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               Some Monumental Inscriptions of St Mary Church, Eastwell  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1757

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

1. In This Church is nothing worthy Notice, except a Noble Tomb, In The South Chancell, of The FINCHE’s Family; on which lye Two Fine* Figures of white Marble. The Dome of this Monument (now taken down) was supported by 8 Pillars of Black Marble; Among the Ruins of which Dome, and other loose Stones, wch. are piled up in an Heap, in this Chancell, I found the Following Inscriptions – Whether or not there was any more belonging to it, I don’t know. *One of the EARLS of WINCHELSEA in Compleat Armour, and his Countess, lying by him, with a Coronet on her Head. Round the Verge of the Marble on which they lie, are the following Names, in Capitals.
Underneath the Tomb, there is a Vault, said to be ye Finest in England.

2. S. Moilo FINCH Equiti aurato, et Baronetto;/Filio Thomae Finch Equitis Aurati, ex Kathariné Filiâ/ Et Coherede Thomae MOYLE … Dignitate./Viro,/Animi, Corporis, et Fortunae, Dotibus,/Ornatissimo./Marito Charissimo et Desideratissimo./Amantissima Conjux/Quâcum, Numeroso Prole ex Eâ Auctus,/conjunctissimè vixit,/Elisabetha,/Thomae* HENEAGE Equestris Dignitatis Viri, et Elisabethae/ Reginae a sacris Consilijs &c Procamerarij, Filia et Haeres,/Etiamnum Vidna,/In Honorem Vice Comitissae de Maidstone, sibi et/Haeredibus Masculis,/De Corpore suo, Evecta,/In Conjugalis Fidei et Amoris Testimonium,/Hoc Monumentum,/Quod et Sibi Destinavit,/Gemens Possuit./Illustri Prognatus Stirpe, Ipse Illustrior:/Magnanimus; Veritatis Amantissimus,/Justitiae Cultor; Pacti Servantissimus:/In Magnis Opibus Mundi Spretor Maximus:/Moribus incorruptis; Vitae Integerrimus:/Quod dictaret Ratio, et Mens Recti conscia,/Sequi Paratus./Imperterritus Minis; et Egenis,/Ferre Opem Promptissimus; Assertor/Verae Fidei Constantissimus./In Sacro Sanctis Scriptis versatissimus;/Cujus Corpenitus Xti Amor prossiderat./ Terrae huic, Cadaver … Animam Polo/Ad Christum Migravit,/xviii Decemb. 1617. *See WEEVER Page 297.

3. In The East Window of The High Chancell is this Coat.
[¼ly: 1&4). Or, 3 bars & over all a bend gu. 2&3). Arg. 3 bars gu. & over all a bend az.]. These are the Arms of The Family of *POYNINGS and are to be seen in ye East Window of the Chancell of Hastingleigh, and in the Windows of ye Parlour of ye Vicarage House of Ashford. *The Poynings were possess’d of the Manor of Eastwell, abt. the Beginning of ye Reign of RICHARD YE 2d. - see PHILPOT P.354.

4. In The Church Porch is a Flat Stone bearing this Date – 1537. The rest of the Inscription is not legible.

5. Between the High Chancel and ye above mention’d is another Tomb of ye same Family (see Page 7); and a Mural Mont. of Sr. Henry FINCH, who married a BELL (see Page 7).

6. This Church is small, consisting of the 2 aforesaid Chancells, and ye Body.

7. It has a good Tower at the East End
(sic for West), in which hang 3 Bells, thus inscribed:
      1.  Joseph HATCH fecit Me. 1605.
      2.  Sancta Maria ora pro Nobis.
      3.  Josephus HATCH fecit Me. 1653.

8. It is a Vicarage in the Gift of LORD WINCHELSEA – and was called St. Marie’s.

9. On The North Wall of the South Chancell, is an handsome Monumt. of White Marble (with a Man’s Head on ye Top of it) having this Inscription
Henagio FINCH;/Equiti Aurato; Servienti ad Legem; Recordatori/Per Decennium, Londinensi./Ac Parliamentario in Secundis Sereniss: Caroli Regi/Ordinum Comitijs Proloquntori./Moili Finch, et Elisabethae,/Quae vero Superstes Vice Comitissae Maidston, et/Comitissae de Winchelsea, Dignitatibus aucta/Filio./Optimo Patrono, Amico, Viro./Ex Elisabetha Conjuge 2 dâ,/Antiquo Cradocorum genere ortâ, binis susceptis Filiabus,/Ac peracto justi Conjugij Biennio, M.VII.D.XX./Spiritum in Manus Salvatoris Sui, cui constantissime/Inservivit, placidissimè (dum Hydrope corripitur) resolvit,/V Die Dec. A. Christi M.D.C. XXXI./Vixit Annos I. Men. XI Di.V./Franciscus Frater, Natû, non Affectû,/Minimus,/(Una cum Tho. TWISDEN Consobrino)/Ex Testamento Haeres, modicum hoc,/Ingentis Desiderij et Doloris/Monumentum P. Habes, (O Nunquam Moriture) Hen cito nimium,/Quem Ipse in Vivis dictitasti,/Tumulum:/Mori nempe Negavit/Virtus inclyta, intemerato Fides/Assiduitas invicta, alma Justitia./Inter primos qui piè literatus,/Nulli Bonitate secundus extitisti./Alrepto in Caelis, a Duo quid invidemus,/Cui Parem in Terris Posteri vix videbunt?

10. On ye East Wall of the said Chancell is an Handsome White Marble Monument, with ye Following Inscription and this Coat.
1&4). Arg. a chevn. betw. 3 griffins segreant sa.
2&3). Gu. 3 lions rampant arg. imp. Sa. a fesse erm. betw. 3 bells or]
Congugi Suae/Plusquam Desideratissimae/Franciscae/ Edmundi BELL de Beupreee Hall/Equitis Aurati Filiae/Conjugum, Natrum, Faeminarum Optimarum/Optimae/Seculo huic non ineptae, cojus Mores toleravit/Vita vero retulitantiqui, posterisq reliquit/Singularis Exempli Sui Fructum, Dolorem brevis./Heneagius FINCH/Eques, Auratus, Serviens ad Legem, ac Recordator/Civ. Lond. post Undecim Liberos, VII scilicet Filios, et/IV Filias, placidissimo Quatnordecim plus Annorum/Conjugio susceptos; e quibus, Filij III ac Filia I,/(Quibus adsis, O Deus")/Supersunt./Hic ad Parentum Hujus Sepulchrum posuit/Sibiq, quod et ipsa desideravit/Destinat. Obijt Illa xi Die April/M DCXX VII.

11. Between ye Great and South Chancells, is a large Ancient Monument 5 Feet High. Round the Sides of it, in Several Divisions, are the following Names.
On the North Side. Sr. Thomas KEMP, Amye MOYLE, Sr. Thomas MOYL, Katierin JURDAYN.
                    Sr. Francis FYNCHE, Katheryn MOYLE.
At The Head. Syr Thomas MOYLE, Katheryn JURDAYN, Syr Thomas MOYLE.
On the S. Side. Syr. Thomas MOYLE, Katheryn JURDAYN, John MOYLE, Syr. Robert DARCY,
                    Syr Walter Luccombe MOYLE.

12. On The North Side of the High Chancell is a very Ancient Monument raised about 4 Feet from ye Ground, close to the Wall; But, as The Brass is off, no Account of it can be given.

On The Ground in ye Great Chancel are Two Grave Stones, with ye following Inscriptions.
13.  Here lyeth ye Body of Nicholas TOKE, Clerk, who died ye 30th Day of May, Anno Dni. 1670, being aged 55 Years; leaving Issue to Sons and on Daughter, by Mary his Wife. Nicholas, Francis, and Mary Toke. Here doth they Earthly Part entombed ly,/Whilst thy Blest Soul enjoys Eternity.

14.  Here lyeth The Body of Nicholas TOKE, Eldest Son of Nicholas Toke, Clerke; who died the 5th Day of April 1673. Aged Eightene Yeares. Thy Body sleeps untill that Joyfull Day,/Wherein Our God shall, Come Ye Blessed, say.

In The Body.
15. On a Black Flat Stone, in ye S. Isle. Here lyeth ye Body of Richard MARTEN, Gent. Steward to the Right Honourable Heneage, EARL OF WINCHELSEA, who dyed Oct. 3d. 1663. Who had Issue 2 Sons, and 4 Daughters, by Francis his Wife.

16. The present Vicar, viz 1757 is …….

Index of Names and Places

Names Index
BELL 5, 10
   WINCHELSEA  1, 15
FINCH 1, 2, 5, 9, 10

Luccombe 11

MOYLE 2, 11
TOKE 12, 14
   Vicarage House 3
Hastingleigh 3
St. Marie’s 8