves appall’d, that Truth is fled,/And can it be, that worth like thine/Thou Great – High Priest of all ye Nine*/Should moulder; undistinguish’d sleep/At very thought – the Muses weep,/Forbid it Gratitude and Love,/O for a flow, like his to prove,/How much regretted – "Honest Bard",/Accept this shadow of Regard./ To UNDERWOOD ye Impartialist Erected June 1769. *A Line taken from his Epistle to HOGARTH. At ye sole Expence of ye above T. UNDERWOOD.

51. Charles CHURCHILL, a celebrated satirical poet, was the son of Mr. Charles Churchill, curate and lecturer of St John’s Westminster, received his education at Westminster school, where his attainments in the learned languages were slow and not extensive; which appear more owing to his want of application, than to his paucity of abilities: which is evidently manifest from the following tale. "Having one day got an exercise to make, and from idleness or inattention having failed to bring it at the time appointed, his master thought proper to chastise him with some severity, and even reproached his stupidity: what the fear of stripes could not effect, the fear of shame soon produced, and he brought his exercise the next day, finished in such a manner, that he received the public thanks of all the masters". Though through his peculiar exertion of his talents, he accomplished the desired end, yet it appears, that he was rejected from Oxford for want of a competent skill in the languages; so that he was obliged to the school again; where he continued till he attained his seventeenth year. At that early age he formed a connextion with, and was married to a deserving young lady; with whom he lived happily, for some considerable length of time.
   Being ordained by the late Bishop of London, he was presented with a curacy in Wales of the annual value of £30. Here he settled, with his family, and was much respected by his parishioners; and had he been content in this humble retired situation, he probably would have passed through life comfortably; but engaging in secular concerns, he quickly got intangled in the world, and was forced to leave his peaceful retirement and come to London.
   On the death of his father, which happened soon after, he succeeded him at St. John’s, and in some measure to answer his extravagancies which far exceeded his income, he assisted Mrs DENNIS in the education of the ladies at her school, in reading, writing, etc. with much decorum and success. Soon after this time he fell into many difficulties through his indiscretions; and having incurred debts which he was unable to discharge, must probably have ended his career in a prison but for the liberality of a Mr. LLOYD.
   CHURCHILL now had recourse to his wit for a subsistence, and became the author of several poetical pieces, which met with no inconsiderable share of applause: he now became the man of pleasure; resigning his clerical function, putting away his wife, and wallowing in drunkenness, incontinency and impiety. In 1764 going on a visit to Mr. WILKES at Boulogne in France he caught a military fever, of which he died, and was buried at Dover.
   His works were collected and published soon after his death in two volumes – among them were: 1st. The Rosciad, his first, and probably his best written poem. 2nd. His Apology to the Critical Reviewers. 3rd. The Ghost. 4th. His Prophecy of Famine. 5th. His Gotham. 6th. Independence, and 7th. The Times.

52. On the fourth pillar, at the North side, is a neat Sarcophagus of white and yellow marble, inscribed: Near the West Door within this Church in the Family Vault are deposited the remains of Thomas BROADLEY Junr. Esqr. one of the Jurats of this Town. Obt. the 18th Sepr. 1777 Aet. 46. Arms: Ar, a chevron, Sab. impaling, ROUSE. Crest: a Pelican.

53. On the third Pillar at the South side, a Monument of white Marble of the Ionic order, inscribed: Near this place are Deposited the Remains of Mr. Isaac MINET of this Town, Merchant, who died the 8th of April 1745, Aetat 85 Years. And of Mary his Wife, who died the 30th of Novr. 1738. Aetat 68 Years. By whom he had five Sons, John, Isaac, James, William & Daniel. Likewise the remains of Mr. Isaac MINET Junr. of this Town, Merchant, Son of the said Mr. Isaac Minet who died the 11th of Octr. 1731. Aetat 35 Years. And of Frances his Wife who died the 20th of Jany. 1766. Aetat 69 Years. And of Mr. William Minet of London, Merchant, who died a Bachelor the 18th of Jany. 1767. Aetatis 63 Years. Arms: Minet, viz. 1st & 4th Er. 2nd & 3rd. Ar. 3 Bars, Gu. Crest: a Wing.

54. On the fourth Pillar, on paper in a wooden frame covered with a glass is: In Memory As Underneath Lieth Mr. Henry PASCALL Pilot, Who Departed This Life In November The XXIII Year MDCCVLV (1745?) Aged LXXVII. Also Mary his Wife Who departed this Life In September The XXI Year MDCCXXV Aged LIII. "The sooner die the longe rest/The Will of God is always best. Amen/. Arms: Ar. on a bend, Gu. 3 - , Or.

55. On a brass plate, on a black marble slab: Heere lyeth the Bodies of Amye NETHERSOLE, Wife of William Nethersole, Eldest Daughter of Richard MARSH Esqr. of …………/Langdon Deceased the 6 of Aprill 1616.

56. On a large black marble slab: Here lyeth ye Body of Mr. Peter PETERS Chyrurgion who had to wife Margarit, Daughter of Capn. Richard JACOB by whome he had ishew two Daughters he departed this life ye 17th of December anno dom. 1684 Aged 41 Years. Here lieth the above sd. Margaret Who died the 16th of October 1719 aged 69 Years.

57. On a large black marble slab: Philip and Elizabeth, Son & Daugr. of ye Revd. T. EDWARDS, Minister of this Parish and Ann his Wife Lie here Interred. Philip died May the 17th 1761. Elizabeth died January ye 15th 1766. Also the Revd. Thos. Edwards, Minister of this Parish 15 Years. He departed this life the 18th day of July 1772 Aged 52 Years. Also Ann, Wife of the above Revd. Thos. Edwards, she departed this life, 28th Octr. 1775, Aged 44 Years. Also Ann STEVENSON, Mother of the above Ann Edwards, she departed this …/ 8th …/177-/ Aged 86 –ears.

58. On a small white stone: Mrs Hannah PATTRICK Dyed March …/.

59. On a large grey stone: M.S. The Body of Mary and Susana PASCALL Daughters of Henry and Mary Pascall. The first died November the 20th 1719 Aged 23 Years, 3 Months and 13 dayes. The Second died March 17 1721/2 Aged 23 years 4 Months and 11 Dayes. "The Sooner die the longer rest/The will of God is always best"/. Also Henry Pascall, Son of Allen and Mary Pascall departed this life the 3rd of January 1773 Aged 30 Years. Also the Remains of Mrs. Emblen MACKNEL, Widw. Daughr. of the Above Heny. & Mary PASCALL. Interr’d Mar. 12th 1773 Aged 69.

60. On a large white stone: Mr. Allen PASCALL, Pilot died April the 13th MDCCLXXXV Aged LXXX. Also here lieth Interr’d the Body of Mr. Henry Pascall, Pilot, Husband of the abovesaid Mary Pascall, he departed this life Novr. 23rd 1745 Aged 77 Years, left Issue 5 Sons and one Daughter.

61. On the fifth pillar, a Monument of free stone: Near the foot of this Pillar Lieth the Remains of Mrs. Elizth. PASCALL, Wife of Mr. Henry Pascall, Pilot. was interr’d March 20th 1768 Aged 73 Years. Also the remains of the abovesaid Mr. Henry PASCALL was Interr’d Sepr. 15th 1774 Aged 79 Years.

62. At the North side, a circular tablet: Near this Place is Interred the Body of Ann HANNAM who departed this life 24th Novr. 1778 Aged two Years & six Months. Also Harriot Hannam departed this life 28th May 1780. Aged three Years. Also George Hannam departed this life 26th Augst. 1780, Aged 4 Months. Also Charles Hannam departed this life 20th Novr. 1783 Aged Eighteen Weeks.

63. On a brass plate on a plain stone, under the Effigies of a Man and Woman: Here under this Stoune Resteth (in an Ashevred hope of a Joyefull Resurrection) the bodies of William JONES late of this Towne & Port of Dovor, Gent & Katherine his wife who together lived in happie Marriage & Joyes Love the full tearme of 49 yeares the wch. William had by ye said Katherine Issue one Sonne & 9 Daughters ye said Katherine Depted this life ye 21st day of December 1636 beinge aged 72 Yeares & the said William depted this life ye 14th daye of June 1638 beinge aged 75 Yeares as a Saboth. day was ye Sollemnizing of theire Nuptialls in this Church as God had likewise decreed theire Coniunte interment in the same place upon a Saboth day which was the 17 day of June 1638. Arms: Jones, viz. per pale, 3 Lions rampt (singly) and the same, impaling, a fess lozengy, betw. 3 eagles heads eras’d.

64. On a large black marble slab: Here lieth the Body of Mary the Wife of Mr Isaac MINETT who died ye 30th of Nov. 1738 Aged 68 Years. In hope of a blessed Resurrection. Here lieth the Body of Mr. Isaac MINET Merchant. he was born at Calais the 5th of Sept. 1660, From whence being persecuted for the Sake of the Protestant Religion, he fled to this Place for Refuge 1686. He had by Mary his Wife Five Sons, John, Isaac, James, Daniel & William. He died ye 8th of April 1745. The Memory of ye Just is blessed.

65. On another: Ann CANNON, Daughter of John and Jane Cannon, she died the 26th of December 1763; aged two years. Also William Cannon Son of the above, he died the 14th of January 1764: aged Eight Years and 7 Months. Also John CANNON Father of the above who died ye 24th of August 1775 Aged 50 Years.

66. On a large black marble stone: Interred here the Body of Mrs. Mary TAYLOR, Widow of Mr. Robert Taylor, Marriner, Grand Daughter of the abovesaid. She died ye 18th of May 1745 Aged 71 Years. Here lieth Interred the Body of Elizabeth the Wife of Henry PASCALL Marriner and Daughter of Capt. Edward SLATER, she died the 7th of August 1754, Aged 76 Years.

67. Hee lieth Interred the Body of Luce, Wife of Wm. WALKER Who had Issue by her three Sons & Seven Daughters. Whereof are two Sons and Four Daughters Surviving. She was Daughter of John and Ann RAMSEY of Hythe. She departed this life January ye ../ 1734 aged 39 years. Also here lieth Luce WALKER, Daughter of the abovesaid Willm. and Luce Walker.she died ye 28th of June 1742 Aged 19 Years. Also here lieth Interred the Body of the abovesaid Willm. Walker he died the 19th day of August 1751 Aged 57 Years. Also here lieth Interred the body of Susanna NASH Wife of Will. Nash and Daughter of William & Luce Walker she died the 8th of November 1754 Aged 26 Years.

68. On a large grey stone: In Memory of Elizabeth CULLEN Daughter of Richard and Joanna WEALES who died January the 16 1719/20 Aged 42 Years. "Mourn not dear Friends for my Decease/For Christ with God I hope hath made my Peace./My Race is run my Grief and sorrow’s Past/From Earth to Heav’n my Christ brought me at last". Also here lieth Interred the Body of Mr Richard WEALES Pilot who departed this life the 8th day of Jany 1725/6 in the 72nd yeare of his age. Also here lieth the Body of Mrs. Joanna the Wife of Mr. Richard Weales. She departed this life the 5 day of February 1732 Aged 79 Years.

69. On a brass plate on the same stone: Here lieth interred the Body of Wm. HUDSON Pilot who departed this life the 13 March 1757 aged 70 years. Here also lieth Easter Hudson his Wife who died 21st of Novemb. 1765 aged 77 years.

70. On a small grey stone: M.S. Joh. WEALES. Ob. Dec ../ Aet. 75.

71. On a large black marble slab: Richard HUSBANDS Esqr. Deputy Secretary of the Island of Barbadoes, Departed this life at Sea, the 14th day of June 1765 and was buried here the 23d. of the same Month Aged 46 Years.

72. On a large white stone: Here lies Interred the Body of Elizabeth Wife of Mr. Stephen HAMMOND Pilot and Mr. of the Trinity howse, who Had Issue by her 6 Sons & 5 Daughters. She departed this life the 15 day of November An.Dom. 1716 Aged 47 Years & ../Months. Here also lieth the body of Mr. Stephen Hammond And Husband to Mrs. Elizabeth Hammond who departed this Life the 6 of August 1725 Aged 56 Years who now are surviving 4 Sons & 4 Daughters. Also here lieth the Remains of Mrs. Elizabeth PASCALL Wife of Mr. Henery Pascall Pilot Interred March 20th 1768 Aged 73 Years. and Daughter of the above Mr. Stephen & Elizabeth HAMMOND. Also the abovesaid Mr. Henry Pascall died the 9 Septr. 1774 Aged 79 Years. NB. At the top of the Stone are the Pilots Arms.

73. On a large grey stone: Here lieth Interred the Body of Mary, the Wife of William NASH and Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth WALKER. She departed this life the 13th of November 1767: aged 33 Years. Also here lieth Interred ye Body, In hopes of a blessed Resurrection, of the above said William Nash Who departed this life Universally lamented on the 16th of October 1768 In ye 37 Year of his Age. Likewise are here deposited the Remains of Housan, Brother of the Above William NASH, who after a Lingring Illness departed this life In just Hopes of a Better the 14th of January 1774 Aged 73 Years.

74. On a large Stone: Under this Stone lie the Remains of Mr. Thomas WALKER, who died the 27th of June 1772, Aged 64. Also Wm. Walker Son of Thos. who died May 3d. 1773 Aged 36. Also Ann Walker Daughter of Thos. who Died Decr. 25th 1784 Aged 37.

75. On a large Grey stone: In Memory of Mr John EARLE, Pilot who departed this life ye 7th of Aug. 1767 Aged 72 Years. Also here lieth Interr’d the Body of Mrs. Ann EARLE, Wife of the above Mr. John Earle who departed this life the 14th of August 1777 Aged 85 Years. Who had Issue ten Children. Left surviving one Son and one Daugr. Thomas and Susanna.

76. On another: Here lieth Interr’d the Body of Mary Wife of Abel TYSELL who departed this lyfe ye 14th of September 1753, Aged 61 Years. She left Issue 2 Daughters. Also the Body of the said Abel Tysell who departed this life the 8th of December 1763, aged 79 Years. Also here lieth Interred the Body of Mrs. Catherine Tysell who died the 9th of February 1769 Aged 57 Years.

77. On another: Here lieth Interr’d the Body of Mr. Charles SMITH late One of the Jurates of this Corporation and twice Mayor of the Same. he Departed this Life the 25th day of November 1732 Aged 67 Years. Also here lieth Interred the Body of Nicholas Smith, Son of the above Charles Smith, he departed this Life the 22d. of January 1746 In the 51st Year of his Age. Also here lieth Interred the Body of Mary, Wife of Nicholas Smith, she departed this life the 14th of January 1760 In the 67 Year of her Age.

78. On another: In Memory of John PASCALL Pilot who departed this Life April the 1st 1748, Aetat 55 Years. Left Issue 5 Sons and 3 Daughters. Also of Christian his Wife, who departed this Life Octr. the 9th 1777, Aetat 84 Years. Also of Thomas Son of the above, who departed this Life Octr. the 19th 1789, Aetat 69 Years. Also the Remains of Robt. THOMPSON Esqr. Obt. the 15th of Novr. 1790, Aet. 50 Years.

79. On a small grey Stone: Here lieth Interr’d the Body of Elizth. Mart. IRVING she died the 18th of May 1761 Aged 3 Years and 8 Months.

80. On another: Geo KNOWLER March 1730.

81. On another: G.K., Xber 1732 (KNOWLER).

82. On a large grey stone, in the middle of the Belfry: Under this Stone lieth Buried the Body of Mrs Susannah BROADLEY, Wife of Mr. Tho. Broadley, Surgeon of this Town who died ye 15 of Nov. 1743…./ In ye 64 Year of Her Age. Here also lieth Interred the Body of the aforesaid Mr. Thomas Broadley who was one of the Deputy Governors of Dovor Castle and forty seven Years Jurat of this Corporation, he Died the 17th Day of June 1756 in the 80th Year of his Age.

83. On a Large grey stone: Here lyeth Interred the Body of Mrs. Mary RIDLEY, Wife of Capt. Alexander Ridley, she departed this life the 4th of June 1745 Aged 28 Years …./left Issue two Sons ……/Daughter. "My Years are gone my Days well spent/Weep not my Friends nor yet relent.,/For I in Hopes of fuller Joy/Rest safe where Troubles cant Annoy"/.

84. On another: Here lieth interred the body of William NEPVEV Merchant of this Town who married Mary Daughter of William Nepvev of Elms, Gent, who departed this life ye 21st day of June Ann. Dom. MXCLXXXIIII. beinge 40 Yeares of Age.

85. On a small grey stone: Here lieth Elizabeth, the First Wife of William MIDELEFREN who died in September 1602 Aged 35 Years.

86. On a large black marble slab: Here lyeth the Body of Mary Daugr. of George WHITE and Wife of W. PILCHER by whom she had Issue five Sons and two Daugs. She died the 21st of Decr. 1732 Aged 37 Years. Here also lie the Bodies of George, Mary & Ann, Children of the abovesaid Wm. & Mary Pilcher who all died Young. Also the Body of Wm. Pilcher, Surgeon who died Octr. 5 1650 Aged 29 Years. Here also lieth the Body of Stephen Pilcher (both Sons of Wm. & Mary Pilcher), he died Decr. 19 1750 Aged 32 Years. Also the Remains of William Pilcher Father of the above, he died the 18th of November 1776 Aged 88 Years. Also the Bodies of 4 Children of Boys and Judith Pilcher who all died Young. Also George, Son of William & Mary Pilcher who died February the 25th 1780 Aged 57 Years. Also Judith Wife of Boys Pilcher who died the 24th of August 1783 Aged 55 Years.

In the South Aile.
87. On a small stone at the East end: Here lieth The Body of Miss Elisth. FALLA youngest Daughter of Cap. John Falla of Guernsey. She died The 2nd. Day of Feby. Aged 13 years. A.D. 1738.

88. On a free stone: Here lieth the body of Ann MANSFEILD onely daughter of Henry Mansfeild she departed this life the 24th day of Septembe Anno Dni. 1685 aged 37 Dayes.

89. On another: Here lieth the Body of Alice the Widow of Captn. Charles SMITH, who departed this life the 9th of August 1782, Aged 87 Years.

90. On a black marble slab: Here lieth the Body of Dame Mary the daughter of Sr. John JACOB of Bromly in the County of Essex Barntt. and wife to Walter BRAEMS of Bridge in the County of Kent Esqr. who died the 27th day of January 1614 in childebead of her 14 Childe having had 7 Sons and 7 Daughters.
On the same stone: Here lieth buried the body of Mrs Joan BRAEMS
Here lieth the body of Charles Braems 4th son of Walter Braems Esqe. and Mary his wife, daughter of Sr. John JACOB Barnt. He dyed the 29th day of July Ann. 1678 nere the 3rd yeare of his age. Also here lieth buried the body of Thomas Braems 7 Son of Walter Braems Esqe. and Mary his wife, daughter of Sr. John July anno. dni. 1680 aged one yeare and eight montes.

91. On a purbeck stone: In this Vault lieth the Body of Mrs. Christian HAMMOND the wife of James Hammond Esqre. who died the 27th of April 1789, in the 75th Year of her Age. Also the Body of the said James Hammond Esqre. who died the 21st November 1790, in the 77th Year of his Age.

92. On another, much obliterated. …………………./………./…………./ departed this life the ../ of April 15../ aged 7./ years.

93. On a small free stone: William VEEL departed this Life February the 19th 1731. Aged 35 Years.

94. On a large black marble slab: Here lieth the Body of Tristram STEVENS Surgeon who Married Eliz. the Daughr. of Capt. JACOB of this Town by whom he had Issue 3 Sons & one Daughr. he died Augt. the 3d. 1658 in the 30 Year of his Age. Also Susanna his Daughr. who died Sepr. the 11th 1658 Aged one Month & 4 Days. Also here lieth his Daughr. Jane late wife of ye Reverend Gilbert BURROUGHS who died the 16th Day of Janr. 1732/3.

95. On a free stone: Here lieth Interred the Body of Susanna, Wife of William HOGBIN Daughter of Richard and Mary YOUNGER who departed this Life the 15 Day of June 1720 Aged 68 Yeares who had Issue one Son And two Daughters one Daughter Surviving. Also here Lieth Interred the Body of Thomas LIMBERY And of Katherin his Wife, He Departed this life the 28th Day of Aprill 1722 Aged 38 years who had Issue by Susanna his Wife the Daughter of William and Susanna
HOGBIN on Son who his now surviving. Mr Willm. LIMBERY, Surgeon at Sittingbn. Son of Thos. & Susanna Limbery, he died ye 12th Novr. 1747 Aged 31 Years no Issue.

96. On a mural Monument of white marble at the North side: In Memory of Mr William LIMBERY Surgeon at Sittingbourn he died the 12th of November 1747 aged 31 Years. Also in Memory of Susanna HAMMOND widow and mother of the above William Limbery, she died the 8th of April 1769 In the 78th Year of her Age.

97. On a free stone: Here Lyeth Interred the Body of Thomas GIBBON Who departed this Life the 15 of November 1710 Aged 50 years, By whom he had Issue By Mary his Wife Eleven Children, 5 Sons And 6 Daughters. Here Interred the Body of Mary GIBBON wife of Thomas Gibbon who Departed this Life the 6th day of November 1738 Aged 69 years.

98. On another: Here lyeth Interred the Body of Mr. Thomas GIBBONS Junr. who had Issue by Margaret his Wife 3 Sons and Four Daughters of which but One Daughter Margret Is Surviving, he Departed This life the 27 of October 1723 Aged 30 Years. Here lieth the Body of Margt. GIBBON, Wife of the above Thos. Gibbon died 28th Decr. 1783, Aged 86 Years.

99. On a purbeck stone: Here Lyeth Interred The Body of Anne TELL the Wid. of Mr. Richard Tell, Cordwinder who Departed this life the 14th day of May 1735 Aged 87 Years.

100. On a large stone, much obliterated: Under this Stone is interred the Bodies of Capt. Willm. WESTFIELD and Susanna his Wife. The sd. Willm. Westfield died the day of July 1736 leaving Issue 4 Children, Viz. ……/two Daughters; Th……………./Westfield Dyed the 20th …../ …/ and ………………./ In the same Grave ………/Remains of Ch………/…us/WESTFIELD………./Sus../Jane & Lucy who …../red/near the East ……../and some years ………./7/to be Rembred ……..two first Pews on the ……….p/ this Isle Close to ………/Interred the Remains of C…../ll/who was the Bro……/Susanna Westfield, he dyed …………/and some time in the …………..ber 1750, aged .5/Y……./idow./Also Susanna SMITHE…/Wife of John Smithe …/Daughter of the above Cap. William Westfield and Susanna his Wife she Died the 15th day of March 17../ Aged 31 Years.

101. On a mural Tablet of white marble, at the South side: In Memory of Goddard GAY, Gent and Susanna his Wife, He died 14 March 1747 aged 74. She died 23 August 1749 aged 79.

102. On a large black marble slab, opposite the South Door: Here lieth Interr’d the Body of the Revd. Mr John MACQUEEN Minister of St. Mary’s 35 Years, who departed this Life the 9th of January 1733. Aged 88 Years. Mrs Mary Macqueen died the 31st of October 1739. Here lie the Remains of Stephen TOMPIE Gent who departed this Life the 12th of April 1766 Aged 52 Years. Also Sussanna, Daughter of the above Stephen Tompie, died November the 15th 1767. Aged 1 Year and 9 Months. Also the Remains of Richard Larkins BATES, who died the 15th of Feby. 1772 Aged 1 Year. Also of Susanna LARKINS Widdow, who died the 28th of September 1779 Aged 67 Years.

103. On a purbeck stone: Here lyeth the Body of Mr. Js. LAMBE, Dyed the 22d. of November 1719 Aged 80 Years. Also Margaret Daughter of the Above Dyed the 1st of March 1735 Aged 48 Years. Sarah Lambe Widow of the Above Dyed the 22d. of August 1740 Aged 90 Years. Mary their Daughter Dyed the 27 of March 1746; and Sarah their Daughter Dyed the 27th of May 1747. And Partly under this Stone to ye Right, toward the Gallery Stairs, Interred the Bodys of Elizth. Js. and Margaret Lambe Children of Wm. Lambe Son of the Above said Js. and Sarah. At the left hand side of this Stone Close to the wall lieth the abovenamed William Lambe he died Octor. ye 9th 1766 Aged 76 Years. And under this Stone lieth the Remains of Sarah FARBRACE, granddaughter of ye Above named William Lambe. She died the 4th of June 1773 Aged 17 Years. In ye same Grave lyeth ye abovenamed William Lambe are deposited the Remains of his Widow, Mrs Sarah Lambe. She died the 29th of November 1774 Aged 76 years.

104. On a neat mural Monument of white and black Marble, at the South side: In the Family Grave which extends from this Wall to the Organ Gallery Stairs are deposited the Remains of Mr William LAMBE, Gent of this Town who died the 9th of October 1766. Aged 76 Years, leaving his widow Sarah Lambe and two Children, William Lambe and Sarah, wife of Samson FARBRACE of Dover, Attorney at Law. And also of Sarah Farbrace, Daughter of the said Samson and Sarah Farbrace who died the 4th of June 1773 Aged 17 Years. And of the abovenamed Mrs. Sarah Lambe, Widow, who died the 29th of November 1774 Aged 76 Years. In the same Grave lie the Remains of the said Sampson Farbrace who died the 1st of July 1782 Aged 59 years. And likewise of the said William Lambe Junr. who died the 24th of August 1782 Aged 47 Years. Arms: Lambe, viz. Sab. on a fess, betw. 3 Cinquefoils Ar. 2 mullets, of the field.

105. On a purbeck stone: Here Lyeth the Body of Ann the wife of Cap. James LAMB, of this Towne Jurat who Died Anno. Domi. 1700 Aged Twenty six Years and left Issue by Ye above said two Daughters (viz) Ann and Frances. Alsoe Here lieth the Body of Patience wife of the abovesaid Cap. Lambe who died Anno. Domi. 1707 Aged forty years. Here lieth Interred the Body of Capt. James Lambe who departed this Life the 5th of May 1741 Aged 68 Years.

106. On a very handsome Monument of Black and white marble, at the North side of the aile: In a Vault under this Place is deposited in hopes of a blessed Resurrection, all that was mortal of George FARBRACE Esqr. a most affectionate Husband, tender Father, and dutiful Son. To the Poor a cheerful and sympathizing Benefactor. He died of a deep Consumption the 17th of Decr. 1785 in the Thirty second year of his age. Leaving Issue two Infants, Sarah LAMBE and George Henry TEALE. Elizabeth Ann his truly grateful Widow Erects this Monument to testify her affectionate Attachment to him, and her tender veneration for his Memory; desiring that whenever it may please the Almighty to call her hence, She (who had uniformly shared the Enjoyments and the Cares of her beloved Husband) may partake also of the same Grave with him. James Teale, Esqr. (Father of the beforemention;d Elizabeth Ann FARBRACE) departed this life the 15th of Octor. 1787 in the 61st year of his Age and is Interr’d in the Vault. Arms: Az. a Bend, Or, betw. 2 Roses, propr. impaling, Teale, viz. Ar. a Wyvern V. in chief, three teals, proper.

107. On a black Marble slab: Here lieth the body of Dockter John GOLDER fower times mayor of this towne & alsoe Katherine his wife by who he had issue 4 Sonnes & one Daughter, he died the 12th day of May 1689 aged 82 Years & about nine Monthes. Alsoe here lieth the bodies of Thomas Golder & William Golder two of the Sonnes of the said John & Katharine. Here lies the Body of Jacob GOLDER Son of George and Mary Golder. He died Ap. 16 1740 Aged 29. Here also lieth Interred ye Body of Mary Golder who departed this life the 2d. of September 1757 Aged 88 Years.

108. On another: Elizabeth BELCHER (Widow of Andrew Belcher Esq. of the Province of Massachusets Bay in America) died the 17th of January 1788, in the 68 Year of her Age. Arms: A bend, betw. 2 Cinquefoils. Impaling, TEALE, viz. a Wyvern, stat. in chief. 3 Teals propr. Crest: On a Torce, a dexter arm, in mail embowed, holding a Portcullis.

109. On a purbeck stone, in part hidden by the rail of the font: Here lieth the Body of Robert GOULD. He departed this life December 22nd 1717 Aged 44 Years. Left Issue by Mary his wife two Sons K……/ and Abraham. Also here lieth Interred the Body of Mrs Mary Gould Wife of the Abovesaid Robert Gould, She departed this Life the 4th of April 17../ Aged 55 Years.

110. On a purbeck stone: Here Lyeth Interred The Body of Frances ROBINSON Marcht. who died Oct. 2 in Callis 1718 Aged 40 Years.

111. On another: John EARLE, a Pilot.

112. On an oval tablet at the South side: Near the West Door (In the family Vault of Geo. BALDERSTON Gent) lie the Remains of Jacob ROUSE obt. the 27th of October 1780 Aet. 74. In the same Vault are Interr’d the Remains of Sarah, Wife of the above Jacob Rouse obt. the 17th of Jany. 1780 Aet. 64. Arms: Rouse, viz. Sab. a fess indented, Or, betw. 3 Crescents Ar. Impaling, Ar. on a Cross, betw. 2 Cross crosslets, Sab. a mascle, of the field.

113. On a handsome Monument of different kinds of Marble at the West end. In a Vault near this place lieth Philadelphia the Wife of Capn. Henry BROADLEY who died the 3d. of January 1782 Aged 51 Years. In the same Vault is deposited the remains of the aforesaid Capt. Henry Broadley, he died the 2d. of February 1791 Aged 74 Years. Arms: Or, a Chev. Az. impaling, Az. 9 mullets, 3,3,2 & 1, Or. Crest: a Pelican.

114. On a Monument of white Marble: Rests in Confidence of a happy Summons in a Vault under the Belfry, the Family of the BROADLEYs of this Town. Susanna Broadley died 6th of Novr. 1744 Aged 64. Thos. Broadley died 17th of June 1756 Aged 80. Thos. Son of the above Thos. and Susanna Broadley died the 13th of Decr. 1779 Aged 66.

115. On a smaller, below the above: In Memory of Henry JENNINGS Mate of the Express Packet who died 26th February 1786 Aged 30 Years. "He brought down my Strength in my Journey and Shortened my Days". Left a Weeping Mother and Mourning Friends.

116. On an antient mural Monument of Alabaster, about the middle of the South side of the South aile, in part hidden by the Gallery, are the following: Arms. SEPTVANS, viz. Az. three wheat fans, Or, a mullet in chief, Ar. for difference. The Monument consists of a Canopy with two Warriors drawing back a Curtain displaying the Effigie of a Man, apparently a Priest, kneeling.

In the North Aile.
117. On a brass plate affixed to a large purbeck stone: Here lieth ye Body of Ms. Martha FAGG Wife of Mr. Thos. Fagg of Dover, Daught. to Benj. HANKINS of London Marcht. & Kathn. his Wif. & Grand-Daughr. to Mr. Will. EATON of Dover Marcht. She died Sepr. 21st 1727 Aged 42 Years. Arms: on a Brass plate at the top: Fagg, impaling 2 bars wavy. in base, a Lion passt. in chief, 3 roundlets, on a Canton, 2 Crosses crosslets fitcheè. Crest: Fagg’s. On a brass plate at the bottom, Quarterly, 1st & 4th. a fret, for Eaton. 2nd & 3rd. Barry of 6, Er. & …/ Crest: a ….’s head. N.B. The Stone lies North and South, and had another large brass inscription plate, but which is now torne off.

118. On a black marble slab: Here Lyeth Interr’d the Body of Cap. Nicholas EATON Son of Mr.Nicholas Eaton, of Dover who departed this Life the 5 day of Aprill 1729 Aged 48 Years. Here lyeth Interr’d the Body of Sr. Peter Eaton Knt. Son of Capt. Nicholas Eaton of Dovor and Uncle to the above Capt. Nicholas Eaton who departed this Life the 22nd day of September Anno Domi. 1730 Aged 75 Years. Alsoe here Lyeth Interr’d the Body of Mary Relict of the above Capt. Nicholas Eaton and Daughter of Sr. Peter Eaton who departed this Life the 20th day of September Anno. Domi. 1733 Aged 44 Years. Arms: Eaton, viz. a fret. Impaling, fretty, of 6 pieces. Crest: A Stag’s head caboshed.

119. On another: Here rests ye body of Mr. Peter RANGER son of Mr Edward & Joyce Ranger had issue by Anne his wife, daughter of Mr John FOSTER 2 sons, viz. Foster and Peter who is interred here aged 18 dayes and 2 daughters viz. Margaret and Anne. He departed this life ye 2nd. of Febu. 1676 aged 30 yeares. John STEED dyed April the 27 1716 Aged 44 Years. Margt. Wife to John Steed Died Jany. 6 1736 Aged 65.

120. A large purbeck stone, obliterated, for James SMYTH. 1 day of …../ Aged 47 Years. Elizabeth SMITH his daughter died at Calais the 3d. of Decr. 1731 Aged 19.

121. Another, obliterated, for Thomas SMOKER.

122. On a large black marble slab: Under this Stone lieth the body of Elizabeth late Wife of Capt. James GUNMAN. She was ye Eldest Daughter of Edward WIVELL Esqr. of this Town. had Issue three Sons and one Daughter, Christopher and Elizabeth only Surviving her. Edwd. and Wivell Dying Young. She was a Dutyfull Daughter, a Loveing Wife, A Tender Mother and a Sincere Christian. She Exchanged this Life for a better the 28th October 1739 at Bath. Aged 55 Years. Here under lieth also the Body of Capt. James Gunman above named. He was some Years Treasurer of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich, the Eldest Captain in the Navy, in the Commission of the Peace for the County of Kent; and a Jurat of this Corporation. He died in London on the 27th of June in the 79th Year of his Age. …../the Body of Mr. Hanson Gunman, 2d. Son of ….nman Esqr. and Essex his Wife, who died ….ch 1770, in the 22 Year of his Age. … Valued. How Lamented! ,,,,utis desiderio tenemur, Cape dona extrema tuorum. Arms: obliterated.

123. On a purbeck stone: Here lieth interred the body of William WIVELL, son of Mr Edward Wivell Junior and Margery his wife, daughter of William STOKES Gent, one of the Jurats of this Towne who dyed the 19th day of August, Ann. Dni. 1686 aged two moneths. Here lieth also the Body of Edward, Son of Capt. James Gunman and Elizabeth His Wife who was born the 18 and died the 22 of September 1712.

124. Another, obliterated for Thomas BARE .. & 2 daughters. 1613.

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
Atkins 30
BARE 124
BROADLEY 52, 82, 114
BYRCH 40, 41
Charlton 30
EARLE 75, 111
EATON 117, 118
ELWOOD 35, 36
FAGG 117
FARBRACE 103, 104, 106

GAY 101
GIBBON 97, 98
Goddard 101
HAMMOND 72, 91, 96
HOILE 27, 28
JACOB 56, 90, 94
KING 21, 22, 23
KNOCKER 16, 17, 19, 47,
   80, 81
LAMB 105
LAMBE 103, 104, 106
LIMBERY 95, 96
MATSON 33, 34, 35
MINET 53, 64
NASH 67, 73
PASCALL 30, 54, 59-66, 
   72, 78
PEPPER 24, 25, 26
PETERS 43, 56
ROUSE 44, 52, 112
SMITH 77, 89
Starr 28
Steriker 5
STOKES 39, 48, 49, 123
WALKER 67, 73, 74
WEALES 68, 70
Wellard 22
WICKES 38, 39
WIVELL 48, 122, 123
Places Index
Azores 29
Barbados 71
Bergerac, France 41
Boulogne 14, 50, 51
Bridge 90
Bromly, Essex 90
Buckland in Dover 11
Caermarthenshire 4
Calais 64, 120
Dover Castle 44
Dover Harbour 24
Elms 84
France 14

Guernsey 87
Hythe 67
Langdon 55
Llwynybrain 4
London 17, 117, 122
Massachusetts Bay, 
   America 108
Ostend 4
Ripley 14
Sittingbourne 95, 96
Surrey 14
Tunbridge 41
West Indies 16
Agent to the Comrs. for Victualling.
   the Royal Navy 48
Attorney 39
boat builder 30
Brewer 28
Captain 43, 56, 66, 83, 87, 89, 94,
   100, 105, 113, 118, 122
Collector. of his Majies. 
   Customes 39
Cordwinder 99
Deputy Governors 82
Deputy Lieut. Govr. 44
Deputy Mayor 22
Deputy Secretary 71
Dockter 107
Express Packet 115
Fisherman 8, 10
Jurat 22, 34, 44, 46, 48, 52, 77,
   105, 122, 123
Majesty’s Navy and Marine 20

Mariner 66
Mate 115
Mayor 39, 46, 48, 49, 77, 107
Merchant 110, 117
Merchant 53, 64, 84
Painter 20
Pilot 2, 13, 54, 60, 61, 69, 72,
    75, 78, 111
poet 51
Prince of Wales, 
   Royal Highness the 20
Royal Hospital 
   at Greenwich 122
storekeeper 21
Surgeon 18, 82, 86, 94, 95, 96
Surveyor 29
Treasurer 122
Trinity House 72
Victualling Department, 
   His Majesty’s 21